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Poetic T Jun 2020
I never gave up the stars,
         hiding within your eyes...

And you shone more than anyone...

Guiding me from every nightfall
                    to the  breaching of
illumination scaring the land..

You are my falling star,
    Who I'll catch every time.
Sylph Jan 2020
They keep telling me
To open my eyes
To the world
To Reality
The cliff I will be dropped from
The monster lurking in the darkness below
ready to swallow me whole

I will never live that life
I wont be pushed off that cliff
I cant say I will be prepared though either

This life though
Its mine
The world is simply what I want it to be
My reality will be A lot of what this world isnt

My reality love isnt free
but it doesnt cost pain, Only time
My reality theres no such thing as a bad person
Only someone who makes bad choices
My reality the cats talk
My reality stars tell you stories and the wind kisses your nose

My reality
My thoughts
My wonders
They may seem childish
But whos to say its wrong?
I wont be a mindless slave to the world I will soon be left in, If im stuck here why shouldnt I make the best of it?
Michael H Aug 2019
I 'm a pendulum.
Swinging in and out of the light,
Wanting to come out of this mood, to smile.

In the dark now,
Heading in and getting darker,
Helpless but to stroke another depressing second.

About to strike now,
I know I'll turn back soon,
I can feel the soft light on my back assuring me.

I have turned,
Finally light is on my face,
Those frightening thoughts seem to wash away.

I burst into the light,
I know it won't last forever,
The darkness behind relentlessly tugging at my mind.
Purab Dec 2015
Underneath a ebony sky,
Sitting at the foot of a tree.
Magnetic depths of the night,
Draws me in.
Eyes glued to a moonless sky.
In this mournful sadness,
A darkness seeps,
Through my cracked heart.
In my veins,
flows a tar of chaos.
Painful tears,
tracing through,
the contours of my face,
The scenario so far!
Bleeding in utter silence!

— The End —