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Wolf 4d
If I can't hear you
I'll laugh
Since I'm afraid to ask for clarity

If you offend me
I'll laugh
It's just a joke of course...

If you insult me
I'll laugh
My self-confidence cannot be lowered!

If I'm humiliated
I'll laugh
Punishment and anguish will come soon

If you notice the cuts
I'll laugh
"It was just my dog, LOL."

If I'm ready to die
I'll laugh
I don't want you to know

If I cause harm
I'll laugh
It'll make me sound innocent :)

If you see my fear
I'll laugh
To simply strengthen the illusion
cait-cait Feb 6
you could be such a handsome, loving boy,
and live in a
nice house
if you didn’t insist on treating me like this...

you know?

we could be neighbors, the
two of us, the
kind who smile and wave at each other at eight in
the morning before we drive to work.

you at the office, and me...
at the office.

can you even imagine:
laughing at whatever winter wonderland party
they hold
with no worries,
no secrets,
no walls...

but i have given up,
as you have grown cruel,  
still thinking of me in that mean, wretched way,
despite the fact that you probably say you don't really care...

but you're just that animal,
the one
you turned into for him-- what
do they call them again?

written on january 12th, 2019 at 10:38 pm. i havent written anything in a while but i was going through my notes to find a title for something and found this. i love it tbh... dont know why i didnt before even w its flaws...
Gemma Jan 28
I  attempted skinny dipping once. I was on a beautiful beach, with a former lover. I had a concoction of colourful cocktails coursing through me, too many that I couldn’t have completed that sentence, at the time, if I had tried!

I felt good, amazing even! I giggled and skipped, I breathed in the warm air, I glided towards the sea, I could smell the air getting saltier by the second, I could taste the ocean.

As I pulled at them, my clothes left me, They fell away with grace and floated off into the night. I am so feminine so free I thought! I almost felt as if when I reached the shore line my legs would leave me, a beautiful tail would form!

I would be a mermaid, I would dive in and it would be magic, I would splash and laugh, the moonlight would dance on the water, making my hair sparkle! I would glance back at the land and at my love, he would be raw with emotion, sad for my leaving, wonderment for the sensual, ****** siren I had become!!


On the way to the water, I kicked a small rock, fell to the floor like a sack of bricks and let out a noise I can only describe as a deep and gutteral mechanical whine.

As I lay there, disheveled and ***** on the sand I could hear in the distance, the heavy laughter of my lover.

I gained some bruising, I lost a toenail and my dignity.

I havent attempted skinny dipping since.
Kush Jan 22
I laugh through my words
So my pain goes unheard.
I joke through my darkest hour,
To drain the pain of power.

You won't see me frown,
But that doesn't mean I'm okay.
I'll take the crown,
"King of laughs,"you say.
I'll take the crown,
But the pain doesn't wash away.
IncholPoem Jan 11
Nothing  can  be

If  the  moon
come  to  stay
insid­e   our   home.

It  has  to  be
too  smell
by    advance

  Nothing  can
be  easy.

  If  the laughing
Buddha  fights  among  
in  making  process
 ­  in  factory.

   Those  should  be
kept  discipline
and   release  their
stressed  mood
on  other  objects.
Dredd Dec 2018
are you actually laughing?
did you fall of your seat because it was that funny?

or was it just a silent filler,
filling those awkward pauses just so you can start another conversation.

was it just an automatic response that doesn't have real meaning?
did it make you LOL
or ROFL?

i didn't think so.
it wasn't that funny.

Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Went for a walk
When sun wins over dark..
Cold breeze blowed,
As winter sky aglowed..
Birds were singing,
Leaves seems dancing,
Kids were playing,
My mind stop racing,
As eyes sets on the kids laughing..
They says youth is a bliss. Now I want to believe it too. Enough with self loathing ,now it's time for self loving.
Wyatt Dec 2018
Every day
I step out of my comfort
but they’re still laughing,
yeah they’re still laughing.
I’m feeling ten years older
but they’re still laughing,
yeah they’re still laughing.
I’m staring in an early grave
but they’re still laughing,
yeah they’re still laughing.
I’ve got no one to depend on
to build me up when I’m down,
yeah they’re still laughing.
I tried to be the good guy
but still they keep laughing,
yeah they’re still laughing.
Got so much to be afraid of
and in return they’re laughing,
yeah they start laughing at me.
My misery must be a joke
because all I hear is laughing,
yeah you’re always laughing.
Every time I’m trying
you don’t believe in me,
because behind my back
I hear you laughing.
CommonStory Dec 2018
A laughing clown told me
Happy people
Don't smile
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 12/11/18
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