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Oct 23 · 252
Em Oct 23
In Death
there are only

made to guide the man
to a heaven
that never existed.
i woke up in between naps to write this im going to sleep again
Sep 3 · 136
Em Sep 3
She's in there
She's in there
She's in there

She's in there so I can't go in.
She's laying there and I don't want to see
The darkness mixed with the dirt
Clustering around her dented body

She's in there and I refuse to see
She's in there and I refuse to gaze upon her grayed beauty
But now I'm the only one who hasn't
And I think I'll regret that for eternity.
feelings i had in April
i regret not being able to say goodbye one last time
Em Jul 18
Isn't it funny
How you can get any word
And make it sound nice
By putting other words with it?
i dont know
Jun 19 · 110
No Man's Clay Tour
Em Jun 19
In a foreign tongue
I speak
That captivates all

Alike to a stream
Only relaxation
hewwo its 1 am
Apr 21 · 54
Roses for Ella
Em Apr 21
I imagine you
lying and surrounded
by a bed of roses
Happy, happy
blessed and relaxed
nothing could ever be
more right.

Running and playing
so energetic
even at your age!
To see you chasing and leaping
I'd would never avert my gaze

A bed of roses
All for you

Time passes
and time hurts
and time kills.
You're now surrounded by roses
as I always imagined

You are the roses.
Consoling those who come near
Yet reducing them to tears
You're away
But you're still so close.

But only in the form of roses.
My last poem was so messy, haha. Wanted to make a new one
Hope this does her justice
Apr 21 · 164
Em Apr 21
For such a long time
you gave me everything you could
and everything I needed

Maybe I took you for granted
Maybe I should've invited you in more
or give you more company
or give you more food you wanted
and hugs
and kisses
more, more, more.

I can't give you more
Not now, at least
But you meant more to me
than you'll ever know

And what I could ever return to you.
My dog, Ella, has died on Friday, the 19th of April. I miss her so much.
Rest In Peace Ella, 2006-2019
Apr 17 · 566
Em Apr 17
The depths
of nothing
rise and fall
creating tones
to the human ear
to the eye
Creating a labyrinth
to confuse her
to evoke feelings in her
to make her revoke those feelings
and crush them into nothing
to be plunged into the depths
And become the depths themselves.
i made this up as i go (as i normally do ahfajfgh)
help me im bored
im procrastinating
Mar 29 · 112
Only So
Em Mar 29
In the corrupting ideas in my mind
The ones involving you were the most sensible.
And in that incessant swing of memories
I came to the realization that we are nothing
Nothing more than a pile of ashes
Rotting away
With no hope of heaven or hell.
ggggg im bored
Mar 22 · 123
Em Mar 22
To ask
the most simple query
that has lingered
in my thoughts
That transmogrified
into a hold of fear
that never lets you go.

Burning a hole
from inside your head
and mutates your tears
into harrowing acid
Dripping from your eyes.

I shall keep this query to myself
As the answer I most fear
is the one chosen true.
am OOPSET,,,
i m  r e al l y  a n x io u s   ab o ut   sumn
wa  n nn a    v er  i fy   s om e t hin g  but ehghghgh
Mar 13 · 251
Em Mar 13
Well aren't you a little computer!
So smart and witty!
Knowledgeable and oh, so clever
yet you're so itty bitty!

Such a smart young girl
How have you come to this?
Studying and learning
Is it all for your bliss?

I know you're real smart
and I know you're so strong
Yet you will only be reduced
And that's the end of it.
sometimes women arent appreciated for stuff :/
You probably notice some of my poems start off with rhyme and a sort of beat and then fall flat at the end
I hope you did
i t s  o n  p u r  p o s e
Mar 7 · 169
Em Mar 7
The words she spoke appeared on her skin
On her arms
and legs
and everywhere she bled.

She was no longer beautiful.
based off a meme i saw
Feb 28 · 171
Em Feb 28
I'm the theory in your head
I'm the theory that's painted red
Planted in your garden bed

The choir of furies in your stead
The pack of doubts that never fled
She's the monstrosity that tore you to shreds
And I'm the ghost that saw how you bled.
reposting cuz i want aTTENTION
Feb 28 · 391
Em Feb 28
The walls around me
are tight
They close in.

A seemingly endless maze
of monochrome
full of sharp turns

A piece of the sky
I look up upon
Bright and blue

Not unlike you.
im a weeb this is a weeb reference
Feb 12 · 136
Em Feb 12
The saying is always
"A thousand times yes."

But a million is so much more.
someone date me
Jan 30 · 291
Em Jan 30
Where better to find a leaf
than in the forest?
Where better to eat food
than at a table?
Where better to pray
than in a church?
Where better to scream
than by yourself?
Where better to hurt
than inside yourself?

No place better than a hospital
to recover
Where better to die
than in the arms of your lover?
this was inspired bY A N I M E UWU
been watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
thought of george joestar's last words and i dunno
Jan 23 · 1.1k
Em Jan 23
Let us take a gamble
You'll have nothing to lose
Only fun, only fun
I will swear to you.

Come and observe this fire!
It's not dangerous, you'll see
Run your hands, all over
The flames won't hurt thee.

Glide your hands over this knife
Feel the adrenaline course!
Your running blood of crimson
Your death you won't have to force.
i dunno what im doin
peer pressureeeee
Jan 17 · 126
Em Jan 17
I bask in the glory
Radiated from the sun
The heat works to encompass me
In its loving embrace

Shining over the earth
Dropping and raising petals
Never stopping
Never ceasing to exist

There were gods named after her, after all.
i dont know what im doing?????? im tired but i haven't posted here in a while
the sun is good, the sun is gREAAAAAAAT,,,,
Jan 11 · 130
Em Jan 11
My life itself
burrows in its exhaustion
A thirst for renewal
For another purpose
once again

It must be hiding
Impossible to seek
So I stay in exhaustion
in fatigue
in tiredness

Lifting it all on my own
Until an unforeseen energy
Lifts it with me.
sometimes you need someone else to help you get that *push* uwu
relying on others isn't bad
friends r cool beans B-)
Jan 4 · 452
Em Jan 4
The stickiness of the gel
That never leaves your fingers
The smell that forever lingers
The distaste that stays at
the back of your mouth.

It could be annoying to have
But inevitable to give.
clingy,,,,, im so clingy
ugh relationships r hard
im tryna not be so e m o ti o n a l l y   d e  p  e n d e n t
Dec 2018 · 122
Em Dec 2018
You talk and talk
And I'm glad to listen
I'm glad to hear
and to help

You list your problems
And I sympathize
As well as advise
Without any kind of price

On and on
I'm here for you
Listening, listening
Forever and ever.

All of your talk
and your negativity
Flows and spreads
Like a disease to your listener
it's good having someone to talk to about stuff
in fact its something you need
But sometimes it can get too much to the listener
especially if they don't know much about you
Dec 2018 · 155
Em Dec 2018
A whimsical tweet
powerful enough
To send shivers
down your spine

The tones that make you
want to dance
and want to cry
are always the most divine.
i love bittersweet stuff
flutes make me feel like that i dunno
luv music
Dec 2018 · 176
Em Dec 2018
You rest inside my mind
Flooding through memories
Melting the corridors of my brain

And electrical activity
Since the day you came
I knew you would stay with me
In my consciousness.
In my *****,
dangerous mind.

And I know you still will.
im bored
cant write
lev me aloon uwu
i wanna play with italics
Dec 2018 · 125
Bugging Me
Em Dec 2018
A mosquito chomped me!
It hurt, so I got mad at it.
I shooed and swatted it away,
over and over again,
but it wouldn't leave!

Minute after minute
Swat after swat
Mr. Mosquito went splat
And a small wave of victory overcame my hurt.

The chomp was still there
but the mosquito wasn't
Did my revenge really make a difference?
went for a more childish style
eh take it as u will
leave me alon
Pettiness can hurt :)
Dec 2018 · 114
Senses Galore
Em Dec 2018
I hear
And I can feel
The sleepy beat of drums
The deep growl of the bass
The music that somehow reminds me of liquid.
Carelessly flowing,
bouncing from note to note
and beat to beat
In a strong way
yet gentle.

A ****** tune
that sounds so magnificent
Is the purest form of contradiction.
ever hear a song so mmmHHMM??
i have :)
wording is weird because im a ******* thanks
Nov 2018 · 125
Em Nov 2018
How do I feel today?

Not too happy, I imagine.
Not at all sad, I feel.
No anger, no hurt.
Not even nothing.

What should I write today?
No stories or memories.
My thoughts are extinguished.

You can create when you feel nothing
Because of that.
You feel nothing
But you can't create
or express
When you feel nothing.
Nizae means "conflict" in Arabic :)))
feel free to argue with me im dumb
i dont care i cant write leav me  a l o on
Nov 2018 · 228
Em Nov 2018
As I sat
And wallowed
In my good ol' depression puddle
I felt a lingering need
Bubbling up inside me.

Wanting to surface.
Needing to surface.
Inevitably, well, surfaced.

"Create, create!"
Was all it said.
So I created.
The flowing of my pen
unto the paper
Felt like a dream.

And an endless dream
It would become.

And sometimes, all you need is a push.
hehe depression puddle
Nov 2018 · 121
Em Nov 2018
Sometimes I feel as if he doesn't care.
At least, that's the vibe I get.

A nonchalant answer
to a thought-out inquiry
is enough to make me think
that he,
in fact,
does not care.
boys r dumb >:((((
wrote this on a whim because my boyfriend is dumb >:((((
im an adult i swear
Nov 2018 · 99
Em Nov 2018
Unbeknownst to me
The inquiries of the world
Linger in the air
and in the streets
and in my mind.

Our curiosity as children
Burn in our thoughts
and actions
And come out as questions.

Some of us hunger for more
And some of us don't.
And it all comes down to this:

Are you better off not knowing?
are you? are you?? Are you?? ArE You??? A Re  yOU???>  A RE YO U LsjlkFJLDJAFJDFFSDAFHJAK

Oct 2018 · 102
Em Oct 2018
The girls at the playground
don't talk to me.
They look
and stare
and whisper
and yet ignore me.

"What did I do,"
I always ask myself.
Am I ugly?
Do I smell?
Am I too loud?
Or annoying?
Or stupid?
Or weird?

Those days of girls and insecurities have passed.
Loud and proud, baby.

Weird, schmeird.
i was pretty weird in elementary/middle school
i got ignored pretty often by girls
i didn't care i think,, maybe i did who k n o w s
i am a lovely person now uwu
Oct 2018 · 182
Em Oct 2018
Though one may have noble intentions
One will always have a darker side.

Greed and longing
Are the most common forms of masochism.
And when one has what they want,
One will lose everything else.

The Midas Touch
Gave a man the ability
To satisfy his soul
And to destroy his life.
i read the greek story today
made me think uwu
Oct 2018 · 217
A Game
Em Oct 2018
Let's play a game
just you and I!
The rules you shall know
and I shall supply.

Cheating of course, is never fair
This game isn't hard at all,
you'll be running on air!

There's no way to lose
This game is for all!
For the old and big,
or for the young and small.

But how do you win this game,
you may ask.
Well that's a simple question really:
Just remove your mask!
im a gay-mer hahahaah help
Oct 2018 · 98
Do You
Em Oct 2018
When you write
Do you think of what to say?
Do you aim to see a certain way?
Are you careful with your words?
Slipping in a secret password?

Do you even care to rhyme?
Or are you frugal with your time?
Do you want to send a message?
Or perhaps a foreboding presage?

At the end of the day
A poem is a poem
Even one as simple as this
Even if it falls flat.

Like this.
i sure as hell d on t uwu
u bet i looked up rhymes for some of these
Oct 2018 · 48
Em Oct 2018
Followers of corruption
Led to believe that they themselves
Are being risen to a better life

Viewing one as a god
But he is only a charade
Hidden behind a smile of devious lies
Oct 2018 · 209
Em Oct 2018
Dainty little hands
Dark curly hair
Dimples in a smile
The preciousness of it all!

Brown eyes and skin
With the most delightful chin
Oh, how much I'd love to begin
To talk, and play, and laugh
With you, my dear.

Alas, that day shall have to wait
But I'm aware that every single date
Could never be more great
As long as I'm with my lieb.
:) sounds like my sister and me
Oct 2018 · 129
To Write
Em Oct 2018
To write
And express
And share
an idea
or a thought
or a memory
or a romanticized past

...Is it all that?
haha im suffering from boredom
Sep 2018 · 122
Em Sep 2018
Everything you see
Everything you hear
And touch
And smell
Are part of a greater existence.

Unfathomable numbers
of particles
lingering on one speck
of dust

There's simply so much!
ha ha ah im gonna do dishes
thanks for coming to my TedTalk guys
Sep 2018 · 167
For my baby
Em Sep 2018
For my baby
I give hope.
The hope that you will be happy
The hope that you find love
The hope that you are always safe.

For my darling
I give trust
Trust between your friends
Trust between your family
And trust between your lover

For my child
I give strength
Strength to move on
Strength for when I am gone
Strength in the presence of brawn!

For my love;
There is nothing
I would not give you
I wish to never outlive you

And I'd love to forever love you.
go give your parents a hug or call
or anyone important in your life
there are always people who feel this way about you
Sep 2018 · 819
Em Sep 2018
In the rare event
that you should need
something from me

No matter who you are
No matter how you've treated me
No matter my opinion of you

I will humbly,
benevolently answer:

i mean am i wrong boys and girls
my attempt at comedy
im sorry i s u cc
Sep 2018 · 82
The D Word
Em Sep 2018
I'm happy.

But why am I sad?
d is for depression :)))))))
im not depressed don't worry
i just think that this describes how some people feel
Sep 2018 · 138
Em Sep 2018
The soft glow of my skin
The warmness of my smile
Beaming for all of you.

The sarcastic smirk upon my face
and the bite of my ruby lips
Shows for no one but you alone.

For them, I will give
my excitable nature.
My witty responses
and my songs of joy.

For me
I will give
A true nature
A genuine look.

Do not take pity for me
as these personas hold deeper meaning

They are not facades.

They are all part of my chameleon soul.
i succ i know leave me alone
Sep 2018 · 812
Em Sep 2018
The joyous reflection
of your smile
in my tangerine dreams.

Tangerine, tangling.

The dunes in your eyes
and the tributaries in your thighs
Never want to be seen.

Tangerine, my precious queen.

I never want to leave your scene
I'm happier than I've ever been
My heart will always glow marine
For you, I will scream:

"Tangerine dreams!"
what am i doing
im hungry
i succ i know
it takes me like 5-10 minutes to write these which is why they're sloppy
Sep 2018 · 129
Lingering Lovely
Em Sep 2018
Mine own lingering love,
like a fawn in a meadow
Lurking cautiously.
It hath no place here,
yet only here it is.

Mine own love lingers.
Like the echoes of a siren
present in a sailor's head.
A voiceless lamentation.

My love should not linger,
units of hurt,
of pain,
barrel down all at once.

A fawn, murdered by a crimson bullet;
A siren's song, questioned and forgotten.

They do not have lingering love,
they are hurt.

As am I.
But I do not care.
I only love

And my lingering love does not care.
im dramatic im sorry
Sep 2018 · 783
Em Sep 2018
You and your coldness
Yearn for my touch
And mine only.

The touch only I can give
The fire only I can ignite
inside of you.

Calor, calor.

The devilish smile of the blaze
Hell boiling
inside of us.
Between our love.

You are only cold.
Oh, how you need my warmth!
Oh, how you need my love!
Oh, how you need me!

Calor, calor.

My love burns.
Your skin
Your flesh




You cry
But the burning does not stop.
It must not stop.

I love you
As you love me.

Calor, calor.
ya i know i succ but i just wanted to be deep i dunno
i did this in like 8 minutes which is why its kinda sloppy and like,, weird
dont make fun of me thanks

— The End —