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Sylph Nov 2019
He finally remembered the song
that song that called Persephone to his Cold sunless world
That spoke the words he couldn't say
The song of love

Hades remember?
That love you felt for Persephone
The feeling that the world was in your arms
All weight lifted from your shoulders
All there is and all there ever was
                                      ­                   Her
Inspired by Broadway HadesTown
Epic lll  - Reeve Carney, Hadestown original Broadway Company, Anais Mitchell

*Full soundtrack*:
And I am not alone,
I hear the walls repeating:
"I'm comming, wait for me."
But I never got out.
A poem every day.
I don't know how or why,

But who am I that I should get to              ~hold                        you?

All I've ever known is how to hold my own                                                  
But now I wanna hold you, too.                        

You hold me tight,

And there's                                                          ­                            
    s u n l i g h t                                        
All around me.

You make me forget how dark the world gets sometimes.

Promise me                                                               ­                                   

the                      w­ i n d                                      

Will never change on us

As long as we stay with eachother,                              


I love you
Orpheus has Eurydice.
And I ask you,
Will you be that for me?

Together, we can feel.
We don't have to be a myth,
It can be real.
I'd walk to Hadestown and back for you, mon amour.
Bleeding poetry fills the pages like ancient Rome was filled with wine.
The flowing words never make sense, but at least they're mine.
Every line the same lie- Im fine.
How long until this kindom will surrender?

Like the Vesuvius hidden in Pompeï.
Like a volcano hidden far away.
When the volcano erupts, will you stay?
And let me hold you strong and tender?

In this kingdom of fire, let me protect you.
I will hold you, through and through.
Call me your percecutor, that will do.
Will you let me be your defender?

This world is dark and full of fire- I see.
But it can be beautiful if we want it to be.
And as long as you will fight the world with me-
One day, we might comprehender.
Just a lil something I wrote while I was bored in class.
The grammar is a mess, but I do not give a frick.

— The End —