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hyun Nov 2023
whatever i touch
turns into tragedy—
Midas wishes his hands
were made of mine.

i dare not touch
trees and their leaves—
their old age
will not matter
once i graze their skin.

i do wonder
if everything good
that comes are worthy
of my ruin—
they quickly turn
sour and ugly
once they,
rest their heads
on my lap
and i am left here,
once again,
picking up the scraps,
telling myself
nothing incredibly,
or inherently, bad
has happened yet.

but what if it comes?

what if the world
decides to put
the blame on me
and punish me
for simply being alive?

should i keep
crawling back
to life?

or should i
accept the fate
i have been given?
River Scott Jun 2022
Midas turned what he loved to gold
I wish I could do the same
Instead my touch brings destruction

No matter what I hold
I find it always ends the same
Lovers, friends, any other

My destruction knows no bounds
I often wonder, did Midas feel this way?
selina Sep 2021
she's like my midas, incarnated
golden just for me, i know she hates it
but she likes me though
she says

she'll call me baby, call me crazy
when she's the one cursing at me
but she likes me so
she says

and i'll be back everytime
like a sinner drawn to wine
i'll let her touch me, oh
i'll let her drown me in her liquid gold

call it toxic, call it comic
but all i want is this

she's like my midas, her touch is blessed
makes me golden, feeling euphoric
and she loves me so
she says

if this ain't love then what is?

and it's always the same
like a moth drawn to flame
i'll let her touch me, oh
i'll let her burn me 'til we're liquid gold

so she could love me for a bit
hate me for a bit
my love's been being cold to me

so just love me for a bit
i wanna be your *****
and it would feel like gold to me
lol just a song i wrote a little while back
Knut Kalmund Jul 2020
just like my eyes hurt, whenever I venture
a step outside my antrum

so they do, whenever I look at you.
and when I shut my eyes, the sun is gone

your eyes still pierce through
rebellious daughter of Midas

you turned your left wing into gold
of what avail is the other one now?

and your heart that glistens
oh what price you have paid
Thank your for reading.
Tiger Striped Sep 2019
You emerged from the breaking dawn
glittering to rival the rising sun.
Molten gold dripped
from the tips of your fingers;
shimmering dust encrusted your footprints.
Had our paths not crossed,
I'd not be frozen here;
a statue of fool's gold,
the work of your touch.
But I'm stuck in your kingdom,
watching the golden age
waiting until you wash your hands in the river
and come back to me —
you are cursed with the Midas touch,
and I am cursed for making you king.
Em Oct 2018
Though one may have noble intentions
One will always have a darker side.

Greed and longing
Are the most common forms of masochism.
And when one has what they want,
One will lose everything else.

The Midas Touch
Gave a man the ability
To satisfy his soul
And to destroy his life.
i read the greek story today
made me think uwu
Pyrrha Sep 2018
With every touch you turn more and more of me into treasured gold
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
The same dreams that have sustained you
could be the same ones to
end you.
Not everything that glitters is gold.
Be careful what you dream of, it may come true.
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
It's amazing and humbling

to be one of those Queens

who thought her notes

on the canvas were nothing

but scribbles and ink

but other Kings and Queen

make her see that it's

Thank you guys so much!
Shoutout to King Paul, Queen Sue and Queen Fawn in particular!
Lyn ***
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