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Robin Bulmer Dec 2021
You have started to become blurry in my mind
But the love I have for you continues to shine
You're hard to remember but more so to forget
It just shows that it's the idea you love, not the person you met.
aspen wilde Sep 2021
i can't see any sort of life past now,
it's blurry
and i don't know
what that's telling me.
you're gone again,
and this time so am i.
J Dec 2020
it's raining again.
It's been raining a lot lately.
I rush outside with jars usually,
tonight I sit under
and I fill myself up.
my hair clings to my neck
my face
my soul.
I close my eyes,
dipping myself in and out of
the sky's tears
in hopes that she'll never recognize
the difference if I were
to be extracting tears of my own.
There will soon be no distinction
between me and the wet.
catching a breath, I peer up
I blink so much I'm surprised I can find the clouds
They shield Gaia from the cold
I count the stars, though I mistake
the majority of raindrops for the plasma.
So I tilt down,
face to Hell
my hair curtains around me
as if a cat had torn them into nothing but
clumpy pieces of string,
and recognize the puddle of a person,
through blurry sockets,
that I can no longer hide from.
I'm in a weird writing mood. I don't write many long things anymore, though, as we see
noah Oct 2020
everything can be beautiful
if you can't even tell
what you're looking at
beauty is subjective
Allyssa Oct 2020
It was the flash of colors,
Your eyes covered in the hair you hated so much.
Colors mushed together to find what made your heart beat out of your chest.
Blurry pictures of you.
Like you were always out of reach to me.
J-J Johnson Sep 2020
My soul echoes your rhythm
   My arms sway to your tune
      My body moves to your music
         But why do they watch for long
          Like they hear something so violent
         Why do they stare at your sound
     Why has your sound become silent
   Why am I still stuck in the motion
Dreams carry my love  in your sound
Ruheen Jul 2020
I can't tell if the stinging in my eyes
Is from my tears
Or from keeping my eyes
Open in the rain
Too long.
Both end up blurring my vision anyway.
I don't mind though.
Because if there is a God,
And he's up there,
Then at least I know
He's as frustrated as I am.
And he deserves to be.
t Jul 2020
day 7

I was so happy last night
sitting cross legged on the skatepark ramp
wrapped in the stocky darkness
graffiti bouncing atop every surface

beer glasses clinking
because two get me loose
and the sticker art I peel off to save in my phone case
Jess’s laughter and wild paces
back and forth while animatedly describing
everything I needed to know about the universe

and I wake
the drugs long seeped out of my system
but still lingering on my breath
I can’t remember the astronomical lessons
we shared that night
but I know I felt
something incredibly powerful,
almost break-through like

maybe that was the shrooms

(it all gets
hard to tell)
Isaac May 2020
Up close it is blurry
But when you zoom out, grateful
The masterpiece can be seen.
Written 10 May 2020
blake Feb 2020
writing has become more and more difficult
as my feelings seem to grow stronger.

capturing it all is impossible
as my affection is a blur

every day is better with you
even if i can't write them down.
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