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I was taught not to follow the multitude to do evil
but some friends can be deceitful
I have always wanted to be welcomed by my peers
and thought As someone cool
so I joined them
even though what they did was wrong
My choice cost me my freedom
and I fear It is too late
peer pressure
Aleena Oct 2019
She said it,
She said the phrase I most regretted
Those words they stung
Because they where so dreaded
I knew it was true,
but I didn’t know it would come so soon

Caught me off guard
It played out like a cartoon
I knew it was true,  
but never thought that it would be said
Hitting me so hard
Made me want to drop dead
Sillo Anderson Apr 2019
Esteem plagued the pretense of reality
Fitting firm, a reason to be happy
Wavering diligently the courses daunted by society
As innocence fight for a place in moralities.

For whom must one seek
To be free from stigma and defeat
And claim triumph on red metal seats.
Sillo Anderson Feb 2019
What great sins have we in secrets
Peering at exertions too quickly,
Even in new dawns, regrets are made burgeoned
And with every leniency given
We maul at our grievance.

But time measures our sorrows
By faith
Em Jan 2019
Let us take a gamble
You'll have nothing to lose
Only fun, only fun
I will swear to you.

Come and observe this fire!
It's not dangerous, you'll see
Run your hands, all over
The flames won't hurt thee.

Glide your hands over this knife
Feel the adrenaline course!
Your running blood of crimson
Your death you won't have to force.
i dunno what im doin
peer pressureeeee
no such thing as abstinence
just one sip and then that's it
drink from the bottle
sell your soul
and smile
just have a taste
they tell me
K Balachandran Sep 2018
Precarious perch,
They peered at flood waters’ spread;
And they found no end!
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