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I have this aching feeling inside of me
I feel as if my chest is being torn apart
piece by piece.

It has come out of nowhere.

I feel it deep inside of me, and it's hurting.
I feel like SCREAMING.
I want to cry.

it becomes uncontrollable.
I need to rip my heart out.
I want it to stop.

What is happening to me?
What is this feeling?

I've never felt this way before
I'm falling apart and I don't understand.
What is causing my wanting to rip apart open my chest?
I need to relieve this intense, insatiable, itching inside of me.

I am in pain and I don't know why.
Ellis Emery May 21
My cries loud, yet so silent
My screams in agony as it grabs me
I thought I had escaped,
but once again;
it has found me

It pulls me under
And holds me down
No matter what I do, I'll never get out

I struggle and scream
But it covers my mouth
As I succumb to the darkness,
My light goes out

It drowns me
never letting me go far
It locks me up behind clear bars

I cry out once more, silence...
Can't they see my agony?
It grabs me
I can't escape, it will always find me
Man Mar 30
we love
but why do we?

how much easier it would be
only to satiate the needs
forgetting the foolish notions
of something more
the drug induced states
merely staring into your eyes
brings on
brings me
to the brink of sanity
because this tired duet
cries to die
but i can't bring myself to do it
knowing if i cut out your heart
they'll be no beat beneath my breast
you'll have come with one
but you'll be taking two
when you take your scalpel
to my chest
I will never forget
Because they are everywhere
The voices of what is new what is old
They let me die
Bleed out my tears, she cries
I laid to die
In my grave, she has gone insane
How did I get here again?
A reality recurring into a nightmare
Do I have to do this again?
I don't regret a thing
Only that I forgot my shelf in the **** hunting hallway
GQ James Jan 25
That knife against your wrist is painful,
Them pills you overdose on causing pain,
I know you wanna end the pain,
You gotta think about what you're doing,
Think about what you're losing,
Think about who you'll be losing,
It can become confusing,
You ain't thinking at the time,
You just wanna end it all.

You're in pain but think about who you'll be hurting,
The ones you'll be leaving behind will be hurt,
That pain is painful,
Don't suffer alone but ask for help,
Never keep it to yourself,
We all need help,
No man or woman can do it their own.

Never think you're alone,
Can't be helped if no one knows you need help,
Let your cries be heard not silenced.
nearlyapoet Dec 2020
No melodies compares to mine.
Even the saddest song on the radio wont' do,
to a melancholic tune i play every night.
Just a usual sound for people
who lost their will to fight.
GQ James Nov 2020
Depression will leave you feeling alone when you're in a room full of people. It'll make you not wanna eat, sleep or sometimes not wanna live. That depression isn't nothing to play with. I ain't suffering from depression but just wanted to speak on it. Pay attention to signs. Don't ignore the signs, if so you'll have bigger issues than you can bare. The pain many of us deal with it ain't even fair.

Nothing worse than dealing with depression on your own. Listen to those cries, sometimes they're silent so listen closely and keep your eyes open not closed.
The things we don't take serious be the things that be the most serious. The lives of others and ourselves is the most important. Never know how much someone is really suffering.

The silence is biggest cry that you'll ever hear. The loud cries ain't as bad as the silent cries. Crying for help isn't easy but when them cries are calling take it serious. Asking for help is better than suffering on your own. We be in our own zone, suffering alone.
Them signs are sometimes are hard to read. No matter how much they try to push you away, pull them closer.

The ones who the most help won't ask for it. Ego and pride takes over us more than any disease or sickness. Depression will take over your life with the quickness.
Armand-DeamoJC Nov 2020
My demise
I cannot despise
I'll look it in the eyes
And accept my poem dies
I'll soar in the skies
For days
While nobody cries
And everyone strives
After their derives
I'll end up rich and alone some day. I just feel it
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