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I don't like anything new,
& I'm sick of everything I'm used to.
Sometimes thrive for something different
yet get bored of it in an instant.
Trying to hold on to what I already have
still, getting ******* at the same routine!
Nothing is really
All that strange
If you think
Too much or
For long enough
If there really is
A great big man
Who lives in
The clouds and
Watches our
Every move
Then why
Is it such a big deal
When people love
Each other
In a way they're
"Not supposed to"
If an immortal
Presence graces
Our every moment
Then why do we
Care if someone
Cuts their hair
When there are
Wars and natural
Disasters why do
We prioritize
Someone's abortion
In the news
Besides, who is
This "God" guy
Why the hell
Should we trust him
He "created" us
But we don't owe
"Him" anything
In case you couldn't tell, I'm a raging agnostic. Anyways, why do people give other people **** about tiny things, like wearing what they want or learning what they want or generally just not being sheep. If there's a "god", we've got bigger problems to worry about. And if there isn't... let's just say that getting a pixie cut is way less "weird" than gathering weekly to worship the nonexistent sky god. Just saying.
SomeOneElse Jul 22
**** all you who rush to judge me
When you all don't even know me
**** all of you doubters out there
And those who just pretend to care
**** all you ******* hypocrites
With your intentions counterfeit
*******, you're really not my friend
When you back stab me in the end
******* who play with my feelings
Could care less for my well being
**** this world I'm so sick of it
And the bullies who control it
So ******* and your little lies
Now here is my final reprise
**** all you who rush to judge me
You don't even ******* know me!
A poem written after constantly being rejected and or backstabbed
two lines
is not a poem
its two lines
it has no substance
no structure
its a thought
someone caught
is it noteworthy
not in the least
but the person
who writes without
there not present
here in the moment
of all the people who do such
who think it only takes that much
should give your head a wobble
it's just a load of cobble  
the two lines are just that
like a load of tatt
poetry comes from a calling
a memory
a feeling
is nothing dust blowing in the breeze
you make a mockery of the art
like you just would ****
all over your page
not bleed at any stage
is it because your simply
not smart enough
to have a worthy entry
dig deeper into your soul
if you lack the talent
of this simple art
pray tell
are you worth more than
a **** ?
if you throw art away
thinking you can walk away
then i have this to say
your not an artist
your stuck in self pity
look in the mirror and think
where did you go
or did you just blink
those two lines
bug me more than
any times
i've seen anything else
are your not incapable
or simply not know how
i think you just don't give
the art the respect it so needs
look at yourself
a poem
is not two lines
a thought
a passing
a nothing
this is not your diary
find somewhere else to share
because i for one care
you lay the art bare
more effort should be found
if your words are to be sound.
Bhawna May 30
Silence is sword
But I'm slayed by a word
Sylph Apr 26
Be afraid and careful
when your so angry
your laughing
And Everything
I am myself Apr 16
For two years
we spent every day together
every night talking
I thought we were friends

For two years I listened to you
talk about everything
heart ache, family, work
I thought I knew you

why now is it like this

You say now that I am your darkness
that I make you an alcoholic
You perverted everything we did
and tried to take my friends

For two months
you ignored me
We live together but you ignored me
now it’s been four months

And I’ve given up on you
My supposed friend got mad that I had to be away for a few weeks to take care of my mother after a surgery and decided that I was the cause of all of her problems (that have existed longer than I’ve known her) and start ignoring me because I wasn’t around to listen to her like I had been every day for more than two years. I finally said something after two months of the silent treatment and she went off about how I’m the cause of all of her issues and then proceeded to refer back to a bunch of things that either never happened or didn’t happen the way she said that all made me seem like a monster and she had been telling these things to my best friend to try and separate us so that she could try and hook up with my best friend. Needless to say she can *******
tayarose Mar 29
I don't know how to stop
the pain of losing you
to someone you think
is better then me
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