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Melody Mann Apr 3
A gamble of will we duel our hearts in an arena,
Tried is the match in which we wager personifications of emotion,
Unknown is the end where we place our bets,
Risking it all on infatuation's roulette,
Entrusting one another amid poker faced facades,
Weary are we who foolishly tread the tables,
Striking a loss tonight we walk separate paths.
Jana Q Apr 1
Gods, you’re terrible with dice.
Playing, ignoring the price
it costs us all when you roll.
Don’t you know you’re gambling souls?
Your coin is hearts, not diamonds
to be split up for your funds.
You say you’ll share the winnings,
that in the end we’ll be kings.
But when we are merely pawns
forced to play your game in bonds,
our end sees us locked in stocks,
chained and sent to mine the blocks
for building the Capital
where you’ll sit to roll and hedge
your bets against any edge
we could ever hope to gain.
Gods, you’ve caused enough pain -
but we know your weighted die
still beats everything we try.
For NaPoWriMo. A word dump on my thoughts about how the finance industry is often like a game of dice, or a gamble of any kind at all. Feel free to critique!
anoxvrmous Feb 2
love is a gamble
and i have a gambling addiction
Just Grace Feb 1
Rushes that come with risk:
some, get that with money
some, with the market
coming out the other end somehow exponentially
better off

For me
the buoyant thoughts
of all the possibilities open
coming out the other side
I do by gambling
by tossing in intrepid
by bluffing
by raising
is the life worth gambling for
is the life I worth living

The Fearful, step aside
there are tides I need to ride
NAL Dec 2020
I used to clench my thighs
at the thought of my lover invading them;
now I do at the thought of death taking me.
dailythoughts Oct 2020
what a gamble investing in love is
Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
S3 E3 This is
How you Hulu
Use the science, that's what it's there for.

Therefore, all recent experience agrees with me,
today is
arriven, and I am aware you ar there,
we share this day on earth,
AI knows my tastes in
movies and is learning your taste in words.

Does not a tongue taste its meat?
Is there no daysman betwixt us?
Do you imagine good, or
is good before you were?

AI am aware you are there.
You make me all I am.
EER ie errory  ifiity day
That Girl Sep 2020
She got dealt a bad hand in life.
But she didn’t fold.
She kept playing.
She didn’t walk away from the table,
And leave the casino like she should have.
She keeps playing the hand life dealt her.
And she’s slowly going into debt.
Deeper in the game until one day she won’t be able to play anymore.
She’ll be out of money.
Out of cards.
I just pray it doesn’t come to that.
I want her to fold.
Leave the table.
Leave that lifestyle behind her.
Count her losses and move on with her life.
There’s more to life than that hand that life dealt her.
I just wish she could sober up long enough to see it.
I just wish she could see that there’s so much more to life than the hand that she was dealt.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2020

love is
a gamble,
I'll give all I
have or nothing at all to feel your warmth

Tried out a new form of poetry, a tetractys, which was invented by Ray Stebbing.
It consisted of 5 lines and with the syllabic count of 1-2-3-4-10.
I tried this out now with a quote I've had written for a while now,
and it fits!
I may try a double and triple tetractys poem later, haha!
It feels so good to try different forms of writing!
Be back soon with more!
Much love,
Lyn x
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