like no one loves you
Self pity is the worst cuz it reinforces how awful you are.
astraea 1d
some days are colder than they are
and others are like stars in the sky
-lanterns in an otherwise endless night.

some days you wonder if you should try to leave at all,
if you should just go back to your books,
your music.
and other times you show your face to the world,
dance in clothes that you no longer hide in.

some days you agree that you’re ****,
and you allow them to draw their brushes across your faces,
making you pretty.

pretty. you’d never know.

and others say we tell them that we’re all beautiful,
but we sure aren’t pretty,
and there’s nothing wrong with our insides,
or perhaps the way we’ve chosen to show ourselves
-it’s all perfect.

every **** bit.

some days we feel as if our worries,
make this life worthless,
and we believe that that’s all we have
-that they’re worth ending it all over.

we’re wrong.

nothing’s worth that
-there are beautiful things like love,
and our very own lives.

as ****** up as we may think they are.
i've had an emotionally intense weekend. guys don't let the world convince you to harm/**** yourself. NOTHING IS WORTH KILLING YOURSELF OVER.  it's a lie that you can't fit in this world -we all have our places here, and yours is worth living for. and if you hate it, get a new one. love you all.
I’ve had this problem
since I was twelve
I never thought
that much of myself
you may not understand
a thing such as this
but life’s hard for a boy
when he thinks he’s got ****

he don’t sleep well at night
he dreads going to school
he stays out of the heat
and stays out of the pool
and it’s hard to find love
when he’s full of self-hate
and he can’t even tell
when he’s lost all that weight

when years later, he’s healthy
his memory sees
when he looks in the mirror
how he used to be
still he counts out the portions
he’s wasting away
though he’s 80 pounds lighter,
he still feels the same

I went down from 240
to 158
but i’m still that fat kid
that’s filled with self-hate
but I deal with it different
than I used to do
now i’m building lean muscle
at 172

I still have the same problem
I’m sick of this ****
when I look in the mirror
I’m still seeing ****
but I guess there’s not really
that much I can do
‘cos that kind of self-image
attaches to you
Isabella Rose Dec 11
Your disgusting
your whole body
your whole mind
and everything you became
is disgusting;
it was no wonder why you had been alone this whole time
it had been no wonder why you’re lonely
it had been no wonder why people had left you with pity to your name who you were
when you loved too much, or loved too little
your disgusting because of the stares people gazed from you and the fear you possessed from it
your disgusting from the trouble that you had started to get yourself into
and the way the bugs started to crawl up and down your skin
never leaving, only allowing you to feel insane
and the way your fear started to take control of your body as you were no longer able to move
you are just disgusting
When I was writting this poem I was writting it in my POV so I want every single one of you reading this to know that you are beautiful is every single way, shape and form.
rohayani Dec 6
wanna hear something?
if you are ****, you are ****
there is no something called inner beauty
ah what a mind thinks when i am sad
muna Dec 5
sometimes i'm scared
to look at myself
in the mirror

what if i'm...
Everyone has a problem
Even if its slight
Everyone has a problem
Maybe not in sight
But everyone has a problem
Something that's not right
But its okay
Because everyone has a problem
Something that they fight
These problems make you beautiful
Even if despite
The problems appear so ****
Even in the night
The problems will break you down
But if you use them right
These problems make you who you are
So maybe use a light
Let your problems shine on you
So that they can be bright
Let your problems take the wheel
Let your problems take the flight
Let your problems walk away
Even let them stay
Because one day you'll realize
What the problem did for you
The problem made you who you are
Maybe you'll even thank them too
A bright,
Sunny day,
Lots of people,
Walking down the street,
What fun we will have!
Come on!
Come on!
Let’s go play!
The sun is so bright!
Look at all the people, mom!
That woman over there, is wearing a skirt!
I don’t think she should wear skirts.
Hey lady!
I don’t know you,
But I don’t think you should wear skirts!  
That wasn’t nice?
Too late now!
Mom, look over there!
That guys face is funny.
Hey mister.
Your face is funny!
What do you mean where’s my mom?
She’s right over there don’t you see?
Aren’t bright
Colorful days
The best?
poem i wrote about culture and hate
from the perspective of a child
SJ Nov 28
Sit up straight
chest out
Legs together

you'd look prettier

Brush your hair,
tight bun,
no stray hairs,
you'll look sloppy
no Man wants a girl like that

you should eat less
no Man wants a girl who eats too much
don't eat that
that's the reason for your stretch marks
you'll get fat
don't be fat
No Man wants a fat girl.

don't wear short skirts we don't want to see that...cellulite

...she's too skinny
"she looks anorexic haha"

Ew pimples,
dark circles under your eyes!

"Why are you wearing make up?
I only like girls with "natural" makeup",

don't wear that red lipstick
you'll look like a *****.

"Dude she is such a **** look how short her dress is"

"She's such a *****, show some leg, you're not a nun"

"She should loosen up, take a few shots, she's so up tight"

"Look at how much she has had to drink, she's so loose"

Men don't like girls who...yell
Men don't like girls who...swear
Men don't like girls who...drink
Men don't like girls who...smoke
Men don't like girls who...wear too much
Men don;t like girls who...wear too little
Men don't like girls who...play hard to get
Men don't like girls who...are too easy
Men don't like girls who...eat too much
Men don't like girls who...don't eat
Men don't like girls who...are too clingy
Men don't like girls who...don't give them attention
Men don't like girls who...
Men don't like girls who...
Men don't like girls who...


I am a WOMEN.
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