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tangerine cider tickles my tongue
ultraviolet undulates on the blacktop,
a summer wave of a mistaken mirage
falsified, yet ever-so-present

i could've sworn it was tangible
the taste of your lips i've forgotten
some of the memories have dissipated
brown hair trickles along my earlobes
chocolate caresses my cheek
eyes stay peeled on me

i changed

my skin has sunken with calories
and my lips have cracked unwillingly
i watch tires swerving by
and ponder the progress i've made

yet i can't seem to wonder
if i've forgotten a piece of me
as i searched for what i'd lost,
for what you had stolen,
to no avail

how can i forgive someone
i can't even fathom to respect

empathy is a blessing to others
but a curse residing within

unforeseen laughter tickles my tongue
ultraviolet undulates against your desktop,
a newcomer waves to your own entourage
falsified, yet ever-so-present
Alex McQuate Jul 5
Bring it on sandman,
You little ****,
I'm gonna break your ****** nose this time...

Crack you in the face with 3 cans of energy drinks,
Clap your ears with open palms of Clutch's latest album,  "Sunrise at Slaughter Beach" at 100 decibels,
Kick you in the nuts with a steel toed boot of a lit cigarette stuck in the nostril,
Inhaling deeply ,
Painfully sending cinders through my sinuses.

Body blows of cold water,
Blasted through the most concentrated setting on the nozzle of the showerhead,
You feeling it yet bud?!?

I can go 12 rounds,
And your knees are shaking on the 3rd.

Knock out a few teeth with smelling salts,
Kicking that sweet sweet adrenaline into overtime,
Overclocking the ol' brain matter with that brown fluid in the grey matter,
Show me them pearly whites now.

I will beat you this time slim,
I know all your tricks,
Give me your best shot,
And well see how well your blows meet the meat.

Immaculate hit you 3 ways,
Hard, fast, and repeatedly,
Write your will with your blood and spit,
Cuz when I'm done with you,
You'll be crawling away from me,
Beggin' like a little *****.
Michael Sep 2021
Monday ****.  In the pits.  Weekends gone.
Now I've got this list of **** I've gotta fix.
Job *****.  Makin bucks.  Still I'm broke.
What the **** is this.
What a *****.  Boss is ******.  Speeding tickets up the ***.
I'm ****** late!  Gotta roll!  Cite that **** and let me go!  Hit the gas,
gotta get there quick!
Don't cut me off you ****** *****!
Get to work.  *** gets chewed.
Boss don't like my attitude.
Office **** don't like my lip.
"Open up your mouth and **** my ****!"
Sometimes I wish I said that ****.
Ken Pepiton Aug 2021
Some thing did say, in my mind
don't make this another tequila day,

I laughed and sang along
as I poured the Peligro and sang my own ****** song.
And I'll see the sunrise.
neverlands Jul 2021
merasa seperti tidak layak untuk siapapun
merasa kosong hampir setahun
merasa cuma diri saja yang melewati
titik termuak kah ? tidak tau
titik tercapek kah? tidak tau
mungkin masih di dasrar
mungkin akan ada puncak kalut yang lebih tinggi
mungkin ini sudah hampir berakhir

gaada yang tau,
bahkan diri sekalipun
sempat berharap mencoba
mengembalikan keutuhan
kepada orang lain
tapi, gagal.
mau sampai kapan?
ɪᴍ ɴᴏᴛ ᴇᴠᴇɴ sᴀᴅ ᴀɴʏᴍᴏʀᴇ
ɪᴍ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴘɪssᴇᴅ ☠︎︎
Chelsea Rae Oct 2020
I feel like there's no escape from it.
Like a bad dream but you never wake up.
Or maybe it's more like every time you close your eyes to go to bed,
You have the same ******* nightmare and morning dread.

Doing the same thing is considered insanity
And yet I do it every day
Expecting epiphanies
Or miracles
Because every time I try
To get out of this rut
Circumstances push me right back into the mud.

And I'm tired.
Tired of trying.
Tired of the ******* cycles
That I'm apparently too stupid to figure out how to break.

What the **** do you want from me God?
I obviously can't do anything you want right,
Or I wouldn't feel plagued every single night.
With the same nightmare,
And the same godforsaken morning light.
So tired.
Ashlyn Yoshida Jun 2020
So I did a few things wrong
So I acted kind of strange
Why tell these things to me
While hiding behind a screen?
Well you were gonna come to my door
You were gonna tell me it there
But oh? Guess what?
I had other places to be.
I wrapped my life around all of you
You mentioned how I acted like the world
revolved around me, but I did
But I wasn't
and now I have to pay
I quit piano lessons
and never joined a club
I ignored Bible Study
Just to talk to you
I waited and I waited
But no one ever came
To say goodbye to me
before I flew away
So instead of saying 'I'll miss you'
You're saying '*******'
And I did everything I could and tried to make you happy
But my past that spilled from my lips
Made you hate me all so much
and the way I was
just ****** you all off more
Sorry for being a **** up
But that doesn't mean
I'm going to **** it all up
I'm sorry to be ******  but recently a friend sent me a hate message for being a person. I feel terrible 'cause some of it's true but really, what a petty *****.
Cody Haag Jun 2020
My mind is on fire,
And I'm out of control.
The choices I make
Wreak a heavy toll.

You learn in life that
No one gives a ****.
You learn that in the end,
You're **** out of luck.

People are full of empty promises,
All talk and no action.
Dividing you into broken
******* factions.

No more mincing words,
I am ******* ******.
Your lack of transparency
Will not be missed.

I hate you.
Thanks for nothing.
Zack Ripley May 2019
There's this feeling inside.
It's something I've never experienced before.
But suddenly, I feel so alive.
I looked it up and it's called pride.
It all started the night you left.
I got a phone call from one of your friends.
When I hung up, I knew it was the beginning of the end.
You told me you loved me.
And when I realized you lied,
I crawled into bed as I screamed then cried.
After i let go of the anger and the pain, it was like the sun came out and dried up all the rain.
I found the strength to let you go.
It's ok if you feel bad but I want to thank you.
You taught me I'm stronger than I know
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