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Distance memories of life as a child we would wake to see jack frost on our windows
no central heating for the  poor In those

Dads old army blankets and hot water bottles to keep us warm would appreciate so much  when dad had lite the open  

He would call us down remember dad breaking up old furniture In order to keep the fire going sometimes we go In search of wood on his

But they were happy days so many restrictions nowadays to prevent one from doing most those things we did as

Conditions were worse as kids but somehow not the
pressures of modern day living If I were given a choice to relive my

But such as wife family friend staying as they were In this life I'd take all of this back the age I was when I married Helen
to the time of the fifties and sixties

And be happy back then free from the pressures of every day living of greed and self Importance and the destruction of our planet

By pollution caused by man the fifties and sixties for me any day days at least, we could live and play as children
Memories fifties and sixties were at least we played as children should didn't go to school till the age five
To walk the hills to where I played as a kid and feeling distant and so far away from the world that of my little town to where I
That has not changed much since those days I played as a kid while walking those hills takes me back to all the sunny days that never seemed to end
playing happily In those hills and fields of green looking down from the hills to valley below I could see down to the house where I
would sit on hill feeling safe away from from the house and child abuse I knew I'd be punished for staying out late but the fear of going home caused me to stay out
All those years past but remembered as If It were yesterday felt as If someone had walked on my grave cold shudder through my
and I sat down on the hill and lite cigarette looked  down the hill to the house where I once lived then walking away with all those memories still fresh In my mind as It were
Memories as a kid walking and playing the fields and hills surrounding my home
Chasing shadows through my dreams shadows of my
wife In my dreams I see them flickering on my walls
Like the gold at the end of a rainbow one never finds when I reach the spot where her shadow momentarily
falls there nothing
but out of the corner of eyes, I catch a glimpse of Helen standing there but full on view there nothing
must be my mind playing tricks but would rather have the shadows on the wall than nothing at
So much In love I was think mind playing tricks through my dreams but rather have dreams than nothing at all
Yuki Feb 5
In my heart a
marching band
is playing
“Ode to Joy”
and I can’t help
but sing along.
nobody Jan 26
it’s saturday, my 24th birthday is in exactly one week. that’s so  crazy. today i sang “somewhere over the rainbow” at a family funeral. it was one of the most peaceful funerals i’ve been to. i’m getting over a sickness right now and i’m starting to not feel as ****** even though it’s so weird.. my hearing is as if i have my ears plugged with my fingers and i’m talking aloud. all i can hear clearly is my voice, everything else is muffled. just a lot of sinus pressure, but i’m def over the worst of this particular virus. it was nice seeing and sitting next to my twin today. i took him home on my way home and saw where he’s living so that was also good. my favorite band weezer released a new teal album that’s composed of covers of many different classic, very recognizable, tracks. i love it of course. work is all right, but i can feel myself getting bored. perhaps it’s myself getting through this winter. this winter has been a little too long for my liking. even though the spring brings allergies, it brings SUN. and while i would prefer to be cold than hot... the sun brightens my heart and soul. and while i love all of earth’s creatures... i stand by 100% death to all mosquitoes. but who doesn’t love some allergy pills, h2o, and a lil mosquito repellant. oh! and chapstick. i’ll be house sitting in sugarhouse before my birthday, then finishing house sitting on my b day. then flying to ohio with mcd for his older brother’s wedding. then coming home on the 11th to chill before returning to work on tuesday. i think so, yeah...
my three beautiful kits are perfect as usual. tonight it’ll be a fun night with the bf and our friends playing vid games and sipping wine. before yet another work week. i still talk to my mom and dad every day, usually on my way to or from work. anyway. nap time.
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Johnny walker Jan 16
Remember so well the days of my youth so much time spent looking In a mirror
messing about with my hair late going out because my hair was not looking right
So much Importance placed on just my hair and
now at my age 65, I shaved It all off I'm glad It's no longer there so much for the Importance of playing about with my
So much time wasted as a youth playing about with my hair worse than ladies with a bad hair day
I ran like a wolf. Always trying to keep up. “Wait!” my aunts would scream, but I was off before they could stop me. The tiny dark haired girl, among a pack of five young boys. They would always utter “can you? ”. I’d ball up my tiny fists and say “yes”. Scraped knees, ****** fingernails, sprained ankles, and those bruised greens and yellows suspended on my back like floating clouds, although painful to the touch, none were enough to stop me. I was always competing. Always trying to make them eat their words  “You can’t do it; you are a girl”.

Now that we’re older, I’m inclined to ask them how those words tasted.
I do not have any sisters. I grew playing with my cousins and my brother. All of them were boys. I tried to touch upon my experience as the only girl growing up.
Daniel Ruiz Oct 2018
Sky scrapers made of Lego,
giants controlling everything
super heroes without capes,
Civilians made of paper,
Those are the settings,
of a kids play set,

so nostalgic and overwhelming,
So thought out,
but not as well built,

Imagination running wild,
as little plastic men,
Ruin the town,

Buildings Collapsing,
waiting to be stepped on,

As future architects,
and astronauts,
play around,
as god intended,
them to,

Playing Until  
The Stars Comes out,

And their curfew is upon them,
creeping unto their fun,

Just so they can rest for another day,
Of Lego blocks and broken cities.
Jack R Fehlmann Oct 2018
Never knew the sting of rain
Falling, from heaven
Tasting, smelling
Thousands of drop-sized
Explosions of cold intensity
Upon ***** flesh
Sensory overload, exhilarating
Breathing in bits of gasping
Then laughing in between
Heaven facing youthful screams
And splashing,
Lots and lots of splashing
Then we would embrace storms
Celebrate in the wonder
Joy, and a grin
Wash over me reminiscing
To be so young again
Would lessen moments such as this
Back then I knew no inkling
Blissfully unaware
Of a rainy day such as now
That the grown version could
Would cherish vividly
The simple little
Long ago magic moments
As a kid knows them
Living them perfect.
Remembering how differently I viewed everyday moments as a child compared to now as I hunker inside from a rainy day.
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