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I accepted this fact that you took a place in my heart.
Anastasia Sep 16
you're so pretty it hurts
or maybe its the fact that i'll never be yours
Starry Sep 10
Hill Morty MD
I am happy we have met on imvu and area able experience things together that we wouldn't on our own. Like get in **** on imvu. Other being a doctor I am turned on by you loving loyal personality and that we have a lot in common. I ache for you.

Starry Sep 10
Hill Morty MD
I am glad you have your dream girl in me.  I want you to know that we were made for one another. You want to work with me, love me, start  a family and also storm area 51 with me. I am honored to be your girl.

If he/she could
Write something

That is you
Transformed into the ink

No wonder
Words then breathe
That's all
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: Stimuli
Author's Note: Mostly the writers are the receptors of the stimuli sensing the vibes. They see the goodness more than the average, they feel the pain more than the average, they appreciate the beauty crafting their rhyme. They can't resist their soul. They are passionate straight liners focused on reciprocating the frequency using the pen.
It's not my fault you acting like you act.
You made your choice in fact.
Farhan Ahmed May 30
Waiting for my turn to turn up
Everyone ahead of me must hurry up
Everyone behind, do I really care?
If they say
"Life is tough"

In silence
"So do I"
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: What are you made of?
Don't falling, don't falling, don't falling, don't fall.
I forbid! I prohibit! I ban!
Just stop it. Think logically, look at the facts.
Don't fall in love with someone who not fall in love with you.
Don't love someone who don't love you.
Do nothing for someone, who didn't either!!!
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