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Neha Sharma Aug 19
Vo ek mahine phle se birthday ki excitement is saal thodi kam thi
Birthday ke din bhi birthday bali feeling thodi kam thi.
Ab mai shayad childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Har saal ki tarah is saal mom dad se kisi mehenge se gift ki zid nhi ki thi.
Unke dil se diye aashirwaad ki khushi hi bahut thi.
Ab mai shayad childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Bachpana jane mai vaqt thoda jyada lag gya.
Jimmedariya samjhne mai vaqt thoda jyada lag gya.
16 saal ki ** gayi thi, thodi badi ** gayi thi.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Ghar ki problems samjhne lagi thi.
Ab thoda hi sahi magar sahi aur galat mai pehchan ne lagi thi.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Jo phle papa ke paise dosto ke sath udaya karti thi.
Aaj papa ke sapne pura karna chahti hu.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured hoti ja rhi hu.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured hona chahti hu......

~your smiling queen :)
My 16th birthday!!
chitragupta Jul 23
I remember walking back from school
the tenner for the bus ride in my pocket
There would be a row over why I had taken so long
But I'd gulp the sondesh down, and it'd be forgotten

The grey haired proprietor of the sweetmeat store
wore a perennial smile on his face
And sometimes I wondered if he had ever been sad
How could he with those sweets on his silver trays?

I learned to grasp the concept of gravity
when a piece of sweetmeat went down my throat
And then a lesson on quick mathematics
when the shopkeeper stretched his palm for what I owed

But sadly the chemistry book had no formula for me
to turn sugar and milk to that special treat
The report card was skewed, and the scolding that ensued
Was only remediated by my favourite sweet
Throwback to college days when I used to miss home :(

My love for sweets hasn't faded all this time
I'll just cross my fingers and hope you like this rhyme
Sally McLue ate some glue,
and went to the doctors because her insides were sticky.
But the doctors said there was nothing they could do,
so her insides stayed icky.
Now Sally McLue never eats glue,
and she's more picky.
It's THROWBACK THURSDAY! I mean it's actually Monday but I'd forget to post this by Thursday. Anyways, I wrote this in grade 6, I guess I've always been into poetry, even if it was super dumb. Moral of the story: don't eat glue.
H A Vitatoe Jun 13
I still believe
You're the best
I wish
I was
Not so
So much
My actions
I regret

I hope you know
Not one

Nothing less
Five stars
From The Collection "A Work Of Art"
Jonathan May 19
I told her I loved thee,
as much as she could see.
She thought I was sweet,
I told her she'd meet,
the happiest side of me!
JA Perkins May 15
What I wanted to say
remains confined inside
a bitter heart broken
by what could've been -
held captive by a mere
mention of the weather.

There was no good ending.
No "happily ever after".
No redemption in our story.
We were just a childish love
driven by infatuation.

What we called "love" was
carried away by the
butterflies in our bellies.
What we called our "future"
has faded with all the
pleasant memories of us-
And now it's like it never
happened.. it was all
fabricated and fantasized
like the words I wanted to say.
For lack.of a better explanation
Ickabobroe May 14
I want to be happy again
I guess I’ll just hide behind
My cold eyes
And empty smiles
Looking at you
Under the guise
Of childish hopes
And broken promises
Wow this poem looks like Minnesota
AestheticAbi May 6
I shared with you
what made me so blue
the feelings that seep
from my heart and make me weep

(your feelings)
is caring
and because I care
I share
the fact

I Love You

(sorta ig but tbh idek what love is)
for some reason this is by far my favorite poem
Sonya Feb 21
I want to not be me
I'm a boring girl you see
So put me in the world of fantasy
A girl with better hair
A maiden true and fair
Who caught her hero in a love affair
Perhaps an edgy girl
Who hates the whole **** world
A badass princess of the underworld
By putting on a mask
I'm put up to the task
Of becoming whoever they may ask
So uncanny and strange
So quick to simply change
Yet pretending to be perfect all the same
I wish to be perfect
No matter the effect
And my reality I do reject
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