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My Dear Poet Dec 2021
Winston was a dog
who bullied his canary

He’d often bury eaten birds
behind the old shed on the prairie

Till the day he chocked on a bone
coughing up an aviary

then sadly came the angry crows
pecked his arterial pulmonary

I know its mad
and may sound just a little crazy

but that’s what is trending
and now tweeting at #dogsobituary
Cole Strangeee Oct 2020
Ok hear me out does *** hit different when you interlock fingers and your arms are above your head and you get so focused on the beautiful human you’re with everything goes away for awhile and in that span of time I genuinely feel a safe connection and maybe things will be okay?
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2020
Oops all of a sudden we are shunning to come out
though our bird by design laughs all the way to Mars.
We don't want to because of a coronavirus bug
but it isn't an alien came out from the far
the monster broke out from our very thin air!

Come, see our space bird the spacecraft
hops up on to the solar world like a breeze
as if flying one tree to the other tree.
Hang on its yet to sing the story
from our epic album of technology.

As it crosses the trap the Van Allen Belt
it goes through like a seasoned pro
and blinds the moon on the first go!
Oh amazing what it sees on the next mo
a man-made bird in Mars landed its foot.

Our space bird spreads the wings
far from the Moon from the Jupiter
tweeting from our science pages at par
from the planet after planet raising the bar.

But now all stay home it's risky to walk far
perhaps we forgot the unseen hole is deeper
what's lurking nearby then the black hole afar.
Where the moon lits candlelight isn't by the stars
far from venus over the sea is closer to us!
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2019
The golden ratio matter is 1 solid firm,
still, it's a waxing and waning moon
hanging low over the 0 ocean of life.

What loses plops deep in the zero null
is destined for a hike, a graceful bounce!
As if the hard science turn in the romance
like a rainbow cheerfully pops out
tantalising every looking eye.

The colourful cutie is a stealer of the eyes
is a killer for no hand it's up for grab!

Though it does come close by
gives a look down to the ground
like a garland of flowers laying
against the blue wall of the sky!

Vividly shows up is not a far cry
from the birds on the trees
tweeting on everyone's way.
But have you heard
a rainbow did one ever touch?

The matter too on the cutting edge
in the golden ratio cut flown off the petals
blossoms in zero matter formless fragrance!
annh Sep 2019
“The conflict at the moment,
Is you're literally,
One tweet away,
From the market being down,
5 per cent.”
My day routinely starts with a quick whip through the AFR, and this line caught my eye. Not my usual kinda post and by no means poetic, but there you go.

'As the impeachment movement picks up, Trump will counterpunch. He's shaping up as a master politician and markets don't like that.'
- Greg Bundy, FAM Chairman
The uniVerse Jun 2019
I heard a bird
it chirped
with glee
my phone it burped
with urgency
I looked outside
and then to screen
another message
from you to me.
A poem about our relationship with nature and technology.
Em Dec 2018
A whimsical tweet
powerful enough
To send shivers
down your spine

The tones that make you
want to dance
and want to cry
are always the most divine.
i love bittersweet stuff
flutes make me feel like that i dunno
luv music
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