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''Mold thy style after the
Likeness of any famed
Opportunity, and tame her
With thy talent
That she may forever offer
Unto thee the fruits of thy
Labor; why should thou be excluded
From thy dues?''
CarolineSD Feb 21
Within the expansion of time and space
Are designs of such grace and fragility
That a minuscule slip in the balance of cosmic,
Nuclear forces,
An imperceptible alteration of the alchemy that is creation
And there would have been nothing and no one to speak of
What it is

“To exist.”

Yes, there is some kind of faultless synchronicity,
A precision fit that
Holds all of


The exquisite symmetry of our spiraled, star swept galaxy.

And yet,
Among all of these elements, these forces, these pieces and
Fragmented masses
That seem to find a beautiful, celestial


I cannot say the same for my own spirit.

I do not think I was well-made for this world.

If there is a home,
A warm place to actually rest
A lighted space in which my heart will not race
And continuously break
As things of substance reveal a mundane emptiness;
The charade behind this endless parade of life,

And when I kneel between the silent pines,
Just by the rushing brook,
And I think I can hear God speak,
If there might be a time that this voice would actually break
Through the deafness of common day,
So that, just once, I could maybe,
Truly understand what it is trying

To say,

And if I could just push the veil away and curl up within
The kind of love that stays;

Then, maybe I would think that I was made by the same forces of Creation that wax and wane the tides;

That beautifully align

The stars.

But right now it feels like any home is very far


And while, perhaps, there are spirits made just for this place,

I do not know if I belong


At all.
"As you tune your radio, there are certain frequencies where the circuit has just the right resonance and you lock onto a station...Oxygen can be formed by combining helium and carbon nuclei, but the corresponding resonance level in the oxygen nucleus is half a percent too low for the combination to stay together easily. Had the resonance level in the carbon been 4 percent lower, there would be essentially no carbon. Had that level in the oxygen been only half a percent higher, virtually all the carbon would have been converted to oxygen. Without that carbon abundance, neither you nor I would be here."
- Astrophysicist, Hugh Ross

Isn't it funny that within all of the grand design of the universe that created worlds upon worlds and the very possibility of life, sometimes we can feel so ill-fitting? :(
Ankita Gupta Jan 27
By design, you put roof over me
By nature, I need the sun
Every thought I sow
Continues to grow
And the end result
Seems simple to know

Every thought in mind
Produces in kind
I can clearly see
The divine design

An apple’s small seed
Grows apples indeed
And thoughts of one “type”
To more they will lead

A seed, like a thought
Is tiny, but not
With faith, both are sought

I’ll think just the best
And bypass the rest
By divine design
I will remain blessed
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Seeds amaze me!  I love gardening and growing all types of plant and trees.  Right now I'm saving peach pits from all of the peaches we are eating from our yard.  Each pit contains literal instructions on how to build a peach tree and ripe peaches using just water, sunlight, and soil.  Our thoughts are seeds also and they produce after their "kind".  My peach pits won't grow apples - that's just contrary to Divine Design.

We can use this understanding of seeds, thoughts, and Divine Design to increase our manifesting skills.  Learning how to create with your mind is an important part of why YOU are here on earth at this time.
I'm neither what nor who I'd choose to be
          If such were up to me:
               A most inferior
               Ex- and interior,
          By intelligent design,
                    Are mine,
Even as grace received makes me divine.   

Yet, what I am is not what I shall be
          When Him, the Lord, I see;
               For then the glorious,
               Righteous, victorious
          Person of Christ, our Lord,
                    The Word
Made flesh, will make us two of one accord.
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2020
The cube, the sphere
and the triangle

Building blocks, visionary shapes
that brace wind, cut clouds

Industrial smoke goes against
the grain of architecture

Maybe we can find where
they breathe tomorrow in naturally

It will be opaque and after breakfast
arrested by cantilevered thoughts

A ripple in the calm
whirlpool above the falls

As Liliane enjoys swimming
in the **** and collecting modern art

By nightfall and before the uniting
there's a solemn dream to be had

Haunted fragments
within the libretto of a Shining Brow

The contents of Froebel gifts
form organic steps, and led us
Wright to the water's edge
For Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)
Poetical Aug 2020
I like how the die was cast:
I know the last will be first,
and the first will be last.
Yet I worry about the future
because I've lived through the past.
He makes the sun to rise and shine;
     His breath inspires the wind;
He fattens the fruit, ferments the wine;
     And makes the grape thin-skinned.

Because of Him fat raindrops fall;
     He clouds and clears the skies.
God makes the deaf to hear His call,
     And makes the foolish wise.
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