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Tea Feb 7
We always try to keep looking up...
But when we stop...
And look down...
We see the ground...
It pushes us upward and supports our steps.
Because of the mud, we don't fall into the unknown depths...
We see the rock that guides our way.
We see how far we could be falling and where we could lay.
Looking at the clouds should only be done when our backs are sore...
When we can't look down anymore.
When we look at the stars, we sometimes find where we must go...
But we won't see the rivers and the streams that flow...
When we look beneath our feet...
Let's be glad that we are not dead meat.
I believe we should look all around.
Let's take turns to face the sky and the ground.
It is best to also look left and right.
To the darkness and light.
Without one of them, we will fall.
So let's face it all.
Yes, we all have our fears.
Yes, we learn sometimes the hard way for years.
Yes, we will scar and get bruised.
Yes, we will be naive and be used.
But I know and believe...
An easy life makes us forget the meaning of relief.
Life would be boring without these tests and lessons.
Easy or hard, we know what to do with these lemons.
Elorai Jan 26
I forgot what I was looking for,
was it money, love or some valuable ore?
I don’t even know what I want more,
to go home or to explore
the town, the forest, and the shore,
or maybe I could try the store?
Inside me is a raging war,
between the voices, everyone told me to ignore,
but I don’t know if I can do it any more.
They just get right into my core.
Did I lose my mind or-?
Was it my sense I wanted to restore?
In front of me a locked white door,
and I am lying on the cold white floor.
Sometimes I am visited by a lady, who I adore,
when she was here the last time she wore
a white cloak someone tore.
She says that my mind is sore.
But what matters to me is same as before –
will I ever find what I am looking for?
Tess M Nov 2020
is it this loss,
the loss of her
or is it something else

constantly eating, dreaming.
waiting, searching.

people seem to find that which they look.
I do not.

am I alone in my antsy
will my leg ever stop shaking,
my heart stop looking?
will I ever be satisfied?
Looking for you
What else can I do
My heart is still lost
But its paid the cost
Of trusting your cover
And until I discover
More pain to numb this
I'll hold on to fake bliss
Maria Mitea Oct 2020
~   using
our intelligence
to manipulate
people   ~
Kenneth Gray Oct 2020
Broken hearts a flailing,
Reaching out for something more.
Broken hearts a yearning,
For one whom to adore.

Who will it be?
Who is the one?
Who will reach the top,
When all is said and done?

It is not enough!
So much more is needed!
Is it even possible?
Is the human heart defeated?
Is the human spirit fading,
Whilst stumbling in the dark?
Where is our higher power?
Awaiting to light the spark?
Oh LORD wilt thou arise,
To be our haven and our tower?
Come forward LORD and rescue us,
Amongst our final hour!

Desperately searching hither,
Eager eyes search for THE LORD.
God, you are their tower!
Let their scanning, be not ignored!
God, you are their lighthouse.
May you be visible unto their eyes.
God, you are their haven.
Save this world before it dies!

Trust me - I know this world seems putrid,
False veils forced over eyes.
Faith and hope are gobbled up,
seemingly, before one even tries.
There's one akin to mysteries,
There's one that sees the light,
I know THE LIGHT is covered up,
In never-ending night.

I am here to tell you
Take cheer - tho' you be weak,
Blessed are the poor in spirit,
Blessed are the meek!
Knock, my friend, and you shall find,
The ONE whom we all seek!

Fret no more my friends, relax!
There's no more need for flailing!
The GOOD LORD touches hearts,
HE is the one prevailing!

With hearts so full, so full of life,
There's no more need for yearning!
He is the one whom we'll adore,
This fact you'll soon be learning!
Everything going on with the 2020 election was bothering me. I was feeling like people were looking for answers in the wrong place. As if people thought the president was the one. I just felt like people should be looking to God instead. So that idea led me to right this poem.
Rosie Toes Oct 2020
everywhere i go
"i want to be anywhere but here"
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