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Skye Feb 13
Burns bright
Ephemeral beauty

Burns bright
Drawing from
Ordinary things
Like paper
And wood
And coal.

Burns bright
Fumes suffocating
Any second now

She's tired
Of burning bright

Elioinai Jan 28
Something good is coming
Something good is coming
Hope whispers to me
Though my strength lies down to sleep
It has not been plundered
My bright future Love keeps
Safe for me
Though my strength lays down to sleep
It will rise up in Joy
my eyes upon the East
as the sun braves the sky
sophie Jan 19
it was a hard

she put up with it
of course
but it was a very very difficult journey to take
everyday is a very very difficult journey to take
gym english history art math spanish science
then home
written when school was still a thing.
sophie Jan 19
she felt so very tired
bags found refuge under her eyes
and the sahara desert on her tongue
she ate her breakfast
she drank her tea
she felt so very tired
not my best, done while tired
Savonte Dec 2020
I am not well
And I have not been well-
Whatever well means-
For quite a while now.

Most days I awake feeling heavy
Like a bag full of water.
I'm both glad and sad
The night didn't take my soul captive.

It is "getting up"
That is hardest, so I sit
On the edge of my bed
For a bit and then rise
And stretch and sigh
A long sigh.

I drag myself around from
Place to place-
To the places I must be.

My stomach stays in knots
With the awareness that
We're all so small, fragile,
And utterly alone between
Birth and death despite all
The growing that gets done.

The anxiety wants to come up
And out because everything is
So uncertain and everything is
So frightening.

I want to hug myself
And crawl back under my blanket
And close my eyes, watching
And counting the Sheep.

I want to sleep away the sickness
That is "loneliness" and "lostness."

Everyone says they'll go away
If I get out of bed but getting out
Seems to only make things worse.
I am reminded of all the reasons
Why I am ill.
Double King Dec 2020
I was sleeping on a warm deathbed afore,
And now the weather changes— it rained,
Coldness embraced my warm deathbed.
Pitter patter at night is an aide to sleep;
Eyes feel heavy and so as my breath.
Joseph S Fusaro Dec 2020
universal love
must be
all inclusive
non exclusive
or else it is non-existent.

or whatever...

i let go of needing
i let go of preaching
i’m going to go sit under a tree
i’m tired of thinking
that i learned everything
i’m tired of thinking

Chaos in my mind

                 Spirals on repeat

They left me behind

                  Blisters on my feet

I’m lost and I’m blind

                   Empty and Complete  

I try to chase my thoughts

                    But they end up chasing me
Maria Etre Nov 2020
is        ^                  
     when it is abused.
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