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Spooky Babe Jan 28
Lie to me gently
Tell me everything I want to hear
I know that you love me
But some things aren’t so clear

How deep is your love
Would the ocean be jealous?
Because that’s what I want
For you to be nuts like a citellus

Seems like it’s just me
And you’ve begun to stray
I mean we’re not together
But when has that ever gotten in the way?

I can’t do this anymore
I can’t take anymore pain
Why’d you say you love me
When I’m just the one to blame?
Is he even the love of my life anymore? 10:50pm
come for the poetry,
stay for the likes
I keep hitting refresh,
because something's not right

I see quotes and platitudes
on the front page
with a shitload of likes
and it fills me with rage

I can count all the likes
my work gets on one hand
and it took me an hour,
I don't understand

while some wipe their *****
some streaks on a page
and that **** starts to trend
becomes all of the rage

come for the poetry,
stay for the likes
I'm seriously thinking
of going on strike
when you find yourself on the side with the majority, then it's time to pause and reflect...

something to think about
beth Oct 2018
Your mouth spills
nothing more than
empty promises.
Said you'll be here tonight
but don't get in 'till
four in the morning.
Always busy but never for
yourself, could you stop
lying straight to my face?
Tired of the excuses people
make on your name, can't even
defend yourself or it's just
that you don't care?
Looking really foolish with
the indifference that you're so
sure I deserve after you left me
waiting to see if this could change.
It didn't.
- selfish.
TJ Shadows Sep 2018
The maggots around your heart make themselves at home
**** the souls of the wicked and the ****** to stay alive
Let the blood run hot down your flimsy backbone held together by lies and deceit
Roll in the garbage of your riches and laugh as all the child scream
Throw them a bare bone and watch them fight as you you **** the witch that holds your power
She will get tired of holding you up
She will will not even be entertained when she throws your body into the flesh eating Bacteria
I will watch you rot, I will ****** your ego as you melt
Abigail Fischer Aug 2018
He’s real?
You say this to me with faith,
Because faith has helped me so often in life,
When darkness devoured me it was faith,
No... it was a switch which ended my night,
It wasn’t faith that saved me from death,
It was a doctor pounding on my chest,
It wasn’t faith that helped my sadness retreat,
Nor end my long endured reality I’d end in defeat,
It wasn’t faith that brought me to stand where I am,
It was me- who pulled myself into safe land,
Faith didn’t save me when I was in high tide,
It was the will in my heart to make it out alive,
It wasn’t faith that made me understand it’s okay to fear,
It was every night alone facing too many lonely tears,

So don’t tell me he’s real through faith,
It’s a made up word by people who hate,
That for once they’re wrong.
No faith helped me when I was alone.
He’s not real and it’s okay truly,
So please take your “faith” and let me be.
Pastelblitz Apr 2018





Hot tears fill my eyes
As I fight the urge to yell

As I fight the urge to attack someone who rightfully deserves it

As I fight the urge to destroy them like they destroyed me

How they abuse animals and people

And claims they were “abused” and they “know how it feels so they’ll never do it”

How they lie to get things

How they use people to get things

How they hurt my family’s dog and put her in so much pain that we had to put her down

How they kicked my dog across the room for no reason

You’re such a horrible person and a hypocrite

As you bashed one of my friends on how she’s not a Christian and yet you’re not a Christian? And you claim she’s a horrible person

And now you want to be best friends with her

All because of her money and what she has

Stop using people

You’re a horrible person

You’re a home wrecker

You’re an abuser

You’re everything you claim you’re not

******* you need help..

You need help..

And because of you

I need help


I breathe




I’m *******..
jennifer delong Apr 2018
Ask me if I care
As you play your ignore me game
Ask me if I hurt
when I see you online
acting like you don't know me
when I posted my gift
as usual you pretend it's not there
when you wanted me
you only wanted to play your selfish game
taking what you wanted out of me
not caring how I felt
not caring how Id hurt
when you decided you wanted no more
Leaving me here without a care
If only people really knew
how selfish you are
how mean you are
How you played me
all these long 5 years
just to go on to **** someone else
cause your not a man your a game
who needs to be turned off
and told to *******
© Jennifer Delong
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