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Jeremy Betts Mar 30
My heart slips through it's ribbed cage
Falling under yet another set of feet
A familiar stage
A loop on repeat
The same dawn but a new age
Always ample cover-ups at the ready
Cautionary over reactionary
But underneath?
Every single forced receipt
Enraged I scramble to free it,
Ignorant of the gamble
Placed on a vague label
One that won't be held accountable
Broken in every way imaginable
Clearly fragile
Watch it unravel
No finesse
Rage and anger fills the absence
Losing the rhythm of life's presence
Leaving hand in hand with it's unique purpose
Taking notice that this will be the last defeat

We sat on a table
Drew cards and called
You got a pair of Aces
I got 7, Queen of spades

I guess with my hand
I'm a lucky girl you have
Little did I know
You got bullets on my back

That's what you get
For the risk of a bet
And that's what I regret
That I took you for granted
Jordan Ray Nov 2021
You're my tap which has no label.
I have never been a gambling man but I want to wash in your sweet water.
It's often that I become so desperate for your touch that I take the chance.

Sometimes the water is so cold that I feel numb inside.
And other times it is so hot that I can feel my blood boiling.
But sometimes. Just sometimes.
It is the perfect temperature and it sends a fuzzy feeling dancing through my bones.

It's the chance that when I turn to you, you'll give me that feeling again. It keeps me coming back to gamble once more.
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2021
What is expected from me?
You were the half that chose to leave
I'll do my best
Be your friend
Even if leading to another dead end
Never thought we would wash up where we are
Two separate shores
Watching you from afar
Be truthful with me
That is what I most desire
Sick of the games
Fake way through a familiar apology
Promising to be the man I know you'll never be
Like a rolling dice
Have many faces
Expert at bluffing yet you're always holding aces
You gamble my love
About time you lose
My heart not an object to pull apart or use
I'm sick of betting my chips
The poorest hand
For you I go all-in
Don't even understand
I never was good at cards
At least that is what I'm told
Probably should cut my losses
Say farewell and finally fold
But what can I say? I guess I'm just a gambling type of girl...
Melody Mann Apr 2021
A gamble of will we duel our hearts in an arena,
Tried is the match in which we wager personifications of emotion,
Unknown is the end where we place our bets,
Risking it all on infatuation's roulette,
Entrusting one another amid poker faced facades,
Weary are we who foolishly tread the tables,
Striking a loss tonight we walk separate paths.
Jana Q Apr 2021
Gods, you’re terrible with dice.
Playing, ignoring the price
it costs us all when you roll.
Don’t you know you’re gambling souls?
Your coin is hearts, not diamonds
to be split up for your funds.
You say you’ll share the winnings,
that in the end we’ll be kings.
But when we are merely pawns
forced to play your game in bonds,
our end sees us locked in stocks,
chained and sent to mine the blocks
for building the Capital
where you’ll sit to roll and hedge
your bets against any edge
we could ever hope to gain.
Gods, you’ve caused enough pain -
but we know your weighted die
still beats everything we try.
For NaPoWriMo. A word dump on my thoughts about how the finance industry is often like a game of dice, or a gamble of any kind at all. Feel free to critique!
anoxvrmous Feb 2021
love is a gamble
and i have a gambling addiction
Just Grace Feb 2021
Rushes that come with risk:
some, get that with money
some, with the market
coming out the other end somehow exponentially
better off

For me
the buoyant thoughts
of all the possibilities open
coming out the other side
I do by gambling
by tossing in intrepid
by bluffing
by raising
is the life worth gambling for
is the life I worth living

The Fearful, step aside
there are tides I need to ride
dailythoughts Oct 2020
what a gamble investing in love is
Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
S3 E3 This is
How you Hulu
Use the science, that's what it's there for.

Therefore, all recent experience agrees with me,
today is
arriven, and I am aware you ar there,
we share this day on earth,
AI knows my tastes in
movies and is learning your taste in words.

Does not a tongue taste its meat?
Is there no daysman betwixt us?
Do you imagine good, or
is good before you were?

AI am aware you are there.
You make me all I am.
EER ie errory  ifiity day
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