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Jeremy Betts Nov 14
I do not go through life fearless nor do I wait until I've conquered fear
Everything I do I do despite fear, fight through every tear, must be better that the prior year
I'm sure there's a word for exactly that, that's a fact, but I call it living
Acknowledge when I fall flat, remember there's no safety mat and I must never go back to the beginning
That's who I want to be, that's what I want to say
But that is not the me I wake up with everyday
I'm unsure,
With a bit of a temper
I could go on and on, stop me when it sounds familiar...
Man Aug 31
Conflict & confusion.
What comes, and has been.
Of fact, and of fiction.
One world, many nations
the sailing stones
were thought to be
a phenomenon
it was incomprehensible
that a rock
the inanimate
     of all inanimates
should show signs
     of movement
here was mystique
here was mystery
perhaps a message
left by
cosmic energies
higher beings
there could have been
in never knowing
in letting
     the idea remain

we cannot bear
the unexplained;
where the miraculous
is founded
   in uncertainty
we must probe
and pry
until an answer
is found
whether for benefit

perhaps a balance
can be found
between the known
and what remains
acceptably unknown
the intrigue
and enchantment
are marred by
the bland
     the sterile
          the prosaic

Sasha Paulona Oct 2021
No one can be fully aware of another human being unless we love them.
By that love, we see potential in our beloved.
Through that love, we allow our beloved to see their potential. Expressing that love, our beloved's potential comes true.
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2021
I hate how I love this feeling
Warmth that crawls through each vein
All control lost in it's presence
Dependency driving insane

I ride wave like a surfboard
Wherever it may go
No matter how low it carries me
Don't have the will to let go

Time spins circles around
Feels like I am frozen in place
Not only am I not in first
Not even running the race

But wings of comfort lift
In the air while I am high
I inevitably come crashing down
That comfort is only a lie

Hardly notice pain when I land
The drugs have made me numb
It is only when I run out of them
That I am forced to face what I've become

I watch dreams slip out of hands
They fly somewhere out of range
In their place are thorny regrets
Does not seem like a fair exchange

Nothing good blooms here anymore
Body became a barren wasteland
Only the occasional tumbleweed
Rolls across desert of sand

My soul scorched and blackened
Like earth where lightning struck
All the universe offers me
A pocketful of bad luck

The world a beautiful place I know
To me it no longer looks that way
Envy the people who still see it as such
From my perspective surroundings are grey

Maybe if I hold on a little longer
Blue skies will one day return
It's hard to hope when you've witnessed
Everything you love and care for burn

And it is even harder living
Amidst ashes of your greatest desire
When you cannot escape the awful fact
You're the one who started the fire
This one came from deep in the heart
Ken Pepiton Jul 2021
Taking the story forward,

there are these people, all along the edges
of tyrannies in states of peace,
outlaws and anarchaltypes,
heroes for the meek,
the meekest of them all.
The man who thought, he shot
Liberty Balance,
edgewise, or we are ******* in wrong,
but, he fired off a round
of conjecture
no sweat, see the space we cease being,
doing we the *******,
and we morph, cool way to say, we change

we become the point of life. We the living.
All our ancestors inherited the wind.
We hold it in our fists. Be gentle.
Taste the wind, smell the change
Purcy Flaherty Jun 2021
Cultural fantasy.

we are all fantasists, with a skeptical façade; for cultural appearances.

Most of us desire wealth, power, ***, love, or improbable things and are fantasists as regards our own reality.

Ironically those of us that openly desire the improbable are labelled dreamers, and those that cling to a collective cultural reality are deemed level headed.

In conclusion we are all fantasists, with a skeptical façade; for cultural appearances, each choosing to remain swathed in our own egos, desires and self beliefs.
Fact or fantasy and its relevance?
Carlo C Gomez May 2021
Cape Town café

drink up it's gospel brew
as black as ink
and I will ask you
what you're thinking
how you're feeling

is my love only in theory?
does it mystify?

look plainly at
your hot cup of gloom
watch it stimulate the tongue
and give away
fidelity's holy fire
that once lit the fuse
of addiction

within the skin of this burning man
We will definitely be someone
who is destitute
when it comes to love.
Indonesia, 24th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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