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Maria Mitea May 2020
Cura is the creator of all things,
In a double meaning,
and in a double way.

As long-as Cura lives,
safeguards and keeps all things
In a double meaning,
and in a double way.

Engaged and
faithful to all things
In a double meaning,
and in a double way.

Absorbed in the world,
Is the work of Caring.

Devoted in the world,
Is the work of Caring.

In a double meaning
and in a double way.
Cura is a Latine word, meaning "Care". Cura is the name of a   a Roman goddess who created the first human.
“ The time would come when we`ll understand that care and love are forces in the universe as real as gravity force.”  
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Glenn Currier Mar 2020
A poem is not finished
until it is read or heard by another.

So when you read or listen
you become a partner
in this humble endeavor.
We are
walking together
for one eternal moment
Simon Oct 2019
Engaging the processes that never matter, is blasphemy! Coating with coaxed visions of what wasn’t the usual demeanor of completion. Magnifying a matter of consequence over structures of doubt. Magnifying another matter entirely. Switching off the coax disposition. Processes becoming enraged. Engaging what it truly wanted to open up onto itself. Performances exiled. Properties fallen silent for non being the wiser. Trippy situations become sensitive desires. Opting situational premises. Offered to become desolate in the spotlight. Spotlight blips out for a few moments of data being processed over along period of space. The time was undetermined by valid postures. Valid postures filtering out neat and tidy. Only wanting to look it’s best. The blips mean more to what time can’t separate. The space occupies reason. Reason being pushed into uncertainties. Uncertainties becoming trapped. Disillusioned in the path that processes an easy way out. Filtering more reasoning on pure logic alone. Logic is great. Yet undecided. Everything caught in tumbling transmissions. Engaging the processes that never matter, isn’t blasphemy. Until you find the route of measure. Opting more devices from within to escort the spotlight into submission. Submission prompting more blips in the spotlight. More processes become enraged! The blips being the true mask to what uncertainty flips around like a rag doll. Its design isn’t enraged because it can’t decide its own reasoning. It’s enraged because it’s engaging with itself. Similarities being too of the same varieties for one process over the other to notice in finite detail. A mirror reflecting off one component between another. Never noticing the illusion of itself being the only one of its kind. The twist! Being what it can’t recognize. Is the acknowledgement of another like it? Programmed to twist, turn, pull its way to victory in undetermined results. The logic is careless. Showing adaptions aren’t perfect. Tries and tries. Until something clicks for the escort route out of the blasphemy. Rooting you in place. Each component reflecting its own processes off mirrors one can only acknowledge. Wait! If one can twist its desires around itself, reflecting it like a mirror. Then how does it communicate with another component? The fate isn’t in the details. But for you to figure out. A fated bland disposition regains control. Processes become engaged once more!
Processes are messy, struggling idiots that can't depend on its own local frame. It takes time for itself to notice what itself is tasked for. Only then will it stop shining more light against its own mirror.
Sylph Jun 2019
When you give them that ring
Your promising them
A love
That would never end
A love
Thats just for them

Your giving them A Ring
Your giving them A love
Your giving them a lifelong friend and more
Most of all
Your giving them a piece of you
That you plan to let them keep

Your showing them
You want them around
For the rest of your life
By your side

I dont mean this
to scare you away
I mean this
To show you what it means
At least in my eyes
to give them that ring

That ring will bind you and your love
As one
A whole
Yen and Yang
Day and Night
Darkness and light

Thats just how amazing it is
To give someone
                                      The Ring
Marriage is a beautiful thing of two becoming one.
ooh they said at match
as it is finished good for them

ooh! they said to compete
when their team got first

ooh!they shouted at celebrate
when engage or wedding occurred

ooh! they said and escaped
when they stole some pounds

ooh! they called at one
who failed for his leg in love

they may laugh at
or they may wish to be at
love is the way to get happy all over the world,. love mother, sister ,father ,wife and God
forestfaith Nov 2018
“I have a question.”
“Why is it that the more connected we are, the less connection we have for each other?”
“I...don’t really know.”
“Maybe....because they value phones and social media more than people?”
“I don’t know”
“Or....maybe they place their identity on them too.”
“I Guess.”
“I don’t really know.”
“What If.....the people in this world don’t actually know the ‘friends’ they are sitting beside in during recess or while hanging out.”
“Maybe....i mean, isn’t hanging out supposed to be about spending time with each other, directly, and not i guess, with their phones, or through their it?”
“I fear about the future.”
“Why is that?”
“Well, what if my children, or other people’s children...”
“Basically the next generation,”
“Ye, the next generation wont actually know what actual friends are, like being trapped in mechanical boxes with those weird things on...what is it called? Oh right, VR headsets. And then they live in those boxes.”
“I don’t know....”
“I just want people to talk to each other, WITHOUT their heads down on the phone and eyes glued to the the kampong days...”

Hope y’all got something from dis
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Courage…by Jessie 10/05

Sitting in a crowded room, chaotic and smoke filled, thunderous roars fill what space be left, noise so loud it beats thy ear into failure.  
Parting the thickened smoke with thy eyes, I spot thee, queer in sight, like a single perfect rose amongst a backdrop of decay.
Attempting to hold thy vision steady, tracing it in thy mind, again and again,
Soon, the presents of my eyes upon thee, awakens thee and pulls thy attention to me, only to have thee look away in awkward shyness.
Not long am I able to sustain thy craving heart with but a look, hoping for better more. I navigate the restless crowed, inching thy way towards thee.
If comforted by thou close presents, then why doest thy chest seize from lack of air? Have I taken ill? My brow dampened and thy rags cling heavily to thy back.
Completely deafened by the boisterous sounds, I sense a tremendous pounding in thy ear.
Take hold, for the pounding comes from thy own heart where the beat sounds thy troops to charge.
Gather thy senses and control them each one, so that thou can orchestrate a memorable introduction, then will I have gained favor with thy heavenly host.
I am but arms reach away and her intoxicating aroma overtakes thee, sending vibrations throughout this mobile vessel, making thy limbs quiver and week.
Fool not thy self with thoughts of grandeur, I am not thy equal in this realm and swiftly make hast to when’st I came.
Coward thy be, unable to conquer thy fear of inadequacies and summon thy strength, retreating in defeat, never to know the rapture of what might have been
Back once more, alone, companying thy self through the night.
Press thy lips to thy cup and swallow down thy misery in silence.
Nichole Sep 2017
It was as heaven beside her
A great leisure
She was ineffable to express
so I call myself so much bless
To have her in my life
To be my precious wife
To take care of my children
and feel ineffable feelin
id rather take a thousand risk
to held her wrist
and insert this beautiful ring
and hear the love birds sing
She'll walk in the isle
with a beautiful smile
Sam Oct 2016
I have never felt this much before.
I am enclosed in a blackened bubble,
unable to see the outside world.

I am secluded away in the darkness,
not exactly knowing where to go.
I'm just rolling, hoping I'll end somewhere good.

I must continue to repeat to myself,
do not engage... do not engage
It is much harder than expected.

To engage is to put myself back,
back to who I always believed myself to be,
back to when I changed myself to be someone I wasn't.

To ask, to tell, to hold.
I bite my lip to stop myself,
I must not say anything.

I listen, I observe, I wait.
I engaged,
there is no return.

*I am a failure
Engaging to most, is not engaging to all,
do not assume, for you shall not be rewarded with a good outcome
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