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Johnny walker Jul 19
Life for me has been like a game of chess all of us like pawns In the game called life different moves
throughout our time
Depending what moves we chose to make and those moves made In various stages of the game of life determine what we'll
A chess board of  life we live moving around the board  each move made will determine where we'll go and what we'll
Days of my youth I remember
the teen years full of myself thinking I knew all about what there needed to know I think I thought life just revolved around
How wrong could I could I be
for I knew nothing just a teenager so angry with the world that lived shamed to say not enough respect for my parents
getting drunk and playing the fool but you never think you'll grow older
you just think forever young
but as I grew older my whole life was changing to that of a lifetime of
Johnny walker May 11
Was a time I thought I could take anything that was thrown at me looking back seemed to me my life like a stacked pack of playing
When my sweetheart passed away my whole workd came tumblung down just  like a pack of playing
Once considered the joker In the pack always telling
jokes and laughing but when my sweetheart passed away I became the joker no
Always considered myself like a joker In a pack of playing cards but passed I became a joker no more
Johnny walker Apr 24
I still remember that first time playing as a child In the hills and fields of
above my home when this young girl came skipping by twinkle In her
Even at that age Oh so pretty so much charm
for she weaved her
for I fell her there and
but many years would pass  by before meeting
her against but I
that loved from the very first time I saw
When finally I met again she had grown to the woman and so
she was  with those Oh so beautiful eyes that had never lost that twinkle she had as a
And when I asked Helen If she would  marry
she spang to her feet threw her
around me and gave such a wonderful
then looked me In the eyes and said Oh yes Johnny I will, that was
greatest day of life as I'm writing and thinking of that day I'm am smiling to my
I remember so well that day playing as kid, when this young and very pretty girl came skipping by she had  
this wonderful twinkle in
her eyes I didn't know It then but girl would become my
Empire Apr 17
When I get bored
I don't play games
I don't do work
I use my brains

But not for good
Just like I should
Instead I wander
And life, I ponder

When I get bored
I want to play
In places dark
Deep, awful, strange

I let my thoughts
Consume me whole
And start a fire
Inside my soul

I like its thrill
Its toxic rush
Within this mind
My own chaos
I **** at my darkness to feel it seep out into my veins for my pleasure and demise.
Zywa Mar 27
Bury one another for surrender
to a kiss

run away on high buttocks
to become smooth again in the sea

secretly feeling sensations
for which there are no words

learning the natural
language of love

which is never boring, never strays
and always knows how to proceed

where there are obstacles
cramp in my calf

naked with you
in the dunes
Sändälä (Schwyz) = playing in the sand
That's human nature.
Isn't it?
To act like we're
the gods of yore,
those lustful, flawed gods from before?
We play with the feelings of others,
never realizing that we impact them more than it seems.
I love and hate playing god. It gives me a sense of power, though not always in a good way.
Jennifer West Mar 21
Cut me open
Rip out my heart
To you that's all love is
A sick form of art

Dancing on tears
Laughing at cruelty
All I can offer your sick mind
Is such pity.

Needlessly toying
With girl after girl
Good for you
For getting a thrill.

Congratulations on your game
I saw right goodness in those eyes
But I was just another one
You managed to play
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