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irinia Apr 22
I can see this only with my imaginary eyes
I can feel it in the vibrant empty spaces inside
how everything is woven together
so that I belong to her to him to them and to you
I belong to my skin I belong to the bones of my hands
I belong to my nails, of course to my heart
what if we are first imaginary beings with concrete joints?
have we forgotten that we belong to the story of the air
water fire, to the story of the earth?

the closer I get to who I am, to the earth of the soul,
to the real depth of blood, the more I cease
for a moment to twist the faces of wind in my mind
so that the world doesn't get hurt
I belong to a window, to this edge
between outside and inside

I belong to the world, oh
how wonderful that
the world belongs to itself
Andy Chunn Mar 28
Now that we are here, let’s make the most of it
Cling to every moment, embracing every bit
For life is but a fleeting thing, and time moves lightning fast
We must savor every second, and make each moment last

Let's cherish all the beauty, that surrounds us every day
And give thanks for every blessing, that comes along our way
Let's hold each other close, and cleave to lasting love
For it surely will endure, with the blessings from above

So live life to the fullest, make every moment count
For now that we are here, there’s no reason to have doubt
Together we can conquer, united we stand strong
Now that we are here, we know we all belong
Viancy Feb 12
Please God, please
Take me now to the place,
Where my name is being called out.
The corner where my uncomfortable name
Is now being murmured
I’m certain a place like this must exist
Even for someone like me.
leeaaun Dec 2022
maybe you try
and you will reach the top
and realize you don't belong there
then it's okay to come back
to the place
where belonging was waiting
for you
Deep Jun 2022
Fragile night
prisoned sorrow
Bleak future
loveless life,

Dream distant
Passion severe
Path thorny
Destination unclear,

You leaving
no one around
need you most
You not around

adrift, ashore
alive, in control

I'm not mad
and bad
and mad,

Not missing you,
Your absence
not desirable

I'm not breakin...
I mean
Gabs Jun 2022
You’re not one of us.
Or perhaps we’re not one of them?
These statements place me much farther away from where I want to be.
My Dear Poet Jun 2022
One may have knowledge
but not everyone will have skill

One may have a skill
but not everyone will have talent

One may have a talent
but not everyone will have a voice

One may have a voice
but not everyone has something to say

One may have something to say
but not everyone will listen.
As for you, like it is for me
We find our place, between
who we are and who we imagine to be
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