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Bede Sep 20
When I walked to the restroom
The way he smiled at me
Tore my soul to shreds
He looked like he won you, he smiled as a Victor. I trust you when you said you didn't have a backburner, but his smile, his smile still hurt.
Purcy Flaherty Jun 2018
"Make lots of noise ~ Stamp your feet!"

Garlic is the **** black, all squares are red, dance the colour blue,
leave your prejudices at the door and let us start anew.

It's not just wrapping paper, yellow triangles or the trappings of wallpaper,
it's radical art; challenging the norms and provoking change!

"show me how you party and I'll show you who I am!"

In just 14 years of faith, form and function; we unleashed the utopian spirit, drinking, creating, laughing and loving, whilst building a Bauhaus for you!
We can embrace the desease that's consumerism and mass production, or choose drinking, creating, laughing, loving and building the bauhaus.

Stamp your feet *******
Hold me in your arms
fold me into your heart
touch me and let me feel your softness
take me away from me
help me to see
through your big brown eyes
drench me in your light
for I am down
and in the dark
remind me to laugh
and lift me with your wings of hope
smile me that last mile
before I am too tired.
Laokos Jun 21
everything breaks

the eyes
the touch
the soft smile
the body
the kiss
the walk
the hair
the slopes
the ****
the folding into

       -all of it.

they draw me
in and
draw me

take me in
then cast
me out.

I keep
coming back


I love them-
   all of

I love them
more for
breaking me
than I do
for loving

every swift
crack at
my heart

a little bit
more of

the good parts-
   what might become
   the best parts.

and one day,
everything I am
will be
destroyed again

and I will


I will crawl
forth from
my belly

on skinned
bloodied elbows
with a
smile on my

growing and
in the
Michael H Jun 14
Pursuit and glory
Hypnotic worry
Encumbered with fears
And latent tears
Change the gears
Of this atmosphere
I can’t hear
If she wants me near
Guilt and disaster
Take this faster
Keep it slow
Watch it glow
Nobody tells me
Anything I see
All I perceive
Is this apathy
Receiving back
That thievery
Laughing at that thirst
Absence is the worst
It has occurs to me that I am not posting my favorites here, I am being 'reasonable' How I write goes through a flux but these are the elders :)
Ken Pepiton Jun 11
In the presence of any hearing ear or seeing eye,
the oldest man in the room stood and said,

I suggest a motion be made that:
This proven means of reaching a realizable samesame state
of peace and freedom, 'mongst beings of all
breeds tested as sapient and unem us augmentedus,

be administered free at any seven one eighty Fibbo equipped
joy ride facility.

The Motion:
All peace negotiations,
all settling negotiations
on earth,
must now be preceded by
a ranked pairing of the parties,
{what if wit life partners, so we have a four wide}

Yeah, pairs of plus ones, two by two

most worthy of admiration and respect and trust
ranked order,

let the first rank step into the car. wait for the message.

each rank takes its place, reads and and agreed terms of unbelief release.
combine con questseers haulin
ah questions mistook
for quests... happens, but

that ranked the riders? the waring bros. us the unem
of four are in car one,
Aha, the roller coaster Poke'mon, as Grandpa

suggested, in the entrancment lesson, did you hear that story?g
This is no linked, but generally,

breadcrumb... weak link back... but later

this is the chunk chunk chunk cogged rotation
of gears in gears meshing

chunk, chunk, chunk to the peak the initial
wave on the Fibbonaci ***** with
one eighty per twist time s

we endure... ah it is not we riding, ha, I for got
virtual reality, by god, i'd say
pretty good, too.

and we, no, they are upside down, which was the intention,
the whole party of peace negotiators

the terms of agreement
and the benefit of proper ranking
{discounting **** in a coriolis sorta swirl, that shall hap, watch}

Before the pen and ink and all our augmented eyes everseeing witness
war is stupid and too costly at this phase to waste any more unexamind lives on,

beacause we can. We agree, we. the people, peacemakers are

and peacekeepers be... we,

the controllers of every mob on earth, we bodies of words in minds.
War now is as useless as smallpox and polio in bubbles
of babies
where peacemaking is set to kick in after terrible twos,
epigenetically, but  set with the polio vaccine, prenatal-mods hapt in the moms with
the Mario plumbing level.

We are getting better results. At five they are inquisitive,
and comprehend portals need means of access
which must be learned while find ing
messages with
synchronus meaning.

Now, then, that means
something real but we don't know what, yet, grandpa, don't

--soto voce', {golf-whisper}
the key to this portal,
long still being a true let be-er,

but meaning is imagined in the games,
my seven grand children all were born after 3g.
these fresh augmented us, mentally, more than we could think or ask.
They find meaning faster than
we found it in **** and Jane, and The Little Red Hen

The future is bright. Not a big bang. Not even a pop. A sigh,
of satisfaction. Believe it or die, eventually, wishing you had examined
life more close-up, earlier.

Fret not. Later is as real as you can realize. Watch and see.
History is so much more enlightening now. Think how Ben Franklin would have seen our gloabl brain's access to accrued wisdom in old age.
renée Jun 10
I was looking at you
To remember when life was just slow dances, expanses
of time
when we laughed, when I didn’t eulogize forgotten guys,
then, I saw no one but you
Super drunk,
I was looking at you
just looking at you.
Anastasia Jun 2
I open my eyes.
I’m drowning.
Dark water surrounds me,
I can feel them.
I see nothing but water but I can feel them watching me.
Laughing at me.
I can’t breathe.
My lungs burn.
I can feel their gaze on my skin.
I can’t do it.
I have to breathe.
It goes dark as the water fills my lungs.
Carmen Jane May 1
Join me now, in laughter,
And this time,
Lean on my shoulder longer
As you find your balance
Or better, don't.

Don't find it, yet,
Keep laughing
With me, together!
Let your laughters,
Be my echoes
To my laughters,
And vice versa.

Be my mirror
When my eyes bulge,
As I cross my hands
Over my belly laughters

Kick your legs in the air,
Like I do
And don't worry about their looks
They could do the same
A bit later,
If they only catch
Our echoes of laughter
And store them
In their pockets.
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