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BEK Dec 2021
the echo of you
holds me
an anchor
i lie
strangled aground
cold sweat trickled down her spine,
gasping reluctantly for air penetrated
her thoughts, but it was just;
she beamed upwards to sight the welkin,
relinquishedβ€” she stopped abruptly.
hi! i’ve been MIA for quite some time now. i’ve been rly busy with school. i hope everyone is safe! < 3
Kairosclere Jun 2020
By the ramp of the dearly departed
Still lay his faded fingerprints
While yet another
Was thrown in the morbid bed
Still reeking
like death

The hall deserted
His breathing slow
Hope fading
The morale low
Thoughts crept
Like death

And another after another
Was thrown into the list
Ever growing
Breaths slowing
Ever reeking
Like death

Lying in a corner
Groaning beneath the mask
A soul once alive
Moaning over the past
Waiting for a cure
Like death

And one last breath
Felt in the night
He wished to be his last
He couldn't hold on
To this madness, so
Like death

There was this glimmer
A ray of light
The suffering might end
Things could go right
Maybe slowly
Like death

The world was healing
Not all hope was dead
The once confined bodies
Will rise out of bed
Defeating tragedies
Like death

With a combined might
And hope alight
Strength in prayer
And hearts twinned
The world rose up
From death.
Inspired by the pandemic.
Marri Dec 2019
You clog my lungs.
You make me stutter and choke.
You make me dizzy.

Still I bring you to my lips--
Again, and again.

You make me gasp.
You make me break form.
You make me laugh.

Still I inhale your sweet death--
Again, and again.

You dizzy me.
You intoxicate me.
You poison me.

Still I drink your sweet praise.

A silly thing like me shouldn't smoke,
But you are just so irresistible.

A fickle thing like me shouldn't drink,
But you are just so alluring.

A stupid thing like me shouldn't love,
But you are just so perfect.

So here I am:
Drunk, high, and stupidly in love with you.
Sylph Oct 2019
What is this
I feel an unknown force
its enclosing my heart
making it hard to breathe

i have to gasp for air
Why does my chest hurt
I feel as though im trapped in a bubble
this pressure on my chest
What is it?
Honest, Does anyone know? i cant identify the feeling, but thats what it feels came all of a sudden when i had to leave my friends, they were begging me to stay but i had to leave. I dont know why im having so much difficulty placing it but i know i dont like, i want it to go away..i wish the pain would go away
larni Jun 2019
i want to feel your lips on mine
your teeth on my neck
your hands in my hair
or on my sides
you wrapping yourself around me
gentle but firm words whispered in my ear
hear your gasp as we make contact
all you, always you.
alliyah Dec 2018
The pain is suffocating,
It's getting harder and harder to breathe.

My lungs is filling with unknown gas.
My heart is sinking in pain.
My eyes are drowning in tears.
My mind is getting tangled with thoughts.

Let me go please...

My heart is getting heavier and heavier with this package, package that I don't want to receive.

Just a few more deep breaths, just a few more... and i'll take my last gasp of air.
this is the poem that i submitted here, and yep.. i got in.
Em Mar 2018
You take my breath away
and I exhale
all the pain I have ever

I gasp
and pull through my lungs
all the love
and the world
you could hold.

I bet
In your arms
I could fly.
Nick Stiltner Mar 2018
So tired I have grown, of building castles
only to have them overrun by cresting waves.
So tired I have grown, of tasting water on my tongue
but spitting, complaining of its salty burn.
So today I take a dive,
for I've grown sick of the shoreline and
smelling life's salty scent only upon the wind.

So today I took a dive,
head first into that salty steep
and was pulled here by current arms
and pushed deeper by ocean nymph charms.

My body flung about,
counter currents tossing me in circles,
eyes itching red with not a second to blink
and my nostrils jammed full
of the salt that hinted my senses before.

On the brink of drowning,
vision fading from blue to black,
I am pushed to a surface
far from the shoreline from before.
A gasp for air and the seagulls call
beams of sunlight carefully fall
onto the white crests of traveling waves,
and upon my blinking eyes.
Here, on the bobbing wakes of erasing waves,
I begin my ocean days.Β Β 

I had become so tired of my earthly ways,
so tired of hating the cleansing dawns
hiding behind the ebbing tides.
So today I took a dive
and began my floating ocean days.
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