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Gabby Apr 16
I don't want to wish we could be Romeo and Juliet
Cupid and Psyche
Eurydice and Orpheus

I just want a you and me
In this world full of fairytales
Let me  be your reality
I'm just thinking about her
Ason Mar 6
Like Orpheus, ****** of lyric and word
I pray my song will not meet thy sleeping ears
But pour through orifice meant for only one,
​My veil be lifted!

Sweet and swift, words of thy present god,
Plead mine eyes set forth without jest,
For backward glance should destroy my love
​If only for my spirit,

Eternal in thy presence but still without,
Eternal in flames from whence thine eyes yet slept
But woken now for my loves melody to take,
​Not the hand of Hades!

Bound is my chain of yearning to which only thee holds the reins,
Thy past with dear Aphrodite becomes my right.
To know where thine love lies true, thou shalt not sway from my lead;
​I turn only for my love!

Where doth thine eyes wander, should mine stray not from thee?
Where hath thine eyes gone before thy saving grace?
This lyre charmed the wrath of death for mine prize,
​Thy love and thy word

With thou in step to this ascent toward worldly pleasure,
Thy love only known without falter.
Mine trust of thine Hades falls as feathers from a dove,
​Thy purity is false

And thus, I must turn to know thine ways,
Praying for the lies of Hades, if only for my spirit,
I turn to face thine histories and met with thine ashes
​My trust forsaken!
Euphie Jan 27
With poets' sinew, the dream I have will be
played like a harp until I wake.

Until the time comes
I hope one day...
the elixir that remains
in my mouth will last
until death comes.
Dogslinwriter Aug 2018
Dear Orpheus,
You have been very patient.
The silence of a loved one is difficult to keep up with.
You still talk like nothing has changed.
I know this is scary.
I know you love me.
I know to love and not hear "I love you" back is horrifying.
I know that once your eyes used to light up looking at me.
I still see that light, but it's distant now,
Like the light is at the horizon ready to disappear.
I know I am asking for too much.
Loving someone who is dead isn't easy
Bringing back someone who is dead isn't easy.
Fighting for the dead isn't easy.
I know you believe in me because you've seen me alive.
But sometimes you can't beat death.
Your patience is everything to me.
I never knew how much hurt a dead person can give,
until I saw you hurting.
I want to come back. I want to return.
To our world.
To the enchanting music of your lyre.
I know there will always be uncertainties.
I know there will always be an Aristaeus walking behind me.
I know this time wouldn't last forever.
I hope you do too.
I know you have fought the gods and monsters for me.
So just wait, dear Orpheus.
For I am fighting too.

I am walking behind you.
I know you don't hear me.
Do not turn for I am trying to keep up.
Do not rush for it wouldn't make it any better.
I am a shadow, haunted by Hades, dear Orpheus.
Wait a little more, I don't want to lose you forever.
Your Eurydice.
Nick Stiltner Feb 2018
A plane of faces turned upside down,
Somewhere along the trail to the Underworld.
The long corridor stretches indefinitely,
Torches spread sparsely along the walls.
The spiraling stairs push deeper on.

“Do not look back, he said
Do not looked back!” He thought.
Terror struck, for he remembered clearly
the lessons the hushed voice had taught.

A grief struck chord plucked from within,
As his sobs began to form.
“Oh, the fool I am!” He cried,
“Why could I have not held my gaze,
Held my vision steadfast
To the closing morning rays?”

As he reached the bottom,
He readied his lyre
And stuck strings in frenzy dire.
Rounding the corner to the banks of flowing Styx,
He saw the same creatures he once tricked.

Determined eyes and sure hands,
He struck the chords at the essence of man.
But this time the creatures lining the Styx,
Were not so surely bewitched.

They closed nearer, vicious growls upon their lips.
Back met stone, an exit long gone.
“The song had always worked,” cried the desperate man, words falling on unhearing ears.

Yes, his tune had always worked,
But not twice tonight.
To mortal love you have given your life,
For you cannot fool Pluto twice.
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