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I am
born on the prairie, stark clad
blue sky desert, blacktop desert, canola yellow desert
small in the great space
between us

I am
born of the mountains, wrapped
in forest standing strong-faced and tall, my
companions, rooted
my teachers

I am
born of the quiet
meadowlark prints in bright white snow, the buzz
and thrum of tall grass prairie quiet
measure of my soul

I am
born of bleached fluorescent flicker
drawn into the whirling hurry
longing for rainfall and

I am
born into the faith of my fathers, solemn
like their ***, and righteous
holding fast to the book of their fathers

I am
born of the rhythm of my mothers
of life-force and flutter
small hands and steaming pots in a hot kitchen
my church

I am
born of ghosts and tiny monsters
the hollow between their aching past
and tangled present,

I am
born of old world order imposed
on new world freedom—
the image shifts
and I blur

I am
born of memory, my fingers carry secrets
daughter of the many mothers before me, their lives
tell the story
of mine

I am
born of the unknown, a swell in the stream
that spills into the ocean, I am
mother of many daughters
to come

Tell me who you are...
Because we are always part of something bigger.
She gazes out the window
A distant look in her eyes.
In her green eyes I see a longing
To be alone, to be away, far away.
And in that moment I see
For the first time, I can see
In her weary eyes the show of time.
I see in the lines of her face
A story of loss, of longing, of love.
Her sad eyes shift slowly to me.
To me and you she looks upon
Love painted across her face.
Tis then she knows without a doubt
Her sacrifice was not for naught.
Diane K Oct 1
A father shapes and molds his daughter.
A husband ought polish his wife.
But, only when a woman realizes her worth and value
will she shine beautifully.
madameber Sep 19
mothers, your mothers,
and great grandmothers,
join us in spirit this night
follow the sound of our voices,
seek our fire and its light.
we’ve summoned the flames
now we call out your names,
dear ancestors, hold on tight
to this blood which bonds us,
come forth from beyond as
the moon comes into sight.
daughters, sisters gathered close,
bring forth the herbs
you treasure most
for these women
we have come to host,
we’ll roll their hearts’ delight
and ease the burden on their bones
as we carry on their fight
they’ll guide us, advise us,
stand their ground beside us
while we reclaim our birthright,
a world in which we rule the day
just as we rule the night.

the fifth poem
ButterPecan Sep 15
I really think if you told your mom
You would be surprised
I hope the surprise is that she’s there for you
And that she finds the right words
Because she’s your mom
And if the surprise is hurtful
Remember the words you told me once
She may be grieving
Not because she is disappointed
But because she didn’t know
Because she doesn’t really know what it all means
Because she couldn’t find the right words at the right time
But more importantly,
Because she was the last to know
Mothers don’t like to be the last to know
We were once the first to see everything
Then we were demoted
Yet we saw more then we got credit for
Now that our children are grown and gone
It’s different
We rely on tidbits, small talk, holiday visits, sibling rumors
Mothers are often the last to know
But no matter what
And no matter how we react
When we are finally told
Or if we are never told
Every secret
Every heartbreak
Every silly encounter
A mother’s love is so strong
Our love is forever
I really think if you told your mom
You would be surprised
Jen P Sep 10
On the cool earth
I writhe

Soon they will come to me
To pity
This unpretty thing

But I will be left alone
Left to fester
Left to spoil

I will drain into the dirt
Until I am empty

Until there is none for none
or any but me

Faint in the distance
I can still hear them speak
"Mothers purge your daughters
Of the dirt. It does not come off easy."
Haiku Donna Aug 23
Today I've been so
busy glossing up kitchen
door and big window

Just need to buy new
Lino to freshen up floor
then kitchen finished

I had to use some
ladders to paint top of door
Tis then I found a

little ornament
It laid upon top of a
cupboard , fast asleep

A once pink teddy
now faded like memories
holding a love heart

inscribed 'I love mum'
My heart bloomed into a big
happy summers day

It's over twenty
years old , given to me by
my eldest daughter

Her love then just like
now blossoms beautifully , my
mind travelled back to

Mother's Day..always
a day to remember with
love hugs and kisses

Teddys holding a
bunch of red flowers with green
leaves sprouted outwards

Today is special
As I shall now put teddy
on display upon

floating shelf for all
to see especially me
A gift given to

me by my daughter
when she was a little girl
One I shall cherish
So glad I found this little ornament today :-) ** <3
Molly Aug 15
She sings herself swan songs
But she needs a lullaby
Her hips sway beneath her tired shoulders
Her feet her foundation
But they do not sit still
Simultaneously running towards her courage and away from her fears
Despite her deep breaths
Her lungs are not full
Her belly rises and falls persistently anyway

Her resilience keeps her company by the lakeshore
Sings to her softly
Cradles her heart in its hand
"You are safe here"

Noticing her determination, the wind carries her along
Towards the horizon
Towards her courage
Spills into the corners of her insides
Warms the garden her mother never tended to
Never sang to
The leaves become her chorus
The moon her lullaby
Her resilience smiles
Takes root in her temples
Lines her walls with forgiveness
Ingredients for her garden
Waters it with celebration
After all, she has survived.

Sunflowers tickle her ears as they sprout
Stretching and yawning in the daylight
"My flowers!" She cries
"I have been waiting for you"

Her feet grow still
They had been searching for the sunflowers
Never knowing they were inside her
Deep in the soil of her garden
"We knew you would come for us,"
They beam
She breathes in
Down to her toes

Her lungs press into her ribcage
They are full
are full.
And the moment i slept on my mom's lap i realised your love was nothing in front of my mom's love.
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