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Zywa 6d
Chatterchick is scattering cackles
because my husband is following
a truth of his own again and in vain
I am looking for silence

Blacky is in the dumps
sighing that she suffocates
in the darkening darkness
where it's never silent

It won't work!
Bring nuts and bars of chocolate!
Madam settles herself
to savour it in silence

I wish it were so
easy, Chatterchick cries
Bonkers, Fatty, Layabout
they taunt; Silence, Silence, I

shout, Go, go! I'm going
to think of something else
or thoughtlessly
do sports, get tired

I wish it were so
easy, Chatterchick cries
and the dumps are moaning
and the sofa is snoring
For Maria Godschalk

Collection “Freend”
Ferlin peter Jan 2
Your voice challenges my expressions,
Your vision challenges my activity,
Your questions challenges my knowledge,
Your speech challenges my thoughts,
Your presence around challenges my senses,
Its a challenge to be anywhere near you,
You are a constant fight yet victory favors me.
I hold onto the last bit of strength to win the challenge called YOU.
I win everyday and I learn everyday,
Hope you don't go easy EVER.
I love that you are a Challenge!!!!
Constantia Oct 2018
I once met this lady
who told me that she
could feel my energy

She was sure that
my very own vibrations
were someone else’s temptations

And that this June light
was my foundation
to start building up nations

I listened closely to my sensations..
Threw the destructive ones
into obliteration,
And grew the best ones
throughout my bodies pulsations
ManoelO Jul 2018
Our carnal delights are kept at bay

By our
Earthly commitments
but in subtle caresses
the dormant desires
Breaths from the
suffocation of
Our obligations.

Our eyes were
Windows to our

We resisted all

Till we departed and our
Dreams stroked
Passions frustrated

And we awoke
With a thirst
For Sensations.
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Carley S Jun 2018
I'm sorry.  Although I am human I can not change the temptation of others.  But the problem is that I am human.
Kush Jun 2018
These sonnets, these sonnets
These words would never end
This love this melody
This lilt shall remain a friend
this passion this hope
this need; lives it transcends

I keep writing making silly rhymes. Words fall, bend, blend in an array of meaningless thoughts. Love contend with ache: Heart content with brain. My soul, unable to comprehend, lets out a sigh. Unintended it amends and wends my beilefs. My boat ascends foreword. My heart pretends normal. Away from the condescending colleagues, I head to in the direction of dreams. At a distance, I see her waving, and I look down on my hand, engraved a name: she owns. My palm distends and announces an arrival. I pretend this will be final. A call from the wild invokes my mild intentions to tell her the truth and hope this won't be vital.
Vinyldarling Sep 2017
for a while, I was dissatisfied
with the way the clouds shifted to cover
the minimal shine of the sun
to hide my brighter days
in a captured realm of warmth
and simultaneous rapture of frozen temptations


but now that a new sun has
arrived in my circle of planets and stars,
a galaxy surrounded in a smile
wrapped up and presented in a beautiful
bow made of velvet and adorned in loving


the sunflowers in my mind finally had a place to call
home and a place to find comfort in
as they searched for the love and happiness
that took an eternity to find
and only a moment to hold onto
for  my  own.
wanting happiness and needing to write is a contradiction because a poet can never truly be happy
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