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Eyithen Apr 8
Why do we distort beauty?
Beauty can be power, but it can also be a burden
I never understood, but now I do

When we are not bestowed with it,
We cage it by any and all means possible
We mock those who lack it and hate those who have it

Green monsters rise in us
We blur the pure with cold blacks and angry reds
We blame them while we try to be them
I suppose jealousy is a fickle thing

In the stories of old, they say one is blessed with beauty
To gain the admirable attention of others,
How it must feel to be dotted on

But then comes the curse
Of having too much attention
Of getting the wrong attention
Of being objectified and not respected
Of being catcalled in the streets and attempting to ignore crass comments and rude remarks.

Like the attention
Don't like the attention
To be called beautiful is such a nice thing
Until it's not.
My Dear Poet Mar 22
Do you scrape it
or roll it
pick it
or mold it
when picking at guck?

Do you fold it
or scrunch it
Tear it
or bunch it
when wiping that muck?

Do you flip it
or flop it
hold it or drop it
when dealing with yuck?
Yemaya Mar 12
You don't have to be beautiful,
to be worthy of beautiful love.
Mark Wanless Mar 9
i don't have to be
perfect i smell am ugly
she's waiting for me
Yemaya Jan 21
I can see myself clearer

every part of me working like clockwork.
a machine doesn't have to be alluring.
the mirror holds no expectations
of beauty.
and I'm safe in knowing that

I don't have to pretend.
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