Like a fluttering caged bird, my soul begs to be free..
To write, to sing; to not be afraid of anything.

The future is never certain, a gamble at best..
But I am determined to live my life to the fullest with my best friends' heart within my chest.

No matter who you've been, where you've gone, or what you've done..
Each day begins with the rising sun.

D Holden Jul 12

A familiar longing from those in the know
An addiction, a want for just another go.
Convincing ourselves of control with
"I could stop whenever I choose".
But return, pretending it's a choice,
and join the queue to once again lose.

This cycle of return is the gambler's curse.
"Just one big win is all I need",
but you have to lose ten times that first.
We know the rules, we know the game;
Something inside though convinces us to  play all the same.

Where to go? What to do to stop?
The way out is cold turkey but easy to do, that's not.
If the cycle doesn't end then relationships will start to break
And that's definitely a losing gamble that would make my heart ache

I need to get better,
I need to break free.
Today is the day I'm going to begin to be me.
I didn't know what to do,
admitting what is wrong tears me apart.
By writing this I've begun my journey,
and made this my fresh start.

I'm coming back here each day.
I will read this reminder to keep me on my way.

There comes one more day to feel the time for pain
There is love to burn and a life to gamble on in vain
So restless i become, when the roads never lead to love
but that tinge of light will let us be bright and nothing will be gone before the time just begun

Terry Collett Mar 23

Old boy Charman
stopped me outside
the upstairs lounge
where the old folks
were having their
morning slumber.

Could you put
a bet on for me?
he said.

I said.

He gave me
a piece of paper
with horse names
and how much
each way.

I gazed at it
he gave me
some money.

I'll do it later
I said.

He nodded
he was a fragile
framed men of 96
who'd fought
in the Boer War.

His wife
who was asleep
in the lounge was 94
and had dementia.

He went back in
the lounge and I
went down the stairs
to carry on
with other tasks.

I recalled him
asking me once
do you gamble?

Only on life
I had replied.

Life's a gamble
with no real winners
he had said
and named
and number
old friends
who were dead.

Mbali Dlamini Mar 13

So here we go again...
Worrier I am, fighter and a believer
Sucker for all things sweet, forever a believer.

Here we go again, where love is found and lost.
Here we go again, to giving my heart, only to end up broken.
Here we go again, to a heart so naive and hopeful,
Love it seeks , love it thinks it has found.

Here we go again to wondering how long will it take before I look back and ask myself, was my head right?
With the heart still clouded , a vicious cycle it is.
Here we go again, to wishing its forever, knowing very well it could end any time.

Here we go again to me wishing this time it will be different... here we go, as I set myself up.
Here we go again and again, for it will never end, because that's what makes life what it is today.

Here we go again, as I fall and stumble and come out with a lesson learnt and stronger.

Here we go again, allowing myself to love again regardless. I won't stop!

we all wrote about taking risks
holding tighter on the rope
enclosed with fear
wreathed with high hopes
and boxed with it's bitter end

we were at the table edge
you approached me first
and i said yes
you puff your cigarette
in a different direction
and i thought it was kind

we kissed a few bottles of beer
with a slight throbbing
under my first tattoo
which was caused
by you or the alcohol

i could't deny that your soft skin
subtle eyes
and your eavesdropping ear
were like thin threads
that sewed a part of my tapestry
i always hoped for you
to be part of

i want to see you in the same room
under the same light
i want this to happen again
but oh, i am just a girl
and you are just a boy
hopelessly gambling
our ways to forever

- an endless cycle
Arthur Vaso Jan 15

Love is a card game
And the Knight does not always win
The King rules the kingdom
The Queen plays with the courts rhythm
When the game comes to a close
Some fold
Some die from loves sword
Or some overlord

Also on instagram  @arthurvaso
Amanda Shelton Dec 2016

From day one,
I warned you of my heat.

Why haven’t you learned
don’t play with me,
if you can’t take the heat.

The cards are on the table son,
pick your game,
but be careful my friend,
for the devil already won.

Have you ever danced with the devil
in the pale moonlight?

His violan bayed at the moon,
as the devil danced with the shadows
on the street.

He gambles with your soul,
he makes you move your feet.

Don’t dance with the devil,
unless you can handle the heat.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Tonight we're having a big feast
in the great city of sin
I'm about to unleash the beast
Let this party for players begin

The soft, green cloth beneath my fingers
The shiny deck of cards
The joy when the dealer bust still lingers
Wont you please send my regards

The tingling inside when the Ace says hello
The kick when the King joins in
The Queen is also welcome to the show
And the Jack can bring his twin

Race doesn't matter at this gathering
Both blacks and reds look swell
When diamonds and spades are scattering
You can invite hearts and clubs aswell

The bets are getting higher and higher
My wallet is getting thin
I hardly ever get what I desire
Cause the house will always win

At first I thought I had control
But suddenly I was unstable
I had lost my entire bank roll
At the end of the Black Jack table

Bethany G Blicq Dec 2016

The pain of love is welcome;

it is sweet

without being bitter;


and worth every second

of heartache.

Written in 2016.
Bethany G. Blicq

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