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I stare at graves
and the autumn leaves
that fall,
as my envy
for decay
consumes me.
Poetic T Apr 10
My conciseness was a seed of spider threads,
             and when an idea birthed like a
sack of baby arachnids.

Crawling within,  
  consuming my every introspection.

I slumped over the page, they crawled forth,
           tiny metaphors continuing after
   my musing was consumed within..
Carlo C Gomez Feb 22
If it lives
Man will **** it

If it burns
He'll eat it

If it happens to be
Make believe
He'll then imagine
All the ways he could
**** and eat it

He lives and dreams
Merely to destroy
Sharmila Juliet Nov 2019
Dont come near me
I am toxic to consume
Dangerous to let go.
Difficult to measure
How venomous I can be.
I live Entangle within me.
My life dipped in poison
Running all over my vein.
Would make you only numb
Wyatt Nov 2019
When you’re desperate
for the cold, chilly night
but you still go and dive
head-first into the fire,
motives become confused.
Don’t you get consumed
in the passion of the moment,
cool down and think it out.
Don’t let yourself burn alive.
One of many lessons. - 2
Sylph Oct 2019
It feels like no one understands
but they tell us someone will

It feels like im falling apart
They say im dramatic

It feel like im all alone
even with people all around me
They say im a attention seeker

I like school
They say im a nerd

I not a skinny beauty
so im fat

I change to the skinny beauty
So im anorexic

I like rock music
Im a Emo

I like wearing black
Im Goth

Im made one mistake
And im a idiot

I like showing off my body a little
so im a ****

Labels consume us...
No one can be who they are with the
Telling them who they are
Mark Toney Oct 2019
time marches forward
reality's fire consumes-
dreams go up in smoke
4/26/2018 - Poetry form - Senryu - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Peyton L Aug 2019
He appeared to me in a dream.
the lights
the darks
the undefined space in which we resided-
was being eaten.
He devoured worlds.
Planets, galaxies, universes
were being ****** into him
by nothing other than his seer will.
He was completely incredescent.
I could not reach him,
could not touch his radiance.
All I was able to do was watch
my eyes glued to him
as everything I knew
went down his throat
with a bob of his Adam's apple.

And when I awoke,
all I could think about
was that I had to know him.
I had to know this young man
who gleefully

I wonder what it all tastes like.
If my dream matter was tangy and sweet
if the wishes of mine he ate were bitter
if the stars taste like anything you could describe with human words.

Maybe one day,
I'll see him again
and he'll indulge me
in the taste of everything.
Inspired by BR Dragos and some of their poems, go check them out! Also I wrote this in like 5 minutes in between classes so enjoy my unedited draft of whatever the heck this turns out to be.
Simone13 Aug 2019
People take it for granted
And just assume that everyone has it
To feel themselves be captured
By something they won't admit

To feel the pain
That consuming torture
To have that warm beat in your chest
Spreading like wildfire

To feel what
I want to feel

Not when the music starts
Or when a novel ends
I want that constant suffocating feeling
That gives my life meaning
I want to be whole and broken

I want what words can’t explain
Or letters can't decode
I want to be  torn apart
And sowed back together
I want to feel my stomach drop
when life nocks me down
I want to feel my vocals rip
When i cry

I want to feel
Like something to someone
I want the emotion of knowing
I ment something
I felt something

To feel the raw emotions
Of being human
Not this numbness

Not the dread of the sunrise
knowing It will be gone
Jule Aug 2019
A blessing comes soon
From this food we consume
From places around the world
Another feeds a small girl
With the same seed we eat
From your table to my teeth
What a delight we can share
Whilst spreading culture everywhere
had pizza with pineapple and mushrooms on it for the first time
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