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I S A A C Apr 13
it is hard for the truth to come out of my sealed lips
played the victim and I take my role seriously
we were just on the same water, passing ships
the sun and the moon meeting in an eclipse
only for a moment but the moment was potent
wishing for more moments like this
rips and rips until I finish my zip
hours and hours until I finish my shift
you are the one thing my mind cannot slip
the one man that drives me to drink
so I don't think, just a couple of sips
now I am covered in my sadness as the sunlight peeks through
such a naive little boy, never knowing what to do
what to do
Satvik gupta Mar 19
I wish humans had the power to feel someone's pain temporarily .

May be then ,
They might have helped each other .
Not mock , saying their pain is small , compared to them .
A Feb 4
I fell in love with a possibility, yet nothing was possible
daphne Jan 7
it's just
i'd rather
fall for any lie
than to doubt you
when you're telling the truth
I S A A C Jan 1
I was shot down like a bird
bleeding into the earth
it is a cycle I say as I watch my life fading away
in and out of black
in and out of panic attacks
whichever way I choose it's all a ruse
I was an old soul plagued with idealism
So naive to not see the true villain
My passion blinded me could not see the vermillion flags
Nyx Lilith Oct 2021
you told me to send a picture
i looked another way
you told me to send a picture
i laughed it away
you told me to send a picture
again and again and again

i cared too much not to cave

i wish my **** form could be sculpted like clay
i tuck my necklace away
i try lip-biting, play with lighting,
my tan line from last summer

you tell me to send a picture
i have it ready
quivering, quaky fingers
quickly, quietly,
hit send

you tell me i did a good job

when the chat reloads, its gone.

you reply for two more days.
you ghost me.
*******, *****.
Brumous Jun 2021
they say that simple is best,
that's why its not a surprise
that I feel so complicated...
Hamna May 2021
Do not tire me
By misreckoning my thoughts
Do not dishonor me
To think free
Unlike you
I fill myself
With flowing goodness
You are incapable of grasping it
Do not turn me into a goner
By the dark clouds of ignorance that
dwell inside you
Do not despise me
For being a sui generis
If you can’t fathom my benevolence
You are naïve
Chrissy Ade May 2021
You've taken a step into dangerous territory
Unbeknownst to your wide, naïve eyes
You're heading into a deep abyss
Where only the lucky have survived
Before you proceed any further
I will give you this warning now
I'm utterly and dangerously fragile
And my patience is running out
My warning signs are on full display
For those who dare on this journey
Caution is written everywhere
So that I know you won't take this lightly
I see the longing looks you're giving
And I can tell you see me as a challenge
Your cockiness will lead to your missteps
A guarantee I experience irrevocable damage
You think you will treat me different
But I know you'll ignore the signs I carry
There's no easy way to let my guard down
When your intentions with me make me wary
You continue to walk into dangerous territory
Unbeknownst to your wide, naïve eyes
Foolishly, you jumped into the deep abyss
But you were not lucky enough to survive
Watch your step
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