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Amy Oct 7
I have looked into deep brown eyes
Oh, so pretty they seemed
But don’t be fooled!
The ugliness behind them was cloaked with deceitful beauty.
The eyes are the windows to the soul, people say. But unfortunately not everyone's soul is pure and good.
chitragupta Oct 7
The man
The untidy one
Hunger his mistress
She likes to watch him suffer, lament
Till he drops at the feet of Mother Pavement.

The wife
Fed up by life
For there's nothing else to feed her
There is no lamp in the city
that can lighten up her Diwali

The child
All bone and skin
clutching on to the alphabet
His coos of learning A, B, C
Drowned by the cacophony of G, D, P
my dickensian observations, with a pinch of satire.
Skyla Oct 7
I can dance to rock music
I can sing lay lady lay
I can do all of these things
But I can’t seem to make you stay

I’m a sad girl by night, but a Hollywood star by day
But I seem to just be a pretty face,
ain’t no one wanna hear what I have to say

I could be a tiny dancer, a tragic starlet, a nymphet harlot, ‘cause I’m young and a bottle blonde, with blue eyes that can cry, I’m thin and I sin, and make men go sky high

They wave me hello and I kiss them goodbye
I stay in the dark, think of life, and I sigh
I cry out to god and I scream “why, why?”
So I overdose on sadness and wait to slowly die
And become an angel with wings that could fly

I stop at the golden gates, and ask if I’m in
I see my heartbreakers go straight to hell, and I win

***** you, and your pretty party girl too
She doesn’t understand poetry
And she can’t sing the blues
Like I can, honey

***** you, and your little party girl gleamer
Reality is boring, I’m gonna stay a full-time dreamer
You’re missing out, babe, we could’ve been stars
Hollywood legends, with tragedy endings,
With memories that live on, near and far

Lay me to rest, in a pretty party dress
Six feet under, what a treacherous thing to be seen
   At least I can still look like a beauty queen
No more tears left to cry, no more pretty little lies
I hope my children will remember me
Because they were the only ones who did really see
The girl who was really me, and not the icon you all painted me out to be

I’m finally getting off of this merry go round, this stupid carousel, and I’m laughing like a clown
Wearing nothing but my tears and my crazed smile and tearing off my ball gown

They all frown and tell me I’m not acting like a lady
Well, this lady has a name, and the system’s made her crazy
They took all of my happy memories and made my brain hazy

You took a naive little child and gave her some face paint, told her to make a mask, flawless and saint
She’ll be a teen idle, but only if she looks the part
Because being beautiful is the best form of art

With nothing but a caked face, old bruises and disgrace
I take out my hair extensions, remove my corset
Now I look like your average woman, with a face you’d forget
And I made all the directors and hungry men upset

But now I’m nobody’s princess, I’m nobody’s slave,
Nothing for the wolves to crave
No more children will idolise me, or my photoshopped beauty, and they’ll see the horrified reality
Beauty pageant girls cry behind the scenes
Sticking needles in their lips, and sometimes in their veins,
And 20 years later they’ll be forgotten and insane

Love yourself, for who you are,
You’re not a toy, you belong to no boy,
You don’t need makeup to be a shining star.
Please read this, all younglings  too
Jack and Sill
Swallowed a Pill
Ran up to the Hill
To kil* a heavy Monster

Jack shot and Missed
Sill shot and Killed
The ugl* heavy Monster
Let's Cherish Childhood.
Oh I don't like Hello Poetry's system of automatic selection and marking of offensive words and displaying it as ***, because it often fails.
More often it marks those words or parts which are not at all offensive. It fails to understand the context in which the words has been used.
To avoid this I have myself tried to put *
Nigdaw Oct 3
You would stare if I were beautiful

but I offend your eyes
sideways glances emphasise
how afraid you are to look
confront that fear head on
people like me even exist

you sympathise of course
goes without saying, terrible
must be awful to live with

then you check your fingers
and toes, see how perfect they are
and move on, no more ugliness today
to spoil your mood.
Love was never between
    Beautiful Faces
Love was between
     The **** experiences
Love was never about
     How happy you were
Love was about
     How sad you can be without them
Love shouldn't be
Love should be
Love is bound to nothing perfect
Ageless with wrinkles
Love is bound to flaws
And that's the uniqueness
Love varies in different people
In different ways
Of showing " I love you"
This is how I view love.
William Troup Sep 23
She died inside?
   “****”, did show no trace
   in her endearing face where tears could race;
      wondrous grace!
      ... With morrows madness dried and sent,
             their words still linger ...
             bitterly spent!

She cried inside?
   “****”, did hold no race
   with her strengthening pace with time in place;
      gloriously effaced!
      ... With sorrows anger still wild and bent,
             their souls still eager ...
             bitterly spent!

She dried inside!
   “****”, did hold no line
   with her weaving chimes she echoes through time;
      magically defined!
      ... With borrowed tales still afresh in scent,
             their hearts still beating ...
             bitterly spent!
Gale L Mccoy Sep 17
I whisper to myself
no, I write to myself
cause the clack of keys
is a sound unreadable...

                 "let me be ****"
This is all there is to me
Boredom, disappointment and debris
This is all I am about
Rudeness, deafness and bad snout
This is all I can provide
A few thousand grave warnings to mind
This I can assure you of
In a week you'll have enough
Felt a little down, when I wrote it. Freestyle written in 17 minutes.
Mrs Robota Sep 8
I bought black glasses
I only see the world through black and white lenses
Photography, little black dress, dangerous
They made me happy
They said they didn't suit my face
I felt....****

I bought pink glasses
I only see the world through pink lenses
La Vie En Rose
They made me happy
They said they didn't suit my face
I felt....****

I bought red glasses
I only see the world through red lenses
Classic, romantic, powerful
They made me happy
They said they didn't suit my face
Maybe I'm just...****?

I don't know anymore
I felt anxious this time....
I bought a pair of bright pink glasses....I was panicking...I regret my decision.... and a pair of red...I was panicking....oh god!
No matter what I do I'm **** it's okay....I hope no one says anything....I don't want to be reminded that I'm ****....

I only see the world through black and white lenses
Photography, little black dress, dangerous....
I only see the world through pink lenses
La Vie En Rose....
I only see the world through red lenses
Classic, romantic, powerful

I only see ****
I only see ****
I hate my glasses
I'm ****
They don't make me happy
It's ok. It doesn't matter. I'll get another pair in 2 years.
I'm **** now... nothing will change...
Maybe I'll be beautiful by then...
I'll just buy something plain....stupid me why did I buy pink and red glasses!
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