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Malia Apr 2
“I laugh when I’m sad,”
I said.

And then
I giggled
Nigel Finn Feb 21
"There's a time and a place" the gravedigger said,
"For humour, and this isn't it."
But the thought process currently stuck in my head
Is: "Maybe it is. Just a bit."

The businessmen said, in no uncertain tones,
That my silliness simply won't do,
And quickly went back to their laptops and phones,
But I still think the opposite's true.

There's no harm at all in increasing the stock
Of the cheerfulness in this cruel world,
And, often, my humour has been like a rock
While the pain inside me has unfurled.

I cannot explain why, when I start to cry,
That, sometimes, I laugh while I do.
In the depths of despair, where men want to die:
I can see the ridiculousness too.

So if I should be sad, and you see me laugh,
Just know I'm still dying inside,
And that I simply have to follow this path,
Or tears will flow out in a tide.
"I feel an earnest and humble desire, and shall do till I die, to increase the stock of harmless cheerfulness." – Charles Dickens
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2023
Laughing so loudly
Breath short and scarce afterwards
Making jokes to share
Laughter truly is the best medicine
A Psalmist Nov 2022
The laughing sounds
they must abound
filling space all around
to make ripe the ground
for the anguish to be drowned.
Slime-God May 2022
Caught in the current
I am pulled into your smile
Laughing and crying
Sometimes someone comes along who makes you so happy you can't help but bawl your eyes out

I am in love with an idiot
Valya Sep 2021
I'm laughing
But am I really
I feel so dead
So bleak
It feels like I'm on autopilot
I don't even feel happy
I just feel numb
I wanna be able to laugh again without feeling like it's not me actually laughing :/
Farsolatido Jul 2021
What a lovely day today,
time goes by because of the perfect weather today,
tingles through my heart,
will keep it as a beautiful memory today.

What a lovely day today,
if only we can see each other,
laughing and having fun together,
it ***** to stay at home to miss out on a special event today.
happiness is a choice
Farsolatido Jul 2021
There's a day that I saw you right in front of me,
Smile, laughing and crying.
However, it is just only a glimpse of my memories with you during our times together.

There's the day that I had heard your voice echoes in the house, car and the place we used to hang out together.
However, it is just only my feeling that still missing you.

There were times, I wonder how are you doing ?
Are you happy ?
Do you live well?
Do you still remember me? Missed me ?
Even though we not talking to each other anymore, I'm still missing you ***
Maria Mitea Oct 2020
I’ll  keep making you laugh,
this way you can’t scream 😱 at me.
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