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What the **** is you ******* problem?!! I know you have a ******* job and need to eat. But make it an obsession??

What the **** is your ******* problem??! Sweet nothings and empty promises??!! I am not a **** psychiatrist so you better ****** off.  

What the **** is your ******* problem??!! (To the Tibetan guys) you have bad taste in women’s ethnicity. Have we traveled to the cononial USA where it’s wrong to be ethnic.  

Up yours.
Chris 2d
If I wrote a poem for every ******* who I should've killed cold dead,
but I didn't
I would have written a thousand poems.

If I killed every ******* who I should have,
I wouldn't be writing poems,
I'd be happy.
These days I live within
my thoughts escape from things that are real of which I can't face anymore safe
haven for me

Don't like this world any more this life to where I live changed so much from life as a kid to many pressure there are

But sadly It's we humans that have caused this to
be trying to develop of everything far to

In doing so destroying our Environment causing a devastating effect on our planet which I believe Is Irreversible the damage Is done very
We have destroyed our environment devastating effect on our planet
Toxic yeti Feb 9
I must
Remind myself that
I am only human
And I am flawed.
On the other hand
Are sick.
Toxic yeti Feb 9
If I were charged with a crime
It would be because
Lured into another
Toxic relationship
And I killed the
Pervert with poisoning
Or an ice axe to the crown chakra.  
For men lie
For men cheat
For men are perverts
And womanizers.
Toxic yeti Feb 9
Men trigger
And borderline personality disorder
I need a pair of Baoding *****

Men are perverts
And pedophiles
They look at someone
With two X chromosomes
And they think with their .....
Not mainful of age

Men are disloyal
Having a pet is
A more honest relations
Men are biohazardous.
Like Ebola.  

This is why I like
And trans women.
While I to wish to be great again, one can only wonder at what cost?
The road to greatness was met with a hideous price!
Humans where considered only 2/3 human and sold like cattle.
Fast forward and it powered an economy of capitalist gain, aka greatness.
While we thrived in every direction, a portion of the population laid decaying in ghettos.
Yes we've tried to be equal, but those scars are lasting, they're passed on to each generation.
So careful with our demand for greatness, because we failed them once.
Perhaps we should cry now is time for us to be great!
If I could talk to Trump I'd say something like this
Viseract Jan 31

Let me pick up my Rifle and go to war
Let bullet cases flood the floor
I cant take the hit

Left to roam in No Man's Land
Stranded here, once again
Sharp blades and dulled wits

Let's go to war,
Let's go to war,
Jump back in and settle the score!

I'm left to bleed

Let love receed

I'll drop my gun
Surrender or should I just run?

Fire, fire, caught in crossfire
Taking shots but who's the liar?
I don't care anymore

Take a side, take my side
Together we can make this right
I'm done if I wasn't before!

Let's go to war
Let's go to war
Pull the pin and hear the roar!

Just keep me out

I'm trapped in doubt

You see my scars
Havent you had enough?

Get your hands off me

Blood paints the scene

With voices raised
And desperate hands gripping the cage

Warzone, you hold me close
Making anger known, in lonely echoes
A rush of rage I can't contain
I hate the way you look at my face!

Warzone.... Warzone... Warzone!

Battlefields, of long lost fights
And bunkers, that hide the light
Machine guns, that spit out spite
And planes with bombs off in the night

It's all a Warzone! Up in my head
Point of contact to strike me dead
A warzone, I try to leave
But my demons force me down to my knees...
M P Jan 29
I can not remember the last time I was truly happy
Every day is like waking up to a monster staring at me
I want to scream and cry, but I remember that monsters are not real,
And that I am only being over dramatic

“Get over it” they say
Don’t tell me to get over it
That tells me that you don’t care
It only makes me so much worse

Just because I act does not mean I am able to act happy all the time
I put on a smile, but on the inside I am scared

I am scared to leave my seat because I think people are talking about me
I am scared to talk in class because I think I will say the wrong thing
I am scared to go to school because I think I won’t be worth anything in the long run

These things I am scared of are only in my head, I know that
But my mind is like that sometimes

The people that I call my friends are like fire
They may seem amazing from far away,
but they have the ability to burn me if I get too close
And that burn won’t go away, no matter how much I try

That burn stains my skin,
And the only difference between real and metaphorical fire
Is that the scar from real fire can be seen by other people

These are the people that make me think they are talking about me
These are the people that make me think I am going to say the wrong thing
These are the people that make me feel like I am not worth anything
But I keep them around because I don’t have anybody else
Now you see why I am scared

The reason I have trust issues is not because my mom broke a promise one time
The reason I have trust issues is because I have been ******* over way too many times

It takes everything in me to close my eyes during bonding games because I do not trust other people around me
The people that I’ve been around for years, I can not trust because I’m scared
I’m scared people will hurt me without me even knowing it

I use self-deprecating humor to hide behind the sadness and pain
It’s ironic really

My loneliness seeps through my pores like chemicals
It paints a picture of perfect pain and poor mental health
I try, I really try to be positive, but sometimes it makes me hurt even more

I know I have friends, but my uncontrollable anxiety and paranoia makes me believe
That none of them want to be around me

Being lonely is like you’re floating through space
Nobody can hear your screaming no matter how loud you are

If you look up in the sky on a clear night you can see the very center of the milky way
It’s a beautiful mix of yellows, and purples, and blues
Almost like a Van Gogh painting
28,000 light years away, but we are still able to see the beautiful mystery on earth

And I’m right in the middle of all of it, but you wouldn’t be able to see me
No, you wouldn’t want to see me

It’s like Saturn’s rings are getting tighter and tighter until I can’t breathe anymore

But do you even care?
Probably not.
Xaela San Jan 29
Looking at the left

Looking at the right

I am of need of distractions

A distraction to put distance

To my distorted mind.
I need distractions to avert myself from stresssss
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