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Sarah 3d
I go around writing songs
Of love, hate, and fear
Humans' heart and childern's dreams
Lost among melodies and notes
Until you came
And put me in your song
Shreya Nair Feb 9
A refuge for my darkest memories,
To mask those secrets which are dark and deep.
My own universe, where I do as I please,
A place to keep my darker side asleep.

To read about the small joys in life,
To look back and smile at my innocence,
Subtle encouragement in times of strife,
Tales of my past restore my confidence.

A way to conceal my darker side,
A confidant to share my life story,
Embarrassing moments I wish to hide,
They’re all part of my personality.

A world without lies, where I hide nothing,
My diary, my most precious belonging.
Phoebe H Feb 3
I want to go to the mountains
       and learn how to be like them:
       strong and rooted and steady.

I want to feel my legs stretch into the Earth,
       as if I am meant to be here,
       and not come tumbling down.

I want to let lupines grow along my arms--
       pinks, blues, purples--
       and cover what I've done.

I want to go the mountains
       but for now I wait in a valley.
Shlomo Jan 30
I’m everything and nothing

For where do I belong

Everywhere and nowhere

Life feels like death

To me, and it seems

Death feels like life

If only I could disappear

Gone from this earth

And slowly reappear, in hopes of a rebirth

To free myself from this pain

In a world of no disdain

With pleasure and infinite gain

This fickle life of endless monotony

I yearn to be free from;

To be in a world of transient diversity.

This skin that I love and hate,

In its real and abstract fate

Was once brown, now black to date.

It seems the winners are losing

In a backwards upside down world

Where the losers are winning.

If I could turn back the hands of time,

I’d go back to the year zeros

In hopes of a restart and some new heroes.

To take everything from the every ones;

Some Robin Hood type ****,

And give something to the no ones.
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Obassi Bholai Jan 15
i love me
do you?
could you ever, truly?
the way you make me feel is
unsettlingly unruly towards self
i couldn’t hurt you the way you’ve done me
it’s not in the cards nor my heart
for it belongs to you.
seems i can only finish writing when i’m drunk so i’m sorry if i’m not doing well with this anymore than i have been
Juhlhaus Jan 16
Sipping the air of a city night
So heady in the cold
On the move under static lights
Little worlds about
To collide

Gravity frivolity
Draw broken hearts like earth bound stars
As the pull of every
Small storied point holds others back
From abysses beneath
Dark waters

Lone souls each
And all compose this Metropolis
Joy is to be
Discovered in insignificance
Where together
We belong
Three poets walked into a bar. These are some thoughts that emerged.
Paras Bajaj Jan 13
It's 3 am, when you try to seek for help.
It's 3 am, when you've tears in your eyes.
It's 3 am, when all the memories hit you.
It's 3 am, when you regret the goodbyes.

It's 3 am, when the darkness scares you.
It's 3 am, when you've noises in your head.
It's 3 am, when you miss everyone at once.
It's 3 am, when you wish you were dead.

It's 3 am, when you can't save yourself.
It's 3 am, when you get hurt a little more.
It's 3 am, when you just hate yourself.
It's 3 am, when you only feel insecure.

It's 3 am, when you love lyrics more, not song.
It's 3 am, when you only know what's wrong.
It's 3 am, when you are alone, no one to care.  
It's 3 am, when you ask if you belong somewhere?

---Poetry by Paras.
kmr Dec 2018
We're big city souls
Stranded in a small town.
We're surrounded
By those that
Don't understand
Or try to understand
Who we are.

We find solace
In music
And long drives
In the dead of night
Feeling like we could
Run away
If we wanted.

We're all waiting.
Waiting for the day
When freedom is
A possibility
So we can spread our wings
And find
A place to belong.
Philomena Dec 2018
Velociraptor means "swift seizer"
And you have seized my heart
I have no idea when I am getting it back
If you even plan on returning it at all

You don't play fair
And if it came down to a fight you'd have me pinned in seconds
You leave me rather quite helpless
Cant run, cant hide, its like you read my mind

But despite it all I'm glad
Because for someone who has always been alone
It's nice to be part of a pack
No seriously please send help
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