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blackbiird Oct 9
Cut the cord
And rip out my
Like you do
Everytime you walk away.

At least my
Cynicism will be
There to greet me.
Nicole Oct 4
He wakes in the morning
With a different name on his breath
Every year
A different homage to a different girl
With something indescribable on his tongue
About them
Never noticing or beginning to ask
Why he gave up writing poetry.
it's ready to happen
hours count down to launch, but the burners hum already
the structure is taken up
siphons slowly into the bloodstream

the catalyst, the moment
the agonist, the imitator

the perceptual set is set, and it's famished
not even lit, and it's waiting for more-
the stimulant, the ignition
the doctor, the system

like inlets of blood, the freeways carry us to the city
like carcinogens, like poison medication
like aluminum, like exhaust

i too am carried
and when i reach that center
i am deposited, and begin to take effect
while i wait for my own poison to take hold of me
blood within Blood
poison in Poison
medication in Medication in MEDICATION
we make sure all of our cancers are medicated

it has happened already
but i am waiting for it to happen again
the freeway now quiets itself in anticipation
a new day to repeat
the city is ready for more
Written ca. 2006
Nadia Aug 7
Wearing masks
Telling lies
Evil basks
Ignoring cries

Insatiable greed
Power struggles
Tensions breed
Kindness juggles

Voices raise
Anger rises
Compassion malaise
Divided compromises

Blinded gaze
Humanity lost
Apathetic ways
Human cost

NCL August 2019
couple on a motor
cycle with a death wish
drum drops
still pond
early morning
coolness broken

pull that poison, pull it deeply
deeply, deeply
pull it deeply
keep that breath, like memory bitter
sweetly taste that lungs can know

a good will, strong, and a one hundred
these are made alone
for breaking
benjamin Wishing, Well behind
our time,
our pennies
are made
for throwing
Sharkie Jul 28
Running in the veins of every one of us
Without it, we perish.
But bleeding is bad
Never let someone know you have blood in you
Lest they faint
Remember, kid
You bleed because inside you is blood
But nobody’s looking for what’s on the inside
Organs are beautiful why do we fear them? You’re human, we all bleed. We’ve all fallen and scraped our knees. So why can so many of us not stand to look at the damage? “That’s supposed to stay on the inside, darling”
Penmann Jun 14
A girl once told me
I should come over
to the sunny side of the moon
once in a while.

But the moon is not lit up by suns.
It's lit up by earth mostly.
We make it shine.

I light up moons and satellites.
And Elon Musk. How the f**k can one be so dumb
To send a car in outer space,
instead of words and letters? What a pun.

In space we can feel no pain, it gets better everyday
We can challenge steel horses and vast spaces
We can forget races, catch furthest bases.

I could challenge earth
all at once...

I'd like to crowdfund for fun
her first moon library
be lunar writer no. 1
Penmann Jun 9
My coffee tasted like ****
The playlist made me cry
Strangers gave me chills
Cold looks and hot grills

I'll get up tomorrow and change everything.

I don't need coffee anyway.
I turned on the radio today.
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