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Deep 1d
Fragile night
prisoned sorrow
Bleak future
loveless life,

Dream distant
Passion severe
Path thorny
Destination unclear,

You leaving
no one around
me need you most
You not on that ground,

I adrift, I ashore
I alive, I in control,

I'm not mad
who gad called as bad,

Not missing someone...I
Your absence
not desirable

I'm not breakin...
I mean
Gabs 4d
You’re not one of us.
Or perhaps we’re not one of them?
These statements place me much farther away from where I want to be.
One may have knowledge
but not everyone will have skill

One may have a skill
but not everyone will have talent

One may have a talent
but not everyone will have a voice

One may have a voice
but not everyone has something to say

One may have something to say
but not everyone will be heard.
As for you, like it is for me
We find our place, between
who we are and who we imagine to be
Debbie Lydon Feb 3
I know where I belong, perhaps we all belong there, in the light-hearted dwelling of creative arousal,
In that airy perception of beauty around us,
There is residence there for all,
Only waiting to be taken up,
A room in the kingdom of heaven.
My Dear Poet Jan 8
I can break in and find another place
among company where you feel free
yet strangers become foe or friend
or an unwelcome guest with a key
I can manipulate my way into a heart
or force the love of someone else
but I don’t think I’d feel I ever belong
If I cannot first live with myself
Zywa Dec 2021
You know the feeling

of not belonging, being --

different, a guest.
"Twee vrouwen" ("Twice a Woman", 1975, Harry Mulisch)

Collection "Thinkles Lusionless"
Kamila Dec 2021
I'm thinking and guessing
What if the things that are stressing
Me out
Are just problems I've made myself up?

I'm looking for a place to belong,
But what if I have this need as long
As I do not embrace that I'm different from others?
Or am I the one who disconnects and becomes another?

What is belonging?
Is it worth ignoring
Things you don't like,
That you don't feel understood or alike?

They say everything starts within,
Is it something I haven't given
Myself yet,
Or should I keep searching for it?
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