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Might your eyes see me,
they will not shout,
A pearl encased in a grotesque shell.
An unknown beauty.
T Apr 23
They could never hurt,
They could never cut,
They could never make you bleed,

A manifestation of self-hate,
Written in bold,
Anorexia, Bulimia, Depression,
I was sold.

The last,
Written on a bloodstained note,
"I can't stay afloat"
Palpebra Apr 20
t h e  p r e t t i e s t

f a c e s

h i d e

t h e  u g l i e s t

t r a c e s
They say I am skinny
But what they don't see
Is that I'm dying inside
Running on little to no calories

They say I am strong
But they can't feel
The ache in my leg
From the cuts that won't heal

They say I'm a lover
If only they knew
That I may love all of them
But with me, I never know what to do

They say I am pretty
But you can't make a lie true
No matter how much you say it
I'm not that much of a fool

They say I am smart
But they don't see
That my search history
Is the answer key

They say their jealous of me
But they can't really see
How strong I envy
Anyone but me

They say they wish I could see
But I will never see the lies they tell me
What they see isn't really me
Its what they want me to be

I'm fat cause the weight won't leave
Weak cause of the pain they can't see
Mean but only to me
Ugly and I wish they could see

I'm stupid and need an answer key
Jealous of anyone but me
Oh I wish they could see
That I can't be what they want me to be
violetisblue Mar 26
And the homely girls
The plain-faced girls
The four point fives out of ten
With crooked noses or
Baggy eyelids or
Halos of glorious frizz-
And, even better,
All of the above

Every feature she hates
Is the one I cherish
When the ugly girl
Nitpicks her eyes, mouth,
Ears, nose, teeth, hands,
Hair, skin, ****, *****, legs-
I just love her even more

There’s an unspoken kinship
Between the girls with
The acne, the bad teeth,
The timid smiles and slouched backs
Because we dare to exist
Despite all we’ve been told
Us audacious angels
Of alternative attraction

The most powerful force of the planet:
The ugly girl.
A fruit may look beautiful yet taste bitter
A fruit may look ugly yet have a taste to make you reconsider
A fruit may look ugly yet taste the sweetest
A fruit may look beautiful yet taste the weakest
Don't judge a fruit by its cover.
Quansome Mar 2
I want to gather us all up
I want us to break all the glasses
All the glasses on the floor
Throw them down shattered and mixed  
And when you return you’ll walk in
You say what’s all this
I’ll point
I’ll say see that that’s my heart
Which part belongs to you’ll say
And I
I will just walk away
Do not look in the mirror:
What will stare back will be sure to cause
Futility; what you thought would look back is just a face
Your mind has created: alas it is what you would like to see.
But in reality all you are left with is undesirable.
Quick, where is the moisturizer? I see some lines.
Dark circles? I thought we weren’t wearing makeup anymore.
You said we weren’t, we’re only 27 there can’t be lines
Me, myself, and I. Had to get it out somehow.
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