A glowing tide,
Cerulean and cornflower,
Emitting bright ethereal light,
Lapping sandy shorelines,
Crashing and slowly flowing,
Filling the night with an otherworldly glow,
Of some alien place.

UFOs and alien dreams
They stood around me as I screamed
They shone a light into my face
And declared ME from outer space
Cos Lib Jul 29
My breath is quite intense and raw, I shout, I scream; Alèe!
This was not how it was supposed to go, my Dear Alèe!
Oh God, what dreadful, vile disaster!
My one and Only; Dearest Master!
Lying there with eyes all clear
but pale, these dark membranes
do no more reflect those thoughts
of wisdom once conveyed.

What now, what now, what now?! I scream: what more is now to come?
all of the things we fought for – in a blink of eye is gone!
Oh God, he’s lifeless, Dearest Master!
Our work is silenced – vile disaster!  
All we worked for, all we did
for Earth, for our future worth
this was answers for us all
but now it lies in dirt.

Alèe! Alèe! My Dear Alèe! I shout, I scream, I cry:
How could they break their saviour’s jar! I sob, I weep, I wry.
My Dearest Master! Dearest Soul Friend!
How could this day be our tragic end!
While humans dance for freedom
a broken heart remarks
they’ve only ruined for themselves!
They’ve killed their inner sparks!
Ollie Jul 23
I don’t think I was meant to be a human
I think I was probably supposed to stay a soul for the rest of the time I was around them
I was a hiccup where the universe gave me one too many lives and one too many chances to fix it
I don’t know what mistakes I made in my past life
I don’t know how I was just born knowing that there’s something more for me out there and the way I get there is kindness
Kindness is one shot and it’s one of the strongest but mixed with a willingness to fight back it could kill a lesser man
Am I lesser
I say no as my hands shake with fear and emotion
Am I greater
I say no as I lift up the mountains so my sister does not crawl into them as she as learning to walk
I want to tell her a story
About an alien from outer space
Who stumbled upon the earth though they didn’t know who they were
An alien who lifted mountains without meaning to and knew the story of its own life
Once upon a time the alien met humans
And a boy who changed its life
With tangled black hair and a body covered in scars
The boy showed the alien, without really meaning to, how to love
Though the boy himself did not know how to love or the meaning of it
The alien did leave the boy eventually, I’ll admit when she’s older
I’ll admit the alien was a child playing pretend
Because people had always told them that they were made to do great things
And so the child believed that they could be an alien
Someday I hope I tell the girl that I’m made of just stories that I want to tell her about her grandmother
And how she meant the world to me by the time she was a month old
I hope someday she learns that I learned something new
And how the boy taught me how to love but the little girl made of the same father and a lactose intolerance taught me what I could do with it
How the child is learning
Maybe one day I will show the girl this
And she’ll never understand really
But I hope she knows I already love her more than words are capable of expressing
How I felt seeing her is an emotion I have described below
Where you breathe out as slowly as you can because you are terrified you may choke on your own amazement if you’re not careful
The youngest of nine siblings born a fateful two months ago
Already made of everything I wish I could see in myself
And I finally understand the answer to the question I’ve been asking myself
My little ace of hearts, the answer is love
Alienpoet Jul 22
Always been weird
always been feared
Difference is a reference
For hating what you don’t understand
I don’t wish to be understood 
I am lone tree standing against the wind 
I don’t wish to be uprooted

or muted by the silence .
Unlike ink I cannot be diluted

in water tears shed

I am better off being alive not dead

but I have died many times in my own head

Always been a freak, a geek, unsaid untamed 

but I won’t be shamed

into being a sheep

Better to be a creep for my muse

this is life a choose
Wisdom given a voice

a choice to be that different

a reference for being special

a creature feature

a king of his alien nation
but I won’t be bored

I am a man of a sword

and I will strike you with many words
which hang in your stale air

despair all who hear

my words.
Alien, you remain a mystery to me.
You carve upon my retinas with your ideas,
your friendless habits abduct my days.
You phrase my nightmares and phase through
my eyelashes, lasting a dawn with nothing more than
gibbous eyelids, over-ambitious? No. My heart is not nutritious,
fixing this isn't by contributing to the addiction, inflicting
absence as a base to what I do; how I think. Why are
you always at the edge of when I
All feedback is welcome!!
So; I hope this poem isn't confusing.
Alien is meant to be a character I talk to; like my mystery.
I hope that makes sense.:)
I am an alien.
A being from another race.
You are not alone in the universe.
I've been sending signals toward your star cluster
For billions of years
Into the vacuum of space
With no response.
You are not alone in the universe.
There is so much possibility of knowledge.
A collection of words found among the pages of my 9th grade diary
Maxim Keyfman Jun 28
Around the strange world
The world is like a void
Like me only
He is like me

All around
What does not give an answer
But it gives a lot
More questions

Here it is the world
Here it is all
Strange world
Strange I

The world makes me think
That it does not make sense
Yes, maybe it is
Well, the denial of this truth

The world makes you think about
Completely false things
Which are alien to him
But agreement is not true

World strange world
Which leads me to a dead end
Which only gives a cry
Cry and howl

Diána Bósa Jun 21
I am like those SETI-scientists,
clinging on radiowaves;
noise-melodies from outer space,
questing after truth with huge telescopes
and scanning the visible light with satellites,
seeking desperately the limits of worlds apart,
searching for signs of intelligent life
in the desired-to-know universe.
Just to communicate with the extra-terrestrial;
to achieve certainty: there is someone out there,
someone, who is different, yet alike,
who is able to speak my thoughts
without knowing my language,
who still can easily translate my feelings
into the secret programcode of the universe.
An astral-traveler,
who can tame the waves of gravity,
someone, who is faster than the speed of light
and could eat the distance between us.
To be my interstellar compass;
my one and true guidance,
to help me explore this unfathomed life.
Someone, as David Bowie sang at once,
who is able to believe the strangest things,
who is able to love the alien.
Vexren4000 Jun 15
Gazing past the stars,
Not a shooting star,
Not a stationary star,
But something more,
Most people called foolhardy,
For gazing at the sky,
But not when they see the proof,
Flying before their eyes.

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