When I was born , everyone pulled my cheek,

But they all vanished the moment I began to weep,

Oh Maa! I cried in pain,

My reflexes knew it better that rest all will be in vain.

When I was five, I was sent to school,

Two soul cried that day, being parted by a

wall as stubborn as a mule.

Time went on and now I am grown ,

Lost in a world of my own.

I yell at you at times only to cry later,

I do things out of your will only to regret later.

Blessed to have you in my life Maa….

The girl in the hallway,
You always assume she's alright,
Hides her face in the pillows,
She cries herself to sleep at night;

The boy on the track team,
He just won the team race,
You assume he's obviously happy,
But he wears a fake smile on his face;

You come home to see your sister,
Slipping away to her bedroom,
Doesn't speak a word,
You assume she is tired from the day,
Only little do you know,
Her twelve-year old self downs a hand-full of pills to take the pain away;

Torment surrounds you although you are unaware,
Chaos and rage flood through the streets,
Yet no one speaks up to seek prayer;

Your own family fell to infinite pieces,
When you believed your dad was just asleep;
Not knowing a part of him was sick deep inside,
Every night he went out to get high,
Seeking to escape his real life,
How would you ever know,
All you ever knew were his pretty white lies,
You always pictured him a happy man,
His hurt was exposed shortly after he died;

The world holds many secrets,
Most of which none want to know,
In a world full of lies,
How will you ever hear someone's true cries?
In a world full of lies,
Holds pounds of pain upon pain,
Holding you captive to death with nothing to gain.
In a world full of lies,
Mistrust becomes common,
Yet no ones cares to change the problem

Stuck in this with only ourselves to blame,
Revolving continuously in a world of lies,
People search for death to ease their pain,
No sprout of life comes from living this way

Look around and notice the need,
Silent screams for revival roar with plead,
Learn to extend a hand, or two;
You never know what a little kindness can do.

You could change tear drops to warm hearts,
Then watch deaths transform into new life;
The work of true love restores truth to the world,
For the world full of lies finally has no place to take hold.

Be aware of others and the way the act and live, lives are important and should not taken for granted. This writing is meant to put you in perspective of how even the people you are around every day, struggle to live and keep up with life, even if they hide the pain. Show kindness in every situation, it may be all someone has left to hold onto.

I Am A Teenager
mY moutH iS A fauceT
My Mind Is A Different Somebody
whO I havE yeT tO meeT
I Strive To Succeed
iT striveS tO faiL
I Strive To Work Hard
iT striveS tO givE iN
I Strive To Be Who I Want To Be
anD alL thaT minD oF minE doeS
Is Stop Me

I Am A Teenager
yeS I spenD alL daY oN mY phonE
But No It’s Not Because I’m Texting My Friends
it’S noT becausE i’M ignorinG yoU
I’m Just Trying To Distract Myself
froM thE constanT paiN piercinG mY thoughtS
Letting Me Believe That I Won’t Make It
Past Graduation
lettinG mE believE thaT lovinG myselF
isn’T possiblE
I Try To Stop These Thoughts And Move Forward
anD alL thaT minD oF minE doeS
Is Stop Me

I Am A Teenager
starvinG foR acceptioN
Dehydrated Of Happiness
mY motheR
Holding Cake And Water
buT noT carinG foR mE
For Fear Of Too Many Calories
anD noT wantinG tO triP anD falL
I Beg For Her Truthfulness
anD alL thaT minD oF herS doeS
Is Stop Her

tamia Oct 7

eyes fixate on you
and everything else disappears
(but you and a happiness which wrapped so warmly around my heart)

my gaze which has traveled around the world, which never stays in place,
in those moments were only for you—
you are not just some photographs taken in a rush
of which i have spent time viewing on screens,
you are not a holy icon placed so far up
on stages which someone like me could not possibly dream of reaching
you are not a fabled prince who can only be found in stories—
you are just a boy in love with songs
who speaks in rhythm and rhyme,
you are just a boy to whom movements come so naturally
especially when you are thriving,
you are just a boy with a heart big enough
to be split into thirteen halves,
you are just a boy with a smile so warm
and eyes which speak volumes of words you do not say,
you are just a boy with a soul so grand
that the world found you and just had to share you
(and i am glad you found me.)

with this i know my heart is safe in your hands,
and with this, i’ll keep loving you for as long as i can.

simply, it is what it is: the feelings of a fan who saw her love for the first time. i love you, verny!!!
Fatin Oct 3

are you home
will you open up the door
when i knock?

wish you're here
not just on my mind
nope, not just on my imagination
not on the polaroid
that i stick on my wall
near to my bed
just so, i can sleep better at night

i wish you're home
that i'll be worry less
about you being away
that i have no longer to wear my sweater
just because
just because i have you
around at night

-f 831am oct 3rd

It will all fall into to place,
The bad days will melt away,
And the good will take front stage,
But till that day,
We'll get through this,
Tired and swamped,
Fighting through the mist,
We call teenage hood.

Wandering night-time streets
Craving cigarettes and clear conscience
Running to find a way, to find you
I thought I was the only one who cared
Why am I so determined?

I picture you with a cigarette in your hand
The ashes fall to the ground we know too well
You tell me everything, then nothing
Do I deserve to know this much?
Why you went missing for a day?

my friend why do we suffer so?

but there's a block in the road to ruin.
you're denied the oblivion
you've finally come to terms with;
your chance to fade seamlessly into the dark

well, you'd wished only for breathing space.
the street was more inviting than
that fire-pit of a house. it's rebellion, justified.
here, there's comfort in concrete;
pitch-black, your cigarette a torch.

the hours pass like seconds
before you're hunted down;
guided 'home' in cuffs of guilt.
the lights flash blue all the way.

when was the last time
your mother cried like that?
are you starting to realise
you never wanted to be found?

a lot has happened today
BG Sep 21

I should not feel ashamed
of what I wear
in public.
I should not fear
wandering eyes
and side ways expressions –
looking me up and down
like I am an object
to be toyed with.
I should not have to
avoid unwanted glances
from those who think
they are superior
and feel they have a right
to what I show of myself.

no one has a right to me.
no one has a say in what I wear
or how I think
or how I choose to portray myself.
I am a sixteen year old girl.
a sixteen year old girl who
should never be petrified
of wearing shorts in
ninety degree weather.
a sixteen year old girl
who shouldn’t be harassed
for the said objectification
of her own body.
a girl who shouldn’t be told
that she was asking for it
and it was her fault
for revealing her own skin.

but their eyes still wander.
they wander across my body
like an animal hunting for prey
and it doesn’t matter if I’m covered
or hiding in the best way I possibly can.
to them, I am still weak. easy.
and they know that they will
forever have the upper hand.
and if I try to use my voice
it will only be beaten by the fact that

I was asking for it,
and I am the one who chose
to portray myself in such a way
to tempt those around me.
and whatever occurred after was,
and always will be,
my fault.

you will not define me

boy, oh, boy.
you must know me more
than gabriella know's troy.
like when romeo met juliet
i’m sure you get understand me
more than that.
because you know
better than anyone that
we're just some trashy millennials,
waitin' for the cheap way- the fast way-
the i-have-a-trust-fund-kinda-fucking- way.
yeah we're fucked up at making things ~
less fucked up?
did i mention we cuss a lot?
like a lot, a lot.
like the way bob saget acts
when he switches off
his danny tanner fake ass persona.
but hey, fuck it.
we're an evolving species,
and the world is not going to stop evolving either.
in 40 years when our kids are old, we'll be the
doctors, lawyers, business executives.
we'll be the ones finding cures
to save mankind from what
the baby boomers did to us
and we’ll be the ones showing up to accept noble piece prizes.
we’ll be the ones who have been
through the hundred-thousand
dollars of school loan debt
busting our asses
just to make ends meet.
and if you think
for a single moment
that we have a lot to say now...
well, just give us 50 years.
boy, oh, boy.

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