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I cannot convey how I feel right now

Not computer
Ball-tip pen
No. 2 pencil
Felt-tip marker
Even mental imagery can depict

I hide in creative silence
Sometimes i lack the means to express myself adequately
Zoe Mae Jun 9
Tears rain onto


Words are blurs best left


They mean plenty on their

Descovia May 16
I look in the mirror, trying to remember who I am. Is what I see, is everything, I desire to be?

Or is it merely a reflection of exactly who I am.

Sometimes, the unknown drives me into madness. Not being able to understand, who is truly behind the eyes I see.

In my reflection.

The eyes are the window to the soul, but I can not see, all I see is Jesus the

Christ living in me, all I am is all I try to be is good enough be be there one

that I am called to be, the reflex hat I see is who I am but is it all that I can be
Matthew Descovia & Brandon Williams collaboration
JKirin Feb 27
We chase wild dreams at the tip of our pens,
every word every stroke brings us closer.
But at times, our draft—it just doesn’t make sense…
We can’t help but believe us a poser.
Still, the dream, the pen, calls out to our hearts—
and we try, put it back to the paper.
Every word, every stroke is a wonder!
As our instincts kick in – full of hunger,
we’re hunters that chase, hunt down our prey!
We won’t let our doubts win, lead us astray—
we will howl for our pack, our dearest friends.
Dreams are waiting at the tip of our pens.
about writing, about doubts
EmVidar Jan 26
I live past midnight
when the world is quiet
my loud thoughts
can finally seep out

-em vidar
Palpebra Jan 23
i wonder how long it'll take
for me to make
something pretty on the eyes
about the sun and skies
or it could be about
rocks and rain
but something to come out
from my pen again
that i've refilled to the brim
yet chances of writing are slim
and here i write this
thinking about that promised kiss
which shall never be
now not even in my poetry
T J Green Jan 22
What is left for me to write
That hasn’t already crossed the page?
My heart aches for something new
Something real to embrace
To put into place
The stale waste that has captured my heart.

Time trailing away,
Waiting for things to change.
I want to adventure,
To explore,
To be brave and face all the things
I tell myself are for people with less fear than me.

Stuck in a half panic,
I am exhausted all the time
From a fear of everything.
But I want to feel something different
Excitement, hope, achievement
I need to feel something change.

I know the time is coming,
I know I need to wait
Just a little longer.
I need to hold steady,
Keep the fear at bay,
And when things change

Take the leap of faith,
Experience the world I want to see,
Be the person I needed,
Do the right things,
But mostly
I want to live.

Then, maybe,
I’ll have something new
To grace the page
I’m ready
To find something new to say.

I want something unwritten.
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