write something beautiful,
they ask, beg,

but i feel so utterly,
so utterly,

the ink is running off,
and dripping to the floor.

beautiful women live in my head,
beautiful melodies play through it.
yet nothing beautiful comes to mind.

tired eyes stare back at me
-because this beautiful summer life is dying.

there is so much to do now,
and i can’t seek out inspiration.
i’d have to hunt it.

i’d have to save this part of myself,
immortalize it in the fabric of my clothes.

i’d remember it in class,
starring out the window.

i’d remember it in winter,
wrapped in a sweater’s embrace.

and then it would die in the spring,
the most beautiful season, so they say.


but i think for now i’ll immortalize this moment,
with the hate and fears,
with the threats and the fame.

because i’ve written something ugly.
this is my reminder.
Sophia 1d
you're lovely
oh so lovely

you're pretty
oh so pretty

you're beautiful
oh so beautiful

everyone loves you


all lies.

my mind paints a perfect picture of a lie

even when the mirror gives me such a painful truth,

i try my best not to cry

'you're ugly
oh so ugly'
Kellin 6d
there was a time
i used to think
a Persian sunset flushing pink
was beautiful-
now i prefer
say an old marsh
with ruffled fur and
stranded branches,
bleached and queer,
like antlers of some
mythic deer.

everything grows,
no bad thing is forever.
Nika J Aug 10
Heart of gold set waves of beckoning rasp tones, breathing ever so sweetly through pursed lips. Mind made of pride, kindness and light. A tongue giving plague upon used.
Rain has fallen, washing rainbows to the core, seeping both poison and antidote within a soul. Bound by thing worth fragile, yet guarded by object hard as wood.
A structure not able to lose a part, for every piece comes crashing. Made within perfection of form, but a raging storm brews in it's core.
Sending that frame born of godly figure to  contorte. Ring, ring, those bells to tell shame, warning to change ways or face reaction. Expressions of that to tell tales of hidden emotions. Lost memories, but never forgotten. Venom bellows inside. Tranquility? Parasitic.
Born only to die, die only to be born. A cycle of time replaying like broken discs, but songs so sweet, thus take no notice. Beautiful yet deadly eyes, drawing forth both best and worst.
Touch guiding pain or that of a safe haven. Fire, dripping from feet burning all in it's path. Evil, with the power to live. All is so alluring, yet in a shell of suffering. Whirling all shards of both Amazing and Disaster into one.
We are bodies only that of broken sanity.
Stories of Gorgeous Calamity.
This poem relates to the human. See if you can figure out what some words may mean. We are all good and bad in one. Sometimes one shines more than the other
V Exeter Aug 3
Likely, I'll numb in time,
die before I've won.
If winds of change are razor blades,
I have one fucked up face.
& that's how I like it.
Human or a rat?
Dia dhuit Aug 2
Call my scars ugly
Because I've never seen them as beauty.
Make fun of how I lost my sanity
For numbness.
And yes,
Go ahead
And call it teenage angst
Because you can't seem to find the line between
Phase and disorder.
I fought so many battles against myself
That you can't even imagine.
My scars on the outside
Only reflect little
Of the many scars I've left on the inside.
You may see my arm
Covered in scars as me once seeking attention.
While you are not completely wrong,
I can't even begin to explain
How wrong assuming could have been.
I lost my pride and disgnity for these scars.
Assumptions like yours
Are the reason I try to keep
Them hidden.
Why I, for so long,
Thought they made me ugly.
But really,
They are just an ugly part of my past
And beautiful reminder of the present.
So next time you see my scars,
Don’t stare,
Don’t assume,
And don’t call them ugly.
Just walk by
And see me as a normal human being
I have maybe 20 scars on my arms, but many more on my shoulders, stomach, and legs that no one can see. Ppl see what is visible and assume that since they can see it, I wanted them to see it. I wouldn’t have so many scars they didn’t see if I wanted them to see it all
Scarlett Aug 1
Why are we competing for beauty,
when we are all ugly inside?
it's weather
a shot
with my
wit round
her waist
where night
fire and
brimstone sought
not his
tweets here
but there
dawn but
the smoke
in his
city the
early paper
must glide
a wrench
It's all just
On the surface.
We like That which seems,
Or perfect,
At other times,
That which is ugly is actually
More appealing!
People oftentimes come together
To fuck
Because they like what they see
On the surface,
They never get to know each other
On a deeper level.
It's possible to believe
That ONLY the surface is important.
After all,
Don't most businesses
Tend to prefer to hire
The most attractive people?
A President gets elected
Who disrespects and disparages people
Simply because their racial characteristics differs from his own
On the surface.
Harriet Cleve Jul 24
The Ugly Executives throw their weight

their wretched portfolio's reeking of hate

In their hand is a briefcase, they well know their brief

cradling their egos and doling out grief

the worst ones are wicked though aren't they all

dressed in their pinstripes, wearing their gall

their teeth are all shining, they wash them in bile

a garish tie knotted, it's Paisley, it's vile

You'll never see them dressed in blue denim

their clothes are a fabric manufactured with venom

look at their faces drenched in your sweat

your pound of flesh is what they will get

look at their swagger and Cuban cigars

your blood's the petrol that fill their loud cars

Don't be mistaken and think you're mislead

These guys will waste you and bury their dead

Where are the leaders, are they just a myth?

Weren't there once people who cared just a bit?

Now they will work you to the pin of your collar

Inside their wallets they've stolen your dollar

Not just your dollar, they've stolen your life

You can't relive your hours, still they sharpen their knife

Here's their agenda, here's what to expect

It's all about them, for you no respect

The Ugly Executive is not a new breed

the dollar's their bible, indifference their creed

For their profit margins you will bleed, you will bleed!

They will destroy you and all of your seed

Don't be mistaken and think you're misled

These guys will waste you and bury their dead
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