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I'm not perfect.

My life has some typos.

Sometimes I might write
instead of

But let me tell you
a quick little
fun fact...
well neither are you!

Sometimes you might write
instead of
None of use are perfect, but we are in our own little ways! So don't judge others just by what you see.
Sarah Quinn Mar 7
She falls in love wherever she goes
and loves people from their heads to their toes.
She'll love you to death, from beginning to end,
but the fact of it is, she can't stay
"just friends."
Sophia Feb 27
Have you ever felt that everlasting feeling
of just wanting to be alone,
but at the same time you’re afraid of being alone?
exist Feb 9
don’t take what someone says to heart
their comment is nothing but an opinion
not a fact
what makes you unique, is amazing.
even in the loneliest moments,
i have been there for my self
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Don't make decisions that will haunt you in the future.
Poetic Eagle Dec 2018
Only a dog goes back to its *****
Think twice and stop being used
Past is past focus on e future
vbdulrhman Dec 2018
My successes
Farhan Ahmed Nov 2018
This is a brothel
Where happiness is on sale
But you dont tell
In this home of fast paced never sleeping 7 billion people... We are kind of just dead inside.
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