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Em May 2020
My wife is a unique person
Exhibiting new lovely traits
She goes quiet like a mouse
A new woman of few words

My wife is a strange woman
Getting stranger by the day
She looks warily all around
A careful mare!

My wife is an odd creature
Staying up all night
Whispering and crying
But I know she's alright

My wife is a complex puzzle
But such an endearing thing!
She screams and flails all around
As if she can't help but sing
im back hoes
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Mare Clausum
by Michael R. Burch

These are the narrows of my soul—
dark waters pierced by eerie, haunting screams.
And these uncharted islands bleakly home
wild nightmares and deep, strange, forbidding dreams.

Please don’t think to find pearls’ pale, unearthly glow
within its shoals, nor corals in its reefs.
For, though you seek to salvage Love, I know
that vessel lists, and night brings no relief.

Pause here, and look, and know that all is lost;
then turn, and go; let salt consume, and rust.
This sea is not for sailors, but the ******
who lingered long past morning, till they learned

why it is named:
Mare Clausum.

Originally published by Penny Dreadful. Keywords/Tags: mare, clausum, closed, sea, narrows, shoals, reefs, uncharted, islands, wreckage, shipwreck, damage, dark, tides, waters, surf, stranded, Robinson Crusoe
Nora Jan 2020
Voglio essere una con il mare
Trovare tranquillità nel sfumature di blu
Mio cuore piange per la sua libertà
Ma ancora rimasta nel il stesso posto
Pieno di voglia, che sono incapace di
Mostrare, anche se affogassi nelle onde
A Simillacrum Mar 2019
Lookit me.
This street is mine.
My walk.
My swing.

Lookit this
***** on the *****.

Lookit that,
******* on the chest.
(Say what?!)

Privilege? I'm filled with love my
mother made sure I can't escape.

I won't use the public bathroom, then.
I love you.
I won't meet your eyes with mine, because I
I love you.
I won't try to find the return address, as
I love too much to quantify my chances.

Privilege? I'm glad you're so concerned
with the politics of my personhood.

What I wouldn't give to share a romantic moment.
Umi Apr 2018
A sea of love,
Hard to find, yet refreshing as the sea of tranquility,
Love blooms on the water's surface, filled with joyful tears,
A moist mare of serenity, coming with the open eye of the heart, to embrace what it holds so dear, sincere, pure and precious,
Free of the cold, the warm water tugs its beloved into the deepness of the ocean, causing them to become lost in this sensational emotion,
Alike a holy place, the sky above is compareable to a sea where clouds inhabit; fluffy and comfortable, made in heaven,
But beware; beware of the mare of storms, the fight to the finish only the ocean of crisis has followed, patience has proven to be the key,
Sometimes, all it takes is an closed eye of love to witness the beauty of this world, beyond measure, may a sea expand in their hearts,
So that they may understand, that even the dark side beholds light,
So that it can be easier to coexist in peace, harmony and serenity,
Free from all what is bad, except the pure fury and hate against the worst of all deeds and of what follows them in this regard,
Maybe then, humans would understand; living is very beautiful

~ Umi
with thier dances
have they



when they

freak out
Hari prasad Jul 2016
Believed, I Believed
we believed
Love means true.
Woke up in the morning
my phone started ringing
mind was singing
my hand started pinging
She was right in there..
white and fair
with love and care
all these were
just by a mare.
I, we, and all say "Im true to you".
which mean I love you.
**True means Love
Arcassin B Sep 2014
by Arcassin Burnham

Visits from the spirits,
while i'm fighting inner demons,
stabbing at my dreams,
guess i wouldn't have to let my emotions
just burst the scene,
the cosmic ship or the fallen angels,
coffee creamers on the kitchen sink,

wake up now before,
rip out your laughter,
like the clock tower death in seconds,
i'm bound to make a mends,
if i keep my blessings,
lead a nation with correction,
i put god first before i goto bed,
didn't think the devil put thoughts in my head,
protect me from the creatures,
that lie ahead,
and the ones without a head to be perished or dead,

i think about the times,
when i was awake,
and when i'm lieing,
there would be good dreams at stake.

— The End —