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Johnny walker Feb 26
Its time for all the forces throughout the world the elite the best came together In common
To rid the world of these's cowardly terrorist who **** the innocence the women and children through the disgusting acts
terrorism they have no guilt they sleep at night having killed with their bombs and
But their days are closing fast coming to end one day the world will be rid of them for good scrum of the earth
A few thought on terrorist **** of the earth there days are closing fast coming to end
one day the world will be free of them all cowardly  **** of the earth
Balkus Sep 2018
They call him racist,


monster, not a man.

They call him bad guy
he is better than them.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2018
Give nife to bed people
they will ****.
Give it to good people
they will save people.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018

One tower falling
We all gazed, boss yells at us
"Get back to work!" CRASH!
Trying to combine dark comedy into haikus.
Nigel Finn Jul 2018
If I told you about the fifty mile trek I took,
with ice accumulating on my beard,
and shivering to sleep in the tiny hollow,
would you believe me?

What about the time they thought I was a terrorist
trying to assassinate the queen?
Or the time they took everything away from me;
my clothes, my hair, even my name?
Would you read it as fiction?

"That kind of thing doesn't really happen" you might say,
and I no longer care to argue my case anymore.
as you explain to me how, in a modern day society,
these kind of things things really work.

I wonder whether I should care,
as I nod dumbly to your every point,
telling me why you know, definitively,
that I am lying.

This is why my poetry shall refer only to emotions.
Nobody reads emotion as fiction;
you can feel it as they tug at your own-
A broken heart, a smile, a stray giggle.

Whether I made that journey is no business but my own,
but the cold I can describe perfectly;
Not biting, but stinging, and numb in every other sense.
The fear giving way to tears, which froze on my cheeks.

Besides, if this really is fiction, if I had really
made all of it up inside of my head,
would I still lie to you?
Of course I would.
Certain people sometimes say sharing their emotions is difficult and, while this may be true, very few people will deny how a person feels when they express themselves. Sharing details of certain experiences, however, is far more likely to taken with a pinch of salt. I don't much care for it in most instances.
Balkus Mar 2018
Would you
swap yourself
for a hostage,
that you may die
and that there may be
no reward,
no Heaven,
no afterlife?
Would you?
Would I?
Would anyone?
Poem inspired by Col. Arnaud Beltrame, French hero officer who swapped himself for hostage and sadly died in a terrorist attack on a supermarket in Avranches, western France, yesterday. R.I.P.
Grace Nov 2017
They said when I go to college
My bubble will burst

At first, I didn't believe them
The parties and the alcohol were always out of site
The gangs and drugs too far for me to smell

Then one day it burst
I didn't feel it, like I thought
I thought, it would feel like cannonballing into a freezing pool
On the first day of summer

It was silent
Like the moment after an inhale
Or a scream

After a student cries out
There's an active shooter
I didn't feel him knocking on my door to let him in
Instead, he crept around, found the hole in the fence

In that instant, my fragile walls
After years of carefully building

The stranger sitting next to me
Now my brother, sister, in my home
Their faces of shock forever etched in my brain

The school is in lockdown
The blue bubbles of worries sent into space
Hoping something other than bad news will return
I could hear all the prayers being sent to heaven

I was sitting in the back row
Of the largest lecture hall on campus
I do not know if this killer wants to go out with a bang
If he did, this would be his target

Filled with eager, or bored, biology students
I never got this manuel
I do not know how to protect myself from a  machine gun

The mass of officials reporting words that used to feel foreign
They would never enter my world
But here they are, next to my forgotten socks
And broken promises
Shooter. Gun. Death. Blood. Knives.

My brother is still asleep
Across the country
Full of turkey and thanks
Never of shock or horror

Once the news comes out, that it was
Just a car hitting people
Just a knife stabbing
Just injuries
Just hospital visits
Just one death
Just the culprit

Why do I feel relief
When my classmates were hurt
Yet I am releasing my breath
Somehow a car running over students
A knife stabbing friends
Was a relief to me
Because these deeds done by a monster
Are less than a gunnman

If he had waited
Got stuck in a traffic light
Two minutes more
It would have been me

Every day I count my blessings
My bubble is still healing
It will reopen again soon
The memories will always be fresh

It is days like these that I am reminded of why
On that day back then
I was so scared to be in one of my favorite places
A school should never be a memorial

I wish I could reach through my LED screen
Tell the victims
I know
I know
I feel your feelings
I recognize those silent prayers
I too, have sent them myself
I too, will never forget the fear

I know this day will forever haunt you
It's pain will never cease
I hope I can help you rebuild your bubble
To make you a little more full
This is a response to the Las Vegas shooting. I was a student at Ohio State when a terrorist ran over students and stabbed them.
Seema Nov 2017
The looters
The shooters
In the name of religion
In the name of a god
Why killing of innocents?
Why keeping of hostages?
Why such an ill feel of hatred?
Not just the recent Paris news
But this terrorist epidemic
Has widespread this earth
It seems there is more provokative acts
Then finding a cure to such martyrs
Scientists have found cures of many diseases
Yet when will this terrorist disease get cured
Assurances of innocent lives
Men, women, children all victims
Of such horrific crimes
Most slashed with knives
How does a prayer help?
Which god listens and acts?
Who has poisoned these peoples mind?
Now every breaking news hails on terrorism
Is there ever going to be peace?
Will there be smiles on sad faces again?
As I sit back to watch and read the news around
Am a bit glad am not in such surround
I do wish for the killings to stop
I do wish that people don't take a religion to act
As no god would appreciate innocent blood at their feet
Hundreds of lives lost
Blood, just blood and screams everywhere
I have seen in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Paris to name a few!
It was just settling on the missing plane news
And here racks on another news
Uncountable sleepercells
Controlled by several tycoon bodies
This life is not permanent
We all know that
Then, why **** to radiate the human race?
Why poison innocent mind to act like war machines?
What achievement do they get?
Do they not feel the pain?
What are they blinded upon?
Have they taken out double meaning from religious faith?
I am no one to point a finger on any religion
But it surely sounds wrong when innocent killing is involved
Has some mad scientists developed an invisible airborne drug
Turning men against men
Religion against religion
No remorse after killing
But become terrorist with hatred feeling...

I wrote this 2yrs back, thought to post It.
Seema Sep 2017
Rivers flow
Humans grow
Stars glow
Humans blow

Toxic waste
Air pollution
Humans haste
Perfect solution

Beggars hungry
Homeless ****
Humans angry
Robbing wills

Bullets fired
Tanks raged
Juveniles hired
Humans tagged

Terrorists warns
Lives lost
Families torn
Priceless cost

Lust gains
Humans pained
No brains
Love insaned

Lots learnt
Media zooms
Orders sent
Countries doomed

Hunger peaks
Children sick
Humans weak
Diseases leak

Money priority
Humans exported
Marking territory
Guns imported

Humans kidnapped
Women rapped
Lives begged
All taped

Tears lack
Government slack
Manics back
Terrorist attack!!!

Äŧül Sep 2017
Last night I stood atop the North tower,
And as I gazed down from the roof,
I hallucinated a Boeing hurtling,
I saw it collide and felt the impact,
Soon I saw and heard the fear.

The fear vibrated downwards,
It was a nightmare of old memories,
It was a fear of odd memories,
Of memories that I never had,
A nightmare with open eyes.
My HP Poem #1661
©Atul Kaushal
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