gold rimmed eyes and a galactic heartbeat
grape soda lungs and a tongue that's sweet
if only you had the tastebuds for charred hopes and dreams

then you'd be perfect for me

Gabriel burnS Jun 29

first contact scenario
close encounters of the third kind
well how many
kinds are there anyway

a peaceful delegation
or an alien invasion

because alien we are
under threat of war

your burning desires
my best intentions
a clash
of unspeakable dimensions

this is not a game
we are
one misinterpretation
from mutual annihilation

you’d better tread lightly
I know I will

They walk and stare and walk and stare
Like I am some alien, not meant to be there.
I ask for help, they smile and nod
And then they simply walk off.
Is it me I ask? Is it me?
Should this place me free
Of one so clearly of another breed?
No, surely not.
That can’t be right.

I ask again, I beg, I plead.
Yet one by one they ignore me
As if I were a rotten seed
Planted by a foreign hand.
It is me. It is me.
They want this place free
Of one so clearly of another breed.
Funny that.

I leave.
I return.
With warmth and smiles I am greeted.
Refinement it may lack
Without a doubt that’s a fact.
But at least it has its humanity intact.

By my son-Stephen Francis

we look the same
common, seeking to find what we have in common
feeling that I should try to see you as friend
we share so much
but is that real
feel there is so much difference
now seek to know there is a difference
lest we sink into relativism
the gulf between our minds so wide
not just generational logic
it is more
tension of belief
it is in the weave
the texture and makeup of thoughts
warp and weft manufactured by stranger forces than we can imagine
and now try to un-imagine
so that we are all normalised into the tapestry
we find ourselves placed
our fibres are made of different stuff
broken down into constituent parts
we are alien to each other
dare to agree with you
and the masks barely hide the truth
allegory lost


are we really the same? is there a common truth to humanity?

struggling to see that hope for humanity with the violence experienced in the name of religion - that which is core to making us the "higher order being" in this gift of life

Human, I am not your race
Here on Earth I have no place
Mine is world of moon and sun
Outside where the starlets run

Mind have I of different rank
Thoughts of mine to you are blank
Differently I see the sky
Than you whose mind cannot fly

Who am I to bear this curse
Not from mortal universe?
Why can you not understand
Dreams of mine that eons spanned?

Outsider though I may be
Everyday you speak to me
Think me strange, you never knew
I am human just like you

A personal story. I have autism and people treat me like an outsider...
Nylee Apr 30

Everyone dazed ,
Their beauty , their cut
I was fascinated
the people , the culture
it came as a storm

Time of misery ends
From history to present time,
The voice echoed back
The moon gives a smile
Spread its light

They say,
No dread , no threat
no violence
which I listen quietly , pondering    
Sometimes its better to stay silent

The earth is so generous ,
there is still place here for more
Within blue smoky air ,
They patiently
Makes you feel happy

Little things like
ten fingers and two hands
but not so same
but the things you can accept
and many other things

They're the best company
You know ,
as time ages everything

Half way through the sentence
My pen stops  ,
                      remains incomplete

This poetry is a reused poetry ,
each line is copied as it is from NPM poems .

I tried various combination
many small attempts , and this one was the longest as well as I could gather lines from almost all poems written for NPM  

I did not know what I was making , till the end

Hope you enjoy ...
WNG Apr 24

Alien to the things I see,
I have no intention to glance,
Through their lenses,
Alternative perceptions cannot clout
What I wish to seek.

Earth a planet in the stars
Martians maybe so also r
But looking up where from like Earthlings
Lots of lights a ufo comes, aliens???    my alien poetry site
Grace Jordan Apr 5

My feelings on the world are a complex dichotomy. If I could control the world, my rule would be to control nothing. To give freedom and agency to everyone and let every culture and kind shine as they do and fuck superiority and focus on growth, not domination.

But, not all people aren't as communally minded as that. And though in theory I could change the rules, I can't change people.

In its own way, that's beautiful. The visceral strength and resiliency of humanity fascinates me, with the chaotic undertones that lie beneath every eye. I love the spectrum of pain and brilliance it brings. But it also makes a utopian world of understanding and lack of control impossible to keep people safe; because never will there be a human race that doesn't at least have some people craving absolute control.

I think this dichotomy within myself parallels my standing with humanity very well. There is something on most every end I can find fascinating: free will, selflessness, unpredictability, tenacity. But also I can never seem to be pleased with how humanity could be but never amount to.

Not that it gives me much trouble. I've always kept humanity at an arm's length, choosing books and stories over the flesh-bags in front of my face. The only thing I ever struggled with was not being normal with my human relationships, and trying to make my methods match.

My methods won't match because I might as well be an alien for all I care about directly interacting with humanity.

Yet, I love humanity, in a way. I could write about human transcendence and growth until I die. I am madly in love with human potential. But I don't love humans. I don't love a species that muscle arms its way into dominance and can be arrogant and small-minded. After all we've managed to accomplish, and we're still start wars over skin color and scapegoating? Its laughable, in a way.

I suppose I look at humanity as if I was an alien scientist. I have no way of measuring things or conducting research because I'm foreign, but I can see the greatness in their eyes and am floored by it. Yet I also see the violence in their eyes and am repelled by it. The most tragic, push and pull love of my life has been for this species.

I've learned lately I'm okay with being alien. But its strange to find a foothold in a world where I feel constantly at odds and different.

But I like strange, so I think its what works best.

Between humanity and me, things are complicated. Things are wonderful and painful and all worth the while in its own, fucked way. I suppose all I have is my words and I'll share them, and humanity can listen if it will. I hope it will. I hope it can help people who feel like aliens too, and maybe then being an alien and a human can be easier.

But for those things, we'll just have to see.

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