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Cox Apr 2020
Tangerine gold will fall. So stand close, if not, stand tall. Catch them. They’re magic.
They’re this seasons happiness and it’s selling fast.
Oh leaves of Autumn,
Won’t you last.
Valentin Oct 2019
Less than five minutes was enough
For the sun to disappear in the sea
It let this orange color in the sky
After its tangerine and bright light
About to light off on our island
It made us feel dizzy and blind
Or maybe it was what we felt for each other
m h John Jul 2019
we were promised flying cars
and big jet dreams
filled with smiles for miles
on white yachts
under tangerine skies
but all we got was
a dull pocket watch
with a timeless end
and that was enough
for the both of us
Cait May 2019
several snakes spiraling
hissing a message in her ear
telephone is dialing
waiting for a call from someone dear

(on the velveteen tangerine)

roller skated through the town
laces strangle each other like constrictors
gravity is upside down
the pair of skates are like twin sisters
(on the velveteen tangerine)

ivy climbing legs and boughs
stemming into leaves and flowers
time is spinning backwards now
the clock has been gone for hours
(on the velveteen tangerine)

cream and sugar sweet
share a cup of tea with company
friends talk about their week
lounging in the leafy canopy
(on the velveteen tangerine)

eyes stare at the strange sight
unattached and independently
moonlight shines on glades of green at night
trees blend into starry scenery
(on the velveteen tangerine)

citrus spheres hang from tree limbs
peel the hard rind to make it nice
pick one or a dozen at your whim
drink sweet juice or swallow a slice
(on the velveteen tangerine)

beware of seeds and centipedes
but take a chance and you will dance
with delight around midnight
on the velveteen tangerine
m h John Mar 2019
I can see the
Joyous reflection
Of your smile
In my tangerine dreams,
Your eyes are the sunset,
Tangled in webs of green.
The floral haze
That dances on the clouds
Come from your
Pink flower cheeks.
I never want you to leave,
I’m happy
In a way i’ve never been,
For you, I do anything:
Tangerine dreams
Elizabeth Zenk Nov 2018
the cream-colored sky
mixing with tangerine essence
a circular fire flickers at the bottom of a darkening horizon
mellow gusts twirl the earth’s luscious fibers
the tang of serenity fills the heavens
whilst the shadowy darkness emerges, ready to swallow the land whole.
I marvel at the wonder of these tangerine sunsets
Em Sep 2018
The joyous reflection
of your smile
in my tangerine dreams.

Tangerine, tangling.

The dunes in your eyes
and the tributaries in your thighs
Never want to be seen.

Tangerine, my precious queen.

I never want to leave your scene
I'm happier than I've ever been
My heart will always glow marine
For you, I will scream:

"Tangerine dreams!"
what am i doing
im hungry
i succ i know
it takes me like 5-10 minutes to write these which is why they're sloppy
b Jun 2018
i am stuck in a
tangerine dream.
a breath of fresh air
or just air
that seems fresh
to me.

red face
quilled with ice cold

there is only beauty
between the cracks
of contrast.


i cant call myself
a poet
if i dont tell you
that her lips
look soft.

they could heal me
like a bandaid
and hurt just as much
to peel off.

it doesnt feel like
virginia yet.
maybe only
or conneticut.

but im ready
to go home
if home feels
like it used to.
Desires aren't ripened tangerines
They do not fall off the tree when they are ready
They do not fertilize the roots below
They do not shrug off the sense of un-pickedness,
just like that,
Not like tangerines do.

Desires unspent are starving termites.
They bite into living bark
And burrow into the breathing deep
Past rings and rings of precious age.
They corrupt the tender core
And, soon, no new leaves grow
And no more fruit drops.
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