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I still text you , I know it's irrational
But when it comes to you , I forget all logic
Recently  Spoke about you,  I tried my best to be like you
I try to remember the good times  when you were a whole woman
Even in your weakest  days you were still an unwavering pillar
The  IV lines and the tiny black bag that contained the chemicals that appeared  to harm you
The first time  I lost my voice  you told me not to worry  , that even in the darkest times I would find it again
Even now I still remember  the words you would say to me
When they told me you passed away , I hid under neath the covers of my mother's bed alongside my sister and we held each other
It didn't sink in that you were gone until I attended the funeral
My heart sang for you as the champagne pink, wooden box was being lifted into the black car that had sealed your fate
The man with big hands and an even bigger heart remains
I want a love like you had
Jayden Feb 12
First, look at each other with loving eyes
Giggle and chuckle and smile
Say something kind about your eyes and your giggle and your chuckle and your smiles,
Describe them with unnecessary nonsense similes
Your cheeks like the rosey rose-red red rose gardens
Your voice sweet like chocolatey chocolate-brown chocolates, etc, (insert rhetoric metaphors)
In most love songs that’d count as an entire verse
In my opinion, that’s just sincerity’s depressing hearse

Next I say something about, “I don’t wanna break up”
And then rhyme it with let’s make up
Calm you with a consolation flower, bent at the stem
Wipe your tears with a comforting napkin, torn on the hem
Might even play you a corny acoustic love song, not like there’s a shortage of them
That sort of bs is all the redemption most can offer
And accepting it is the mediocracy we all seem to suffer
Because otherwise, we’d all just be blue
Why not be happy if the only cost is to stop being true?

The next chronological step is to say something about loving you
I love you
I love you
I love you
You believe me? Oh, whew
That’s a relief
Cause I might be 15 but I most definitely totes love you
Why’d I say it three times in a row if it’s not true?

I’ll say everything about wanting you
Staying with you
Loving you
And then define forever by the lifespan of a small insect
To be frank and honest, I really don’t care
Whether anyone’s vain mating attempt is failed or perfect
All I’m up here to say is that it’s not fair
That we accept the cheapest bouquet
Accompanied by an acoustic cliche
As symbols of true love
How does that show that we care?
I don’t mind much for any form of love, really
I’m just trying to point out the evident and obvious fallacy
In these claims of love and romance
That come in the form of a thousand empty apologies
Third, fourth, endless requests for a second chance
And though I’m not one for **** like feelings
And though I don't want to talk down from above
Watching everyone scramble and scream, in disparity and ecstasy
All in the name of true love
Is simply depressing
Caitlin Feb 8
I'm that age that suicide comes up in casual conversation.
One half of the room thinks its selfish.
The other half are dead.
I'm that age that your doctors don't give a ****.
Because all the 20 somethings are healthy.
Except the ones that aren't.
I'm that age when my parents want grandkids.
Me too Mom, but life is funny like that, I guess.
I'm that age that all my friends are drunk or depressed.
But most of the time its both.
And we are toeing the line of fun and alcoholism.
I'm that age when I should get a better job.
But the job wants experience.
Which is why I need the job.
I'm that age that is responsible for killing the radio store.
And chain restaraunts
And literally everything else that I can't afford
So who cares if its dead?
I'm that age stuck in the honeymoon phase.
But the honeymoon phase wasn't great to begin with.
And God forbid that it ever ends.
I'm that age that shows up in all the statistics.
Ya know, the ones about failing marriages
Single parents with no idea who the father is.
Or another name written in black, carved into a headstone.
I'm that age that I never expected to survive to.
So now I'm confused.
What was I supposed to do
when 18 came and I was still alive?
I barely saw sixteen, and I have to do this for 50 more years.
I'm that age that knows how to set up my elderly neighbor's Facebook
but I can't figure out how to save enough money
That I won't end up homeless if I come down with cancer.
I'm that age that has a plethora of information at my fingertips,
the musings of Socrates and the masterpieces of Mozart.
But I watch 6 second videos because my attention span was stolen
by the drugs I was put on
to sit still in class so I could learn about paralellograms.
I'm that age that I'm supposed to have my **** together.
But honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing.
Just trying to make it to Friday,
so I can drink away the mistakes I've made.
I guess I'm just at that age.
AJ Jan 31

I see my skin.

I see it bleed.

I see it cry.

I see my skin.

I see the marks. 

I see the pain.

I see way I hide my shame. 

I see the lose.

I see the gain.

I see the child I use to be. 

I see my skin

and the secrets it hides. 

I see the way I am different inside.

I see that I am no longer who I use to be.

I see my skin. 

I see my scars.

I see the things I did to my self. 

The things I did to my skin.
Erin Beer Jan 27
Trying to do well but knowing you can't,
Always trying to impress dressing for the best.

Getting called up in class waiting in line,
This feeling I get seems to twist up my insides.

You'll pick on me in class trying to catch me out,
But I'm stronger than you think won't knock me down.

My friends waste their time on boys and clothes,
Me I'm over here auditioning for shows.

I know it's for the best but can't help but overthink,
What it would be like if I'd never met you and all your links.

This place will be the thing that'll break me,
But I won't let it fill me because this is what I think,
I'm a balloon floating through the sky,
You won't ever catch me I'm far too high.
Anika Nelson Jan 25
Today I looked you in the eyes for the first time in five months
Except I don’t think it was your eyes I was looking into...
There was a new found joy in each pupil, as if our past was never there to begin with

Right there and then I knew,
We were both finally free
Going through heartbreak seems like a dark and long tunnel, but when you finally see each other happy again, it brings you to a state of peace. This is what I’m trying to represent here.
Soul Scribe Jan 25
Left sock right sock
Shirt then pants.
I throw them on the ground
Then I leap towards my bed
With one great bound
I flick my foot to switch off the
Lights because I'm scared of the monsters,
Or at least, scared of what I cannot see.
I don't know what's in my closet
Which is why I went to particular lengths
To close it so they couldn't unlock it.
As I'm flying through the air
I'm frozen,
There is nothing there, and I know this
But I'm scared of what I cannot see.
1 thing I cannot see is
2 years from now
I'll be faced with 3 stages of life
4 years of high school
5 years of college
And 60 years with the knowledge
That those aren't monsters in that closet.
But there are fears and there are problems
About my future and what is blind to me
So maybe I need to face my fears in order to solve em so I can live happily.
The monsters in my closet represent my fear of the unknown. The most unknown aspect of my life would be my future. 60 years of the unknown, hence, 60 monsters in my closet.
chloe Jan 25
I am tired of all the meds
The meds make me blurry
They are evil
They look for your weak spots and attack
Just got back from the doctors and they prescribed me a NEW medication to add on the 5 I already take.
Winter Child Jan 24
—last year has brought me to you
in midst of my slump,
when i needed a rescue.

—last year i made the deal
during the heal,
i should find the will,
to survive the entire new year,
even if it means i can’t have you near.
gotta catch my other muse soon.
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