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The Product:

All that I see,
Are faces of fake people,
Scurrying around,
In search of something real.

“It is not yours it is mine!
I take that which is mine!
I keep what is mine!
I consume what is mine!

Get away from it is mine!
I don’t share what is mine!
I don’t give what is mine!
What is mine is mine!”

False eyelashes!
Make up kits!
L-shaped couches!
And television sets!
They’ve become the things they own.
The things they own, own them!

You are not your job!
You are not your salary!
You are not your wallet!
You don’t need this ****!

****** into the tv,
The product becomes you.
You do whatever,
It tells you to do:
“This is what you want!
This is what you need!
You just got to have it!
You won’t be happy without it!”

You think it will sedate your hunger for happiness,
But you come out unsatisfied.
You try to impress people you don’t know,
Or even care about you;
Too caught up on the outside.

“Happiness must be taken,
And I will take mine!”
A false idea of happiness,
It is not happiness unless it is given!

All the products you see on the tv,
Are begging you to buy your own slavery!

You are the product!

**** your money,
**** your property,
I hope you choke on it!
Skylar Turner May 27
as the rain pelted my face i felt an odd sensation of satisfaction.

the water had cleansed my body like it was the holy water used at morning mass.

the catholics’ silence could be heard as i bathed in God’s tears.

the deafening echo of a wordless cathedral spinning into chaos.

as peace consumes me and
my body is laid to rest

i realize why God had flooded the earth the first time.
Gale L Mccoy May 5
little flame
i am a gust of wind
i don't want to feed you
into something all consuming
i've rid of all my flammables
the only thing you can lick at
is me
Minimise distraction
Maximise intention.

Minimise commodity fetishism
Maximise giving out love.

Love people, use things.
The opposite never works.
Gale L Mccoy Feb 22
self-love is /gorging /buying /hoarding
the discounted chocolates
in the darkest corner
brands unheard of
the forgotten relics
considered a step below the rest
to become a delight to enjoy
for those whom
valentines day does not serve
discount chocolate
doesn't care for the reason it's consumed
just that it's consumed
and with abandon
a prompt a writing friend gave me! 'discounted valentine's day chocolate'
cryingforhelp Feb 15
Once on high grounds
not caring about a thing
now, I crave to be found
and care too much about everything

Once young and blind
now, I want to shine
but, I'm lost in my thoughts
I'm trying to escape
I can hear them calling
so I keep falling
Pyrrha Jan 31
Your lips tasted like sweet nothings
They'd slip from my lips
and you'd consume that sweetness
Leaving me with the taste
of bitter Nothing
madison Jan 13
i dont want to admit this
every time it gets late my thoughts come back
its a comfort thing
but then it becomes a bad thing
i swallow
and i swallow
and then i cry
and i cry
i try not to consume
but it gets late and i feel lost
and i don't want to talk about it
i always feel so empty
i try to fill the space
but its getting to the point
where i want to empty it
i want nothing
you will see this. you will be concerned. you will want to text me. please not about this though. i will be okay.
Latifah Nov 2018
you hide your feelings well behind your back
you costume them with a smile, sometimes a loud laugh
you let them think your heart's made of stone
but what happens when they grow
and they're so tall, so big
they're all over the place
and you're just this tiny figure
and then they consume you
you become your feelings
and they become you.
I'm good at hiding my feelings than explaining how I feel, I'm good at pretending everything's normal and okay and I don't need anyone to comfort me, but no one should have to hide, no one should be afraid to reach someone and to tell them what's going on. Please reach out no matter what you're feeling. I promise you'll feel better.
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