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A Jul 2022
Little girl, little girl
Little girl so empathetic
Independent, self sufficient
Way before an adolescent
Little girl...
Little girl taken for granted
Little girl holding the weight of the entire ******* world
And I don't know how she could manage
Little girl can keep a hold of her composure
Been maturing way before she was adulting
Little girl....
Little intellectual
Potentially a master or professional
I'm talking just as equally intelligent as cynical
This little girl ..
Little girl with an addiction
Always asking all these questions
Little girl gets so conflicted
Cause she finds that she already knew the answers
Now she fed up
Little girl
Little girl you cannot fix what isn't broke
But so determined little girl just won't give up
This little girl...
Van Xuan Apr 2021
When the pain is still there
Slowly eating away my humanity
Words of comfort in my mind
Doesn't reflect the way I write

Numbing my heart
Hiding under my blanket
Forcing myself to write
Hoping to fix myself
Owen Dec 2020
One whiskey neat too far gone
Im not supposed to think,
just be strong.
I dont feel, right?
Dont hurt, or cry.
So its ok if you lie,
and ok if you've lied.
My old innocence,
so naive.
Memories pound
as I stare and freeze.
How many times
was I used
as an honest fool.
Never again
will I be a tool
for fixing broken hearts
Overthinking old friends intentions
don't worry about fate darling,
even if she got it bad for you
don't worry about things breaking,
even if I'm not there to fix it for you
for even fate follows her foreseen immutable road,
while you push on looking for some inviolate abode.
This is goodbye, my friend. I bid you farewell. I hope you find what you're looking for.
A new world awaits,
While you sit here
Trying to pick yourself up
Dust yourself off,
Collecting the pieces that once were
A whole part of you.

Seems like a never-ending journey,
To push yourself through
The trembles of your voice,
Now all feel like a cacophony
Hoping to strike
Yet another one of that epiphany,
That put you to sleep.
For days on end,
You used to weep
Of times unknown,
Of times gone.

Times when you let things slide,
Instead of taking control
Times that once seemed a bliss,
Ever so wonderful
Ever so full
Happy with what you got,
Rather than pondering
About what you deserved.

All seems lost
You're clinging to the last breath,
The last ray of sunshine
Seeping through the window
Of your soul.
The feeling of love
Perpetually evading you,
The pain is real
Something you can't control.

For once you realize
All is not gone,
All is not lost
Trying to think of better times,
That will come to you.
Love and hate,
Being equal parts of you
Not letting emotions drive you,
Relinquishing all that you held close.
Building yourself up
Fixing your flaws,
Moving on,
To another version of you.

Is it possible to connect again?
Is it feasible to love again?
Never seeking external validation,
Your self worth at stake,
That got shook
With every passing mistake that you ever made.

There's a gun to your head,
You feel like running ahead
But you stop
Knowing you can't run forever.
The time's up
You better man up instead,
You've got blood on your hands
Your death, your demise
Grief finds a home in your heart
Makes it hard to just restart.
Sometimes you just don't
Want to fight anymore
Stick to what you know,
Before this chance also blows.

The sun is drowning,
The night has come.
Waiting for a new sun,
To put an end to your run.
Finding glimpses of happiness
Through the fierce rain,
For a new world
That's calling out your name.
Sylph Jan 2020
A broken heart
But a toy to someone who was bored
You need to put those pieces back together
Sweet little doll
Sad little soldier
those piece will get lost if not fixed

I will help
I will sew those broken pieces together
Using the faiths string
And I will use gallons of glue
To fix the cracks that cover your sad eyes

Those scars will heal
Just as glue drys and stitches are forgotten
But I cant promise someone wont do it again
Girls play with boys hearts as though they were puppets
Boys play with the girls as though they were dolls
                             These hearts arent toys
                       And they arent a easy fix
You shouldnt open peoples heart just to tinker around with the gears and break them just to run away as though it was never your doing. Im still learning this lesson.
The Vault Sep 2019
How lovely the clouds look
From the ground below
Painting the world in darkness
Such a beauty to behold.

It is so weird
How this is my life
How I am alive in all this
And get to change my fate

But death will come
And somehow curiosity
Is in my skin
Of what happens
After my heart stops beating
Nikita Aug 2019
Chest full to the brim
Waterfalls spill over

You pick up the piece
There falls another

While bending to help
I see scissors on my lover
Laid in his hands
The blood provides cover

You cut out a piece
There falls another

With tired eyes
I look to you and say
"Thanks for putting me back together".
Its hard to see that someone is pulling you apart when all you can see is them putting you back together
Giovanni Mahoney Jul 2019
I am intense loneliness.
not that of which is devoid of human interaction,
but that which is characterized by the impatient feeling one gets right before their life is about to dramatically change.
when they are about to lose everything they love to something greater.
I am the process and the aid.
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