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I am at a point where I am confused
I am at a point where I am lost
Is this what being a teenager is?             Boluwatife

I am at a point where I crave to be seen
I am at a point where I crave to be loved
Is this what being a teenager is.            Boluwatife

I am at a point where my heart is broken
I have lost so many friends at this point
Is this what teenage hood is?               Loretta

I am at a point where I don't want to disappoint my parents
I am at a point where I don't want to disappoint my friends
Is this what being a teenager is?         Boluwatife

I love being a teenager, I hate being a teenager
I am confused, depressed and frustrated
Is this what being a teenager is?         Boluwatife

So many things crave my attention
I am afraid I will succumb to the pressure
Is this what teenage hood is?             Loretta

So much is expected of me
I can't seem to find a balance in my life
Is this what being a teenager is?          Boluwatife

Am I being weird, aren't I too fat
I think I'm too thin, a lot of people are staring😥
Is this what being a teenager is?

Everyone wants to force their opinions on me
No one cares what I think
Is this what teenage hood is?             Loretta
I wrote this with  my friend and I hope you enjoy it
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2021
Her and higher education:

Those narrow walls

That building
with too many stares

All the talk about climbing
up the flagpole

Just to see
what goes up

And what comes down

It was so much easier
when they just wanted

To carry her books
Note: The placement of stares, and not stairs, is intentional. It is not a typo.
Rollercoaster Dec 2020
We're kids- all of us.
why do we force each other to grow up?
Bellamy Nieto Oct 2020
Child: hey ma my freinds said they asked about the honey
Mum: Are you drunk?
Child: no
Child: is not alchool its hinoney ma hon
“Misscall from Mum”
Mum: R U @ stacy’s house?
“Misscall from Mum”
Child: Im at a beach a lake or iidkthe car
Mum: Answer your phone!
Mum: who is with you?
Child: can you come pick em uip
Child: me up
Child: i wan go hoke now
Mum: Yes baby just answer your phone we can figure out where you are
“Child could not be reached”
“Child could not be reached”
“Child could not be reached”
This is a poem that uses a code word to let the mum know the child is in trouble. The mum knows right from the moment "honey" is mentioned that the child needs to be picked up and taken out of whatever situation they are in.
Eddie Apr 2019
I love you.
My heart screamed for you alone from the moment we first drew breath.
How can you not see what I would do for you?
You're so beautiful.
I only wish to show you that.
Seeing you in the morning sets my soul afire.
The other girls i've been with, they are nothing.
Nothing, to what I see in you.
I long to hold you in my arms, keep you close.
Never let you go.
You don't seem to understand, the clothes I've bought for you, yes they may be a little..uh..skimpy but trust me!
You'll look great in them!
Declined offer after declined offer, you reject my advances.
Do I smell?
No, I'm sure you're just being too polite and would rather not waste my time.
I know I'm a great guy, but you're a great gal.
We're two of a kind, you and I.
It's so amazing that I met the love of my life right here at work.

I know I've been a little pushy, following you home,
but It's only to make sure you make it home alright.
Maybe I did find your number in the phone book and send you one..maybe 100 texts and calls, but it's only because I love you.
Why don't you see that?
I've done so much for you, and yet you throw it all away.
Is there something wrong with you?
Stop being such a ******* ***** and give in!

Oh, I see how it is.
I bet you're having *** with any guy you can, making sure to pass around all the STDs i'm sure you have.
I may be a ******, but it's because I'm saving it for the right person.
Unlike you.
You're so disgusting.
A nice guy like me is so much better off without an ugly **** like you.

Wow, really dodged a bullet there, amiright?
I hope all those "nice guys" out here get a chance to read this poem. You truly are ugly on the inside. each and every one of you.
Allison Mar 2019
I misplaced my love
in you,
blame it on my
running away
and these too-big shoes.
I gave myself away
to the crowd,
Found comfort
in being diluted,
drowned out
in this generic loud,
in someone who's proud
of my shape-shifting,
chameleon-tongued sound.
I’ve been responding
to the wrong name.
Lately just
a look of loss
and the chest pressure
of shame.
Beloved mistakes hang
in the mirror’s frame.
I found myself
in a pawn shop,
without enough
cents to reclaim.
Em Jan 2019
Let us take a gamble
You'll have nothing to lose
Only fun, only fun
I will swear to you.

Come and observe this fire!
It's not dangerous, you'll see
Run your hands, all over
The flames won't hurt thee.

Glide your hands over this knife
Feel the adrenaline course!
Your running blood of crimson
Your death you won't have to force.
i dunno what im doin
peer pressureeeee
Alec Nov 2018
It's great to be a part of a group.
It's great to have friends, to have support, to have fun.
It's great to be a part of a group.
Does it ever stop being great?
It's great to spend all your time with your group.
It's great to share all your secrets with your group.
When did it stop being great?
Did it stop when you pretended to like something because they all liked it?
Did it stop when you pretended to dislike something because they all disliked it?
Did it stop when you started doing things you swear you'd never do?
Did it stop when you stopped spending time with your family?
Did it stop when you started doing things the group thought were super awesome?
Or did it stop when you died because of those things?
It somehow came to my mind. It sounded better in my mind but I hope you like it anyway.
Carmella Rose Aug 2018
the way i smiled outside
is the opposite of how i cry inside
the pain left me hanging
i couldn’t take it anymore
the pressure they all gave me
the thoughts and misconceptions
the society fed me
kept being toxic
all my efforts
were nothing but trash
i seemed unnoticed
and silently i waited for someone
to hear how much myself peaked at
that metal mask that hides
my identity
i talked about my flaws
at the mirror
shouting how much
sorrow i’ve been through
seeing my bloodshot red eyes
kept me wondering
am i that pitiful?
i am that small thing
in the big perfectionist world
i couldn’t accept myself
so i torn it apart
and left every bits and pieces
of the real me
i kept using all these
makeups skincare pills
just to hide the past
but it wasn’t enough
the expectations were as high as the skies
and i was on earth
i put all my best
but it still wasn’t enough
the oceans in my eyes
shows how much i’ve suffered all throughout
the years of judgement in the pits of hell
i am sorry for being sad
been always sorry
will always be sorry
for being who i am.
i don’t know how to be me anymore, it’s like being lost in a different crowd where i am the loser and everyone here is yet to **** me.
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