rob kistner Jul 4

did I ever tell you
about Linda
living at the speed
of light
blazing through
the midday sky
rocketing through
the night

she was a natural
a miracle
to behold
she moved through
time in a frantic blur
to ever get old

streaking through
the universe
a meteor of
flesh and bone
racing away from
all she knew

the news came late
on a weekend
Linda was nowhere
in sight
last seen circling
a midnight star
moving at the
speed of light

people who knew
Linda well
were sure it was
what they feared
she had finally
outrun herself
and suddenly

never ever to be
seen again
no way no how
she'd lived life
at such velocity
she burned out
like a flare


rob kistner © 7/3/18
This is a zany little tale, but it can be taken as a warning to take life at a more measured pace - no matter what excess you might be embracing.
Aa Harvey Jul 2

I am still not good to go,
I am still way too weak.
I need to rest my broken bones,
It’s been one Hell of a week.

If I find myself inside a picture box,
I will be lost to the stars and I will look so far gone.
Coyote with an Acme anvil to the head;
I’m feeling dazed and confused and I am in need of my bed.

There is not long now until this day is done,
So fix me up with caffeine and a soak in the tub.
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders,
It is dragging me down.
Depression seeks my name;
Rainfall beneath a black cloud.

When I need a change, I just can’t catch a break.
I’m starting to feel my age as every part of me aches.
I hear the crack of my joints as I fall to lie down.
I raise an arm with a remote attached;
My legs have given up on me now.

I can’t go any further, but I am home at last,
So I wish you well with your adventures,
But now it is time I took a nap.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dustin Dean Jun 28
Incinerate the world around
Never knowing when you'll be found
And just when you think your time is due
Alas, another task is given to you
Why don't you mope less?
You don't know what's gonna' happen.
Only time will tell.
Dainty Bones Jun 20
I feel the bags under my eyes
I feel that I've been taken over by my demise
Sleep isn't enough to feel the void I hold inside
All the places in the world yet I have nowhere to hide
I want to run until I can't anymore
but I still have yet to see what's in store
I want to hide and I can't face my fears
but I suppose that's why I need you here.
Aa Harvey Jun 11
Forever delayed

I feel like I am a thousand years old.
I am running on empty, overload.
Back aches, legs ache,
Arms ache, head-aches.
My brain is tired,
I am going to get fired,
Or find a way,
For death to be,
Forever delayed.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Devin Ortiz Jun 7
The wakeful crimson spiderwebs,
Creep slowly to the golden rim of irises.
Red gloom explodes into the rot of exhaustion.
Sights scream in twilight, baying for dark curtains,
To envelop them in a cocoon of nurturing rest.

Keep pushing on, the cracks began to cackle.
Thunderous youth begins to flicker with new age.
White hot spring of passion, curdles in purple toxicity.
To be a walking corpse, dancing the days ensemble,
But deep within the bones, finality screams 'enough.'

Sweet slumber, always on the edge of tomorrow.
Won't you whisper this dreadful soul a lullaby.
Soothe the aches of day & age, slay this disease,
Burn away time, and exist in ecstasy.
Shin May 27
Bonds form and tessellate among the weary ash.
A drip pan drifting onto a solemn scurry
as she wipes away the tears in forlorn flurry.
It looked upon her mantle with nostalgia and
she looked into its heart before prodding the beast.

It died before it lived in equal harmony.
No point in seeking ill will of the lepers.
But there might some semblance of resentfulness.
A bitter bile resting in lips who confess.  
Or maybe it’s an illusion of a locks and key.
Glory May 25
We all crave love
Because it drives humanity
Everything we do
For the sake of comfort
Assurance, love

But we do not love each other
Not truly, not without condition,
Clause and rule.
Kindness and ammunition
Come hand in hand

I fantasise night and day
For a love so deep
I feel it behind
The skin of my throat
And while I sleep

So I will search
For the essence of this love
Never finding it
But longing dangerously

It will strip the skin from my hands
Take all hope
Leaving me exhausted
And alone
Cece May 25
Planets and exhaustion.
Flowers and anxiety.
Sunshine and anguish.
Pretty rings and getting annoyed too easily.
Rainstorms and sadness.
Fire and frozen hearts.
Stars and pain.
Strawberries and disappointment.
French fries and 'fuck you's.
Fantasy and reality.

A line between the two,
a chain that keeps us on the ground
stuck with reality.
A cold, harsh, cliché reality.
Unable to fly among the stars,
among the planets for safety.
A pretty, warm,
chocolate chip cookie-type comforting fantasy
forbidden for people like us.
Because hope isn’t allowed here.
We prefer crushing dreams
before we even think of them.

Planets and exhaustion.
Fantasy and reality.
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