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Jeremy Betts Feb 21
My worst fear realized
Beyond scared & paralyzed
the moment I recognized
the signs in the fading eyes
of a lover as she re-lives the lies
& cries herself to sleep with sorrowful lullabies
Ones only heard by the clouds and the stars they pass by in the night skies
The ones just as lonely and as distant as a sunrise
on the moons romanticized dark sides
mingling with the anticipated replies to the backlog of "why's"
that don't even bother with fly-bys
Somewhere out past where hope dies
Where both love and hate are lobotomized
then cannibalized
even weaponized
for passion triggered crimes
leaving no one surprised
Where the only allies one finds
arrive in disguise
as the best of times
as the worst of times
building up to a multitude of inevitable good-byes
How was I to vocalize
a mess of this size
when I don't have the ability to visualize
even loosing such a prize...

Serena Sep 2023
i miss being wanted. i know i must have felt it before, because how can one long for something they've never known?
i wish i was able to believe in love outside of view.
but it seems like every new moon i forget your touch
and i'm running through the woods just to make you love me again.
i believe you every time you tell me you could never hate me (how couldn't i)
but sometimes your words don't last.
sometimes i lie in bed trying to make myself dream of you so i won't exhaust you with my cries in the night.
sometimes i want to take advantage of your soft hands
feel safe in your mind
and let you take care of me even when i don't need it.
it makes me feel selfish, to want that kind of love.
selfish is something i long to be, once
Jeremy Betts Sep 2023
An eye for an eye is universally considered to be justified
But you'll find that everybody's blind and nothing's changed, not a single mind
Hear the gear suddenly grind to a halt but refuse to acknowledge the bind
Sittin' dead center of the dumpster fire proclaimin' it'll be fine
In general we prefer to pretend to be blind
You can't get off this ride, I still tried, found myself tied to life for life with no guide
Cried for just a pinch, wasn't given an inch, never made a sound, in that silence is where hope died
Beaten down by everything around, can't hide the tanned hide or tattered and torn pride
Misty eyed and sleep deprived, insecurities weaponized by myself for myself, individualized personality traits willfully lobotomized to fit in with them other guys
Expertly hypnotized to pull the wool over your own two black eyes
Don't question why a lie and the truth are on the same side, like both sides never tried
Confusion spreads world wide, a close encounter of the mindless kind
Unchecked pride in a prise for the loser will compromise any humanity that tries
Let's go to the chart shall we guys? BOOM! The proof is in the lines, inhumane insanity on the rise
Allowing a personalized demise to arise, spoken to yourself or another, a lies a lie no matter the size
In a black and white society there's no blue skies
The grass is fuucked beyond repair, no green anywhere, I've checked front and back and both sides
Who decides where the status quo marker resides
Keep 'em mystified by vague who, what, where, when and why's
Demonize even the idea of a question so questionable answers to puzzling actions are never scrutinized
God won't mind if I send one his way as long as it's not mine, so everyone's waiting for a purge scenario type grand prize
All of a sudden life can be nullified, rationalized as good over evil by twisted minds
A shady shadow enterprise, faceless behind an eyes wide shut disguise
This is what ignorance buys
A centralized love of hate, morality slides, sheep clothing stock on the rise
Right outside one of the good guys with a gun hides while inside our future cries
No hope, no surprise, no answer to prayer screamed at the skies
Only able to watch the eyes of innocence as it dies, proving evil not only survives but thrives

JKirin Oct 2021
Rotten smell.
Stale water.
In this well –
a monster.

Twisted horns,
horrid maw –
a wild beast!
You would know...

You entrapped it in there,
but to leave, don't you dare.

It is stuck
in the dark –
cannot run
nor attack.

The beast calls
from the pit –
you can hear
it weep.

You entrapped it in there...
Its sad cries, you must bear.
about a monster, but which one?
My Dear Poet Aug 2021
Her Iris
from her eyes
start to slip
from the blows
of her nose
they drip
sliding south
to her mouth
to her lip
takes a taste
of the tears
at the tip
Omarcito Jul 2021
change consciousness with another

ashes turn to plastic

giraffes play wack a-mole

i’ll miss you when you’re gone

messages dart his eyes

playing with the devil’s knife
living down,
in the darkness
of my mind
between infant cries
connecting lies
and infernos burning haunted lives

i wish no one
the pain
of a box of broken matches
Raven Feels Jul 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, heart makes you feel like a fool---not by me:>

I lie so bad
of how your presence excludes the sad
this hand includes
this blue stage we stand in interlude
words on red cheeks faint
the place empty I paint
the neck puts a distance from me and you
and the dark finds the light it never knew

the pretentious actor
writing a character on the other end of the protractor
my pen flows on veins in a way
after tongue pauses the say
now my heart wins
thoughts muffled like an invisible bottle of gin
but fair is not fair for a reason
and cheers to my self mind treason

                                                       ­                                  -----ravenfeels
GQ James Jun 2021
Depression will leave you feeling alone when you're in a room full of people. It'll make you not wanna eat, sleep or sometimes not wanna live. That depression isn't nothing to play with. I struggle with depression and just wanted to speak on it. Pay attention to signs. Don't ignore the signs, if so you'll have bigger issues than you can bare. The pain many of us deal with it ain't even fair.

Nothing worse than dealing with depression on your own. Listen to those cries, sometimes they're silent so listen closely and keep your eyes open not closed.
The things we don't take serious be the things that be the most serious. The lives of others and ourselves is the most important. Never know how much someone is really suffering.

The silence is biggest cry that you'll ever hear. The loud cries ain't as bad as the silent cries. Crying for help isn't easy but when them cries are calling take it serious. Asking for help is better than suffering on your own. We be in our own zone, suffering alone.
Them signs are sometimes are hard to read. No matter how much they try to push you away, pull them closer.

The ones who the most help won't ask for it. Ego and pride takes over us more than any disease or sickness. Depression will take over your life with the quickness.
Maria Hernandez Jun 2021
I have this aching feeling inside of me
I feel as if my chest is being torn apart
piece by piece.

It has come out of nowhere.

I feel it deep inside of me, and it's hurting.
I feel like SCREAMING.
I want to cry.

it becomes uncontrollable.
I need to rip my heart out.
I want it to stop.

What is happening to me?
What is this feeling?

I've never felt this way before
I'm falling apart and I don't understand.
What is causing my wanting to rip apart open my chest?
I need to relieve this intense, insatiable, itching inside of me.

I am in pain and I don't know why.
Evey Emery May 2021
My cries loud, yet so silent
My screams in agony as it grabs me
I thought I had escaped,
but once again;
it has found me

It pulls me under
And holds me down
No matter what I do, I'll never get out

I struggle and scream
But it covers my mouth
As I succumb to the darkness,
My light goes out

It drowns me
never letting me go far
It locks me up behind clear bars

I cry out once more, silence...
Can't they see my agony?
It grabs me
I can't escape, it will always find me
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