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Sylph 2d
Bad choices will always
come back
she loves to make sure
you pay the price
for what you wanted
so i hope it was worth it
So far i think it was, if i thought it was a bad choice that is...But i dont regret it.
Sylph 2d
My lips brush upon your cheeks
tasting the salt of your tears
i wish i could take the burdens you bare
banish them from your shoulders
the pain of watching you hurt
the guilt that burns my very soul
to a crisp
knowing i caused this
the sad tears falling from your broken eyes
the weight keeping you from standing
its all because of me
Whyd i dare speak those three words
"I love you"
they felt so true
im sorry
Human beings are based off emotion, It can hurt us and even **** us a to extent. Think about that next time you play with a humans heart as though it was your own toy.
  5d Sylph
"forgive me"
she wrote
in midnight ink
flowers in her hair
stars dripping down her cheeks
she wanted to say
"i love you"
she wanted to say
"i can fix this"
she wanted to say
and she wrote it
every word
on the page
“i just don’t really wanna be here anymore,” he said softly.

“where? where don’t you wanna be?” i asked.

“i just can’t be here anymore.”

It's ok to
fall apart.

Tacos fall apart
and we
still love them.


Also, I'm just a bit hungry...
  Oct 11 Sylph
I love you
8 letters
3 simple words
1 that could turn a wrong
Into right
  Oct 8 Sylph
Life is an
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