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Nylee Jan 2021
You have yet not seen me at my worst
Nor have you seen me trying my best
You just met me seconds ago
And already termed me as a nuisance.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
What can I serve you?

"Your brain"
"For a time being"

Nothing more
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Irritation
bahulakaji Sep 2020
My eyes closed,
I say to myself
Someone must have placed a heavy metal object on the top of my stomach,
not knowing I'm a human who feels PAIN!
And that person in my mind keeps telling me
that he has kept it gently there.
I say, 'Hey! It's a metal object and it hurts anyway!'
Gathering up some energy,
I go to my table and sit in a chair
Skimming through the pages of my diary,
I try to write a poem,
when suddenly something kicks me from the inside,
keeps making me suffer until I stop.
No wonder I was trying to write about PERIOD CRAMPS!
There you go again!
These cramps are not just pain to my body
but some reminders that keep sneering at me saying,
"No, you can't do that!"
Believe me,
Sometimes they are worse than this society that reminds me of my boundaries.
Anyway, five days pass by
and then I say goodbye.
Seeing my grin,
It decides to remind me,
"My pal, don't you worry
Cause I will be back again."
Isaac Spencer Jun 2020
-My back hurts
,I'm carrying more than my fair share
-It's backwards
,Cause I'm the one saying 'There, there'

-My neck hurts
,Sticking out for these strangers
?Or fed up eating anger
Somewhatdamaged May 2020
Its one of those days again
Nothing's right
Nothing's ever fine
Every little thing exists to annoy
Every other I want to destroy
This never ending tunnel
With darker twists ahead
Am I living the nightmare?
Or stuck in this absurd reality?
Arcassin B Mar 2020
By Arcassin B

Love ain't , this hard,
pleasing while teasing the emotions down the drain for me,
Don't want you to use me and abuse me,
this feeling isn't the same for me,
my love is like flowers kissing sunlight ,too intuitive
to being let go from the horrors that await us in a world such
as this one,
by and by we all say bye at some point in this crooked timeline,
wanna jot down all the memories that keep me so divine,
realizing i'm not like you or him or any guy,
I don't know why I try,
to make you see the other side of life but still you
stress and cry,
i get to spilling out of my intense cranium,
you get so annoyed.

Anastasia Jul 2019
I'm afraid
I'm afraid that I'll stop seeing you
That you you'll forget about me
I'm afraid of losing you for good
Of you ignoring me
I'm afraid that you'll lose my name
The memories that we've made
I'm afraid that I'll annoy you too much
And that you'll hate me soon
I'm afraid that I'm falling for you
And that you won't love me too
I'm afraid that you might love me
and that I'll let you down
I'm afraid of losing you
I'm afraid of loving you
I'm afraid of letting you down
I miss you. What's wrong with that?
Jenna Feb 2019
The stress of tests
for which I confess
that I am depressed
but will still suppress
that feeling of stress
with a tightening in my chest

I should have guessed
instead of creating this mess
the teacher is impressed
to bad I'm too obsessed,
to even protest
I cannot help but inquest
when I will receive my eternal rest
Should be studying, I keep telling myself
Em Jan 2019
The stickiness of the gel
That never leaves your fingers
The smell that forever lingers
The distaste that stays at
the back of your mouth.

It could be annoying to have
But inevitable to give.
clingy,,,,, im so clingy
ugh relationships r hard
im tryna not be so e m o ti o n a l l y   d e  p  e n d e n t
mjad Apr 2018
You keep lighting up my screen
But Im always leaving you on seen
I got games to play and things to do
I'm really not thinkin much bout you
I am busy, I got homies
You just ain't my one and only
what a boy explained to me goes through his mind when I hit him up, just put more rhythmically by me
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