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Allesha Eman Dec 2020
Beautiful sea breeze
How quickly you become a storm
You’re built of resilience
You bring with you an entourage
Of silver lining and moon tides
Sailor’s boats and lighthouse guides

Yet you still shy away from burning bridges
That monsters love to cross
Ken Pepiton Oct 2020
Scientology chick asked me once,
"what are you doing about it?"
I looked aghast, I guess and asked,
"What does that mean?"
She didn't say she didn't know, but
I suspected.

She said nothing.
final thoughts on day 274
Yusrah Jun 2020
it hurts that everything you ever said wasn't real
and I believed it with all my heart
-only to realize when it was too late and I was all-consumed by your lies.
Sage Apr 2020
She told me it was the right thing to do
I trust her
She wouldn't lie to me
She's the only one who understands me
She would never try to hurt me
I guess I will participate
She's so perfect
In my eyes
Sylph Jan 2020
You follow light with willing desire
With no fear
No worries
A silly mouse
A confused cat
You follow without question
You trust in something
with blind eyes
Desperate are you
In need

I cry and worry in your stead
For a sign of safety
But none
I cant explain this one
With no words to say
I will let you ponder
Łëïçkî Jan 2020
foolish love
Hereshecomes Jul 2019
Grant it
You stepped in
through a crack
like an assassin.

And yes
your prying eye
did establish how far
you could reach

Little did you know
that the lady you made out of me
can see in the dark.


Red flags you waved before me
for your colourful entertainment
Pillars for my temple
And swords for my angels.
Sylph Mar 2019
If someone off the street offered you a piece of candy
Would you honestly take it????
He said with rain running down his cheeks from anxious eyes

Open your eyes
Not everything in this world or rarely anything is all cupcakes and rainbows, Sweetheart

I dont want you to get hurt
because of someone taking advantage of someone so pure
Desperation and vulnerability peeking clearly behind that mask he would wear
as he plead to her

Open your eyes to the way people are
there is good
But only 50% percent of this world chooses to use it

I cant lose you...
It would be all my fault..
What would i even do?
Im going to be honest
i think i would have to end what i have
what is this life worth to me without you in it?
She looks up at him
A Gullible
                              A Vulnerable  
                                                 ­                   Little Girl

They embrace each other
still crying their silent tears
I cant explain....
Emily Miller Jul 2018
On dusty streets leading from market to to the edges of a resort,
elderly men with three teeth beckon you.
The commercialized exoticism sweeps you up
and you hand over pesos
in exchange for a piece of parchment with hand-scrawled symbols...

There is no Mayan alphabet.
They'll tell you that they're writing your name,
you'll take it home and display it on a shelf next to framed pictures
of you and the family in Chichen Itza,
but nothing about it is real.
We never grow up and learn not to believe,
we just learn piece by piece what's real and what's not.
Children learn about the tooth fairy,
and mermaids,
teenagers learn about soulmates,
young people learn about their dreams,
but even as adults,
there are things we still believe in.

There is no Mayan alphabet,
and yet grown, educated people
pull coins from their pocket in an attempt to connect with a culture that seems too fantastic to be a part of reality.

There is no Mayan alphabet,
but people still believe.
They believe in utopias
and countries without debt.
They believe in world peace and infinite resources,
they'll write checks to conmen
and work for checks from them, too.
They believe in honest politicians
and perfectly healthy food.
They put stock in organic remedies
and all their trust in online articles,
and every time they think they've learned the way of the world,
they'll turn around,
and learn something new.
Adults may not believe in fairy tales,
but they will believe in the Mayan alphabet.
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