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Feb 2020 · 206
Sylph Feb 2020
Like holding another slice of cake
In front of a child that just ate a bunch
And reminding them
They dont really want it
That ache wont be worth
That one more slice
that would be so amazingly delicious

Give people a inch
They will take a mile
That inch though
It wont be worth it
Whats easy now
will rarely stay easy
you dont want it

Put that devil to sleep
Make them stop playing
These arent toys
These arent toys
These arent toys...
Feb 2020 · 329
Sylph Feb 2020
Feeling uncomfortable in my own skin
I wish i could just rip it off
And breathe again
Its so tight
Im suffocating
I wish I could just
Sylph Feb 2020
And found
But then lost again

I was found
and I was free
I was happy
I am Happy
The lights fade
And Im wandering lost
Searching for someone
To grab my hand and hold me close
Lead me out of this darkness
Show me where the light switch hides

But A part of me feels lost again
Someone found me
I was meant to be found by them
But were they really meant to find me?
Sometimes things just arent meant to be
Sometimes Your too early
Sometimes your too late
In the end
Everything is okay or at least close
Feb 2020 · 313
Late Night Wishes
Sylph Feb 2020
Late night wishes
To be sleeping in your arms
Smelling your scent
Feeling yours arm holding me
Against your warm skin
The rise and fall of your chest
As you breathe in and out
Searching through drafts
Sorta worth sharing I think
Feb 2020 · 140
Fall Apart
Sylph Feb 2020
I have always been scared to be alone
So tell me why now
All I want is to crawl into my closet
Close the door
And fall apart
In utter silence
The only sound
Is the mute thud
of my pieces falling
to the carpet
Till the last one falls
Feb 2020 · 414
Sylph Feb 2020
Lifes like hills
They rise and fall
You will be at your highest
Then life will bring you back down to hell
And I used to wonder while people were skeptical of happiness ha
Feb 2020 · 257
Sylph Feb 2020
Anything thats real
Cant fade
This is real
We are Real
What this is..
It cant be broken
Take my eyes
And your face will still be all I see
Take my ears
You voice will be the only melody that wont fade
Take my lips
I dont care
Words mean nothing when all I long for are yours
They may be freedom for this world
But your freedom for mine
You are mine
I am yours
Us is ours
Happy Valentines dayyyy! <3
Feb 2020 · 377
Sylph Feb 2020
I was walking down the street
I saw someone
on the curb
Looking down
like ice
Rosy red
I came over
No movement
Stopped at the edge of the bubble
Then took the step into his world

It was cold
People were screaming
My chest hurt
My eyes burned
The boy was rocking
His thoughts Pleading for relief
Too look away
from the face staring back
interpret how u please ^^
Feb 2020 · 1.4k
Art therapy
Sylph Feb 2020
I decided to draw today
to let her out
my demons been getting restless
The words I long to say
they just
Wont come out
So now
Im turning to a visual
Spill of words

That puts everything aside
Disconnecting everything in my brain
Letting my hands take control
The pencil
To freely dance across the page
To let out whatever needs to be free
That I cant see

Letting the thoughts
The pictures
The words
That I have never seen heard or felt
to come out
Be free
Jan 2020 · 374
What is a Stranger?
Sylph Jan 2020
Is a stranger
Still a stranger
Even when
they have made a impact on you life
Even when
They saved you from the dark
Even when
You know them
What they want to do with their life
What makes them happy
What makes feel free

Makes one wonder
What makes a person a stranger?
Is it that you havent seen their shell?
Is it that you cant be sure you can trust them?

If this is the definition of a stranger
Then I could consider half of my family
As strangers
Half my "friends"
Are Strangers

The google definition of a stranger
"a person whom one does not know
or with whom one is not familiar."

If this is the case...
A Stranger is really...

A potential Friend
            A potential Enemy
                           A Potential Love
Jan 2020 · 179
Sylph Jan 2020
You follow light with willing desire
With no fear
No worries
A silly mouse
A confused cat
You follow without question
You trust in something
with blind eyes
Desperate are you
In need

I cry and worry in your stead
For a sign of safety
But none
I cant explain this one
With no words to say
I will let you ponder
Jan 2020 · 275
My Reality
Sylph Jan 2020
They keep telling me
To open my eyes
To the world
To Reality
The cliff I will be dropped from
The monster lurking in the darkness below
ready to swallow me whole

I will never live that life
I wont be pushed off that cliff
I cant say I will be prepared though either

This life though
Its mine
The world is simply what I want it to be
My reality will be A lot of what this world isnt

My reality love isnt free
but it doesnt cost pain, Only time
My reality theres no such thing as a bad person
Only someone who makes bad choices
My reality the cats talk
My reality stars tell you stories and the wind kisses your nose

My reality
My thoughts
My wonders
They may seem childish
But whos to say its wrong?
I wont be a mindless slave to the world I will soon be left in, If im stuck here why shouldnt I make the best of it?
Jan 2020 · 249
Broken Toys
Sylph Jan 2020
A broken heart
But a toy to someone who was bored
You need to put those pieces back together
Sweet little doll
Sad little soldier
those piece will get lost if not fixed

I will help
I will sew those broken pieces together
Using the faiths string
And I will use gallons of glue
To fix the cracks that cover your sad eyes

Those scars will heal
Just as glue drys and stitches are forgotten
But I cant promise someone wont do it again
Girls play with boys hearts as though they were puppets
Boys play with the girls as though they were dolls
                             These hearts arent toys
                       And they arent a easy fix
You shouldnt open peoples heart just to tinker around with the gears and break them just to run away as though it was never your doing. Im still learning this lesson.
Sylph Jan 2020
Wake up
Im awake
in a b--- No
My bed

Get up
Where is-- Who?


I miss being a flower
So beautiful
So free
Flowing with the wind
I wont forget that

Told her what i know
Yet apparently she knows my human
Better than the one inside
We should just **** her, save some time

"These feelings I have never felt hatred
I dont like it
but I cant let it go
being here even I just Hate It"
Souls are pure
Flowers were perfect
Calm and peaceful
This alien body is just a ticking bomb
A killer

I just want to sleep
I miss him
Theres a wall
whats wrong with this body?
Was it damaged?
no Healer Ford wouldn't have let me in it
but why I cant i see this over this wall
I want to see
Inspired by
The Host by Stephanie Myers.
Its wasnt finished but I have been going blank and its been a draft for a while
Jan 2020 · 538
Chat with my Demon Pt2
Sylph Jan 2020
I walk this path
Yet I feel lost without her
My Demon
She was there for me when no one was
She was there when I wanted to fall
She was there for every lie
Shes always there when I cry
Shes always there when the darkness wants to take- no
Save me
From the light that burns my skin
Because even in a million years I could never deserve it

Remember when we were curious why people hurt?
She says
Want to understand?
Well doll, Seeing is believing. You will understand if you see you hurt too
Will I?
Do I dare ask why?
Curiosity killed the cat
Ah but satisfaction brought him back
So you say but what if im not satisfied with what I find
Whos to say you wont be?
Jan 2020 · 443
Chats with my demon
Sylph Jan 2020
I walk home
looking for comfort
but all thats there
Is me and my demon

We chat for a little
"We chat"
About my past
The bits she loved most
the ones with blood on the floor
And bared teeth sharp as knives
Growls that scare the beams in the walls till they quiver
Wearing A bone white mask as though it could conceal the thing
that lurks behind in the darkness

I thought the chains would hold
The key was gone
But there it was holding it out to me
Showing me what I felt I needed
a lie
a key
to my happiness

Little did I know that everything has a price
I watched the girl take the key
Soon did I see

                          That Monster was me
I cant explain it but I havent felt words flow from my head through my fingers in a long long time
Dec 2019 · 73
Sylph Dec 2019
Every human being
has had that feeling
The clocks finally stop ticking
The birds finally stop chirping
The Sun finally flies away
And left darkness
in its place
Little speckles of light
Hold up tight
against the blank the canvas
Cant describe it quite right nor put a name on it but everyone feels it, differently but its still the same feeling
Dec 2019 · 275
Sylph Dec 2019
Im sorry
Again i couldnt do it
I disappointed you
Im Sorry
Your expectations of me..
I tried
I did
but my mask
it just fell apart
My demons
escaped his cage
The thorns broke through the surface
I sorry you saw that...
My monsters
A cunning small fox
Spiral horns
Coal black
Sharp teeth
dripping the blood
My past mistakes
I didnt want you to see
I hid them from you best i could
saved your innocence
How much longer did your want me to lie?
Lead on a fantasy
Your wanted to believe
but we have to face it
Im the same monster
This didnt turn out as good as i thought it would in my head but its decent i think
Dec 2019 · 264
Sylph Dec 2019
Im tired of watching time
attack my only escape
Dec 2019 · 2.6k
Lost Legend
Sylph Dec 2019
Another falls
Another legend
Another life
barely lived


Im tired
Waking up
seeing another life
that couldn't be lived
looking to find a day of light
But all there is
Clouds of grief

At least
your finally free
RIP Jarad Anthony Higgins
Juice WRLD
December 2nd, 1988 -
December 8th, 2019
Dec 2019 · 545
The World of Art
Sylph Dec 2019
I love art
It expresses a world beyond this one
Art can show me a life
A possibility
A desire
I can feel
I can hurt
I can express

My pencil dances on the page
A magic flowing from my pencil to the page
Finally free
People can finally understand
They can finally see
From my eyes

I watch them
captured by
their bodies the narrator
A beautiful story is now being told
A love
so deep
but so painful
a silent scream

That instrument
This may have been Beethovens
But not anymore
Is now theirs
is beyond words

Theres always more behind the words
A poem can tell the world what cant be said
Sylph Dec 2019
To feel as though you belong is to feel as if your a puzzle and the pieces of the people around you are fitting together with your perfectly. Belonging is the final feeling of acceptance and always something everyone will welcome with open arms. Feeling like you don't belong can hurt so bad and most of all leaving you feel lost, as though you will never have that place for you to feel complete in.
A outcast
Forever lost,
Forever looking,
Forever not quite nothing
sure as hell not something
ahaha...schools got me obsessed with these...
Dec 2019 · 154
Sylph Dec 2019
People seem to think
the hardest part is making the choice
But actually
The hardest part is sticking with it

Its not set in stone yet
But it needs to be
Nov 2019 · 581
Sylph Nov 2019
Im ready
Ready to give up
Ready to stay broken
Ready to stay on the ground
Ready to not get up
To let God push me back into my place
Ready to stop

Just kidding

I ready to fight
Im ready fall for what i believe
Ready to live
Ready Cry
Ready to Smile
Ready to scream
I wont give up
I have fought to long
Im not ready to give up
                                          Not to myself
Nov 2019 · 198
Lost light
Sylph Nov 2019
In search
for something

A Map
A light
An Angel
A demon


In these trees theres gotta be something
You cant hide a tree in a forest
I guarantee I will find it
One day

I will find it
in my search
for something
Nov 2019 · 166
Sylph Nov 2019
If i stare hard into the sun
Will i see you?
If i hold out my hand full of blind faith
Will i feel you?
If Lay in the field of wheat where the wind blows
Will i hear you?

If i stand on the highest building
Will you see me?
If i hold out my hand full of blind faith
Will you feel me?
If i cry my prayers
Will you finally hear me?
They say he hears me but whats he doing to show that he hears my cries?
Nov 2019 · 451
Love Song
Sylph Nov 2019
He finally remembered the song
that song that called Persephone to his Cold sunless world
That spoke the words he couldn't say
The song of love

Hades remember?
That love you felt for Persephone
The feeling that the world was in your arms
All weight lifted from your shoulders
All there is and all there ever was
                                      ­                   Her
Inspired by Broadway HadesTown
Epic lll  - Reeve Carney, Hadestown original Broadway Company, Anais Mitchell

*Full soundtrack*:
Nov 2019 · 774
A Selkies Story
Sylph Nov 2019
A blanket of light
warms me
As i glide through the waters
with my selkie friends at my side
darting through the water
and teasing me for letting my thoughts get the best of me
I remember

He saw me
His eyes the color of the forest
His hair the color of fire
We fell for each other
And the string on our finger pulled us like magnets into each others arms

We spent so long together
And i loved him
More than life
I loved our daughter
More than my sea

But the pull
It tugged at my heart
At my mind
my skin
My soul
I couldnt resist its call
i tried
and tried for years

but i couldnt fight a match that had
never been possible for me to win in the first place
I couldnt fight my home
My very being
The beholder of my soul

I know they will forgive me one day
Our tight knot can not undone

Not even when
                                  Fate cuts my string
This is based off some selkie myths and legends
Nov 2019 · 766
Cheshire Cat
Sylph Nov 2019
Cheshire cat
Make up your mad mind
I know that i am mad
but you are beyond comparison of madness
You love one way within those mad eyes wild with craze
and i only follow in your mad, mad ways
Oct 2019 · 325
What is this
Sylph Oct 2019
What is this
I feel an unknown force
its enclosing my heart
making it hard to breathe

i have to gasp for air
Why does my chest hurt
I feel as though im trapped in a bubble
this pressure on my chest
What is it?
Honest, Does anyone know? i cant identify the feeling, but thats what it feels came all of a sudden when i had to leave my friends, they were begging me to stay but i had to leave. I dont know why im having so much difficulty placing it but i know i dont like, i want it to go away..i wish the pain would go away
Oct 2019 · 146
Sylph Oct 2019
Im paralyzed
I dont know who i am
How i feel
Why im like this
What to do
Where to go...
Where am i?

My light has run out

Im stuck in the dark

Paralyzed with fear

What am i
Am i even still alive

Im lost
It hurts
im scared
im broken
i cant
i cant
i cant
im nothing
i need it
im lost
im scared
save me
Oct 2019 · 273
Sylph Oct 2019
It feels like no one understands
but they tell us someone will

It feels like im falling apart
They say im dramatic

It feel like im all alone
even with people all around me
They say im a attention seeker

I like school
They say im a nerd

I not a skinny beauty
so im fat

I change to the skinny beauty
So im anorexic

I like rock music
Im a Emo

I like wearing black
Im Goth

Im made one mistake
And im a idiot

I like showing off my body a little
so im a ****

Labels consume us...
No one can be who they are with the
Telling them who they are
Oct 2019 · 217
Worth it
Sylph Oct 2019
Im tired of watching
life fly by
like i havent lived
to my full extent
if im going to die
it better be for something
crazy amazing
and worth it
Such as
sky diving
finding a online friend that i NEED to see
just once
Saving a puppy from being run over
taking the bullet for someone i love
I think these would be worth it
Not to the loved ones
that hide their worry
but still
ye never know when or how you will die but i want however i die i want it to be worth or at least for me to be able to say i lived my life to its fullest when its time, You know?
Oct 2019 · 895
Sylph Oct 2019
It funny
The weird positions that your bad choices
put you in

Im dead
at the same time
Im slightly more alive

Almost found
yet still completely lost

no one can save me from the depths of darkness
that eat me alive
And it will
until im reunited with the life
I wanted
and I made
Life *****.
i had found what i wanted
i was finally happy
life finally felt right
and yet
the world says its wrong
Oct 2019 · 186
Bad choices
Sylph Oct 2019
Bad choices will always
come back
she loves to make sure
you pay the price
for what you wanted
so i hope it was worth it
So far i think it was, if i thought it was a bad choice that is...But i dont regret it.
Oct 2019 · 229
Im sorry
Sylph Oct 2019
My lips brush upon your cheeks
tasting the salt of your tears
i wish i could take the burdens you bare
banish them from your shoulders
the pain of watching you hurt
the guilt that burns my very soul
to a crisp
knowing i caused this
the sad tears falling from your broken eyes
the weight keeping you from standing
its all because of me
Whyd i dare speak those three words
"I love you"
they felt so true
im sorry
Human beings are based off emotion, It can hurt us and even **** us a to extent. Think about that next time you play with a humans heart as though it was your own toy.
Oct 2019 · 162
Sylph Oct 2019
I dont know why
i barely knew you
But living without you
Hurts like hell

Each day
a new scratch
Soon theres going to be a big hole
beyond patching

But i will be okay
I always am
Its just going to take time
A long long time
But hopefully i
I will
I will bare this load
No matter the pain
No matter the tears
I will
i have to...
                                         I will try..
Oct 2019 · 586
Big brother
Sylph Oct 2019
They come and go
could possibly go wrong
If they just

You said you were my Guardian Angel
That you would come back
10 years time
Im so naive

I dont need you
I know i dont
But i sure as hell want you

Why are people so cruel? And why am i so naive? Why cant i grow up?
Oct 2019 · 190
What is love?
Sylph Oct 2019
What is love?
A emotion? is it a want or a need?
is it something everyone meets somewhere in life?

What is love?
A problem? or  dream come true?
I guess its all in how you look at it

I see it as a opportunity
You could accept it or deny it
                     Everyone sees it differently
I know its not like this now...Nostalgia really took hold though. I found this in a old notebook i had from when i was 9-10 or so...Really hits home to think about. How lost i am in life and confused in general...Especially when it comes to love. Im still trying to learn how to like everyone else. Hardest part right now is the difference between love and lust..
Sep 2019 · 346
My Cage
Sylph Sep 2019
I never once felt so trapped
              till i came back to my cage
With a door that never open
               Where the dark never fades
And the fear never ends

They say they understand
that i can leave when i please
that im free

     What kind of lie is that

Do you even see me?

The constant frown that will never
turn upside down
not without my Angel
That cant touch me

How could you understand this
The fear
It suffocates me
***** the air out of my lungs
how much longer till i die here

Im tired of being afraid
Afraid you will ban me from my Angel
From my school
From my life
What i worked so hard to mold into what i want

Im getting so close
And you want to destroy it
Its not finished
Its not pretty now
But soon it will beautiful
and straight

         I wont feel the need to stray from path
                               The need to find the love i seek
                                                   To enjoy this short life
                                                                ­              To Feel

Dont worry
I will be fixed
You wont have to worry about
Me misbehaving
Breaking your rules

Soon my legs will rust to a stop
So i cant run anymore
From your constant desire
to protect me
When you are the one putting me in danger
from what i have to do
to learn

But dont worry
soon enough
I will stop
No more banging again the bars
im almost done
Dont worry
Aug 2019 · 387
Sylph Aug 2019
Im to point to where
i have to make choices
BIG ones
That could change my little teenage life

What high school do i want to go?
Should i break up with him?
What do i even want to do with my life?
Are they someone i want to keep around me?
Am i to the point of needing help?
Where should i work?
Should i start saving now for a car?

Then theres those questions that have no reason for existing
Will i make it?
Am i good enough to be here?
Do i deserve this?
Can i even do that?
Will i ever be able to do that?
Is that possible for someone like me?

These questions eat
like worm eating a apple
Eating to my core
my center
When i started and where im going to end
The main part of who i am
And it eats and eats till theres almost nothing left
Of what little i had
Aug 2019 · 462
Self Deception
Sylph Aug 2019
They say
If you lie to yourself enough
its sure to come true
Maybe if i continue telling myself
that i love you
I really will one day
And what we have
wont seem fake
I will wait for that day
Like you wait for the clock to stop ticking
knowing it never will
To be honest i dont know where this came from because i have lied to myself so much in so many other things..I cant tell whats true and whats not. And i think i love him but i keep questioning whether or not thats just a lie im telling myself because i want it to be true.
Jun 2019 · 244
Sylph Jun 2019
Theres so many walls
to overcome
in order for it to stay strong
Differences are always the biggest

You dont want to change
Who you know you are
or want them to
Because it would be a lie
And it would hurt

There are so many walls

You shouldnt let differences
change you
change them
nor keep them between you both

so they say

and i agree
but there are certain walls

i will never know how to meet in the middle with

drilling a hole through it
will take more than time
it would take change

certain changes im not willing to make
not even for you

It would all
A Lie

Because i cant change that much
not without losing who i think i am
Relationships are so complicated
These are walls i dont know how to break through without breaking us

Title suggestions are welcome
Jun 2019 · 260
The Ring
Sylph Jun 2019
When you give them that ring
Your promising them
A love
That would never end
A love
Thats just for them

Your giving them A Ring
Your giving them A love
Your giving them a lifelong friend and more
Most of all
Your giving them a piece of you
That you plan to let them keep

Your showing them
You want them around
For the rest of your life
By your side

I dont mean this
to scare you away
I mean this
To show you what it means
At least in my eyes
to give them that ring

That ring will bind you and your love
As one
A whole
Yen and Yang
Day and Night
Darkness and light

Thats just how amazing it is
To give someone
                                      The Ring
Marriage is a beautiful thing of two becoming one.
May 2019 · 216
Sylph May 2019
I once had friends that would guide me through the night and we saved each other from the scary parts of life.
Life just happened
Came on a bit strong
to where we were left
searching for new friends
New guides
That we could help and they could save us from the scary side

So i found some new friends
And it was great
I had someone to help when life got rough
and i could help them too!
Although, i began to realize
when certain of my new friends were around
it became
harder to breathe
the air
seemed thinner
And they aura...
They always needed something
I tried to help when i could
I cant save everyone by myself..
Sadly i had to learn that the hard way...
I still want to try

Each day a new part of what i had left

I tried to escape
but i was holding myself back
with guilt of not being able to help them
Maybe if i say the right words or give enough of my time and love
everything will be better, Right?

I gave in to it
Everyday more and more gone
i was running out of me
Running out of ways to keep me remotely okay

It couldnt give up
I need to save them
its my job

I cant help thinking though
Are they even trying to get out of the darkness?
Do they actually want to get out?
Or am i just wasting what little i have left
May 2019 · 365
Writers Block
Sylph May 2019
Black and white
through eyes
Light deformed
Creature taken flight
Eyes colorless
Nothing but Nothing

May 2019 · 205
Happy Mothers Day
Sylph May 2019
My friend
Someone i trust
Someone i love
Someone i could never live without
The reason im here
The one who has never given up on me
The one who will always care
The one that helps me find my way in the dark
The one that encouraged me to do the things i love

               The one that taught/ teaches me the ways of life
The rights and the wrongs
The Goods and the Bads
The needs and wants

So many qualities i cant even say them all

                                  My Mother
Happy Mothers Day!!1
To all the Moms!!
*Luv ya mama*
May 2019 · 245
Sylph May 2019
You know those moments
that you do something that seems
Justifiable and fine
that is
in the moment
but then
you realize
That was
Ha. ha. ha too often **** XD
May 2019 · 1.1k
Teenage Love
Sylph May 2019
Teenage love
Is when
your just so in love
the idea
of being in love

And quote on quote
¨that feeling you think is love
is just a mixture
of Lust
And attraction when your a teenager¨
Tbh i dont want to believe its true even though a part of me knows it is in a way
I want to prove that statement wrong but what if its just fact?
We learn to love, correct? Through out life and none of us are positive what love is or how to explain it
So....Why cant you learn to love someone you like a lot but as a teenager? part of me knows the answer but maybe if someone else said it, i could believe or accept it might be true..,
Doubts **** everything... And i like what i have right maybe i dont want to know the answer... maybe im happy being confused..maybe
Apr 2019 · 322
Sylph Apr 2019
Be afraid and careful
when your so angry
your laughing
And Everything
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