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Sylph Feb 23
Like holding another slice of cake
In front of a child that just ate a bunch
And reminding them
They dont really want it
That ache wont be worth
That one more slice
that would be so amazingly delicious

Give people a inch
They will take a mile
That inch though
It wont be worth it
Whats easy now
will rarely stay easy
you dont want it

Put that devil to sleep
Make them stop playing
These arent toys
These arent toys
These arent toys...
Never in a thousand lives
             I will trade you for gold

The moment I undressed
                     Your expensive clothes
    Only to found out the finest of leather
                Can never outmatched
                  The luxury you have
  Between your thighs
Carmella Rose Nov 2019
you were that certain coffee that i couldn’t resist
that smell i swear i’m addicted to
you were a sin that i was always ready to commit
i’m a sinner, you’re all the crucials
vicious things i’m going to do
i’m the holy person, who became the devil
in denial of facts that satisfied me
and when i wake up in the morning
i keep grasping for air
because i know you’re just a dream i’m chasing
it’s hard everyday you’d be here
then the other you’d be gone
i don’t know when or how long
should i wait, i said i’ve moved on
but no, i still lose self control
everything still becomes a temptation
when it comes to you
every nerve on my body shivers
i tried to forget you
with all these alcohol, pills, and boys
that i’ve played with
but nothing was the best like you
you’re the reason why love is sweet
and why love is a bitter misfortune
you’ve locked me with forever
and left me like i was dust
thank you for the scar
forever in love with you
I do not know if this is goodbye, but I hope I see you again. || November 24th
Jay M Nov 2019
Reprimanded by blood
Such words stung like a blade
Embedded in my mind
Tearing me to pieces
Falling away
To a great depths

Desiring so badly
To take a sip
Of the escaping nectar
Having vowed to never do so again
Not doing so in reality
But in my mind
To be drunk in my mind
Sharing such desires to a trusted one
Speech of this thing
Terrible for doing so

What a way to live
Allowing myself to imagine such
Become so monstrous
To a point
Where I am able to sink so low
To return to zero
No longer behind a mask
Yet still in part

Crying out rivers
Seas of emotion so strong
The power of a tempest
Rocking me
Tossing me
Between the waves

Aching in my chest
Somewhere in my center
A placed called the heart
I presume

Consuming me
Is this pain
Threatening to control
Here I am
Ordering myself
Fighting against this
This demon and the rest of them
In my head
Barely able to survive

- Jay M
November 10th, 2019
In my 5th month sober, but it's a hell of a lot harder than I thought...
I'm so tempted...but I resist. Life makes me tempted. **** family...
All I have is my friends and my love...and only some of my friends at that.
Someone betrayed me...not sure who. Doesn't matter. Just have to keep sober. Keep sober.
Zywa Feb 2019
Chatterchick is scattering cackles
because my husband is following
a truth of his own again and in vain
I am looking for silence

Blacky is in the dumps
sighing that she suffocates
in the darkening darkness
where it's never silent

It won't work!
Bring nuts and bars of chocolate!
Madam settles herself
to savour it in silence

I wish it were so
easy, Chatterchick cries
Bonkers, Fatty, Layabout
they taunt; Silence, Silence, I

shout, Go, go! I'm going
to think of something else
or thoughtlessly
do sports, get tired

I wish it were so
easy, Chatterchick cries
and the dumps are moaning
and the sofa is snoring
For Maria Godschalk

Collection “Freend”
Constantia Oct 2018
I once met this lady
who told me that she
could feel my energy

She was sure that
my very own vibrations
were someone else’s temptations

And that this June light
was my foundation
to start building up nations

I listened closely to my sensations..
Threw the destructive ones
into obliteration,
And grew the best ones
throughout my bodies pulsations
ManoelO Jul 2018
Our carnal delights are kept at bay

By our
Earthly commitments
but in subtle caresses
the dormant desires
Breaths from the
suffocation of
Our obligations.

Our eyes were
Windows to our

We resisted all

Till we departed and our
Dreams stroked
Passions frustrated

And we awoke
With a thirst
For Sensations.
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