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I S A A C Apr 3
is my wish what i really want?
are your kisses really that soft or are my memories unreliable
all this time i was unviable but now the tides changed
if the overcast can fade then so can the return of the grey
my impressionable mind molded by stoic time
the inescapable vines consume my innate drive
Diary of Jane Oct 2023
I hate the power
you hold over me
even when you're not there.
The way you affect me
in all the worst ways.
The way this love
consumes me
like no other feeling.
The way my own
heart betrays me
and chooses you,
every time.
But most of all -
I hate the way
I love you
when I know
I absolutely should not.
Zywa May 2023
I think of thinkers
who describe other sides
of the old stories
and the new talk

who observe what is there
as new and notice something
other than is accepted and
put that into reality

Precisely this responding
to what is already there
is originality
or the illusion of it

In an earlier time
I would have been such a thinker
but now it is of no use
in the easy lives

of well-to-do citizens, no use
to outcasts, no use
to outsiders, no use
to my heirs
Consumer society

"One-Dimensional Man. Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society" (1964, Herbert Marcuse)

Collections "The light of words" and "Life line"
We Consume What We Adore

We consume what we adore…
Maybe that is why I am so hungry for snippets of you
Fifth part....
Jennifer DeLong Apr 2021
Feelings are always there to
remind us
of what we enjoyed
of what we shared
not always wanted
or desired
Its bound to happen
its a song or smell
its seeing a picture
or stopping somewhere
Let it take a minute or two
then take a deep breath
and let it go
not always easy
for I know thats true
So keep it short
take a deep breath
its all you can do
Just don't let consume
..© Jennifer L DeLong 4/2021
Payton Hayes Mar 2021
I'm the kind of girl who burns through guy friends like rubber on tiers, like sulfur on matches, like gasoline and kerosine and flameward moths.
But I don't want to burn through you.
We just go together so well—like puzzle pieces.
You and I are like day and night, sun and moon.
If you only knew how it eats me up inside, keeping my cool.
I feel this tiny spark dancing in my heart and it threatens to rake my body in flames, ready to pounce on me, licking and biting at the first sign that I'm falling for you.  
I'm really trying to hold my fuse right now, but one second we're joking and laughing and in the next you say something that tugs at me and I feel my hold on it slipping.
If I don't burn you first, this fire in my bones will certainly consume me.
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
You were the definition of
You were the    blood
                                  in my veins, and
the smoke     in my lungs.  
I was addicted to you in the worst of ways.
It was you who could quench the eternal thirst at my lips. And it was you who could satisfy the ravenous hunger in my bones.
You were everything I needed all at once. And You gave me everything I ever wanted.
A love that
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This poem was written in 2016.
Sara Feb 2021
I could stare at myself in the  mirror for hours.

It starts in my extremities.
a chill creeps its way into my abdomen,
and cements my joints.

The bacteria residing in my intestines
dine on my organs for supper,
they blow up my stomach until I'm
pregnant with air, my non-existent baby
forcing thick liquid out every orifice.

It tickles,
when the flies visit my rotted skin.
Their steps light and playful,
turn sinister, and force their way into my
open mouth to lay their eggs.
I wait, as the larvae devour
my brain tissue.

When I have nothing left to give,
I'll pull down my lower eyelid
and let the maggots slide out.
Zywa Jan 2021
A great vernissage:

the hall full of pedestals –

with empty glasses.
“Gezel in marmer” (“Journeyman in marble”, 2006, Anjet Daanje)

Collection "Stream"
John McCafferty Jan 2021
Pale fading jaded moon
Echoes of the same old routes
Subconscious fed what we are read
Some consume such hazy fumes
Supposed repeats become belief
To each eye is dry and empty
When disorientation looms, Jesus
Our efforts count when only viewed

Hard to shake off the grey fog
As the pace of life seems lost
Host a place for creative minds
Build upon what you've been taught
Changing layers of further thought
When heavy clouds pull into view
Energy depletes inside over time
Should you stand affront or wait anew
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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