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A Psalmist Nov 22
The laughing sounds
they must abound
filling space all around
to make ripe the ground
for the anguish to be drowned.
Slime-God May 29
Caught in the current
I am pulled into your smile
Laughing and crying
Sometimes someone comes along who makes you so happy you can't help but bawl your eyes out

I am in love with an idiot
Valya Sep 2021
I'm laughing
But am I really
I feel so dead
So bleak
It feels like I'm on autopilot
I don't even feel happy
I just feel numb
I wanna be able to laugh again without feeling like it's not me actually laughing :/
Farsolatido Jul 2021
What a lovely day today,
time goes by because of the perfect weather today,
tingles through my heart,
will keep it as a beautiful memory today.

What a lovely day today,
if only we can see each other,
laughing and having fun together,
it ***** to stay at home to miss out on a special event today.
happiness is a choice
Farsolatido Jul 2021
There's a day that I saw you right in front of me,
Smile, laughing and crying.
However, it is just only a glimpse of my memories with you during our times together.

There's the day that I had heard your voice echoes in the house, car and the place we used to hang out together.
However, it is just only my feeling that still missing you.

There were times, I wonder how are you doing ?
Are you happy ?
Do you live well?
Do you still remember me? Missed me ?
Even though we not talking to each other anymore, I'm still missing you ***
Maria Mitea Oct 2020
I’ll  keep making you laugh,
this way you can’t scream 😱 at me.
Laokos Sep 2020
it's obvious,
isn't it?

it certainly
like it

you see
it too,

i'm imagining it?

it's probably


your head
is upside

facing inward
laughing at

and there's
a light in

that's always

you should know
MsRobota Jul 2020
He’s skateboarding over a million petals
As if he was skating on water
And it’s so, so beautiful
She snaps a picture on her phone
But the moment she saw him
She was sure she’d never forget him
He’s just so, so beautiful

I know I'm a terrible baker
You don’t have to eat it
It's not a big deal
he explains

It was his first time trying to make something
So, so beautiful

Strawberry Shortcake is nothing more
than sweet biscuits with sweet cream and strawberries
Serve it with a little tea
Serve it with a little coffee
And that's enough for her
Because she thinks people who try are
So, so beautiful

She explains
yeah, it doesn't look pretty
but I appreciate the effort
So, let's clean up the kitchen

His only midnight customer
Keeps the shop open late just for her
It’s a slow love
It’s a colorful love
And it’s so, so beautiful
But they don’t say a word to the other
about feelings falling like a million petals
over the city
She snapped a picture
and he was sure he'd never forget her
She’s just so, so beautiful

They were laughing
And it was
So, so beautiful
They were laughing
And it was
So, so beautiful

So, so beautiful
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