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Only if you have
Been through
8:30 version of me

You know me well

When I am high
Not that high
What you may have thought
Ink is blue

When I feel low
Not that low
What you may be thinking
Ink is dark

And mostly
Yes mostly
That is my diary
Not camouflage
Genre: Self
Theme: Day in a history
Stalwart Dull Sep 30
There were sparks in her eyes that no one can see
She admired someone she wanted to be
Yet, it was destroyed by reality
She said to herself, " I can only be me".
SandySoul Sep 27
There is no truth, only versions of it
There is no fact, not being manipulated.  There is no fact,  not being interpreted.

What you see your stance
What you your voice

Subjective reality is relative.
Sasha Paulona Sep 19
If your feelings to be wild, language must be wild.

හැඟීම් වල්වැඳිමට නම් භාෂාව වල්වැඳිය යුතුය.
Chinthana Dharmadasa
Bhill Aug 30
awaken all people and try, try, try
if it can't be done should we all just die
that's not the conclusion we're all searching for
at least if we try, we might find the door
get up off your but and learn all the facts
the country’s gone crazy by the way we all act
let's see things, with respect, and love our fellow man
before it's too late and we lose the whole plan

Brian Hill - 2020 # 238
Ylzm Jul 19
No flimsy mask but witnessing faith
Not mere belief but transcendental knowledge
Strong and unwavering not double minded
Bright light shining not cowering in fear
And the dead and dying revealed as weak

But as the wise knows he's a fool
You are strong for you're weak
Truth's a double-edged sword
Separating the living from the dead
And loud boastful liars from those chosen
Bhill Jul 3
perform the wonder of the day
see it, feel it, and get on your way
take the challenge on and be not surprised
the results that endure just might be disguised
the decision is yours, and yours all alone
be ready for anything, that you might be shown
the end game is simple and could go awry
whatever it is, the fact is you tried...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 181
Always try!
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