Sarita  finally embraced the idea
That God must want her
To be a sexual  exhibitionist.
So many men
Were impressed by  her nude photos......
Willing to pay a high price
For a print,
When her paintings were exhibited
At a local coffee shop,
She wasn't able to sell even one
For the most minimal fee.
People just sat there
Or punching keys on their laptops,
Not even slightly aware
Of all the beautiful,
Surreal paintings
Sarita worked long and hard on
Hanging on the wall.
Never one to argue with Destiny,
Sarita concluded reluctantly
That God must have
A Dirty Mind.
i am you
i’ll play a tune
to sing of sunny haze
and cloudy gloom

you are me
you’ll write a sonnet
to speak of fireflies
and underground moments

i am me
i’ll paint a picasso
depicting stained hearts
and abstracted souls

you are you
you’ll orate a speech
declaiming of eloquence
and casual vernacular street

we are we
and we will forever be
immoralised from art to poetry
faded all the way to infinity.
Janna Mar 3
I want to paint my body in beautiful murals,
It’s large canvas finally useful.
To dip my hair in oceans of color...
Wouldn’t that be quite a wonder?
To stutter ink into my skin,
To bar the monsters from coming in.
To fill the canyons with streaming light...
Wouldn’t that be quite a sight?
The best thing about
painting over grubby walls
They end up pretty
Painting my son's room:)  just love painting walls always inspires me one of my fav inspirations :)
Wrapped around golden sheets
the aura of two divines,
kissing in the brown ambiance.
Feet in vines intertwined.
Flowers flowing in ginger hair
as the rectangles and circles
go together
like me and you:

Lets flow forever.
Based on the painting by Gustav Klimt

Tonight, painted frogs
Hop from frame to frame, gliding
On clouds like water

Tonight, they fished for
The moon; paint brushes paddled
Their way in the sky

**Tonight, fantasy
Took over so I wouldn't
Have to say goodbye--
All feedback is welcome!!
Her craziness dripped, soaking
Creativity, they yearned for her
Yet the speckled paintings
And graphite-works of art
Poems of broken hearts
And leaked-verses peaked
At the girl's twisted reality
*They aspired
A plastic
The last line is like, people want things that a person may kill to give up. I don't see my poetry, or creativity as "talent." it's a way to help me, but I hurt so much for it, you know? I love art, but I'd also love to give up pain, even if that meant this "talent" all feedback is welcome
A Feb 20
Sometimes people don't want to let go,
Sometimes they beg to stay,
Sometimes they want to be on earth,
Their death makes them sad, but there is no other way,
And no matter where they go, heaven or hell,
Their sorrow follows their souls, even on a bright new day,
And when their sobbing specters arrive at eternity's gate,
Their hearts are still and emptier still,
And with their emptiness they must wait.
Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's painting of the same name.

Blue skies cuddle the
Yellow; caressing vivid
Pastel tenderness

All feedback is welcome. I took a picture of a sunset months ago, painted it last night for an art show in October. It made me wanna write about the colors, but I'm not so good with natural imagery, so I hope it's understandable. The vivid-ness is for the blue; the yellow's caressing the color, and the ending two words are the yellow, and how light it is against the strong blue... I don't know..
Joe Feb 18
I am the ocean;
concurring ripples
rooted in my scalp,
dark waves cascading down my back
of which no one would see
the beauty within.

I am the earth
underneath your feet.
Haven of not only the living
But also the dead
of which no one would see
the beauty within

I am the painting
to be magnified to see specks of color
but, afar,
merely looks like a straight line
of which no one would see
the beauty within.

I am the sculpture
of a volatile beast
or, at the least,
its ruins
of which no one would see
the beauty within.

I am art
no one would be willing to see
despite of my obvious presence.

I am disturbing, distressing art
who’s crafted and carved from
cold hard truths
than painted
in pretty pink and purple lies.

I am the art
no one would dare appreciate
because that would mean accepting
how imperfect humans are
and imperfection
could never be art.
i got too inspired in my humanities class

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