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Maria Mitea Oct 2020
I’ll  keep making you laugh,
this way you can’t scream 😱 at me.
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
Syllabus was
Like an ocean
Could study
To be a pond
Could remember
Worth a bucket
Could write
Glass full of water
Scored only
A drop of water
Study isn't
A laughing matter
Laokos Sep 2020
it's obvious,
isn't it?

it certainly
like it

you see
it too,

i'm imagining it?

it's probably


your head
is upside

facing inward
laughing at

and there's
a light in

that's always

you should know
MsRobota Jul 2020
He’s skateboarding over a million petals
As if he was skating on water
And it’s so, so beautiful
She snaps a picture on her phone
But the moment she saw him
She was sure she’d never forget him
He’s just so, so beautiful

I know I'm a terrible baker
You don’t have to eat it
It's not a big deal
he explains

It was his first time trying to make something
So, so beautiful

Strawberry Shortcake is nothing more
than sweet biscuits with sweet cream and strawberries
Serve it with a little tea
Serve it with a little coffee
And that's enough for her
Because she thinks people who try are
So, so beautiful

She explains
yeah, it doesn't look pretty
but I appreciate the effort
So, let's clean up the kitchen

His only midnight customer
Keeps the shop open late just for her
It’s a slow love
It’s a colorful love
And it’s so, so beautiful
But they don’t say a word to the other
about feelings falling like a million petals
over the city
She snapped a picture
and he was sure he'd never forget her
She’s just so, so beautiful

They were laughing
And it was
So, so beautiful
They were laughing
And it was
So, so beautiful

So, so beautiful
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2020
Happier without
Probably laughing alone
But maybe he's not
You could be happy without me there but im not there so how would I know
Hannah May 2020
I could say he is like a sunflower,
always growing very tall,
He is always there for me, with his guy-like power,
He is the one I would want to catch me if I fall.
He stands out from the crowd,
with the help of his icy-blue eyes,
in the bleachers talking, cheering, laughing out loud,
like the brightest star in the darkest of skies.
The way he illuminates my world with his smiles,
he lights it up and never seems to let it dim,
he could keep me walking for miles,
in search of anything and him.
Because of this, you stand out to me during the day and night,
like a shooting star taking flight.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
Happy without me
Maybe laughing with new girl
Or smiling alone
He loves me not..
colette alexia Apr 2020
Take me back to LACMA when I knew I had ya
The lights made it feel like happy ever after
Sneaking in to swim in fancy hotels
Making them believe we were staying there ourselves

You would drive miles just to see me smile
Windows down, music loud, worries far behind us
Curled up in your passenger seat
With my head on your shoulder and your hand on my knee

To the lookout in Laguna I found before I knew ya
It never had a better view than dancing there with you
Took me to the Wedge for our very first date
Had a long way to go but we were on our way

Jump the bridge into the water, Via Lido
Then we'll go to the drive in theater
Walk around the island calling houses yours and mine
Park on Cliff Drive if we can ever find it

A thousand steps down to reach that shore
Strolling Abbot Kinney, a thousand things we can't afford
I don't really know what we looking for
But we found love in the Last Bookstore

Valentines Days at Urth Cafes
Cake at Turtle Rock for our best friends' birthdays
Laughing at the things that just didn't make sense
Like how we never, ever felt the Santa Ana winds

Laventina's, In-n-Out, call it controversial
But I'm not going to Del Taco
Inspiration point till early in the morning
Disneyland fireworks had us Soarin'

I've never known another love like this
Someone take me back to Tower 56
Someone take me back to Tower 56
Baby our love is written all over it
Shawn Awagu Dec 2019
“So soon must I go my love?”
Said I with bold Shakespearean jest
A giggle escaped
From her rosy lips, let suddenly out from her mind’s possessions
With goofy smile and posh accent,
She replied in kind to my intent
“Of course good sire! You will now take your leave”

A flood of mirth and good faith, a shower of genuine joy
Blossomed with liveliness betwixt our figures
Oriented sideways, laying on low-cropped carpet
Our laughing drifted freely in good humorous air
Dying slowly into breaths and smiles, her bountiful hair
Glowed softly in that room
Softening my jagged soul, fixing it with tempered gaze

Though Heaven’s eye and lovely Earth
Quarreled on that day, separated by grey droplets of clumpèd air
In low light, I still retained a clear vision of my love laid before me
In Venusian position, a blush from our previous merriment
Still traveled up her throat and up her cheek
Marking her lovely countenance proudly with color because of me

Those moments are now dead and gone
The ungrateful witch has left me to hang
Solely by my neck
In a noose of my own sorrow, growing tighter and tighter until one day I will break
And I will die and I will suffocate
Under the weight of my body and my baggage
This love was not real! Only a lust dressed up in *****'s clothes that shrivels up in the light

Bah! Who cares about wenches these days? The wretches
Merely prowl about the countryside, searching for untested men
Nay, boys
To draw water from, tying them down and breaching their chests
Reaching in and stealing their best
Traits and memories and garments and vex them
Out of their minds and out of their hearts
Out of their homes and out of their children’s arms!

Nay, I say! What, **! Dare you contravene my verity?
That my heart was broken? That much is truth
That I was told, “You are not good enough.”
lanico Dec 2019
the mountains keep laughing,
and mocking me from afar.
they keep mocking the useless
attempts i make
to feel like i’m worth
to feel like i really am enough.

they keep pointing at me
telling me i’ll never be
like my little brothers’
or that i won’t ever be
as clever
as bright
as wit
as my big brother is.

they keep reminding me that
i won’t ever be
as sufficient
as i want to be.
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