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Olivia Lake Jan 12
The curls are cut and gone
The past falls away
Swept up with a broom

Pent up in my room
Slowly changing
Long hair
And short sleeves
To sweatshirts

A beanie to cover up
The dread I feel
Looking in the mirror
I hope to see change
But I don't know what of

This is my dysphoria
I might make this into a song... well see
My boyfriend is wanting more than I can handle.
He thinks that I am wanting to marry him and I really do not want to.
I feel uncomfortable about this relationship.
I have got threats if I broke up with him.
They threaten to kick my *** And beat the crap out of me.
What do I do?
I don't feel comfortable with him in my space.
He constantly keeps grabbing my **** and slapping my **** and touching me everywhere and I don't like it.
I tell him to stop and then he does it again.
I can't handle it. what do I do?
Minyeon Oct 2020
I heard your cries
As I saw those scars
Many things can't be undone
But still, why are we numb?
How deep does it go
The dull blades in your pockets
Will we see how colors flow?
Just don't forget to lock it
Your heart I meant
SA Szumloz Jul 2020
Uneaten pancake
Left to sit on the counter
I am just like that.
I love my girlfriends. But I feel like such an outsider, sometimes.
ghost man Jun 2020
hi, seven-years-my-senior.

you say "i don't know why i flirt so openly with you"
nor do i. but i blush anyways.

we talk two times. i don't want to be with you. i know that. so why does my heart accelerate? why do i show symptoms of a care that i cannot hold?

you say "if we keep talking, i just want you to know that i'm desperately single"

you say "well, i do like people on their knees for me"

i'm disgusted. why do i entertain this, still?

my heart beats fast, try as i might to get it to stop beating altogether. if this is a polygraph test, i am failing.

i do not know you. i repeat this to myself because it's important to do so.

i will not fall victim to the excitement of being wanted.
i do not know you.
i will not fall victim to the excitement of being wanted.

"you're so fun! are you able to call?"

i do not know you.
ehhhhhh it's odd, now that i'm a legal adult, that adults flirt with me. what's going ON
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
Feeling insecure?
That’s no reason to gossip about the others and be rude
Feeling two-faced?
That’s no reason to blame others and be rude
Have no self-respect?
That’s no reason to disrespect others and be rude
Have crippling self-doubt?
That’s no reason to doubt others and be rude

Rude to yourself?
That’s no reason to be rude to the others
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
I’ve always wondered what your intention was
You see, the intention is what makes all the difference
I know now that you intended to trap me
To make me behave as you wish

You tried to learn about me so you could figure out how to control me
Your words that gave me hope, you said them to trap me
I don’t think you ever meant to stay loyal to your words
How is anyone supposed to trust you when your words mean nothing

You like to own things; you’ve shown me that
You are so proud of all the things you own
Do you understand that I am not a thing?
I am a conscious person

You are so used to control; it was like second nature for you to try and trap me

But you see,
You have no right to trap me, to control me, to have power over me

You have no right,
Because I am mine and mine alone
Do you understand?
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