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Anastasia Oct 8
I am walking around in an alien skin.
A body that is not mine.

And yet I am compelled to believe
that I belong in this skin.
I cannot imagine being anyone else.

Do I want attention?
Or do I want a new identity?
Or is the alien beneath this skin,
and this body is mine?
I'll leave the meaning of this one vague
Brian Turner Oct 6
My wife wants me to stop speaking with an Alien tongue
I picked it up whilst sleeping and now use it for fun
A frequent burst of sounds at speed
Enough for human ears to bleed

Burr boopty book, burr boopty boop
Ahta batta batta ba
Ahta batta batta ba
Ahta batta batta ba

I'm communicating with them now
I'm through to their leader Emperor Mow
His tone is full of rage
He doesn't know I'm a man of middle age.

If you start speaking alien to your spouse
And rambling in the middle of the house
Please keep the conversation glee
As we don't need World War 3
I enjoy speaking in alien tongue, please don't stop me :) Ahta batter batta ba is based on the theme tune of the movie "Raiders of the lost Ark'. How's that for a mind warp?
I wait for this weird blue box to land on my yard,
piloted by an alien who invites me to travel far

because I feel so lonely and depressed on Earth
that I make dreams out of my scars
doctor who is my favorite tv show and it just gives me so much happiness, oh I really wish I could travel far with the doctor to see beautiful things and live great adventures
Brian Turner Oct 2
Today an alien came to my door
He asked why I didn't answer before?
I asked which planet was he from?
He said it was something to do with his Mom

She passed and now was up in ths sky
No reason, the other aliens let her die
I said there was nothing to do
Perhaps he could ask for shelter at the zoo?

He said I know that your kind can be good
Is there any way I could spare some food?
I said that English cuisine might not be to his palette
He said that it was probably better than on his planet

Could you not go back to the ship?
He said no, this is the end of the trip
Can't you fly back into the sky?
If I leave I will die

Which planet are you from?
He said with
I choked again..
His name is ...Ben

So, if an alien knocks at your door
Please help him to get some more
Don't assume what you see
Is something ex-planetary
Don't assume that someone comes to your door is an alien from another planet they may need your help.
bella nena Sep 1
oh, how much hope i had
entering a world that is mad
hoping there's time to fix this,
created by human existence.
i am an alien
not claiming to be one of them
the stars aren't aligning,
the smoke is rapidly rising
oh, how much hope i had
The world isn't as utopian as we imagine. So many problems we are facing, as our life is ticking. We got to make a change now, or else the future generations would react as aliens to our "home".

We were martians storming the great planet Earth
Blasting and firing people into space, into oblivion
The sun and moon was wrapped around our finger
The stars bowed down to us like humble servants
Now, our rocket ship has taken off without us
And we're left to die here with barren hearts
No blood to pour, no tears to shed
Just hollow, alien creatures
With nothing to give.

The more you age, the more you realize that love is the reason to live. Not money, not fame. Love. At least that's what I believe.
Prossnip42 Aug 1
Our tendrils have parted the cracks in the stars
as we slip through the space in-between
Cacophony echoes through the dark of the sky
and the air starts to split at the seams
The hunger is growing as the swarm is amassed
we're compelled to the prey we've caught

We are a sea of gnashing jaws and slashing claws
We are conclusion, we are the maw!
You are the chosen, gathered livestock
Marching solemnly to the gates of the slaughter inside out walls
The stillness feels like death
But movement isn't life either
I'm getting bored again
But moving around isn't the answer

I'd rather move inward
Make a temple in my heart
That only I can build or destroy

For I know why I move.
To feel home in places
Alien to humanity
A temple in my heart..
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