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Sylph Dec 2019
Another falls
Another legend
Another life
barely lived


Im tired
Waking up
seeing another life
that couldn't be lived
looking to find a day of light
But all there is
Clouds of grief

At least
your finally free
RIP Jarad Anthony Higgins
Juice WRLD
December 2nd, 1988 -
December 8th, 2019
jas Jan 2019
my life has been ripped to shreds
my heart has been ripped apart
instead of living
I want to be dead

I want to be rid
of all this guilt

you don't understand
how I feel this way
it's comprised
and you're the delay

I've been broken
and beaten
to the core

its been years
I kicked you out the door

yet you're still here
haunting me
I can't find a way to breathe
can you believe
all of the damage you've caused me
in this lifetime

must be a record
when I put it together
if it's not me it's her
I've been hurting too long
been put in the wrong
and it's just too much

can't believe you ripped me to shreds
into tiny pieces
I let you lead me on
all along
so my mistake
wouldn't have it any other way
I'm already gone

ripped into pieces
none of me is decent
that's left

youtube instrumental love hate hurt shred ripped apart left no yes hard
Guppy Nov 2018
Woke up
To find out you were gone
I still feel your energy and remember everything you said
You made music that so many people could relate to
Numb to all the things that were said about you
People always trying to make you look like a bad person
But you will always reside in my mind and heart
I miss you Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy
Rest In Paradise
Helina Oct 2018
You've been gone for four months, but it still feels like a dream
I know we weren't related
But you were like the brother, that was there to give me hope with the master pieces you created

I still can't believe it, that you're really gone forever
You'll never leave my playlist
Because you're the reason why I still exist
X, your words will always be in my soul
I'll praise you everyday
And scream your songs till my lungs give out
But there's still something I can't get out of my head
While you were still with us,
I wish I thanked you
For the gift you gave us all
May your legendary name be praised, and be known forever
I connected through his music. He gave me so much hope, and i was crushed the day i found out he was gone. It still doesn't seem real to me that i'll never get to see his eyes. It has been 4 months, but still feels like yesterday. I remember him everyday, and always will. R.I.P❤️☹️
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Watching Trending videos on YouTube,
2 of the top ten videos are dead,
which means I’m watching ghosts,
having deja vu see it seems I’ve seen this scene before,

Rest In Peace Mac Miller,
Resit In Pease Xxxtentacion,
this spirits have be writing frantically,
going for gold or at least an honorable mention,

want to be anything except forgotten,
skin is fresh but core is rotten,
scent of cologne watching Post Malone,
give an interview on Jimmy Fallon,

seems we’ve fallen,
and our idols are a sign of where we’re at,
war never stopped it just changed forms,
from Germany to Vietnam to Iraq,

as the sun sets over San Francisco Bay,
I watch the colors run,
indifferent to the cause and the effect,
nothing’s perfect but the sky always looks so beautiful,

as I gaze out this bedroom window,
in a house I do not own,
just touched down from Australia,
back in The Bay for another round,

taking a moment to reflect,
in my feelings as the sun sets,
and it feels like we’ve seen it all,
even though we know we haven’t seen anything yet,

watching Trending videos on YouTube,
2 of the top ten videos are dead,
which means I’m watching ghosts,
having deja vu see it seems I’ve seen this scene before…

∆ LaLux ∆
Cjf Jul 2018
Depression isn't always hidden cuts underneath sweaters. It's not always sad music & rainy days. It's sometimes the girl who's always smiling with the sad eyes. It's your friend who always has a joke for you. It's the thin line between insanity and being too sane. The ***** of your mouth that doesn't curve all the way into a smile when your thoughts become to heavy for even the hundred of muscles in your mouth to upturn. It's driving a car at 130 miles per hour and wondering how it felt to hug a tree, a numb pain that you can't feel, buts it's everything you feel. It's alcohol going down, down, down until your feelings are higher. It's medication, it comes and goes, always lingering like your allergies on the first day of spring
It's dedicated to you, seeping into your bones like the poison you take up your nose to drown out the inner demons
It's toxins slowly spreading and dissolving your strength and making you wish you weren't you
Depression isn't always black and white.
It's the brightest of teeth that flash the friendliest smiles; sunshine and birds. Because depression doesn't discriminate appearances, she doesn't care who she overcomes and overthrows. Her victims are her best friends and she's patient and she'll wait until your very worst day to come throw her arm over your shoulders and pretend she's there for you, feeding herself with the way your feeding into her shadows.
Depression is everywhere
Torin Jun 2018
and now i dont sleep
now i see things
not clearly,
as everything near me
tinted by the color of your loss,
we pray and dream but we're lost
and even further now that you're gone

how am i supposed to see,
when sorrow hangs a shadow over me?
i know a name,
i dont forget,
i know regret,
i know the pain

and now he sleeps
with angels,
would you open up your loving arms?
keep us from all harm,
protection from the storm
and even further now that you're gone

dont be sad anymore
dont be sad anymore
god bless his tortured soul, may he find peace
The Rogue Poet Jun 2018
Looking at this Rose,
“ya, it’s beautiful right?”
How can something so marvelous
grow in a world so frivolous?
Vibrantly blossoms just to wait out it’s days
Waiting To live out a purpose
other than to wither away
So many potential uses such as dates, marriages, deaths, and holidays
Except for this one Rose
Which got plucked
for no other relevancy
but to just wither away.

Sleep in Peace Jahseh
You left this world way too early but you have left much purpose for us other roses through your music and the way you were changing from your past mistakes. Thank you X
*The Rogue Poet
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