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alupa Oct 16
I coloured your soul.
Drew stripes
in blue and purple.
I painted your heart.
Covered it in silver splatters
I made you my finest art.
But I failed.
Just one small streak in the wrong direction
ruined my imagination.
So I scrunched up the paper
And pushed you away.
Why is nothing ever enough for me?
Norman Rockwell and Jim Unger
Artists from my past
I've met one but not the other
A memory that  will last

Who the hell is Bertrand Russell?
I asked over a drink
A man who changed the world forever
Changed the way we think

I remember the Norman Rockwell painting
It's burned deep  inside my mind
But, I have got a copy
It's the best one that you'll find

An artist unknown to others
But, a special one to me
My father drew old Russell
It's quite a piece to see

It's never been inside a book
And never will it be
But, Bertrand Russells' wrinkles
Mean a lot to me

Jim Unger and his Herman
Were a favorite of my brother
The artist and his humour
Were unlike any other

We met him at a signing
My brother brought his art
He showed it to Jim Unger
He broke my brother's heart

My brother was an artist
Just like my Dad as well
Their art, not for the public
Their art, was not to sell

Their art should be remembered
Their art should be displayed
Like a vintage guitar  sitting
It's better if it's played

So, now two artists pictures
Hidden for an age
Will be shown, for everybody
On a printed page

I give you first, my brother
Ian Turner was his name
No longer is he with us
But, this will show he came

The second one, my father
John Turner, is his name
His drawing days behind him
But, man did he have game

So, here for your enjoyment
Rockwell via Turner number one
Followed by Ungers' Herman
That was done by Turner's son
written for my brother and my dad. Ian Turner (1966-2017) and John Turner (1940 - still going strong)
fraudelle May 17
A thousand copy of your smiles
Yet the real one was not for mine
drawing  fake drawn smiles
Gabrielle Apr 20
She drew arrows on paper
Thin lines and angles
Head to hand, table to elbow
A neat triangle
Karim Mar 28
you’re a canvas
and I’m a lonely artist

I push my brush into the paint
and then I press it on your skin

I draw your smile and all your curves
your lips your brows
and I even try
to recreate your smile

once I’m finished
like I do
I step back and look right at it

you’re not there
E Bhrèagha Mar 25
writing orrery unto unlined pages
lest my hand stills and my mind with it
turns away from all insignificance
Aimée Feb 18
Today I drew a hummingbird

And out of the corner of my eye
I thought I saw its little wings flutter

I finished his feet that gripped the branch
And could have sworn them clench it

I sketched the light reflecting in his eye
And could have sworn I saw his soul

So I will draw and draw and draw
And one day when I turn away
He'll flap his wings
And fly right off the page
Some art looks so real. I swear I must be and if I wait long enough the portrait will blink or the trees will sway in the brewing storm and I will see something amazing
Sylph Feb 3
I decided to draw today
to let her out
my demons been getting restless
The words I long to say
they just
Wont come out
So now
Im turning to a visual
Spill of words

That puts everything aside
Disconnecting everything in my brain
Letting my hands take control
The pencil
To freely dance across the page
To let out whatever needs to be free
That I cant see

Letting the thoughts
The pictures
The words
That I have never seen heard or felt
to come out
Be free
Sophia Dec 2019
I took my pen
I drew you out
I got you wrong
I rubbed you out
I honed my craft
I tried again
I failed with mine
And then with men
And then with landscapes
Laced with trees
Where others seemed to draw with ease
My lines were sloppy
Colors weak
Your essence greyed
Left incomplete
This is about one of my exes. I dated him twice, that's why i said i tried again.
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