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Hey I just wanted to let you know
I've had something on my mind lately
Can I trust you?
Will you understand?
They said it was a phase
Just a cloud in the night sky
I don't think it is
Should I talk to someone
You of all people
I think I should trust
But if you don't understand
I might turn into dust
I just took a quiz
It made me feel akward
To mark down one opposed to the other
I want to be the other thing
Please don't hesitate to ask
If I'm feeling okay
Because the answer is no
I'm a perfect disarray
Just draken my eyes
Slap some blood on my lips
She might look a little different
She is the same inside
If you don't understand
It will ruin my life
madison 7d
i apologize
for all the things i never said anything
for all the times i didn't speak up
for all the times i let you make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin
for all the times i let you make me feel guilty
for all the times i let you get away it
for all the times i let you win
for all the times i let you make me cry at 2am

i apologize for never telling you
that you were ruining everything about me
that you made me hate myself
and that this hate continues to run through my veins
for you
and for me
and everything that slipped through the cracks in between
as you broke me
you were known for having no empathy
The back of my eyes feel wet,
And the hot-cocoa after sledding,
Warmth in my chest wouldn't go away,
My head feels magnetized to my stomach,
With my nose pulling my head downward.

My hair irritates my skull,
As the clammy underside of my skin,
Grips who i am,
My very essence,
In a fishy death hold that refuses to,
Let me transcend those feet,
And feel the warm,
And magenta crimson skyline,
Of a distant plane.
Seanathon Feb 3
Disconnected from the comfort
But not the truth indefinitely
You see
All about how it works and is
But you cannot see yourself at work in it
The January Lasts

A perspective
wren Jan 28
please don’t grab onto my arm
you know i don’t like leading

it’s far too scary, being in charge but
we both know i wont tell you i’m unhappy

wanting you to hold me is so hard
when i feel like everyone thinks im disgusting  

but forcing myself to only cater only to you
feels even more nauseating
please just let me be the ******* sub we both know i am
Maddie M Jan 24
scars on her body.
skin isn't clear,
stretch marks,
roaming eyes, they peer,
it's not perfect.
still, she covers up,
layers of clothes,
to hide away the imperfections
that many other girls
show off in mid-sections.

black veils
black everything,
so they won't know.
years of years of self inflicted damage
don't worry sweetie cover it up with a bow.
As a women, learning to value, care, and love yourself, is a must!
Sarah Jan 18
when things seem too good to be true
life screams, "don't get too comfortable," at me
it echoes
i'm reminded again and again
an endless loop
you can never get too comfortable.
the screams of life get quieter here and there
but they're always there
reminding you when you need to hear it,
"don't get too comfortable."
Eric Jan 12
You'd think I'd learn from turning off all my lights.
Nathalie Jan 12
She wears as genuine smile
that people don't always
quite undertand

Sometimes it even makes
them wonder or rattles
them rather uncomfortable

She on the other hand
is perplexed by why others
don't see the world in colour

Frowning at the beauty
that is also theirs to

The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
I hate holding hands
It makes zero sense to me
It's sweaty
Just useless
Or at least that's what i believed in

Until you held mine
It's weird
It felt different
I liked it
I wasn't uncomfortable
Just cozy
I felt warm

You're different
Warm different
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