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nightdew Mar 7
there are voices in her mind,
constant echoes that bubble wildly,
telling her that she's not good enough.

it tricks her into thinking,
that maybe... just maybe,
she's really not good enough.

they tell her she's not suitable,
not for this not for that,
and she just happens to believe them.

as naive as she is,
she's quickly fooled,
for thinking she doesn't have the potential.  

but deep down,
passing the harsh reminders,
she really is good enough.
and if you think you're not enough,
baby, you are, you always were.
RaeAnn Mar 3
You were an architect
Who built sturdy walls around me,
And hung up perfect pictures...
Ones I mistook for truth.

Had I been less content,
In this dollhouse you created,
I would have seen the one next door...
The one you built for her.
isabella Feb 19
a young untouched soul, who never felt the softness of anothers lips.
still in high virtue.
yearning for the attention of another.
she fell into the trap of falsehood.
following a figure into the darkness of the small facility.
taken to the back where it was just two broken souls in one.
older than she, his easy manipulation created and everlasting hold on her.
"just one kiss."
that one kiss.
something so simple turned into something so scary.
a young broken soul, only to break more.
seeing such a warm heart in state of melancholy.
easy to take hold of and easy to abuse.
you hurt her.
your disgusting ways with the younger, broken girls.
making them feel wanted in every way.
just to make them feel less wanted.
never wanting to be touched again.
forever sore to affection.
building barriers so no man will ever touch her again.
never to know what true love is.
i was naive.
Eden Quinn Feb 17
You came from the surface
and you managed to get so deep
that you could hurt me.
just like a paper cut

Being naive
even though you´ve got hurt
many times,
luc Feb 6
Endangered like a beating heart
Emotions stir my vulnerable heart
Why, oh, why, my heart,
have you fallen in love from the start?
My arms are open
Like my mind

My love is receiving
Like my heart is empty

I am as critical
As I am in search of a pinnacle

Yet I do not chase my quarry

I seem to think she will just fall unto my midst

How lazy
How repugnant
How laughable


I preach of self reflection

But caught between two mirrors of my own hypocrisy

My vileness reflects back to me.

Blinded by my selfish **** for connection with one not of my disposition

I miss the blinding double standard

I continue to lie.

To spread pseudo-self exploration

Pseudo-self understanding

So my arms may be as open as I say my mind is

And my love may be as receiving as  my heart is empty

But my soul

My soul is as yellow
As my teeth.
c Feb 4
Glistening with the
Naive anticipation
Of great adventure
Matthew Feb 4
not moving

"it would have
only led a life
   of pain."

it didn't
matter to

It's only
the rain      

why do Things  

"to cause

I want
to   remember This
Can we build a grave  
The rain makes Her cry  
"it is only just the rain.."  
  Please we need to  
How I see this poem.  It's about two people with two conflicting ideas about death.  The little one feels that death should be remembered, and older one feels that we should forget death as it only causes pain.  The main feelings of this poem for me is to remember death.

I put that in how their speech is written.  the little one capitalizes what he feels he feels are important like the beginning of a sentence and a words like her.  He also doesn't feel the need for periods.  The older one on the other hand feels that everything is useless.  so he doesn't capitalize and he always puts periods to remember that things should end.
MawaLin Jan 17
I was blinded by a veil of innocence
captured by an emanating light
when people kept warning me
of the fire in your eyes
the poison which lingers on your tongue
they said rocks are softer than your heart.
But I was so blind
and once the veil had lifted
I saw a light so dim.
"Love is not blind-It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less." Will Moss
Amber Jan 16
when we were young we all wanted to grow up
but now that we are all grown up we want to go back to when we were young

when we were a child we were carefree, naive and playful with much time to spare
now that we are all grown up we are trapped in our own cells throwing the keys out
time slipping through our hands
as if we are trying to hold water with our bare hands
no matter how hard u try to keep it the more it goes away
and all we wanted when we were young was to grow up?
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