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SoVi Dec 2021
I walk down this unknown road
But I am not afraid
Of the dark or silence that follows
So I keep walking forward
Arms swinging by my side.

With my head turned
Turned up towards the sky
As I welcome the sun's rays
And the rain that falls
Bathing me in its life.

I've traveled far and wide
But never by myself
This is a new experience
It's a little bit scary and new
But I am not afraid.

The stars twinkle brightly
I remember your eyes
Reflecting back on the memories
Happiness and sadness
I'll hold them in my heart.

Whistling the songs
That you sang during dawn
As we eat breakfast and laughed
Such vivid noises and sights
That I will dream as I travel.

I know this may seem unexpected
But I need to leave the past
So don't be afraid
This is not a goodbye forever
I promise I'll see you later.

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
Inspired by Wo Qui Non Coin in episode 24 of Cowboy Bebop (
Barren Woman,
You are no Woman!
For what is Woman without her seed!

To carry, grow and breed mans leech.
A walking incubator, our bodies shaped
To case the seed, that’s all they see.

They worship the curves, the wide hips,
Thigh girth, the bearing breast defines our worth.
Drooling they leer, wishing to **** it up and gulp it in.

Latching on as though we are any mans mother,
To coddle, cradle and satisfy until
The curled foetus crawls out of the womb crying,

Stands up and stretches into the shape of a man,
And calls us weak
                     And says stay in your place, woman.
neth jones Nov 2021

i pull on the day brightly
mine it at the maternal sources
        and form a radiant :                    
               a bloom from within fledgling elements

illuminant grenades                          
             and the sky is peppered with characters
it's a wild play of childness              
an old world whimsy        
of 'here be monsters'    
            and shiny scrapbook havoc

the compass steps in              
       and with the turn of the globe
                          scores the horizon
clouds and the aviators          
         are combed into the soft crust
     a spiral quilting                          
       to cover the gift of a dream
      given by one thirsty visitor
   who stole it lightly
     from the prism
   of another travelling dreamer

God knows what'll grow
        if there's a pillow fight
a deranged rain of innovation
perhaps some fiddly creation
will fast take over this world
         and it's lover other

with the sky allied and fraudulent
we can host an early night
the stars (in strand)
prattle the ocular sense frontier
all constellations are like a single ribbon eel
never quite nourishing
             upon its own thoughtless loop

a corduroy display
JA Perkins Aug 2021
I spewed fire at you..
then I blamed
you for the flames..
It's crazy how
people hurt so much
from playing these
foolish games.

There's more to life
than loneliness -
more to love
than who you've lost..
There's more to hope
than disappointment
because a blurry line's
been crossed.

Your lip quivering
in anger,
Depression clouding
up your skies
until the tears come
pouring down
from all the pressure
in your mind..

I spewed fire
at you.. then you
all my flames.
Its crazy how
people hurt so much
from playing these
childish games..
I'm so sorry..
stillhuman Aug 2021
My shadow is kind
blurry at times
and darker some nights
But she hums so sweet
and one time she said this

"Make a wish
on that shining star
It is pacing the sky
passing the time
endeared by your kind"

And I did try
for my cry to reach that high
of what I couldn't wish for
in one starless night

I looked up to the star bright
admired it shine with my eyes
open wide as I smiled
and I wished for that childish delight
to never leave my side
as it didn't that night
So that I could still fight
when the scorching sun would be high
and the feathers of my wings
would feel light
Make a wish on that shining star
Make it true, make it shine
I can't help it
If I make mistakes while commenting
People shouldn't be selfish
I suffer from arthritis in my hands
They have swollen up like balloons
I am Human after all
Stop putting me down
Look at your own short comings
Before you make  harsh judgements .
Man Jan 2021
i could pour my heart out to you
but what would it do,
knowing how callous everyone is

i could tell you how i linger on each word you say
or staring too long because i love seeing you
but what would it do

letting you know that when we speak
i get butterflies
and my nerves are overworked

but what would it do

to know how i really think of you
when you don't care to ask
what's the point
stillhuman Dec 2020
burning is
that world
that we were once
dreaming of
Isabella Dec 2020
Once upon a time
I believed in love
In fate and blessings
From the angels above
I believed in kisses
In long talks forever
In two happy lovers
Never to sever
I believed I'd find you
I hoped for what I'd seen
On pages of stories
And dancing on the screen
Once upon a time
I believed in us
But fairytales deceived me
As dreams withered to dust
Eola Nov 2020
Hey! You there!
The one with the big ideas and dreams
Why are you slumping along
The society's current ideals?

Why are you not expressing
The creativity bestowed to you by your childhood?
And instead trying to reach
The ideal adult's falsehood?
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