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Milan Oct 12
Cranberry juice spilled around
coffee stains on her shirt,
motionless her legs
emotionless her heart,
cold breeze tickled her ear
her dog wanting to play,
all anxious for her song
yet not even a word she would say.

Mother called her a thousand times
"baby wake up! it's getting late",
father with intention to lure, asked
"Who will eat this chocolate cake?"
But still to no avail
while the day grew warmer, her feet went cold,
aesthetic was that smile on her face
pearly tears from her eyes, they rolled.

Into a dream, so alluring and big
she ventured far and forgot to come home,
she ran afar from here
into a nirvana, so snug yet forlorn,
The angels welcomed her with songs
mother fare-welled with stopped heart and teared face,
father sat there frozen and weak
her little doll now gone, staring that chocolate cake,
whispers all around, blames on ***
the dog still looking for his friend to chase,
who will tell this little puppy now
that heaven stole his friend, never will he see her face,
now in heaven surely there would be dance I swear
but on earth, only dark clouds and tears of blood everywhere.
Into an everlasting dream...
My heart was falling
But you were not there to catch.
For what I felt were
Heartaches instead of butterflies
Cries instead of a smile
All pain and suffering;
that is what unrequited love had.

Every fiber of cell yearned
Every nerve created sensation
Couldn't you feel the connection?

Blue is its tune
with no reciprocation.
A love so lonely
Everything so one sided
and oblivious to you.
Alexis Sep 19
I thought of you once more,
The way you broke me,
My heart is at war,
I no longer wish to be.
My wings lost all their feathers,
I can never fly,
I just sit and write letters,
Until my thoughts die.
You indeed strangled me,
A little innocent rose,
I cannot let my petals flee,
Pain is what I chose.
Bursting in flames,
My heart still cries,
When it hears your name,
Denying your lies.
My soul consisting of agony,
Wishes to become a ghost,
Disappearance my path shall be,
I will run from you the most.
Your name will never caress my lips again,
Nor will you break my bones,
The memory of you will be my pen,
Writing on the stones.
I am going alone,
This pain will never be spoken of,
The wind has blown,
Taking away my guarded love.
misha Sep 16
call for me
in the night
and i come
running back in
your arms,
others might say
that i've lost my screws
and that i've got no clue
but i know that
there's nothing better
than loving you,

and i know you feel
this too,
our connection so wild
so free and so powerful,
it makes you sway
i heard last season that
the fall took you away,
you always loved autumn
the best.

and i can't help but imagine
how you would look
if you were still green
as you can be,
but slowly you changed
shade and went orange
but still lovely
because you were the
colors of the autumn sky;
full of shades, yellow,
orange and red.
almost made me wish
that i could change with

it was early in the morning
everyone else was probably
dead asleep,
but i came to you
as i heard your calls
and silently watched
as you turned brown,
the color of lost
and now my
color of love.

now as i paint the canvas
i don't use the green
of your eyes
but i use the brown
of my last sight of you,
the brown of your voice,
the brown of your cries
and the brown of your soul.
Eslam Dabank Jul 14
On the roads of pain we met
By a date our scars have set
By an explosion of emotions I let.
Gently,you told me,
Without looking into my eyes,
"Lean on my cries and just forget.
Let out cries collide,
Never let your tears hide,
So that the sadness fade,
And nothing but banishment get"

We tore part of our souls,
To erase the memories of screaming owls.
Those,which kept reminding us of darkness,
And death's calls.
We tore them, to regive back the colours,
To our pale falls.

We burned our past to the ground
Ripped the misery out of our bodies,
Without moaning,
Or making a shound.

You composed out of my screamings,
Relaxing symphonies,
Out of my cries relieving chords,
You turned my blackness into sung notes,
You sing, to heal the broken body,
Of its everlasting loneliness.

Like a falling statue,
Because of you, my blue turned into ashes
But you, gave it all back to me,
When your heart decided to belong,
To someone else's.
ethan gaskill Jun 13
the pain is overbearing like those of a woman in childbirth
society is too numb to see all the people that it hurts
running through the teenagers like a stormy train
focusing on the strongest; ignoring those with pain
the law of large numbers is better applied to chance
than the children of the world: future and present men
ransoming the powerless for popular votes
but among the disobedient; there is but a slim hope

everybody's talking 'bout torches and pitchforks
not enough people notice depression and divorce
cancer eating the youth alive
but nobody seems to notice our cries
isaiah 21:3
Elizabeth Jun 11
The covers cried out
as I break free of their greedy,
jealous grasp. First small victory…
I’m supposed to count those you know?
To remind myself to keep moving.
I still cut out my heart today
and sat it on the kitchen table.

The knife smiled at me,
small victory for it I guess.
I felt the air slaloming
between my ribs
on its way to my spine,
where it grabbed hold.
Cold, unforgiving.

I should be used to the cold,
it’s the same every today.
My needle pierces the scars
as I sew the thick flesh back in place,
to keep the cold out, of course.
Reminding me of the days
the victories weren’t enough.

I stand and put on my sweater,
grab the heart, and throw it in the trash
on my way to the covers
to ask their forgiveness for thinking
I would be strong enough today.
The victories can wait until tomorrow
after all.
Jay Dayz May 24
Surrounded by endless space,
We have one place;
A home in perfect placement,
A little bastion of hope.

It's a miracle we're here,
And graceful we must feel;
But they don't comprehend,
They just don't understand.

Blinded by white lies,
That "Everthing'll be fine"
But is that really true?
Why don't they see the truth?

I wish to save my home,
My little bastion of hope;
But only wanting more,
They destroy evermore.

I wish to give the Earth it's peace
I wish her soul you would release.
But when I speak you shut me out
Just to make society proud.

How can you destroy your home?
How can you just care for more?
Your selfishness will doom us all
Your doomed if you ignore her call
Steep outside and look at the sky. Isn't it beautiful? Breath the air and hear the wind, we're so bless to be right here. Don't ignore the Earths cries, help her out and leave your mark.
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