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They say self care is a main
To prevent you from becoming insane.
So let me lie back and figure it out.

Might take a smoke to or two,
Just to help the view.
Let's dive in deep and think of the sneak leek we seek like in a Disney channel movie.
There's a party and we're down barely floor one.
Let's check it out.

These Sirens are blaring yet we all dance along.
It's something they're all used to dancing around.
Call it my song or call it my calling,
It's a ******* Siren Party.

Where or where have you gone?
It's been 3 months long enough.
It's time to be more than alone.
I'm not alone I got and him and I.
We party like nothing's gonna change.
Grab a cup, kick back, have a drink of the extinct.

There's so much banging at the door yet I dont bother to answer.
It's a party in here where nothing ever changes.
Not even the moves we make or the things we faced.
We're just more laced.

These Sirens are blaring yet we all dance along.
It's somethings they're all used to dancing around.
Call it my song or call it my calling,
It's a ******* Siren Party.
We are aware of your precense yet we treat it like covid...
Palak Datta Oct 4
I want a love so deep that all my shallowness disappears,
I want a love so lucid that all my doubts clear.
I want a love so consuming that all my fears dissolve,
I want a love so inspiring that all my thoughts evolve.
I want a love so pure that all my sins are forgiven,
I want a love so trusting that all my insecurities are riven.
I want a love so joyous that all my sorrows are washed away,
I want a love so poetic that it lives even when I no longer stay!
Want you and I want you to want me too.
Help me deserve this kind of love!
Simon Oct 4
A girl's values are now FINALLY free! Because nothing wasn't meant to be ever forgotten from her literal inside outness. Nor was it meant to fixate a very awful opportunity for her to mend NOTHING at all of the sort.
Except now that all values are truly free.... How does she put up with the newly evolved form of freedom, (that too is... Nothing more then the impression of something that isn't entirely evolved, when it's more of the freedom of something that never "up to this very point in time" has had the very taste for freedom...ever since this very "corruption" had first started back in a (supposed past) that can't EVER AGAIN become measured properly...? When all isn't meant to be remembered, ever again. When it's also never made to be forgotten (for the most part), either.
So, reasoning out the many variables that compute too much seeming nonsense, as if it's meant to correct it's very wrong doings without thinking about whether or not, it's made to simply be this way...from now on...?
A question repeated by another question, doesn't give enough value to an even more "correct" answer... When nothing is made to bear for the correct assumption, when wanting too correctly "imply" something of an entirely different meaning, altogether.
So, in order to mask this (good enough impression) where nothing would ever again, become "faulted" right off the bat! So you couldn't ever become the more obvious to such a situation that isn't ever to be up too date, ever again.
This poem is too a girl who isn't just (on the dime) to correct their most importance across something that's most deserving of a young and cherishable young girl's lifetime values. (Because let's face it...) A sense in someone's very self isn't truly found out or correctly assorted into context for their very heartbeat to pulse even more correctly too life, if it's not been made to be assorted (very well) within it's very pattern recognition to debate those very pulses into even more correct verses. That would then normally lead into a proud melody to simply interpret as mere language to itself bouncing off of different representation of things that ONLY matter from deep within itself (first and foremost).
Because one's very values are then sometimes mistakenly disguised by the heart that you have yet too interpret (towards the very inputs that have yet to correct it's own values for the heart to value, altogether)!
And that is a brain that's too full of itself... That it can't even see the more correct reason, as too simply "why that is"...?
PS... The brain is the ultimate finisher of failures across an even more disturbing platform that can't even redeem itself (properly) when it's CONSTANTLY yanking it's own chain essentially too bear...alone with!
A girl's lifestyle is never demeaning to cost a lot of tension, when it grips pleasure with the aftertaste of a mere consequence.
Prachi Sep 12
Earphones on,
Music off;
Thoughts are loud,
And the heart cries out.

The mind is very busy,
It is not that easy;
The issue may be petty,
Or one with the enormity.

This too shall pass,
You are gold, not glass;
Trying times will make you glow,
Love yourself and go with the flow.

Survivor is not the one,
Bearing all the pain in the heart;
But the one who knew,
When to let go and grow.
To anyone who needs to hear this, you are a survivor and you will succeed.
Laiba Sep 8
Happiness hates me
I hate happiness
Any sort of happiness I get should go
So goodbye to the people who made me happy
You guys were amazing
One thing makes me happy and I let that to to
The way I look,
The way I feel,
The way I smile,
The way I speak!

When I'm"ME",
people have issues,
They ask me to change saying,
"I have certain issues!"

THEIR wishes, are my EXUDES.
Their choices are not in my tissues!
I know i sound rude,
I know i sound cruel,
I'm raw, I'm me & that's my fuel!
Let's stop discriminations & comparisons...
Let's start being ourselves!
Preston Reid Aug 3
Have you ever just looked up at the stars? Just you and yourself and I mean really looked at them what will you be doing the next time every star on that night is in the same spot where will you be? who will you be? you make so many choices every day so how about today you make the choice to be a better person the next time you look at those stars and they are in the same spot but you're not
Have you ever thought about it?
Abstracted Jul 20
Oh the day I celebrate your funeral‬
‪Or the day you celebrate mine‬
I’ll be the one who laughs
When others whine
Your words
Weakened me
More than my spine
Oh father, to see you dead
I’ll surely
Keebo Jun 18
Mama, this is your black sheep
In this life that you have given me
There is sadness and misery
I can hear you whispering prayers for me
But I can also see you very clearly
Deeply regretting giving birth to me

Mother, this is your wayward baby
I’m sorry that you can’t understand me
The state of my hair or the clothes I wear
The fact that I’m never really there
“Always living life without care” you said
But I swear I’m better off elsewhere

Birth giver, this is your son of a gun
Your boyfriend has always made me feel
Unwelcome and emotionally numb
I left home so you don’t have to sleep alone
But since then my heart has turned to stone
And my mommy issues are starting to show
sometimes love can be evil
but don't get discouraged don't blame all us people
deceitful to trust and be mad when it's lost
you are the giver taker and receiver
you make your losses
and you chance your tosses
until you are dead you are your own believer
your own lovely keeper
no maids for your mess you are the only sweeper
use swiffer be swifter don't sniffle don't fall
don't let the dust get in your cracks on the wall
hang up some paintings a picture or four
each of your memories stick them in drawers
no room for bad company kick out remorse
open their door
vacuum the floor
clear out your vents
and make way for what's more
spring cleaning is fun
isnt clutter a bore?
not knowing what's here, and never getting much more
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