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Thomas W Case May 25
Dear mom everything thing u did for me was worth it, If I ever win the lottery I'm gonna hook u up because you deserve it, you gave us purpose even when we were worthless I knew you would never desert us I can't write I felt like I had to cuz ur not a man but you were my dad too at times  u did things for us even if we were mad dude us 3 knew we always had you, took it for granite at times and I could see it in your eyes we were disappointing you, but I told u years ago we would make it up to you years later weve done what we can mom you've raised a good man 3 of them at that, and now we're all emotionally attached your all we got in this world we love you we appreciate everything you have ever done for us thank you we love you mom.
My son wrote this for his mom on Mother's Day
Thomas W Case May 10
Frozen clothes on
the clothesline, blowing in
a vagrant wind.
My nose red from the
Wine and beer at
the bar.
December of '87 came
hard and ferocious,
forever changing my life.

I was working night shift at
the nursing home up
the street.
A few of us went to
the tavern after work.
I got home around noon,
and went to bed.
21 years old, with money,
a job, and a car.
I didn't realize
life was borrowed.
Mom couldn't find
her sweater, so she
came to my room and
asked if I had seen it.
I said,
"No Mom, I'm trying to sleep."
I should have realized that
there's plenty of time for
sleep when I die.
But youth produces ignorance,
and I was drowned in it.

Mom asked if she could
borrow my car to go
Christmas shopping.
After more discussion about
her sweater,
I, with eyes closed tight,
held up the keys,
and that was the last
time I saw her.

My last words,
"Quit acting like
a *****."
Ever since, there has
been and itch to
punish myself.
I'm not Freud, but
maybe that's why I
drink so much.
Happy Mother's Day
JK Cabresos May 10
your languor
for our elation;

your torment
for our delight;

your debts
for our salvation;

your hunger
for our appetite
Sean Hastings May 10
Another year comes and goes
And this holiday comes every spring
Celebrating mother's and what they do
Mother's who do extrordinary things

I still celebrate every year each spring
But not celebrating you
Other mother's made me their own
And for them I cheer for they are
And you are not and will never be
Life May 9
mom, your uplifting smile
and your super spirit

your forgetful mind
but your optimistic energy

that bounces
entirely off you

my hand
inside of yours

so, so proud
would never want to leave

that's always there

wrapped around me

held in hugs
you're patient

and caring

held my face
as you told me the same

my eyes water
at the prospect of me saying goodbye

because I know
there will never, ever be

a mother
that's as caring, and loving as you

For years,
I have wondered why the father
   of a loving daughter
would want to shoot himself  

        in the face.

I don't wonder anymore

treachery wears a painted on smile


Her heartbeats are imperturbable,
ready to face any day
blue skies, or gray,
with, or,
without uncertainties.
no words said, just thoughts progress
in the silence of after midnight hours,
her eyes and mind go far, beyond the
dark horizon, she's a bird flying early
morning...soars over shadowed trees
and mountains...well before light,
she perches on the window sills of
her real world.

in the kitchen, she fries sausages and
potatoes...her mind travels with the
rising steam of coffee brewing,
tiptoe-ing on sad waters,
then basks in unforgettable moments past,
as voices from far away lands,
and even those
who are long gone
still echo
and dwell within her.

she faces life's adversities with true grit,
is toughened by pain, by loss...and by
grief, that sometimes...refuses to die.

her happiness springs from shallow waters.
she regrets not, about her goals foregone,
content, that, once in her life, she had her
dreams...and wished upon many stars.

eyes and heart often wander upon hills
and valleys, she fondly calls "home,"
sun-wrapped at day, shadowed at night,
it is where her soul.....freely roams.

she is wife, mother, grandmother, sister,
a friend, a caregiver, a voice...a pursuer of
truths...all she needs to be...for the sake
of her loved ones.....she is WOMAN.


sally b

©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
   May 8, 2021
Khoi Apr 14
Brushes softly stroked
no anger only patience
love gentle as a dove
MoonFlow Apr 11
There is a woman,
With heaven underneath her feet.
When I take a glimpse of her eyes,
I forget about the stars.
For the twinkle of her eyes is better than that of stars.
When I gaze at her lips,
I forget about the crimson of roses.
For her lips are far rosier.
When I hear her laugh,
I forget about the nightingale.
For her voice is far too merry.
But do you know who this woman is?
She is Mama the Marvellous.
“Come downstairs, dinner’s ready”
No mom!

“Look here, I knit you a sweater for picture day”
No mom!

“Come with me to the store, it’ll only be 10 minutes”
No mom!

No mom, don’t leave,
don’t go,
I want to eat that stew once more,
Make me anything,
a scarf for the summer,
I want to smell your scent once more,
I’ll go,
follow you to the ends of the world

Just come home,
I promise I won’t say no anymore
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