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Behold, a crow caw tears cold air,
ripping breezes to shreds tattered,
will Time **** her black bones fair?
He tries, but Her cries mattered.
Matters to whom, one can ask.
The Lady by her dim window unclear,
Using a clammy night for mask,
the docile heart, her beating, biding fear.
Ebony wings turn quietly…
Upon an evening dreary and sad,
fairest, My Crow, shrieks piercingly
and the Lady’s *****: glad.
For crow’s wails lament morbidly-
Screaming to and with the far too lonely.
My first attempt at iambic pentameter and a Shakespearian style sonnet. Written about the crow that flies by my window.
Peyton Sparks Apr 11
Interestingly enough

(I miss you)

Mayhaps love
Is not the
Solution to all the problems in the world but the,
Specific cause, creating a problematic

(I miss you)

Yearning of the soul that creates issues as dark as
Obsidian, or could it be that love will never be

I miss you
On our first date you didn’t kiss me—
instead you said my name softly
in a voice I didn’t know you could muster
and that moment felt more intimate
than any kiss I had experienced before you

Every touch from you is gentle
my body is an antique book
you’re careful not to crack the spine
—you know I’m better off half open
instead of broken
I’ll crumble in your hands if you’re not careful
so you ghost your fingers across my cheek
with delicacy I’m not worthy of
and wrap my curls behind my ear
slowly as to not ***** me

Your eyes trace over me like I’m art
and you’re a guest in my museum
—quizzically but longingly
you count freckles on my shoulders
like brush strokes in The Starry Night
and for the first time in my life
I feel beautiful
in the same way  
a rain storm is beautiful—
wildly untamed
and so unforgiving
There is a boy in my life
that reminds me of how it feels
to be hopeful

Emerald eyes and freckles on his cheeks
I yearn to trace like constellations
find the Big Dipper amongst his cheekbones
each time I look at him
I can wish upon shooting stars
—my very own Astraeus

His laughter feels like a March breeze
the first bloom of flowers
and sunshine on bare shoulders
he puts Mother Nature to shame
the embodiment of spring
unaware of the beauty he holds
inside of him

When he touches me flowers grow
from the darkest corners of my mind
my ribs sprout daisies
tulips grow in my lungs
and with every breath I take
gardens bloom

My sunshine boy I want to show you
just how important you are—
without you there would be no spring
and the world would forget
how healing it is
to feel the grass beneath their feet
after months of being trapped
inside their minds
Chum Mar 13
Your  very essence,
         Mustve been made from the Sun
    Because ,you make me feel warm inside
The man I love
From now on I’m going to settle for nothing less than perfect.
That way I’ll never get hurt.
It’s fool-proof.
I never believed in soulmates
the idea of having one person
hand picked for you by the universe
always left a sour taste in my mouth
I wanted to think I had more say
in the life I was creating
but then I met you and everything changed

Before you things didn’t make sense
it was like I was moving one frame
behind everyone else
but when you came into my life
everything finally sped up

Everyone told me love wasn’t possible
there are no such things as soulmates,
but you fit together with me
in ways I didn’t know were possible

You made me feel reckless
from the moment we first touched
I’ve been on fire
and even without you here the flames
are still burning

I can only picture a future with you in it
so maybe soulmates are real after all,
or maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic
who’s in love with a boy
that made everything he touched
feel like home
It’s been four months since you left  
but you still find a way into

Every piece of art I make
every song and playlist,
it’s been four months
but I’ve considered taking up smoking
just to taste stale cigarettes
and iced coffee every morning
to replace the emptiness
of knowing you’re no longer mine
to kiss

Little things make me miss you most
like plaid pants and thick silver rings
sat upon middle fingers,
blonde haired boys with
dark roots and deep under eye circles,
it all comes back to you

I haven’t slept peacefully in months
when I close my eyes
all I see is you.
I was never a restless sleeper before you
but now I toss and turn
my mind full of questions
I’m too scared to ask

When you told me you needed time
I told you I would support you
and each day you’re growing
but I can’t help but see
that you’re still struggling.

You promised if we were meant to be,
if you were meant to recover,
then we would find each other again
but I can’t let go of you completely
and I’m scared to let life
take its course
because I don’t like who I am without you
and I need you to stay alive
or I’ll be nothing
I'd like to ask you to repeat what you just said but I'm afraid to ask.
I've never been able to bring myself to ask anything, in fear of being wrong or sounding dumb.
This is a predicament, without questions I don't know what I'm doing but I cannot force myself to ask you.
I cannot ask you to make an exception for me either, for I don't speak up at all.

How does one just ask a question? I freak out about just speaking.
I can't even speak up above my name being pronounced wrong!
Could you please repeat your explanation? I'm softspoken and don't like speaking.
I can't bring myself to physically ask you so I just look miserable until you ask what's wrong.

Questions. It's all I have, yet I can't bring myself to say anything.
These anxieties I have are dead weight, I can't keep going.
I hate it all. Why can't I speak up? Why can't I ask questions? What's wrong with me?
Am I incorrect?

It's all the same depressing thoughts. "You're never going to make it through life."
I hear it every day. The same phrase. It repeats itself, something I could never do.
I can't feel anything because of this, I feel the need to repress it.
I'm going to ask again; could you please repeat yourself?
I can't speak up.
SR Millan Jan 29
He burnt my walls down with such caring
I went on to tell him things I couldn’t imagine ever sharing

His hands through my hair feel like a summer breeze
This feeling of safety he radiates I except with such ease

His smile so abundant and beautiful like autumn leaves
When he looks into my eyes I can tell he just  sees me.

S.R. Millan
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