It's a nice spring day
Pretty Daisies everywhere
On Mothers Day too
Happy spring and Mother's Day :-)
daisies are now blooming Tis so lovely to see :)
Special Mom.
I've a special mom
So thoughtful
So warm
You wouldn't believe that she is my mom.

Her Love is truly warm
Loving me forever in life
As we share our lives
My mom is truly amazing

She has taught me about life
She has shown me happiness
Our Love is still growing strong
After all she is my mom

A soft touch of warm love
A special place always together
Between me and my mom
As I take your hand

I smile towards you
Always by your side
In life but most of all
Your my special mom
And my love for you
Will always forever live on.
Loving Her On Mothers Day
Kim Essary Mar 6
Looking back trying to rekindle my childhood, my memories seem to be scattered;
  Maybe God has erased most them, and left only the ones that mattered.
  Trying to sort through the ones that still remain;
  I find myself saddened and my heart filled with so much pain.
  As a little girl growing up I felt so alone;
  The lifestyle that surrounded me I wish I would have never known.
  I long for the one thing that every child needs and should never have to do with out.;
  The love and the nurturing from my mother I know nothing about.
  The absence of her emotions haunt me day by day;
  Although I'm grown with two children of my own I still long to feel her acceptance and her love this I asked for the Lord to touch her every time I pray.
  She will never know nor even care the way I hurt and  feel inside;
  She will never see The Emptiness for the life that I was deprived.
  Is it that I was so obsessed with her approval and the need for her attention;
  That I myself have neglected the needs of my own children I dare not admit or venture to mention.
  I pray that the Lord grant me the ability to give them the attention and affection that I was never shown.
  I chose some paths I knew better than to choose;
  I made my own mistakes never taking into consideration what it was that I was about to lose;
  Now that I've lost them or regretfully chose to walk away;
  My life has become a living hell needless to say.
  Never did I want my children to grow up in the same environment that I had to;
  I want so much more for them and I will do everything I need to do.
  I have faith that my life with help  from the Lord will turn around and I will have my babies back where they belong.
  Living without them has taught me so much, I  hope one day they can give me forgive me and give me the chance to do what's right for all I have done wrong.
Dedicated to a child that touched my heart with her story
luca Feb 13
i steal a hometown from my mother in the womb
leeched it from her, brick by brick, hid it under a fold of membrane
and she never noticed the enclave missing from her ribs. she rocks
me to sleep, tracing my nose with charcoal in the unquiet of
midday and i, trusting and warm, close my eyes.


why do you run a fever why don’t you gallop a fever or chase
it i think it chases me i feel it race behind me through dark tunnels
there is no way out (of my own body) leaves me prone and panting


and i will someday do the same to her city
someday soon. hide towering skyscrapers between the
folds of my sleeves and dye them grey (they’ll taste like dust
and resignation), i’ll find every piece of her and stitch
each one closed, bury them deep in my gut. and,
she might notice.
or she might not.
but by then it will not matter.
i lost a homeland before i was born. the other, i forsook in spite.
I love you son
from the bottom of my heart
This I have done from the very start
From the day you were born
you turned my world upside down
A little ball of energy always running around
Your lashes long
Your eyes so blue
Your hair golden ringlets
How could I not love you
Sometimes you'd walk around
with a blanket over your head
And I read you stories when I tucked you into bed
There were also tantrums and naughtiness
that comes when you are young
And on some of these occasions
you got a smack on your bum
Then one day we became a family of 5
Where we lived was wonderful
it made you feel alive
You kids could
even climb the old oak tree
Occasionally you'd fall and get a scrape or two on your knee
We'd spend hours walking at The Roleypools
That's all our favourite place
It was a wonderful sight
to see the smiles on your face
We also did star gazing
through the binoculars at the moon
You kids grew up so fast
the time past to soon
One day I came home
to find a young lady
sitting on the lounge room chair
So shy and so quiet
you'd hardly know that she was there
Slowly she's opened up to us
and come out Of her shell
Be coming part of our family
this she has done well
Our son at Araluen proposed down on one knee
She graciously excepted
her face glowing with glee
Now they live in a place of their own
walking distance from the sea
Happily just the two of them
and their pussycat Libby
My son said "Where's my poem"
So here you go son. Love you.
Anaya c Jan 23
my tears will disappear
and i will heal once more
this is a now forever, never ending process
our love and our memories will not ever leave
these parts of my mind have been closed off
the life here has faded like your voice overtime
time has ripped you from my memory
all of you has left me only leaving the painful memories
i'll forever live with
i try not to think too much
because i expect a miracle
i know you won't be there when my nights seem eternity
those nights spent pondering you
and it will bring the heaviest oceans to my eyes
so i continue to wait
remaining broken
for the day that will never come
when i can hear your voice once more
and recover myself whole again
the love shared between a daughter and her mother is powerful and unbreakable // dedicated to my own
Mister J Jan 12
She's someone you love
And someone you've hurt
No matter what you did
How far you've fallen
How distant you've become

She'll open her arms wide
Welcome you to her embrace
Give you rest after all the pain
She'll give you another chance
And she'll say
"No matter what, my son,
I'll still love you."
I love you Mom.
my head can be crazy, my head can be sane
my head can be home to the worst kind of pain
the kind that revisits - unwelcome, unkind
belittle the days that were good to your mind
it leaks into dreams so to make of you less
attacks you at night when you’re trying to rest
but this is what’s crazy and this is what’s sane
your mind is an altar, a product of pain
the kind that will knock ‘fore it opens the door
acknowledge the body that lies on the floor
the kind that shows empathy for you and me
erases the days we could never be free
mothers, daughters
Julia Hones Jan 6
In my childhood years
you planted curious seeds,
fountains of wonder and devotion
that continue to spring and splay,
grow and evolve
into blossoms of hope today.

If I had to express my gratitude
I'd have to paint all your talents
on the canvas of life,
for the older I get the more I comprehend
your fortitude, your support,
 ongoing humble presence,
distant yet close,
and your light shines inside me,
like an eternal blessing
that will live on in my daughter's heart forever.
My mother is an intelligent talented woman, and her love is and will always be a blessing to me. My father's love is also a blessing.
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