WNG 4d

Alien to the things I see,
I have no intention to glance,
Through their lenses,
Alternative perceptions cannot clout
What I wish to seek.

Earth a planet in the stars
Martians maybe so also r
But looking up where from like Earthlings
Lots of lights a ufo comes, aliens???

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Grace Jordan Apr 5

My feelings on the world are a complex dichotomy. If I could control the world, my rule would be to control nothing. To give freedom and agency to everyone and let every culture and kind shine as they do and fuck superiority and focus on growth, not domination.

But, not all people aren't as communally minded as that. And though in theory I could change the rules, I can't change people.

In its own way, that's beautiful. The visceral strength and resiliency of humanity fascinates me, with the chaotic undertones that lie beneath every eye. I love the spectrum of pain and brilliance it brings. But it also makes a utopian world of understanding and lack of control impossible to keep people safe; because never will there be a human race that doesn't at least have some people craving absolute control.

I think this dichotomy within myself parallels my standing with humanity very well. There is something on most every end I can find fascinating: free will, selflessness, unpredictability, tenacity. But also I can never seem to be pleased with how humanity could be but never amount to.

Not that it gives me much trouble. I've always kept humanity at an arm's length, choosing books and stories over the flesh-bags in front of my face. The only thing I ever struggled with was not being normal with my human relationships, and trying to make my methods match.

My methods won't match because I might as well be an alien for all I care about directly interacting with humanity.

Yet, I love humanity, in a way. I could write about human transcendence and growth until I die. I am madly in love with human potential. But I don't love humans. I don't love a species that muscle arms its way into dominance and can be arrogant and small-minded. After all we've managed to accomplish, and we're still start wars over skin color and scapegoating? Its laughable, in a way.

I suppose I look at humanity as if I was an alien scientist. I have no way of measuring things or conducting research because I'm foreign, but I can see the greatness in their eyes and am floored by it. Yet I also see the violence in their eyes and am repelled by it. The most tragic, push and pull love of my life has been for this species.

I've learned lately I'm okay with being alien. But its strange to find a foothold in a world where I feel constantly at odds and different.

But I like strange, so I think its what works best.

Between humanity and me, things are complicated. Things are wonderful and painful and all worth the while in its own, fucked way. I suppose all I have is my words and I'll share them, and humanity can listen if it will. I hope it will. I hope it can help people who feel like aliens too, and maybe then being an alien and a human can be easier.

But for those things, we'll just have to see.

you mustn't be so impatient my child
our time will come
you know the numbers are limited
we will be leaving soon
I promise you
and the adventure that awaits us
will be beyond our imagination
we will be kings
and they will love us
because we are what they strive to be
but it cannot be rushed
we must move slowly
they will not even realize that we have saved them
and in a thousand years
it will be all ours
as their species fades to relics
now come inside after the earth sets
and just remember
we shall be there
before the next eclipse

an ET fable
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 31

They are green little
Guys some are females
And some are males
They come in peace
And will not hurt us
That what alien movie
Teach us that they come
In peace but I know alien
Are not real but I let to
Imagine if alien was real
Will they be nice or mean
In your imagination that be
Nice or mean it to you if they
Nice or mean because anything
Can happen in your imagination
That you what do happen in your
© Amanda Kay Hill

There's an 'otherness'
Reflecting back in her eyes
That's not of this world

Haiku #26, 1/27/17
Temporal Fugue Jan 11

Planetary landings, not always that great
picking up a monster, no, not as freight

Not sure if it was breakfast, maybe it was brunch
Kane didn't like the grub, his gut the creature lunch

As it silently slides, through all the duct work
hard for them to tell, if it has a toothy smirk

Slinking in the halls, taking a stealthy walk
a sneaky little git, drooling as it stalks

The robot tried to kill our heroine, with delinquent porn
corporation ditched them, shares to be forsworn

Ash headless, finally spilling all the beans
weapons and research, by any way, any means

No hope of rescue, so far out in deep space
Captain Dallas missing, gone without a trace

Ripley oozing tension, trying to escape
crew is dead, or absent, or in an unknown state

Thank engineers and builders, for airlocks on the ship
blasted from the hatch, deported, on it's illegal Alien trip

Hehe, different kind of illegal work!
If you've never seen "Alien" this is prolly very confusing :D
Jordan LC Murphy Dec 2016

Truthfully, you have hollowed out my heart. I have nothing left to give you. Numb to your love, my nerves discarded all feel for you. Feeling like a ice shard the second it hits the floor, a billion unfixable pieces from my one broken heart. Broken from the start I only wished I could have fixed you, alienated all my love clouded in mental issues.
Detrimental to your self, its like you've hit the self destruct. Destructions like your friend now you've totally fucked it up! Friends have turned to strangers, estranged by your madness, you used to be the greatest and I guess that's what makes it the saddest.

It was a clear night, so I started floating.
Well, it seemed like the right thing to do.
The glaring light was comforting,
think I've been drinking again.
That is until the shadows came
and ripped the flesh from my bones
again and again,
like toddlers taking apart a jigsaw,
curious and destructive.

And I jumped from my chair in a cold panic.

It was an ungodly hour.
Some eccentric was discussing crop circles.

I shut everything off and stared down the hall.
I tasted metallic.
In time, the bedroom door shut.

This is why I usually don't sleep
with the TV on,
I thought, rubbing my arms under the covers
assuring myself that it was only a

© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015, 2016

Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

If aliens were real
and came down from outer-space
picking me up at sunset
from my car, or place

I'd try to be so polite
and chauffeur them the globe
while stressing emphatically
ain't gonna be an anal probe

We could go to diner
go dancing, under strobes
let me stress right now there Yoda
ain't gonna be an anal probe

They may argue all they want
but they're still xenophobes
and unless they all look, just like Taylor Swift
ain't gonna be an anal probe

Sorry, just went anal there for a moment :D
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