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Peter Gareth Jun 10
Boys will always be boys
So you’re allowed to be a creep
Treat women as your toys
Don’t let anyone see you weep

Man up, pick some fights
There’s nothing as get a kid hit
Bully away someone’s light
Do that and I promise you’ll fit

Just be cool, society got your back
As long as you paint your soul in black
And never forget to wear your mask
Inspired by my own sick childhood and the doccumentary "The Mask you Live in", which a very dear friend recommended.
You were never there.

And you never tried.

You had a chance,
but you stepped aside.

You never read me
or kissed me

You never took me camping,
or even for a bike ride.

Now I'm a big girl,
and you can't buy me toys.

But that's ok,
cuz you never did in the first place,
though you had the choice.
Spend time with your loved ones while you still can.
Jules AA Apr 4
the faeries play
around ancient oaks
on the mushrooms and
little toy bridges
hidden in the bramble.
dancing drunk
in the late afternoon sun,
they sing but no one hears.
plastic can’t speak, after all.
and puzzling
part of
tonight is
laid with
clean thought
and forthright
some they
aren't really
lies that
tell me
notebooks leer
peers in
jeers much
darker than
classroom strand
with tardy
replies hoy!?
Arcassin B Jan 24
By Arcassin Burnham

These people just keep finding reasons.
Anything to be inspired to be petty,
I could get there with you , let me know if you're ready,
Treading lightly but we slow up steady,
I will not fall for the powers that carry,
Ignorance in this wicked world happily buried,
Time is wasting.
And I will not waste it on you,
or any girl or any female that think it's cute put a man
In the weak spot,
A lot of ****** and ******* yeah we got alot,
With no common ground but leave you on dots,
I got to honest here , sometimes they like to ruin your
And with only name like mine, not hard to pinpoint
my range.

So all over I'm in enemy territory ,until I leave the state,
I got so many people that hate me, don't know if imma
die anyday.

To the full the void,
Not play with toys,
To be a man,
And not a boy,
This world is cruel, not for the weak,
But the people love to destroy.
HTR Stevens Jan 9
Under the Christmas tree
Are toys for you and me:
First we have our personal phones;
Now, we can each have our own drones…
They fly high – they fly low –
Hovering to and fro.
Like eerie will-o’-the-wisp they fly…
Appearing like dust specks in the sky…
They fly high…they fly low…
We can’t see where they go…
Suddenly here! Silently there!
Like ghosts, they show up everywhere!
Like aliens, out of a nightmare –
Disappearing, ev’n as we stare…
Under the Christmas tree
Are drones for you and me…
I declared myself dependent
on patience you
took it personally
as if I compare you to the rest
of them breakers
sustaining it's not
your case here you are
after tasting me
throwing me toys and saying
I should play with
those instead words
are for grown-ups
- yet you make mosaics out of sapphire hearts
When you fall out of love for me
I hope to remain
A lingering presence
In the pages of your life
I hope to be reserved
As a chapter in your memories
Even if it is one
You'll always skim by
Or one you may never read again
I hope you'll reminisce
Your time with me
Even when you forget who I am
Because I'll never forget
How you held my hand each night
And took me wherever you went
When you fall out of love for me
And maybe find someone new
In the end, my heart is content
And I'll always be here for you
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