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Ju Temo 2d
Can I find you past Mount Hua,
After crossing Cao’e River,
Through the fields of Longkou,
Will I be walking for long?

Sat, waiting for the train to go
To take me where I am supposed to be
Head pressed against the cold window
I want that seat.

Lost among the frames
And paths between stones
You should be somewhere among
The busy laying down of flowers
I want to know

A fickle not fitting anywhere
A missing piece,
Just wandering.

Who do I owe my existence to.
Who brought me here.
I would kneel down to you
And offer my deepest gratitude

Tired of floating up in the air
Just whisked around by the wind.
The tree with roots is stronger
The clouds so lonely.

Breezing by, the single leaf
Stuck in this one state
I’ll walk alone with my two legs
Don’t worry, I’ll continue to go
But where are you?

The people who came before me
Blocks of my past
You’re going too far
I’m lost.

This voice,
The voice formed
Trying to reach out
It’s calling out
It can’t let go,
Where it came from.

Every sunshine,
Every storm,
It surrounds us
Brings us to life.
I’ll always look up
And see it like you.

Going past Mount Hua
Alone among the clouds
Who put me here
I want to know.

I’ll travel long
And so far,
I’ve been walking for long.

I’ll put my respects
Will you see me
I won’t be disappointed
I’ll lay down everything
Just to have my place.

Left away
Those a part of me
I’m walking through the path
But where are you?
Ju Temo' is a freelance poet that is inspired by songwriting.      
All other poems can be seen at:
Bansi Adroja Oct 11
You belong to the credit card statements on your coffee table
to your bosses emails at 7pm
to plans you can't cancel
to conversations that just don't end

You belong to morning commutes
to browsing produce same time every Tuesday
to the caffeine fix it you missed
to sad days you want to escape

You belong to everything
but you
Jay Sep 23
Which cloth am I cut from?
In a menagerie of material
From the crude to the formal
It's frustrating
Where do I belong?
Am I him or her,
Or my very own?
i aint tryna bug ya babe
Poetria Sep 22

i can learn how you verse, how you speak

but my tongue holds no honey as sweet

then to speak, linearity i seek

still, in poetry my colour won't bleed

yes indeed, i decieve to be seen;

my tongue will take lifetimes to heal


now you see: i unravel, revealed

half-strange and a weapon, my speech

but i practiced pretense to be near

my defence for the self that i fear

so you see: i am only part here

in these pieces, i'll never be real
this poem was born from a journal entry i was writing, that was explaining my first journal entry in more detail.
I am yours in the first month of fall when the trees begin to dance their autumn song.
I am yours when the sun smothers your cheeks and I envy the way it kisses you.
I am yours when December air pulls against your lips and sends shivers down your spine.
I am yours in the crowd of a million people and I am especially yours when the silence of your solace drives you mad.
I love you.
and I am yours.
rin Aug 26
Every so often,
That same dark fur appears again
Crawling around the bright green benches,
It reaches for the nearest bin
To eat the remains of what once was

Under the shade of an autumn’s day,
People whom I don’t know walk pass
Their eyes seem to linger for a second too long,
Onto the lonesome being known as me

But you,
The single black cat who searches for scraps,
Are my only acquaintance in this strange routine
You never reach me, nor I reach you
Yet I do try

Though perhaps you’ve chosen to ignore that
And I place no blame upon your small shoulders
We are simply two interlopers,
Interwoven in this society where we do not belong

So, dear black cat,
Whomst name I do not know,
Come linger a little longer,
In my futile attempt

To belong.
[similar yet opposing the white cat]
Peyton L Aug 23
He appeared to me in a dream.
the lights
the darks
the undefined space in which we resided-
was being eaten.
He devoured worlds.
Planets, galaxies, universes
were being ****** into him
by nothing other than his seer will.
He was completely incredescent.
I could not reach him,
could not touch his radiance.
All I was able to do was watch
my eyes glued to him
as everything I knew
went down his throat
with a bob of his Adam's apple.

And when I awoke,
all I could think about
was that I had to know him.
I had to know this young man
who gleefully

I wonder what it all tastes like.
If my dream matter was tangy and sweet
if the wishes of mine he ate were bitter
if the stars taste like anything you could describe with human words.

Maybe one day,
I'll see him again
and he'll indulge me
in the taste of everything.
Inspired by BR Dragos and some of their poems, go check them out! Also I wrote this in like 5 minutes in between classes so enjoy my unedited draft of whatever the heck this turns out to be.
dabble Jun 24
your eyes belong
to my undeniable stare that has infinite meanings and thousand thoughts
your lips belong
to my unbounded lust that flows out as a lovable kiss
your chest belongs
to my irresistible touch that tattoos my name and marks my reign
your ears belong
to my moans and bites from our night bed fights under full moon light

your hands belong to me to hold
I'll want them even when I grow old
your shoulders belong to me to lean
and I, forever want to be your queen
your heart that's beating
that's mine
only mine
no... I would never share
for this whole world, I swear.
M-E Jun 20
Don't reply
As if I am a wall
Its okay
Aren't we all

Did I existed
to be nonexisted?
To smile
do I have to pretend?
When this nightmare
is going to end?

In the forest
I carved on a dead tree
Mustapha was here
Feeling the same
Write your name
And join ME
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