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Kassan Jahmal Nov 2021
In the currency of their love'
Could the world pay off;
Gamblers playing their luck?

Darling' we think we're,
Falling for each other:
But only in the effect of'
Falling dominoes.

Roses on your head'
Piercing thorns, sharp thoughts
As I do suppose;
You're open in light' of eyes,
Exposed to the Sun's dust:
Your hard heart; afraid to be'
In water, and turned to rust.

Why do we as kids'
Waste all the time of youth
Before we knew our fears;
And were pressured by peers?
Pressured to pursue this love.

As I only loved you'
Because I was told:
Said so, because it felt a role,
Playing each other in an act
Seen by eyes of those who couldn't;
Find anything close to love:
So they opted to find love in us.

All those fools;
Kids forgetting lessons'
Lessening their time in class.

I know now; I was never in love.
Shelster Dec 2020
Our stories shared
Healings unfold
Connections being made
Our truths being told

We are not alone
There's someone out there
Like you
Someone who cares

Someone who feels you
and shares what you're going through

Someone who hears you
when all you need is to be listened to

Someone that lifts you
when you're down so deep that no-one sees you

Someone to be that friend to you
when there is no-one around to be there for you

We can find that someone
that someone like you
to connect with,
to grow with
and to never feel alone with.

--Someone like you
Bellamy Nieto Oct 2020
Child: hey ma my freinds said they asked about the honey
Mum: Are you drunk?
Child: no
Child: is not alchool its hinoney ma hon
“Misscall from Mum”
Mum: R U @ stacy’s house?
“Misscall from Mum”
Child: Im at a beach a lake or iidkthe car
Mum: Answer your phone!
Mum: who is with you?
Child: can you come pick em uip
Child: me up
Child: i wan go hoke now
Mum: Yes baby just answer your phone we can figure out where you are
“Child could not be reached”
“Child could not be reached”
“Child could not be reached”
This is a poem that uses a code word to let the mum know the child is in trouble. The mum knows right from the moment "honey" is mentioned that the child needs to be picked up and taken out of whatever situation they are in.
Anthony Arellano Sep 2020
The way they describe you,
In the complex analogy,
Speak of you as an object,
Sitting here I remind quiet,
A part of the problem,
Rather than embracing your personality,
They embrace your figure,
Rather than embracing your kindness,
They embrace your figure,
Rather than embracing your strength,
They embrace your figure,
I continue to drink,
Staying to myself,
I acknowledge the problem,
That makes me no better than them.
Which are you?
Maniacal Escape Jun 2020
The sins of the father and the son must be punished
Allow the juries hand to be corrupt and
Dispense their magical omnipotence.

But taste the finality of man as the hammer draws near
To consequence; and question
The strangers leer in corrupt composure.

The judges sweat melds to the handle, he grips
Hard to the justice of his resolve, as
It slips beneath the bench

And now to the audience, you decide
To solidify a man in a statue to justice or
Grant redemption and torments respite.
Because I put to you that,
the sins of the father and the son must be punished.
Sophie Sharp Jun 2020
Why do I always sit alone?
Why am I afraid?
I just can't ever condone
The stupid things people say.

Is this problem theirs?
Or is it purely mine,
I guess nobody cares,
For me nobody pines.

Why don't I loosen up?
Why don't I just have a drink?
Because my head is way too full,
I can't even hear myself think.

I know I don't need to keep this up,
I could just please the crowd,
But so far I've still got some luck
I don't want to run out.

Some day, someone will get me,
They'll understand my ways,
Then together we can party
For the rest of our perfect days.
Oluwatobi May 2020
I was taught not to follow the multitude to do evil
but some friends can be deceitful
I have always wanted to be welcomed by my peers
and thought As someone cool
so I joined them
even though what they did was wrong
My choice cost me my freedom
and I fear It is too late
peer pressure
Aleena Oct 2019
She said it,
She said the phrase I most regretted
Those words they stung
Because they where so dreaded
I knew it was true,
but I didn’t know it would come so soon

Caught me off guard
It played out like a cartoon
I knew it was true,  
but never thought that it would be said
Hitting me so hard
Made me want to drop dead
Sillo Anderson Apr 2019
Esteem plagued the pretense of reality
Fitting firm, a reason to be happy
Wavering diligently the courses daunted by society
As innocence fight for a place in moralities.

For whom must one seek
To be free from stigma and defeat
And claim triumph on red metal seats.
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