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I am being asked for a bio
a short one, perhaps, considering
my fleeting days

what is a nice way to put
my life has not started yet
and that all my dreams and demons
are still locked inside my closets?

and as I walked off the high school
a hell with company, a heaven without wishes
everything translated into fears

but an abundance of sparks, could-bes,
and a ground for love

I felt dead in a moment
alive in the next.

I had to end on a positive note
For I am returning
tomorrow morning.
I snuck out

and I stole cash

and I ran away

and I got lost

and I was alone

and I was scared

and I got into cars
with strangers

and sometimes
I didn't know
where I was
when I woke up

and I kissed boys

and I had ***

and I got hurt

and I hurt myself

and I skipped school

and I did drugs

and I drank too much

and I trespassed into places
where I knew I shouldn't be

and I went home with people
who I knew I should've ran from

and I kissed more boys

and I had more ***

and no one noticed

and no one said anything.

but then I kissed girls

and suddenly,
everyone noticed

and I was told that
I was doing bad things

and I was told that
I was going to hell

and out of every bad thing
that I had ever done,

I was never told
that I had sinned

and no one had ever said
that I did something wrong

until I kissed another girl.
Sarah Flynn Oct 18
I was your typical angsty teenager,
lust and recklessness personified
into a human body.

I never called myself a poet,
but I spent my days
writing to boys who never loved me
and parents who were never there.

I went through a photography phase.
I cut images from magazines,
women with stick-figure shapes
and too much makeup and sad eyes
that everyone seemed to love staring at.
I took pictures of people
when they weren’t looking,
found beauty in others
when I needed to find beauty in myself.

I went through a rebellious phase.
I shaved the side of my head
and dyed my hair blue, and then black.
I tattooed my skin and
pierced crazy places on my body.
I smiled at adults walking by
because they fell silent,
and I knew that they were judging me
but didn’t have the
courage to say anything.
I liked thinking that
I was braver and louder
and more confident at seventeen,
than these people were at sixty-four.

I snuck out and went
for long walks in the dark,
because the nighttime air
felt peaceful and still.
and when the world was fast asleep,
I could let go of my attitude.
for a few hours, I could feel calm
because nobody was watching.

I was walking home one night
with Molly in my bloodstream
and adrenaline in my bones
but I got trapped in my mind
somewhere along the way,
stuck floating in between
self-worship and self-loathing.

I ran away a few times,
usually ending up at my friends’ houses.
I drank from blue Solo cups
not knowing what I was drinking
and not caring enough to know
as long as it got me drunk enough
to dance all night
and not remember a single thing
the next morning.

I watched my best friend
sneak away, not so stealthily,
to go have ***
with boys twice her age.
I think she snuck away loudly
on purpose so that
we would all know  
she was capable of
getting boys to
pound her senseless.
I don’t think she was capable of
getting boys to love her
for more than her body,
but I don’t think she ever tried.

I fell in love,
or at least I thought I did.
I had my heart broken
and healed and broken again.
at one point, there was a boy
who taught me how to kiss,
and that the backseats of cars
are rarely as spacious as they look.

through our conversations,
I learned that this boy believed
in extraterrestrial life,
and that he hated the color orange
for reasons he could not explain,
and that when he imagined the future,
he saw me in it.

through my own heartbreak,
I learned that sometimes
words mean nothing,
and that people can lie,
and that we were too young
to imagine any future at all.

I made memories
that still haunt me,
and promises that
I broke long ago.
I lived in the moment
and didn’t want to
think about growing up,
or what my plans would be
one year from then, or five, or ten.

I didn’t want to think
about anything farther away
than the weekend,
because nothing was guaranteed,
and nothing ever stayed the same.

change is constant
and, to me, that is both
beautiful and terrifying
at the same time.
undermyfeet Oct 16
I would like to look at the moon until it reflects your face
I would like to die, and sit calmly for you to join me
I would like to be dramatic and be sad and be mad
And I would like, above all, for you to love me.
Ceyhun Mahi Oct 11
When haunted by memories of the pasts,
Laying in bed, trying to sleep and dream
About the things who in the end will last,
I am hopeless, like nights who yearn to gleam.
I remember the park, the bench, the kiss,
The slow-passed music, and a warm embrace,
Things who I only at nighttime do miss,
And never think about throughout my days.
It is not love, that love of blissful youth,
The touches of her warmth, a stream of joy,
Who when the hands did touch always did sooth,
Or that I was an energetic boy;
It is the sleeping ignorance in me
That I do miss, who set me always free.
My name is Holden Caulfield,
And I might just be a fool.
Picking fights and calling names,
Failing out of private school.

My house is my tombstone,
And killing time is killing me
Like the smoking cigarette
Perched between my teeth.

I'm trading my innocence
For a bottle of apathy
Because the harsh light of reality
Is beating down on me.

I'm so brain dead and bored,
I'm almost six feet in the ground.
Chasing after nothing at all,
A carousel spinning round and round.

I went on a small vacation
To avoid my fate by passing time.
Is idly watching life go by
A punishable crime?

A bunch of plans in my head,
but they're all half hearted.
I'm lacking a catalyst,
but the reaction never started.

I'm the leading actor
In my own theatrical tragedy.
Should I just burn my script,
Instead of becoming a casualty?

I just want to be a kid again,
And put my problems on pause.
I'm fighting against growing up,
A martyr for a dying cause.

I call everyone a phony,
But the truth is still the same.
I'm a smart aleck feigning stupid,
With only himself to blame.
Tizzop Aug 31
teenager dreams, my friend's last sentences
we spraypainted the buildings in our hood
we lived this live, tryin to talk like legends
we didn't see an end anywhere, first we invaded streets

and then we gobbled down the city, if they were comin'
we beat em up, every baba that i construct
creates memories like the dawn of my childhood
fakers, jason warriors, half a kid, investment banker,

tremendous windows, art nouveau, and statues
statutes and club guidelines, rich business men
who bled to death in the rain, in front of their mansions
but i just took pictures, afterwards i chilled

there was no future for me, merely rappin provided a shelter
so i chained up my rage, but now i don't have to hide
i'm a giant-sized male and i endure feminists
as long as they never try to convince me of "values"

i'm a giant-sized male, mostly wicked and rotten
you got the palm in the back, catch 500 rocks, jason
into the py of queshaana, my name be tizzop
i am so true, find my face on dollar bills

and in downtown miami, where i'm shining with the sun
in order to negate a female's approach, just a pun?
i am macho like the rhymes, take you to the cinema
that much fun and a few nachos are enuff

to baste you with s
m, i got a hammer *****
and hammer nails like a banger, kiddo: set sail
everything been done, and we're flying to venice
fortunately, the beard is gone, gonna meet perla

straight into the face, always for the big splash,
they are just basslines, when i'm stressed out and
hand out codeine like jason to strangers
why you stressed out? i am styling myself walking

smoke during the videocall, like a chimney
fly over the curb, one hundred miles
hunting down the traitor, his name be freddy
but i scented that liar, ****** him good like a big daddy
For my frippy friends
levi eden r Aug 22
it's about remembering.
you were my first love after all.

the after school bus, middle school,
that's where we met.
you eighth grade, me sixth.
you apologized for your friend because he bumped into me,
the rest is history.

high school we meet again, after school bus.
i see you look at me through the bus drivers mirror,
i try not to look too, the rest is history.
but we talk again,
closer than before,
older than before.

exchanging numbers, good morning and good night texts, birthday presents, confiding in each other about the past and the current day, late night walks.
oh, the late night walks.

side my side through our dark neighborhood and through the trail, underneath the streetlight.
your hand on my shoulder, the other pointing to the sky trying to get me to see the constellations,
i was looking at you the entire time.

oh, my first love how you've taught me what love really feels like.
Preston Reid Aug 11
With the screaming in my ears and the thuds, I can feel through these cheap floorboards but it’s the best we Can afford. Is there a stop to this meaningless pain he feels like inflicting?

How much more can you take?

I asked as her children are sobbing for there mom to be safe and okay yet I hear no answer as I hear you fall one gets brave and run toward the door of the crime and gets pushed down and made fun of cause

"he’s annoying"

they said as well did everyone so he became more silent even though he might have been one of the smartest there. 6-year-old who was slower than the other kids but got made fun of by his stepdad for
not being able to say what he needed

when yelled at frozen in fear he wouldn’t move scared for something to happen to him

now the only thing they have is the scars and trauma for back then but I can't get over it
I lived with this for years but they are doing better I can infer that much but I'm glad that it's over for them. if you are experiencing anything like this please call 1−800−799−7233 the national domestic abuse hotline the victim cant always do it so unlike me please try to help
Axel Aug 5
I can hear the moon is crying and the stars, they all are sobbing rain tonight; I can hear the sun is sighing in Cali with the clouds and was hugged by the sky with lightning getting angry every minute.

Why was I too blind?
Why was I too kind for someone that relies on me with nothing to be given? Never realized.
Why was I singing to the moon like a lullaby I try to sleep the thoughts of me loving you endlessly, ever so it was a beautiful flight.
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