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Sylph Sep 2018
Whats that?
                       5 minutes

              Black is all i see

Smoke is all i smell
                   Screams and sirens is all i hear

Whats happened?
                       Finally i open my eyes

Theres so much happening i cant make up of it all..

                          What is this in the air? all over..What happened to New york?

I feels as though i have forgot how to breathe

      Theres this piercing pain in my Si....Whats this warm feeling? like a liquid

    ...oh Blood
    Whos though? Mine? what happened?
                                ¨Sir dont worry more help is coming!¨
                                Who is..?
To all those who lost someone in the 9/11 terrorist attack. Im So Sorry You had to go though that pain of a loss.
Shall we remember all the ones we lost in the unfortunate event.
Anyone wants to talk about it im willing to listen <3
Sylph Apr 2019
The wind passes under my wings
The beautiful shades of Oranges, yellows, And purple
As the sun sets and says goodnight

And i close my eyes for a free fall...

        When they open the stars and moon say hello
My eyes adjust to the dark quickly
To see a forest
          full of something..
The trees had fluorescent speckles of light
And Vines of beautiful flowers hanging from tree to tree
Everything was glowing a eye pleasing blue in the darkness
Even my scales were glowing but of a glorious Turquoise and purple

The Animals that should be sleeping sing one last lullaby
To ease them into dream land
The trees sing along
and I Danced with the fae

Finally the Lullaby has been sung
Everyone is now fast asleep except me
I Watch over the night sky through the little spaces in the trees
Listening to the calming whistles of the wind
And crickets chirp
            My eyes
          to close
And a new free fall begins
Into the world
                                                                ­ Of Dreams
A Random write i came up with before i drift to my dream land..
Sylph Jan 2019
No one judges me
I can live without fear
Without worry
without pain
Im free
A­t least thats what they told me
They told me im free
They said we're equal

Do i just eat up what they are telling me?
Like the mush they put on my plate  

                                                        ­        Or
                   Try to think for myself and possibly get me and all my friends
                              And Family
This is kinda random..
Inspired by "The Giver" And "Hunger Games"
Sylph Sep 2018
A New light in the dark
A Small spark of hope
The sudden Warmth on a cold lonely day
A smile on a sad face
A star in the bare sky
The first bird of spring
A new friend
I dont know, I have lost inspiration and motivation. I cant put my thoughts and feeling in words right now. I cant even understand my own feelings or thoughts...How do i write about them?
Sylph Dec 2018
Constant state of fear
Whats going to happen
What is it
How bad will it be
Will i loose him
Did they do something
Did i do something
What to do what to do
I need to stop crying
But i cant
Too Scared
What could happen
What will happen
Whats happening
I dont know what to do
What to do
What to do
What to do
I need help
What to do
What to do
What do i do
Sylph Feb 2020
I decided to draw today
to let her out
my demons been getting restless
The words I long to say
they just
Wont come out
So now
Im turning to a visual
Spill of words

That puts everything aside
Disconnecting everything in my brain
Letting my hands take control
The pencil
To freely dance across the page
To let out whatever needs to be free
That I cant see

Letting the thoughts
The pictures
The words
That I have never seen heard or felt
to come out
Be free
Sylph Nov 2019
A blanket of light
warms me
As i glide through the waters
with my selkie friends at my side
darting through the water
and teasing me for letting my thoughts get the best of me
I remember

He saw me
His eyes the color of the forest
His hair the color of fire
We fell for each other
And the string on our finger pulled us like magnets into each others arms

We spent so long together
And i loved him
More than life
I loved our daughter
More than my sea

But the pull
It tugged at my heart
At my mind
my skin
My soul
I couldnt resist its call
i tried
and tried for years

but i couldnt fight a match that had
never been possible for me to win in the first place
I couldnt fight my home
My very being
The beholder of my soul

I know they will forgive me one day
Our tight knot can not undone

Not even when
                                  Fate cuts my string
This is based off some selkie myths and legends
Sylph Apr 2019
My kind of a sweet sibling bonding moment
Is when you love them so much
You jump on them while their trying to sleep
Give them a huge hug
Then strangle them with your whole body not letting them get away till they say that you
Yes you
Are their favorite sister =D
That they love you
and know you love them
no matter how mean you might be
Or annoying they are to you
You love them
Now and forever
That they are your very first brother and forever will be
Your First Brother
Sometimes when your have younger siblings you tend to forget they are growing too
and forget to watch them grow and be part of all of it and take it all in.. That they are yous siblings and you love them and you need to remind them of it sometimes especially when you think your getting to busy to tell them... I have a little brother..I swear...He was only a baby a couple years ago and hes growing so fast just like me...i got so caught up with my own life i forgot to be part of his.... I noticed how much i already missed..and that i dont want to miss anymore.. You only have one life..Hes my gift just like my other lil buddy and i want to make sure im part of both of their lives..
And that their a big part of mine. I love them and i want to make sure they aways know that even when im being a **** mush brain teen.

Love your siblings and remember you only have this one life
You need to take it all in in the moment and make memories to last you the future when you need them most.

For my dear lil bro, And Another poem will be done in the future when its time for my new baby brother thats been welcomed to this crazy world.
Sylph Oct 2019
Bad choices will always
come back
she loves to make sure
you pay the price
for what you wanted
so i hope it was worth it
So far i think it was, if i thought it was a bad choice that is...But i dont regret it.
Sylph Sep 2018
The light so bright
As bright as the night
A blanket of stars
Lays across this sky of black
Fluffy cloud, the shape of ice cream swirls
The sound of the lively wind
Crossing through the trees
Like a weave of life
Cold it is
With a chill.
The light so bright
As bright as the night
I close my eyes
And drift away
To dream land
Where everything comes true
Where I'm never alone
He's always with me
Riding unicorns
Flying with dragons
Endless imagination
Endless love
Endless light.
These get more random everyday XD
Sylph Oct 2019
They come and go
could possibly go wrong
If they just

You said you were my Guardian Angel
That you would come back
10 years time
Im so naive

I dont need you
I know i dont
But i sure as hell want you

Why are people so cruel? And why am i so naive? Why cant i grow up?
Sylph Nov 2018
Dont blindly trust a light
Assuming its safe

Dont blindly trust a stranger..
Gods a stranger to me..
Can i trust him?

Love is new for me
..Is that okay to blindly trust?
Trust till i have a reason not to?
Or just stay on the safe path
Where there supposedly less pain
I dont know..

Trust is so valuable
And such a privilege
And painful to loose

If you have the trust from another
That most seek
Take care of it
Its important.

If you trust someone
Take care of that too
Dont just put it all there
And give it to anyone
But give enough so they can feel it

Take chances
But still be cautious
But dont let anyone betray it
You trust is worth more then that
As is theres

Dont always blindly trust
Blind trust..I dont know why but poems trust seem to catch my attention most
Sylph Oct 2018
Crack by Crack
More of me breaks
Piece by piece
I fall apart
Lie by lie
Smile by smile
More of me
Tear by tear
Rust by rust
i become useless
Drip by Drip
Drop by drop
More of my feeling
Drains away
Day by day
The light
begins to fade
Sylph Jan 2020
A broken heart
But a toy to someone who was bored
You need to put those pieces back together
Sweet little doll
Sad little soldier
those piece will get lost if not fixed

I will help
I will sew those broken pieces together
Using the faiths string
And I will use gallons of glue
To fix the cracks that cover your sad eyes

Those scars will heal
Just as glue drys and stitches are forgotten
But I cant promise someone wont do it again
Girls play with boys hearts as though they were puppets
Boys play with the girls as though they were dolls
                             These hearts arent toys
                       And they arent a easy fix
You shouldnt open peoples heart just to tinker around with the gears and break them just to run away as though it was never your doing. Im still learning this lesson.
Sylph Jan 2020
I walk home
looking for comfort
but all thats there
Is me and my demon

We chat for a little
"We chat"
About my past
The bits she loved most
the ones with blood on the floor
And bared teeth sharp as knives
Growls that scare the beams in the walls till they quiver
Wearing A bone white mask as though it could conceal the thing
that lurks behind in the darkness

I thought the chains would hold
The key was gone
But there it was holding it out to me
Showing me what I felt I needed
a lie
a key
to my happiness

Little did I know that everything has a price
I watched the girl take the key
Soon did I see

                          That Monster was me
I cant explain it but I havent felt words flow from my head through my fingers in a long long time
Sylph Jan 2020
I walk this path
Yet I feel lost without her
My Demon
She was there for me when no one was
She was there when I wanted to fall
She was there for every lie
Shes always there when I cry
Shes always there when the darkness wants to take- no
Save me
From the light that burns my skin
Because even in a million years I could never deserve it

Remember when we were curious why people hurt?
She says
Want to understand?
Well doll, Seeing is believing. You will understand if you see you hurt too
Will I?
Do I dare ask why?
Curiosity killed the cat
Ah but satisfaction brought him back
So you say but what if im not satisfied with what I find
Whos to say you wont be?
Sylph Nov 2019
Cheshire cat
Make up your mad mind
I know that i am mad
but you are beyond comparison of madness
You love one way within those mad eyes wild with craze
and i only follow in your mad, mad ways
Sylph Dec 2019
People seem to think
the hardest part is making the choice
But actually
The hardest part is sticking with it

Its not set in stone yet
But it needs to be
Sylph Apr 2019
Cold World
Alot of it is
Sometimes some warmth will grasp through
Like when someone says that they love you
Warm again
I wanted to try a Cinquain poem... Im going to start trying new styles to keep learning on my journey in this part of my life.
Sylph Nov 2018
Blue is spirit and bright
The color and light
Of a wisp
Seeking through the night

Green is life and Joy
The color
Of summer time trees
The smile when you play with a toy

Yellow is the light of the night
Caring and pure
Helps anyone without a fight
They will be be your light

Black is dark but strong
More fragile then portrayed
but do not think them wrong
They still know love
But with the help of another
To light their way

Red is the sweetness of cherries
They will stay by your side
Their heart as pretty as daises
They love more pure then any other color
Just the sight of theirs or another pain
can make their eyes rain

Orange has the spirit of fire
Much like black and yellow
They will light you through the darkness
Until their fire burns out
Then they need a friend
To help them be free
And be the light they used to be

White i think the most confusing
Their hard to see
But When you see them
Their as special as anyone can be
Their quiet but always outspoken

Purple the color of a cats eyes
So watchful and careful
Ever so wise
Dont under estimate this beautiful soul
For it can go out of control
Emotions so strong but held by a string
They might need a friend
To help them find their wings
These are the colors of the souls
Whats the color of your soul?
Sylph Dec 2018
I lust you
I love you
I need you
I want you*

Im so confused

What is this?
Lust or love?
Fake or True?
Is everything we say lies
Without noticing

Do we love
                        Or  Do we Lust?
Sylph Sep 2018
Oh darling child
so young
so innocent
How i do envy that
Oh darling child
Promise me you will never grow up
Please stay young Sweet little girl
                                                            ­  15 years later
Oh darling Child
That innocence has faded
The youth is now Maturity
The Adorable little girl i once knew
Faded into a Beautiful Woman
Oh darling child
I love you
Why do we have to grow up?
Sylph Sep 2018
Daydreams are the only thing
that keep me happy
When i cant be with him.
One of the only lights in my dark alley
The safest area
Where i can imagine dancing with the stars
Where i can feel okay
Only other thing
that can keep me happy
When my love is not near
When he cant hold me safe
                   Daydreams are my only other light
Sylph Aug 2019
Im to point to where
i have to make choices
BIG ones
That could change my little teenage life

What high school do i want to go?
Should i break up with him?
What do i even want to do with my life?
Are they someone i want to keep around me?
Am i to the point of needing help?
Where should i work?
Should i start saving now for a car?

Then theres those questions that have no reason for existing
Will i make it?
Am i good enough to be here?
Do i deserve this?
Can i even do that?
Will i ever be able to do that?
Is that possible for someone like me?

These questions eat
like worm eating a apple
Eating to my core
my center
When i started and where im going to end
The main part of who i am
And it eats and eats till theres almost nothing left
Of what little i had
Sylph Apr 2019
Dear diary,
Another day
And i cant look her in eyes
Not without wanting to cry, I thought i could trust her. I feel like a fool Although she did warn me But at the same time she was begging me to stay and to be honest i wanted to stay...I really do love her even if not in that way..
I kinda want her back but i dont want to be that puppy that after being neglected for so long i run back to be loved again but discarded the next day.
I dont know if i can handle that again..But i want her, And my desire to keep her around stays strong though i know what will happen..the never ending cycle will repeat again and again. And im getting dizzy and tired of running back, Its hurting me mentally more then anything...
What do i do?
Stay around and try to fix things and hope for the best?
Or Walk away and let it go
Past issues.... but at the same time a lil current but just not yet
Sylph Dec 2019
Im tired of watching time
attack my only escape
Sylph Feb 2020
I have always been scared to be alone
So tell me why now
All I want is to crawl into my closet
Close the door
And fall apart
In utter silence
The only sound
Is the mute thud
of my pieces falling
to the carpet
Till the last one falls
Sylph Dec 2019
To feel as though you belong is to feel as if your a puzzle and the pieces of the people around you are fitting together with your perfectly. Belonging is the final feeling of acceptance and always something everyone will welcome with open arms. Feeling like you don't belong can hurt so bad and most of all leaving you feel lost, as though you will never have that place for you to feel complete in.
A outcast
Forever lost,
Forever looking,
Forever not quite nothing
sure as hell not something
ahaha...schools got me obsessed with these...
Sylph Nov 2018
This fire inside me Burns
Like Sticks in a fire
The color of ember
The smell of black smoke
Filling my lungs
Fueling my anger further
All i can think is
when i know its not true..
This fire inside is growing
Almost too big to control
Enough to consume
More then just me or you
But enough to consume
Every light thats near and every shadow close
I wont let it take control though
I wont
I wont
I cant
But how do i stop it
When the flames Rise at every
Word or sight of you
Every time i hear your name
The flames grow wild
The heat unbearable to hold in
The smoke making it impossible breathe
How can i control this
Sylph Apr 2019
I thought you would stay till the end
and keep what i hold dear to yourself
Not share it with the world
You kind comes so quickly
and i trust you so fast
i cared for you
i guess

      F L Y   B Y   N I G H T
Sylph Dec 2018
Your such a fool
I TOLD you im a demon
I TOLD you im toxic and will hurt you
I Told YOU that im a rose with blood on my petals and my poisonous thorns
I TOLD you i dont want you
Yet here you are
Still by my side
Watching your life tick by
With a girl who cant love
Cant smile with you
Or even look you in the eyes
Who will **** you at the touch
Your such a fool

You say you love me
But i dont love you...
I know how awful this is
How selfish it is
How cruel i am
I dont love you..
I love him
Im sorrry..
I am
But i want him
Your just my friend
Not him...Im sorry
This one was written while ago. Random Draft i thought might be decent enough for the publics eyes.
Sylph Oct 2018
Im tired of playing this game
I think im ready for it to end
I know im ready for the pain to end
I dont want to break anymore
No more tears
No more Pain
No more love
No more false hopes
Just Nothing
                          ­                   Peace
                                                                ­             Just Game over
Sylph Nov 2019
If i stare hard into the sun
Will i see you?
If i hold out my hand full of blind faith
Will i feel you?
If Lay in the field of wheat where the wind blows
Will i hear you?

If i stand on the highest building
Will you see me?
If i hold out my hand full of blind faith
Will you feel me?
If i cry my prayers
Will you finally hear me?
They say he hears me but whats he doing to show that he hears my cries?
Sylph Oct 2018
Im tired of being a piece in these games.
Im tired of being a lonely pawn against a Queen and a bishop
I dont want people to starve at the hands of the capital, NO more Hunger games
Sorry. Is all me because im constantly making people upset in this silly game..Im sorry

Monopoly is coming, Im almost completely broke to where
People are giving me their pity ones.

I wish i could find my mate just by rolling the dice
I wish i could get that good of a job
I wish had that much money or even my own house

Life is the game i want to beat

                          ­             Im so tired of playing Gods game.
Of aaaaaaaaallll these games Life is the only game i would want to beat more then anything.
Sylph Mar 2019
If someone off the street offered you a piece of candy
Would you honestly take it????
He said with rain running down his cheeks from anxious eyes

Open your eyes
Not everything in this world or rarely anything is all cupcakes and rainbows, Sweetheart

I dont want you to get hurt
because of someone taking advantage of someone so pure
Desperation and vulnerability peeking clearly behind that mask he would wear
as he plead to her

Open your eyes to the way people are
there is good
But only 50% percent of this world chooses to use it

I cant lose you...
It would be all my fault..
What would i even do?
Im going to be honest
i think i would have to end what i have
what is this life worth to me without you in it?
She looks up at him
A Gullible
                              A Vulnerable  
                                                 ­                   Little Girl

They embrace each other
still crying their silent tears
I cant explain....
Sylph Oct 2018
Unicorns blood tastes of cream

Dragon scales bright and green

Trolls are small but they are mighty

Witches as far as our eyes can see

Dolls are pretty but they will ****

Vampires bite and all by will

Spirits come at the rise of night

       The Shadows come at the flick of a light
I wrote this a while ago, But its perfect timing!
Favorite holiday needs its own poem =)
Sylph May 2019
My friend
Someone i trust
Someone i love
Someone i could never live without
The reason im here
The one who has never given up on me
The one who will always care
The one that helps me find my way in the dark
The one that encouraged me to do the things i love

               The one that taught/ teaches me the ways of life
The rights and the wrongs
The Goods and the Bads
The needs and wants

So many qualities i cant even say them all

                                  My Mother
Happy Mothers Day!!1
To all the Moms!!
*Luv ya mama*
Sylph Jan 2019
A New Day
A New Beginning
A Change
Sylph Mar 2019
Tears fall
Words spill
Truth comes forth
And the pain
Sylph Nov 2018
I ran someone away
I just cant hold a bond
Cant keep a friend
Another candle in my life gone out
It gets darker
So it seems
I just dont know what to do
How can i live like this
Im scared of the dark
i dont know how to handle it anymore
I guess im just meant to be alone
To live
In this dark
Just alone
As nothing but a wisp
Ugh I did it AGAIN
Another friend gone  
Why cant i hold something together without it breaking apart in my hand
I have people around me tho so the dark isnt surrounding completely yet, I have enough friends around me to 2 feet in the dark
Which i am grateful for
And i hope i can hold at least that together
Sylph Nov 2018
I dont know what to do
I try to love
But all i do is hurt
I care
But i guess just not enough
I try to be me
But i dont know who that is anymore

I cry every week now
Almost everyday
All i feel is guilt
I told im a "Compulsive liar"
But i dont know if these lies are white anymore
I think they have turned back to red
The color of the blood that leaks every time
They found out it was a lie
I just dont know what to

How does anyone love me?
When im what i am now?
I cant love me
How do they?
What do they see thats so pure?
So bright?

...Every time i cry
I hurt someone else
Just in their worry
And concern for me
They feel my pain
As the first tear trails
They just hug me and cry with me
..I dont want anyone to be in pain because of me..
       I feel like a monster
I gotta be honest sometimes i feel so sefl centered only concerning with myself when others that i love are being hurt by me and all i think about is myself...
I dont like who i am anymore
I Really feel like a monster
Sylph Jan 2019
Im scared

           and Its my own fault

I feel so betrayed
I mean
My own head
Terrifying the life out of me
  To the point of wanting to run to my parents
                                                                ­      and just cry
Just die
So i can stop the what ifs
Stop convincing myself
Stop asking why
So i can live
in death
Sylph Oct 2019
My lips brush upon your cheeks
tasting the salt of your tears
i wish i could take the burdens you bare
banish them from your shoulders
the pain of watching you hurt
the guilt that burns my very soul
to a crisp
knowing i caused this
the sad tears falling from your broken eyes
the weight keeping you from standing
its all because of me
Whyd i dare speak those three words
"I love you"
they felt so true
im sorry
Human beings are based off emotion, It can hurt us and even **** us a to extent. Think about that next time you play with a humans heart as though it was your own toy.
Sylph Mar 2019
Are you going to leave me?
Am i pretty?
Am i fat?
Actually, Do i eat enough?
Should i do that?
Do i deserve him?
Why am i so bad at everything?
Am i just not good enough for the world?
I dont think i could ever do that...
If i could though i might actually be good at it
Sylph Nov 2018
No more.
No more pain
No more light
I want be numb
I want only dark
Only emptiness to surround me
I want to be left alone

Please just leave me alone

Before you get even more hurt like the others

Leave me alone

I'm nobody

Just a spirit that wants to be alone

Sylph Oct 2019
It feels like no one understands
but they tell us someone will

It feels like im falling apart
They say im dramatic

It feel like im all alone
even with people all around me
They say im a attention seeker

I like school
They say im a nerd

I not a skinny beauty
so im fat

I change to the skinny beauty
So im anorexic

I like rock music
Im a Emo

I like wearing black
Im Goth

Im made one mistake
And im a idiot

I like showing off my body a little
so im a ****

Labels consume us...
No one can be who they are with the
Telling them who they are
Sylph Feb 2020
Late night wishes
To be sleeping in your arms
Smelling your scent
Feeling yours arm holding me
Against your warm skin
The rise and fall of your chest
As you breathe in and out
Searching through drafts
Sorta worth sharing I think
Sylph Dec 2018
You say you understand, How could you understand?
Your not in my head
Your not me
Were alike
But your Not Me

These demons would swallow you within seconds
This darkness would overcome you
Could Never understand this
This Guilt
Thats taken over
The Lie im living
God cares? Where is he?
This Fear
Of being alone, left in the dark
The self Hatred
Thats just beginning
Constant Stress
Of failing life
This Depressing state
How could you understand?
My thoughts
How could you understand
Honestly, How?
Im Selfish
All i think about is myself when people are dying and suffering
Sylph Oct 2018
You lied one to many times
Dont you feel the Guilt?
Every lie is like one more cut
Every lie is like one more pound to your shoulders that you cant just shrug off
The trust you once saw has burned
Its now ashes floating in to nothing but darkness.
Dont you see that look
That look in their eyes?
The disappointment
the saddness
the breaking
Sylph Oct 2019
It funny
The weird positions that your bad choices
put you in

Im dead
at the same time
Im slightly more alive

Almost found
yet still completely lost

no one can save me from the depths of darkness
that eat me alive
And it will
until im reunited with the life
I wanted
and I made
Life *****.
i had found what i wanted
i was finally happy
life finally felt right
and yet
the world says its wrong
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