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Travis Kroeker Jun 2020
The Gloaming

The flames licked my feet,
I smiled.
The tickle was fleeting, the burn for awhile;
the memory lasts longest,
still here to this day,
long after the scars have faded away.
In the gloaming thereafter
I’ve traveled alone,
avoiding the fire and ash that it's sown.
Though I once played with flames,
though once I was hurt,
still the nip of the night bears no pretense of comfort.
preston Jun 2020

On the edge of giving in,
there is a message,  she never stops hearing..

the one that tells her that she is '*****'
that everything done, was all her fault
that she is not worth my time
nor of the love  that I have for her--

a love,  for her well-being
not,  of one for her demise
yet still, she is reluctant
and the fault of it all, is my own..

I am from the family of man
and carry within me,  also
a fallen kind of love
yet, still.. I believe
and it sets me apart..  
though, still  down here

to things more apt
to be from above

Yet, still.. she is reluctant;
the message within her--
               it runs so deep

and I pray to the lord:
oh please, lay me down-
but her beautiful soul, here
please  do  keep.

And  I, myself.. am angry at the lord's
to mercifully allow mine
to go to sleep.

Qui diceris Paraclitus a iaculis pretium,
Mitte unitatis et pacis in mundo;
Contentiones sint in ultima posse de nobis putabis

Et a morte ad vitam.
Ackerrman Aug 2019
I still look for you in every room I enter.

I have found myself
Perpetually disappointed.
But only once
Did I find you,
To which I found, myself, reluctant
To talk.

You are still in every room I enter.

The kitchen counter,
The comfy sofa,
My still ruffled and unwashed bed cover.
Like a hammer
Struck to the forefront of my mind,

You are the thing I look for but never hope to find.
A year and I still look at every face I pass and scope every room I enter.
Em Mar 2019
To ask
the most simple query
that has lingered
in my thoughts
That transmogrified
into a hold of fear
that never lets you go.

Burning a hole
from inside your head
and mutates your tears
into harrowing acid
Dripping from your eyes.

I shall keep this query to myself
As the answer I most fear
is the one chosen true.
am OOPSET,,,
i m  r e al l y  a n x io u s   ab o ut   sumn
wa  n nn a    v er  i fy   s om e t hin g  but ehghghgh
Nylee Aug 2018
Have been waiting long
trusting despite the odds
hate the feeling
that I am powerless
but I have to rely
even with my reluctance.

it is taking way too long
I am checking
every other hour
there is nothing
I could do more
other than counting
that they would
not betray in the end.

Standing with legs
deep in sand
Catching hope
and building the shape
Which will help me
To live even when I drown
Please catch me when I fall again!
Jesse stillwater Jul 2018
the Silence became
like an old lesson learned

a broken heart intones
a voiceless song
resonating a refrain of Silent echoes
in a voice that never heard a word
yet spoke so clearly ... lingering
in realms of subtle ambiance

soundless remnants
stacked neatly as
building blocks;  
another brick in a wall,
already too tall to see beyond—
growing like a bunker
without a sense of safe harbor

as the Silence became
time and space,
a stillness beset the melancholy air
as if a world without song
foreboding an unpredictable storm
beget vestiges of broken windfall,
reticent leftovers hushed after a gale

s i l e n t l y

an acorn fallen  — became a mighty Oak

a wind-broke twig — became a weeping willow

a neglected child — became mother nature's son

the Silence became
        a blind prophet —
in its voice held forth
smatterings of truth
and undertones of an unrequited
fool’s hope

the Silence became
a strong, abrupt rush of wind
uttering voiceless exhalations of breath;
a hovering dawn mist
    befallen after a summer storm—
surrounding all in all
bedewed in a feigned peace

... the unabated sounds of silence

Jesse Stillwater ... July 20th, 2018
Thank you or reading —
FRITZ Jul 2018
contusion clouds burst confusions under the sound.

underground, through the air, and softer the sea.

     a pond a barrier to you and to me

          song as sweet and stiffened at the

                                                         fireflies and jello eyes watching shyly

                              your fingers are blue and ivory they burn in the light

                 song as sweet as the purple dew in the crook of your fingers

                    you are told as strong as sand

                                    you are rock

                    you are clinging to rock atoms

                                      be honest

                     you are shrapnel arriving early and departing late.
focusing on the notions of "Reluctance."
jack of spades Mar 2016
my hands smell like chemicals from developing film rolls and no matter how hard i scrub at them i can’t get you out from under my fingernails.
i had a dream about you the other night.
it was casual, fingers intertwined as we walked down twisting streets and we didn’t say anything— you just smiled at me,
that grin could heal broken bones and black eyes.
i wasn’t ever in love with you. i don’t know if you realize that. you were exciting and interesting and intoxicating, but the problem with talking to someone every single day means that at some point you’re not going to hear from them for 24 hours and that can **** you.
i don’t really miss you, not anymore, but sometimes things like dreams happen and i want to smile at you when i see you in the halls.
your hair as gotten long. it looks good on you.
i guess you just always knew how to keep things light and when everything always feels so heavy on my spine, that was a relief. you were easy to be around, until suddenly you weren’t.
i don’t think i’m ever going to forget you.
you’re going to be the first wound that ever scarred. i’m sure losing a lover is hard, but losing a friend can rip you apart. trust me, i’m an expert on it at this point, and i let all my weight rest on you to the point where when you suddenly weren’t there i couldn’t feel anything but falling.
for a long time, i romanticized my memories of you, trying to grasp onto you with rose-colored lenses that faded with age. i used to be angry at you, but the red eventually evaporated too. now i just.
see you.
you still make my hands shake and my stomach churn but mentally everything has stopped.
until i have another dream about you.
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