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Invisible Sep 16
I feel like peeling off my skin.
I can't seem to shake off the tension
In my shoulders,
My neck,
My hands.
So why not just take it all off?
Shed a layer of my skin,
Become someone new.
Maybe then I'll be comfortable again.
I'm probably just tired.
Zoe Grace Jul 27
Both legs under the covers
Nope, it's too hot.

Neither leg under the covers
Nope, it's too cold

One leg out of the covers and hanging over the side of the bed
But the demon
In the shadows hiding,
Will get you
And pull you under
And eat you
Eric Jul 8
This pain in my chest is frightening.
The strain of arrest tightening.
I can feel deep down inside of me .
Openly discovering .
Natural habits I couldn't see .
What does it take to believe?
In the light ,
Before the darkness is only perceived.
Clouds of hate with rains that come with a fee.
Every day the spitting image of blasphemy.
It's likely ,
I've gaven every part of me .
Nothing left but a empty blue sea .
Not a boat in sight to save me .
I try so hard to stay afloat of all my dreams.
But soon to be dragged down to the depths
Underneath what is known as our society.
Alison Jun 28
I’ve always been told to be myself
To be honest
To be real.
But no one seems to be ready for the real me.
I open my body up and my secrets come pouring out like bats from a cave racing towards the light.
But they turn to dust as you look upon them.
You tell me,
That was too much,
Hold back
You’re being too open
Too honest
Too raw.
You’re scaring people away.
They don’t like you being too vulnerable.
It’s weird, and uncomfortable.
But how can I be both?
How can I be both open and closed?
Enough, but not too much?
I only know love on one setting.
I don’t do things halfway.
Within this constriction
We define perfection

Perfection is subjection
Subjective is perfection

Dangerous is the definition
Disheartening is the caused segregation

Segregation then leads to dehumanization
Dehumanization brings a solution

A final solution

All from the definition
Of perfection
Of attraction

How beauty is the chaperon
For destruction

Is a cyclic maceration
Of the human condition

How repugnant and inane

Future and past is inundated by a dismal shroud

To be perfect is to accept those who possess your idea of imperfection

Stay open minded, avoid apathy, seek the uncomfortable

Let’s break the cycle
Eleanor Mar 28
Let me start from the beginning

It is an awful feeling to have to plug your ears and drown out the ocean of noises choking you to have a good meal.

When I say that I can't stand it when I hear you eat
What I really mean is that when you drink
I imagine slugs slopping their way down your gullet
And the sigh of refreshment means the acid has successfully shriveled them to death

The sound of carrots being pulzerized is akin to bones
Every time it is a cacaphony of dinner knives screeching against ribs
It may sound silly but when the saliva transfers with the gum you insist on smacking
Every ounce of fluid in my body wishes it could jump through my skin to the floor

I can't ask you to quit swallowing food
Though every drop that doesn't make it down
Is a reminder that humans are animals
Consuming flesh and constructed chemicals

No, I know you won't take me seriously
But spoons and knives are toys of the glutton
And poison to the one that shed tears
When they hear the dinner bell ring
I just ate dinner and I hate this so much
mal frost Mar 22
cooking me up

hal­ogen light pours out and fills the room
drowning me in incandescent heat
turn it off!
01100100 01111001 01110011 01110000 01101000 01101111 01110010 01101001 01100011
julianna Mar 2
shifty bones under skin,
wires rubbing against it
blood pumping, flowing,
eyes heavy and weak
mind sending hormones
to send electric messages
all blurring together to
form uncomfortable existence
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