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Azurel Mata Feb 7
It lingers on the tongue
Green banana with morning mouth
Picked too early
Turning brown under the sun
Bitter bite
Leaving sticky sap on your lips
Never quite what I wanted
Even as much as he flaunted his
Sickeningly sweet eyes
It just wasn't right.
I hate commitment, but that's probably just because I'm afraid of it
Em Jan 4
The stickiness of the gel
That never leaves your fingers
The smell that forever lingers
The distaste that stays at
the back of your mouth.

It could be annoying to have
But inevitable to give.
clingy,,,,, im so clingy
ugh relationships r hard
im tryna not be so e m o ti o n a l l y   d e  p  e n d e n t
Anya Oct 2018
Are like sticky notes
Little pieces
Of my life
They record
Much more
stopdoopy Jan 7
Sticky red trickles down her stick
Another beating today

Oh how it's my fault
To dare speak of heart felt truth
Tempting you away from "justice"

Just remember
I may be battered and bruised behind bars
But it's you who broke the law
Ever since I wrote Eurydice and had the line "gone is the warden" I knew I'd do a piece based on it, personally to me it's about a hellish woman (as always), but upon rereading I could see it being about many things. What do you see?
Shame Sep 2018
up from the sticky hole.

One time, I fell and hit my head
three times, three places, once in each:
the cabinet, the sink, the bathtub.

Practice being me by proxy.
Out of my head. Out my head.
Tangible damages,
incorporeal skeins.
Mess? Wreck. Heck,

This time, I stood and cracked
my skull on the cabinet:
Clarity? Is that you?

Practiced being me by proxy,
so so long.
Practiced being me by proxy.
Practiced being me by proxy,
so so long.
Practiced being me by proxy.

Or is this
an actual

my sticky hole
is filling up
where the water was ****** by the ground.
Madeline Aug 2018
lies trickle like honey
from his lips
glistening sticky and sweet

his words drip and glue
to my skin
desperately clinging
wanting to become a part of me

each word glows red
as i am branded
i walk in a ruby aroma
spiced with anger and hate

invisible to all
but not to me
i become art
a tangled masterpiece
in my own forever
lX0st Jul 2018
He saves all the grape jolly ranchers for me
He hates everything grape
But he’d swear he loves me
Until he’s purple in the face
And even on my worst days
When my skin is flushed
Rouge with rage
He reminds me that the color of love
Is always present on my tongue
And can be any shade
Sami SET Jul 2018
Sticky Sticky, So **** Sticky,
Us Brits and our Weather
are so **** Picky

Sun Beats Down, Evaporates the Frowns
Then there's the complaints for which wer are so renowned

Too Cold, Too Hot, Please Just Stop...
I was waiting all winter long and now you strop

I much prefer shades to a winters coat
Up round my ****, not up round my throat

Own far more Mini's than I do Scarfs
and it was the Summer Holiday's I had most Laughs

So you can keep your dreams of cosy nights in
As I excite the 'Vit D' and Tan my Skin

All trhose extra layers keeping you wrapped
I prefer the White lines where my Crop-Top Strapped

"I can't Move, Think I'm Melting",
I quickly choose 'Rays' over 'Downpours' or 'Peltings'

Sitting at this screen writing is now getting Tricky
It's Sticky Sticky....Too ****** Sticky... Yeergh!
Don't want to complain
Its just a tad uncomfortable
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