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Shofi Ahmed Jun 23
With intellect alone
can't find God.
God is smarter
try with love!
Em Mar 13
Well aren't you a little computer!
So smart and witty!
Knowledgeable and oh, so clever
yet you're so itty bitty!

Such a smart young girl
How have you come to this?
Studying and learning
Is it all for your bliss?

I know you're real smart
and I know you're so strong
Yet you will only be reduced
And that's the end of it.
sometimes women arent appreciated for stuff :/
You probably notice some of my poems start off with rhyme and a sort of beat and then fall flat at the end
I hope you did
i t s  o n  p u r  p o s e
b Feb 20
what do you want?

the money
the fame
the ***?

the name
the brains
and a heavy pay-check?

do you want the lies
the rage
the meaningless objects?

or can you tell
it is a facade
to shame
your intellect?
My leg hurts

The jaws of this inhumane trap engulf my lower shin

I have the tool to disarm it and free myself

But I muttle in my adolescent egocentric pain

Caught within monotonous routine and self interest I rot like my peers

I've sunk to a level of self loathing, that I enjoy pulling myself down







I cry for things I can give myself but alas I withhold it to feel sorry for myself

Me and my fellow youth

Equally as useful, equally as useless

Although I am free of the crowd I am still blinded by my adolescence









all I've know is I am here to be a vessel for knowledge and indoctrination

I am here to have an opinion I voice, but does not matter.

I do not matter.

This function is welded to me


The voice of destiny reasons with me again and I hear:

Seek what's within

Garrot it.

Place yourself into the walls of meaning and the murals upon't

Serve others in selflessness. Share with others in selflessness. Learn from others in selflessness. Teach others in selflessness.

Your a pawn in the samsara. Do your duty within its game.

Gain higher consciousness so you can share the path to it. Become a giver, not a taker.







Six lessons left, define yourself within them. Or perish within your self indulgent pitiful hole.
Got a Tool lyric in there for those who like Tool


This is the firt lesson of my ascension

After more than some self reflection I thought I was ready to post a kind of collection of what I've found so far. Obviously I haven't reached ascension yet. So it's kind of unfit to call this collection ascension. It's more of some lessons I've learned in self reflection and my path to ascension I want to pursue throughout my life. Hope you take something away from this or be influence to write poetry yourself. Maybe do some of your own self reflection I don't know. Thanks for reading if you got this far. Sorry I am a quite person IRL so everything I vent here is pretty long.
Shlomo Jan 18
Tottering. Tottering.

Tottering on the brink

of illiteracy,

was a man once known,

for his intellectual proficiency.

For brilliant no more he was,

as those days were long gone!

Once upon a time he was well known,

for his many exponential technologies,

From portable video projection hardware,

reconstruction surgical devices for the cochlear,

to software able to extract the deepest of thoughts.

Now, there he lay. There he lay!

Daily perpetuating and recapitulating the most misanthropic of idiocies.
Arcassin B Sep 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

This world is beautiful and wicked at the same time,
forbidden knowledge in the air ,I need to learn mine,
I've been down and out before but I won't deal with the ignorance,
there's more to me than just being average and relevant,
If I haven't died yet, should use this time to be delicate,
I want to leave this place and never look back, got to be patient,
Just because I haven't got a diploma , be
But based on how biased they are , theyll
insult my intellect,
I hope they recollect when I see death.
laila shaaban Aug 2018
What happens when we suddenly realize that our life isn’t meant to be lived in sync with the sunrise,
rotating clockwise,
ticking in unison to the heartbeat of the masses,
carefully outlined on spreadsheets govern by assumptions,
jumping to conclusions,
never leaving room for options.
When we realize that sometimes life takes you by surprise,
on a magic carpet ride where eyelids are lifted,
where clouds part, revealing blue skies,
a new high, uncovering lies,
where stars seem incredibly near and dreams so tangible so real so close to reality you want to jump right in.
Where clouds beg to be painted
And reaching for the moon is habitual almost spiritual.
And worries are perishable and words ever-so lyrical flowing together effortlessly. Where laughs are celebrated and intellect rewarded.
Where moving counterclockwise is normal.
Life gently moving by at your own pace giving you time to embrace the sea the mountains the streams, to snorkel, have a look at the coral.
To watch sunsets and sunrises.
To be excited about building new connections,
learning new lessons,
asking more questions.
Scraping perfection and embracing human faults.
Because there is no such thing as the end of learning,
nor is there such a thing as settling.  
Here we welcome opportunities, greet ideas, acknowledge change.  
Recognizing that our limits are further than we think
And our potential extending beyond the horizon.
Set no limits
Settle for nothing
Radiate sunshine, love, and intellect.
And never forget,
You are more than you perceive.
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