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Zywa 7d
The boys in the boat,

in the shade of umbrellas:

ready for sailing.
“A fishing boat” (c. 1200, Yang Wanli)

Collection "SoulSenseSun"
dailythoughts Jul 27
Let's not play games baby
I don't have it in me to hold myself
when you are no longer playing
Tatiana Jun 15
They said I divested Saturn of his rings
and asked if he would dance with me.
He squeezed my fingers so heat lingered.
I knew he was told I'm a danger;
that I don't feel, that I don't kneel,
that I'm a terror, but that isn't fair.
Just say he can't make his own choices.
Say he can't control his impulses.
Why would I tempt a planet to ruin?
Why would I tempt a god to consuming
each breath before it disappears?
Confined him to my strong atmosphere.
Then call my heart weak as it beats in threes
how convenient, toes tap to odd melodies.
For my body's from Venus, how divine.
Yet I was a borne sinner, so keep me in line.
He said good evening as I said goodnight,
atoms were buzzing in the sunlight.
He grinned like I was a prize to be won
It was almost as bright as the starry sun.
So I lead him a bit further and took great care,
Saturn broke his orbit for an affair
and threw himself into the fire.
He was burning desire as I played the lyre.
Strum a gentle song for the end of love,
call me a heartless, winged-rat dove.
Say this is how I feel; this is who I am.
Say I sent an innocent to be ******.
Call me a fiend, a demon, a liar,
when I'm just a woman who played a lyre.

I don't know. I just had "they said I divested Saturn of his rings" in my head and it lead to this. What do you think?
You will meet people in
life that like a
fixed game or a
rigged deck.
The dice will feel
heavy, or the
take may be
A jockey might hold
the whip in the
or the champ will
go down from
a glancing blow.

Don’t be surprised when

you see it, you’re not
imagining things.
Some people need
it this way,
they’ve been on a loosing
streak for so long, they’ve
even lost

The best you can hope
for is ten seconds
of one day in an entire
lifetime when it’s a level
playing field.
And if you get that
be ready, it’s
your turn.
Swing for the fence,
win by a nose,
take their *******
head off.
Zywa Apr 3
**** plays puma and we
imitate the adults, lug
dress-up trunks and a bag
(stored for later)

to the bushes, for the party
with lots of ditchbeer and sand
pastries, carrots, lemonade
and old-fashioned fun

uncle Francis flirts with the girls
the baker laughs at his jokes
mama is the boss at the bar and
the neighbours comment

After three rounds it's really bedtime
for the little ones: just wait
until you're grown up, then you may
party as often as you like
Collection “Webgarden”
Here we are, at the edge of our hearts, singing, dancing and playing.
I know I want you to come with me,
And I'll take you there.
You only have to take my hand and follow along.
"I'll follow you to the end, come and stay.
I'll be there,
Waiting until the time for us to be together,
And if you don't want me to come around,"
Then I'll take the rains and lead you, to my heart
"I'll be waiting around for you
And if I'm not there, I'll be there, I'll be there
Waiting, for the day I see your smile."
I think I spelt rains wrong....whoops.
Only God is real, everything else is really a dream
of His creation, playing all the parts, it does seem.
What we are though He can reveal for us one day to see
as He’s the only One in the many and also eternally free.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Sylph Feb 23
Like holding another slice of cake
In front of a child that just ate a bunch
And reminding them
They dont really want it
That ache wont be worth
That one more slice
that would be so amazingly delicious

Give people a inch
They will take a mile
That inch though
It wont be worth it
Whats easy now
will rarely stay easy
you dont want it

Put that devil to sleep
Make them stop playing
These arent toys
These arent toys
These arent toys...
Aimée Jan 8
Yellow coats and squeaky shoes
Butterfly nets and umbrellas blue
These are best for hunting frogs

Quiet giggles and smiling friends
Tall water reeds and river bends
These are best for finding frogs

Slippery mud and misty rain
Grassy tumbles and many stains
These are best for catching frogs

Slimey fingers and careful grips
Awed, sweet glances and grinning lips
These are best for holding frogs

Happy tears and soft goodbyes
Brand new name and darkened sky
These are best for freeing frogs
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