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The wind of change
the wind of Revolution,on our sails
  soon it will sweep across all countries
all over my beloved continent
Stronger than the harmattan I hear it is
the cry has been heard
the wails are too loud
the battle lines drawn
young nigerians say no to tsars
and hell noooo to SARS
message is one #abolish SARS
a united no to oppression
fear not their portion
Beginning of the end
they are ready
ready to reclaim the soul of Africa
message is one from young Nigerians
we want to live,we want to be safe
Respect our existence
or expect our resistance !!!
KHY Oct 5
You’ve infected that part of me
that cries when I’m alone
Now my tears are iron chains
that block me from the sun
I feel none
I feel none
Today it is their turn
Tomorrow you can burn
One remain in their skin
Cries are lost in the din
s a m Aug 17
Look at how heaven cries
when the light's 'bout to die.
Written on a rainy sunset.

POEMS OF THE RAIN, Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Mae Aug 16
I have perfected
the art of crying silently.
I lie in this bed
that I chose
and close my eyes,
tasting the salt
that cloaks my lips.
A salty reminder
of foolish promises.
My mind screams a thousand words, but
I will not voice them.
Except here
they are released
and for a moment
I am free.
Thank goodness for poetry.
Sam Jul 14
Hollow me out till i'm but a shell
Eat up only what you can see
Don't make a **** sound don't yell
Don't show them that there’s a me

Hold my sounds in my heart
Let the silent cries corrode my mind
Build up like cancer then fall apart
But don't tell them their soul is blind

Pass me around like a ******* ****
Let everyone take a hit
I pray soon I wont live long
Leave me filthy with your spit

Don’t acknowledge my heart
Don’t remember my soul
When my world falls apart
I know yours is still whole.
you need to live with yourself your entire life. love yourself, respect yourself, keep your boundaries strong.
i just wanna take a moment to take off my disguise so you can look into my eyes and see inside my mind. tell me what you see. i bet it was a surprise. i bet you saw hidden cries and things that i’ve denied. there’s a thousand tears welled up my eyes but i’ll never show you, i’ll just let my feelings continue to fly to place that’s s•cked my heart dry. i must advise against it but if you wanna act like spies, go ahead, undo the ties i’ve put in place to keep you from the “prize”. i’m impossible to analyze. let me emphasize, i’m not something to be centralized, at the end of this all you can say is “at least i tried”. everything you see inside, please don’t try and memorize. i don’t want my thoughts supervised, they’re hard enough to hard i feel immobilized. perhaps this is a silent cry; i’ll let you decide.
Maruko San Jul 9
when the darkness kiss the light goodbye
my pain and sorrow
starts to say hi
with the tears streaming down my cheeks
letting my pillow acts as the basin
of my sorrow
letting the moon be the witness
of my aching heart
And letting the darkness
Comfort me through my sadness
I  cried my way out through the night
Until hours passed by and I realized
It's now sunrise
And it's another day to put on my mask of lies
Tonight I just can't take it,
Muffling my cries,
Until there's a burning in my throat and an ache within my heart
That beckons me to just let go.
The tears that want to scream,
Scream out in a pain, torturous to the mind
Producing an overpowering headache.
Paralysing me,
Holding me hostage to my bed.
A prison I can rarely escape these days.
Those types of cries that would break
A heart if they dares to listen.
The cries of someone on the brink of death.
Tonight I just can't it,
Muffling my cries with a pillow pressed tight to my lips,
Whilst texting those words:
"I'll be fine, I always am"
Hoping you'll look past it this time.
I drag this blade
One last time
Tracing my veins like lines on a map
Hoping sometime tonight
I'll reach my last destination
And will never have to muffle
My cries again!
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